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    *Health/Fitness/Wellness 2019*
    • I’ve been feeling like I’m stuck in a rut lately, fitness-wise and in general. Still plodding along, but just going through the motions at the gym. Having a mental block with rack pulls specifically. I got 585x2 clean reps a few weeks ago, and ever since I got back to the States just after everything feels heavier. Haven’t gone over 495 yet, feels like it’s just going to slip out of my hands.

      The in general stuff though...I don’t consider myself a victim of circumstances, but getting progress going on building this house is legit out of my hands at this point. “Shut up and take my money” isn’t working at this point lol, communication has all but dried up, and I’m probably going to be stuck paying rent for another year instead of having my money go toward something lasting.

      I could post at length about this property manager we’ve got now as well regarding the renting talk, but that would be better served for the negative thread.
    • Colu update time!
      I didn’t do the abs challenge during my weekend, I was actually pretty busy. But I have myself a pass because I went for a walk on Saturday, and then I was volunteering on Sunday (which involved being on my feet all day and lots of running around and lifting), then on Monday I cleaned the oven (aka squat in front of it and scrub that beast out).
      I doubled up today on the abs challenge to bring myself more up to speed.
      Also I didn’t walk home today. Andy had the day off so he picked me up after work. I was alone in the kitchen though, which meant a bit more physical work for me.

      It’s going well!
    • Lol @Colu same here, I doubled up on abs today and I have to tomorrow too! You’re doing great, the main thing I try to focus on is just doing SOMETHING every day. So today I did 30 mins Peloton, and took my dog for a 2 mile walk, and abs. But this weekend was mostly walking because I had a ton of errands to run.

      Also I wrote a song for you guys to the tune of the old Doublemint Gum commercial song:

      Double your cardio
      Double your fun
      Double your gains
      And double your guns!
    • Colu at work when she’s hangry:
      “F this, F that, F those, F you, F him, F her, F me, F whatever that is, F this, F these things, F everything else, F off”

      Colu at work when she’s had a very rare chance to eat:
      “Kiss my ass and F off.”

      Remember to stay fed, folks! It helps you be ~less~ miserable :heart:

      Oh, and as a bonus
      Colu at work while she’s eating:
      It’s unintelligible but she’s saying ~all~ the swears at anyone that interrupts her.
      Canada is real

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    • New gym is empty this morning which is nice. The spacing of the equipment is a bit tight, but that's OK since I don't plan on being here during peak hours.

      They do have some equipment I haven't seen before which will be fun to play with later. For example, there's this mountain climbing thing with a tread belt and option to add plate weights to act like pushing a sled. Might be fun.

      Enjoy your week you weirdos.
    • Whoa hey a Prinny shows up out of nowhere dood!

      Anyways, I've actually been thinking about my bad posture for a while so I finally bit the bullet and looked up a video on some stretches for fixing this bad humpback that I've got. Due to stressful life stuff, I have to start working out if I want to not look like a twig and start doing some labor jobs, so I figured my posture is a good place to start. Found a video that I thought looked easy to do and holy cow you can tell when you have bad posture when something as simple as this feels a burn after just a minute. (This is the video btw: )

      Also tried out lunges and planks for some basic strength training and I underestimated planks. After 10 seconds of that, I can't underestimate planks. But I'm making progress and that's important! Gonna try and get a personal regime going here soon!
    • I pushed myself a little harder on the weights today, upping the weight a little. And I feel like I can possibly manage to bench press a little more still. I'm now able to bench press almost double what I could do when I started. Admittedly it's still not much compared to what many others can do, but I've made significant progress and that's the important thing, I'm quite proud of what I've achieved.

      Swimming has been going very well too, I'm getting much more confident in the water and over the past few weeks I've progressed from doing breaststroke with two noodles, to one, and finally short distances with no floatation aids at all.
    • @Skywing but also others.
      Don't compare your results or records with others. We all have to start somewhere and those with monster weights have their long road behind. Best thing to compare is, how did you do yesterday. Last week. Last year.
      Back in my time, I started with 3 push-ups, 0 chin dips and 37,5 kg in bench press. I gave a shit about others, focused on my own reps and enjoyed the hell out all the way. That pain the next day <3 made me long back to gym. I fought my way to 70 push-ups, 30 chin dips and 112,5 kg bench. Then I got dilemma, time conflict between a gf and gym, made wrong decition and haven't been to gym since. The burn is there and I want to go back when our daughter is a bit older and my wife is not all exhausted after 10 hours with the kid. I probably start from 0 again lol
      At least I know to add stretching and yoga to keep myself still flexible.
      Fin out
    • @GuardianFIN don't worry I'm not comparing my records to others, I'm just focusing on my own progress. I really only made that comparison so as not to give the false impression that I'm lifting bigger weights than I actually am. I am more than happy with what I have achieved. Like I said I can bench press almost double what I used to so that's something to be proud of.

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