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DnD Mafia: You all failed the quest!
  • Sorry for Out-of-character post, but it's late, we have no time, I still wanna vote and wrap my head around it all day, and knew I will show up late. Life stuff!

    Just pretend "I came from the woods hunting, lost my way, it turned dark, I have a sheet of paper with my vote, blablabla-yadayada-dingdong"!

    To be honest, at first I really was on the @theunabletable wagon, since taking control of the conversation was... interesting, and voting for a no lynch is not a wise town strategy AFAI(as a relative newb)K. But the powerrole claim really has some strategy (and truth?) to it! As a wagon already has formed, it makes sense to roleclaim as a townie.

    I don't think no lynch is a good option. Therefore:
    [vote] gerudoyoshi [/vote]

    You already struc me as... interesting, or rather suspicious! You pushing against a roleclaimed, not-counterclaimed townie doesn't make you to appear any more town!
    "A puppet that can no longer be used is mere garbage.
    This puppet's role has just ended..."
    - Majora

    My major theories:

    Counting the Population of Termina

    Counting the Population of Hyrule (OoT)
  • Big Daddy Biggles wrote:

    You are voting Sir Galagher with no reasoning whatsoever and based on your posting, you seem very eager for him to die.

    This seems fishy to me - almost as if you have been laying low, posting enough to get by and jumping on the popular wagon with no explanation.
    "My... you certainly know how to charm a woman. If you point a finger at one before asking her name, I hope you have no plans for marriage with her." The woman with silver hair tilts her head with her eyes closed.

    "All I mean to say is that I don't believe Sir Galagher has this party's interests at heart. Not in the same way I do." She cocks her smirk a little higher and glances at The Table without moving her head. "The way he talk about himself, sounds a lot to me like a bother who wouldn't do any of us any good. May not be the man we're after if we're looking for a murderer among us, but he's definitely the man I'm going to be after. I'd rather get rid of the problem before it happens."
  • (Also I wrote some thoughts on how to deal with the encounter system: DnD Mafia: Day 1 - A quest!

    I just want to make sure no one missed it. This is concerning our strategy as a town in dealing with encounters.

    I wrote a short python program to model how often we would fail, with random choosing of rolls. Suppose the GM picks the number 3, meaning that 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 are successes. If 60% of people picked something 6 or greater, no one would get any benefit. 60% of 14 is 8.4. Assuming that this rounds down, if 8 people were wrong, then my model says that we'll fail 97% of the time. If it rounds up, so if 9 people were wrong, then my model says we'll fail about 90% of the time. Here's the code, in case anyone wants to check my work:
    Display Spoiler
    import random
    def chanceoffailure():
    '''gives the percentage chance that the group fails an encounter.
    outofrange >= 8 corresponds to 60% of 14 rounded down
    if rounded up, then change to outofrange >= 9'''
    failures = 0
    for y in range(10000):
    outofrange = 0
    for x in range(14):
    if random.randint(1, 21) > 5:
    outofrange += 1
    if outofrange >= 8:
    failures += 1
    return (failures/10000) * 100

    Thus, with a 97% chance of failure for all of us choosing randomly, I believe that we should all pick the exact same number, and go with the roughly 25% chance of encounter-victory, which if all of town goes with it, mafia can't change this chance at all.)

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  • (To reiterate, a random choice has a 1/4 chance of being in the interval selected by the GM. So if we as a town all decide to pick the same number, there's a 1/4 chance that that number is in the selected interval. Mafia -cannot- interfere with this, as mafia cannot account for 60% of the playerbase.

    So we go from a 3% (or 10%) chance of 1/4th of town getting some bonus, to a 25% chance of the entire town receiving a bonus, a HUGE difference. It is objectively best for us to cooperate.

    I will be picking the number 19, and I expect each of you to follow suit.)

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  • *Monika taps theunabletable's shoulder at the game table*

    "It's gonna round up, since we're talking about 'more than a percentage of failures' with discrete numbers. So 9 people need to fail. We only need 5 to pass."

    "You code also doesn't break out of the loop after failure += 1, so you are adding lots of unnecessary failures."
  • Monika wrote:

    *Monika taps theunabletable's shoulder at the game table*

    "It's gonna round up, since we're talking about 'more than a percentage of failures' with discrete numbers. So 9 people need to fail. We only need 5 to pass."

    "You code also doesn't break out of the loop after failure += 1, so you are adding lots of unnecessary failures."
    But is he right though? Is it better to all pick the same number? Cause I'm all about gaming the system. Please help me, I'm a druid and we don't believe in math.
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  • "You think that you can get away with this?!" Someone in the group grabs Kutter, and turns them around to face the party. "This is the one who killed our friend - I know it to be true!"

    The group tied Kutter up, then when they made camp that night they used Kutter as firewood.

    It wasn't the brightest of ideas, but eh, they got rid of the person they thought killed their friend!

    Display Spoiler

    Kutter was the Ranger

    The Ranger has the ability to track one player a night.

  • I rolled 12, making the range 10-14. Only two people passed.

    "Hey, we aren't paying you guys squat! Fight us - I mean, look at how many of us there are! You'll never win!"

    But little did you know they were all level 14 with AC scores of 22. They wiped the floor with your group, and while you were all left alive, they robbed you of valuable things like food! And all of your money. Broke and food-less, you'll now have to spend some time recovering. :(

    All players except for @zoraluigi and @korokpeach will be hit with a negative modifier for Day 2! This modifier is:

    You can only switch votes a total of five times today. You'll be far too busy scavenging for food and other supplies to make up for what you lost to vote more than five times. Your fifth vote is your last vote of the day. Make 'em count, folks.
  • You wake up to a blood-curdling scream and run to the tent of @Romano-British Medli - the source of said scream. You find six thousand arrows littering his body, and a note.

    "The wizard king totally did this! I know your coming! It was definitely nobody in this camp! Trust me!"

    A quick check with the night's patrols confirm that nobody came in. It had to be someone in the camp. But who?

    Also, @Monika woke up with something neat on their pillow.

    Display Spoiler

    @Romano-British Medli was the Paladin.

    The Paladin's ability is that they can protect a single person each night, but if that person were to die during the night the Paladin would die in their stead.

    Day 2 Begins

    Ask me for the clan test!

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  • "Good to know that guy took one for the team," the woman with silver hair says, sleepily. She wears a tight leather suit, presumably that she slept in, and brings her hand up to her mouth as she yawns. "I mean he was probably gonna die before we finished this job. Best to just pack up and head out without thinking too hard about it."
  • (The Fantasy Laptop).

    "Murderer was NOT Kutter and NOT ofWhitechurch , knows Tredap." The goblin locates the names of both dead party members on their scrawled-out list of names and rips the parchment where their names lie. Unfortunately this broke up the list into three pieces of paper.

    At very least three have bit more guilty right now. That good.

    @zoraluigi @GuardianFIN @Dr.Gazooks

    Tell Tredap why exactly you should not die today!