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    RWhiteGoose, GDQ, and Apollo Legend
    • As some of you may have seen, speedrunner RWhiteGoose was recently banned from GDQ (Games Done Quick) for years worth of anti-Semitic and sexist statements online. Following this, runner and YouTuber Apollo Legend made a video on the subject in which he heavily glossed over many Goose's worst comments and ideas while claiming GDQ to be a "club" from which people with "different" views were kicked (implied to be run by "SJWs"). Several other Runners and YouTubers wrote posts in the comments in support of RWhiteGoose, claiming that if he didn't express it at GDQ, it was irrelevant.

      However, following this, there was a massive backlash to Apollo's video, prompting at least one popular response, and an almost entirely negative comment section. That said, however, there exists a significant subset of the community in strong support of Goose and Apollo.

      So, what was your take on this situation?
      Do you think that GDQ was right in its choice?

      Apollo Legend video:
      RWhiteGoose Comments:

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    • I actually took the time to watch both videos, both are unbearable human beings, but the response seems more truthful than Apollo Legend, just based on the facts presented.

      All I take issue with is the slanderous video title used by the response "Apollo Legend Lies For Ad Revenue" its uncalled for, he presents no evidence of this other than the fact that his video is longer than 10 minutes. Just needless drama causing nonsense (which ironically conforms to "the silent sinner screams the loudest" trope given that having such a scandalous title is clearly meant to generate clicks and his video is also over 10 minutes which is apparently an unforgivable sin.)

      Basically Apollo Legend is hiding evidence to help a white supremacist and the responder is an unbearable little shit who is causing drama with click bait titles to generate ad revenue.

      Bottom line I have no problem with this White Goose person being banned from the events.

      The one point I'll agree with Apollo Legend on is that the banned guy's times shouldn't be removed from records of this event, for the same reason OJ Simpson's rushing records shouldn't be removed from the NFL's records, his crimes gave him no competitive advantage and in no way delegitimize his records, did he rush for 2000 yards in a season or did he not rush for 2000 yards in a season, that is all that matters in regards to records. Scrubbing the records or times of people who are pieces of garbage, but didn't cheat makes the record books a joke. It was unclear if they reinstated this person's times from the video, but they should.

      However, banning him from attending future events for his views is perfectly fair and in keeping with social norms in other areas of life.