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    DnD Mafia - zoraluigi but with a dead pun
    • I'm sorry guys. As you know, I missed the entirety of Day 2.

      My father-in-law was taken to the hospital with a bad case of pneumonia. He is 80 so this was pretty serious.

      My wife was a bit emotional to say the least as she is very, very close with her parents so I had pretty much zero time to get on to participate.

      He is doing better now and they are just going to keep him in the hospital probably until this afternoon and let him go home (as long as they deem he is doing alright).

      I should be much more active for Day 3.

      I messaged Sol to let him know but I also owe you guys an explanation as well.

      Sorry guys.

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    • Guess I can post character info now.

      My class was zoraluigi, God of Death. This is a reference to a Din D&D campaign Sol and I co-ran wherein I would have eventually started showing up occasionally as Death and would just generally be cryptic for a while before leaving. Who knows if that would have even worked.

      So I created my character to fit the class, of course. Her name was Catrina Calavera, derived from La Calavera Catrina, a Mexican personification of Death. Since my class was me playing myself, I know for a fact that zoraluigi, God of Death, found this endlessly amusing.

      Here's the appearance reference photo I sent Sol:

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    • So, here's my character

      Dr.Gazooks wrote:

      Name: Ar-Neferu

      Alignment: Chaotic Good

      Personality: She's motherly, defensive, playful, and stubborn.


      Ar-Nefaru (she allows her friends to call her Nefaru) was born to and lived with a farming family in a hamlet along the Ar (essentially the Nile). She had always had an affinity with cats. She loved them and they loved her back. Ar-Nefaru, to her parents frustration, would even forgo her dinner and give the food to the cats in her small town. When Ar-Nefaru was about nine harvests old, her father was tending to the fields with help from Ar-Nefaru, Ar-Nefaru's father was bitten by a cobra. This caused him to collapse in the field. In reaction, she ran over to help her father, but as she got closer, the cobra had reared up over her dying father. As Ar-Nefaru backed away, she stumbled and fell and collapsed in fear. With tears streaming down her face Ar-Nefaru then saw a cheetah had attacked the cobra, but in the action the cheetah was bit. The cheetah killed the cobra. Ar-Nefaru caressed and pet the cheetah as it slowly died, thanking it for saving her life. The Cheetah's skin was used to make a cloak for Ar-Nefaru's mother to keep warm in the cold and to remember her husband.

      Because half of the breadwinners of the family were dead, Ar-Nefaru and her mother moved to the nearby city of Bubastis. In this city they managed to get by through various jobs, it got easier when Ar-Nefaru started helping out when she was 10 harvests old. She still helped out the stray cats in the city and even helped out at the Temple of Bast (because of the cats there of course). Ar-Nefaru helped out so much that the people at the temple decided to pay for Ar-Nefaru and her mother.
      After the wedding ceremony, there is a tradition of the bride and the groom to ride up and down the Ar. When it was Ar-Nefaru's turn to follow through with this ceremony when she got married it was not far out of Bubastis when a large crocodile pulled her newly-wed husband into the river and mauled him. The priestesses at the Temple of Bast had taught her how to fight and defend others, so she dived in to save him. That is when she realized that it was too late and couldn't save him. Ar-Nefaru immediately regretted her decision to dive into the water, so she started swimming to shore. When she reached shore, her leg was then caught by a crocodile who started pulling her into the river. She thought she was dead, that was the case until a lion came out of the reeds and attacked the crocodile. She managed to help the lion kill the crocodile and escape. once this was all done, she led the lion to the Temple of Bast, knowing that this beast and the Cheetah that had saved her before were led by Bast. She devoted her life to following Bast thereafter.
      Once the lion had died, Ar-Nefaru decided that to commemorate the events she would take the mane of the lion and combine it with the cheetah cloak she had received as a wedding gift. She also decided that she would hunt down followers of Apep and Sobek who had caused so much suffering for her (that's why she is no longer in Bubastis)

      Bronze skin
      long, black, hair with a braided ponytail.
      Has a cheetah skin cloak, with a lion mane collar (to help visualize, think of Kraven the hunter for the collar)
      wears a bronze breastplate
      Has a skirt commonly worn in armor.
      wears caligae
      has a shield with a hieroglyphic cat on it
      uses a spear or khopesh when battling
    • I acknowledge my misread of Cody - although I suspect it was coincidence rather than planning - but I do want to say I had a few problems with this setup. Let's go down the role list...

      • 1-shot vig kill seems like too few, but 2 might be pushing it. This wasn't broken.
      • Motivator & Doctor are fine. I do argue though that my motivation should have worked on x-shot players with no shots left, not that that ever came up.
      • Having a Stump in such a small game is a horrible idea, as it makes the game smaller than it seems, which helps the mafia win earlier.
      • Ascetic is a fine role, and Innocent Child is a fine role... but these should never be on the same person. Not because of some interaction between the two, but rather because it's just too powerful. (That said, the Innocent Child half should have been confirmable at the first encounter; this game had too many kills and too few players to let that wait.)
      • Oracle/Thief/Neighbour? I have no idea what you were thinking there. It didn't end up having any impact on the game, but that's still a lot of power when usually Oracle alone is considered a very powerful role.
      • Bodyguard and Tracker are fine.
      • JoaT is fine. A non-standard combination, but nothing gamebreaking.
      • Cop is fine.
      • "Stump Summon" is arguably worse than Stump. There were not enough players for a recruit action to be a good game mechanic, or at least too many mafiosi. (plus my aforementioned problems with a Stump)
      • Redirector is fine, although Cody happening to redirect my useful action from them to someone else amuses me. Of course, this also happened to reveal my role in the following day. (which is why I used an item the following night)
      • This game had far too few players for the mafia to get a free kill on any night. If they needed to have a Strongman, it should have used the mafia kill action (and still been 1-shot). This player also being a roleblocker seems excessive.
      • Investigation-proof is fine. A pity that this is the mafiosi the cop found first.

      That said, Cody is right that the mafia was largely able to just slide by, which seems to be a common problem recently; I propose that upcoming games should encourage punishing this, both by players and the setup itself.
    • Pretty frustrating game not gonna lie lol, town was pretty insistent on punishing activity. I didn't anticipate that mafia would have a redirector, though, but we should have been able to figure that out. Maybe 48 hour days would have helped, I'm not sure.

      Thanks for the game, though, everyone, and good job GMing @goronmario <3

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    • @theunabletable Sorry about not being around before EoD. It wouldn't have changed anything, probably, but I was planning on doubling down on my voting for inactive players and defending you - I was sure Biggles was mafia and was sure that they were going to target you for the lynch. The day one calling out players for their actions is one thing, but at the point we were at in the game it just didn't make sense, with so many people coasting by.

      I was pretty sure about Realms and getting more suspicious of Cody, who just seemed to be stalling in an already terribly slow game, but I wouldn't have guessed @zoraluigi so good job there mate. Day 2 was pretty terrible for my morale in the game, honestly, and the fact that my role gave me absolutely nothing to do or work with was equally frustrating. By day 3 we had far too little info and nobody was being proactive or taking any risks, and I realized when Table got lynched that it was pretty much over. Just some really terrible decisions by town overall and a fatal lack of activity.

      Edit: Fatal lack of activity including myself, of course. Just wasn't Town's finest moment.

      @Sabbo I know what you mean. Nothing ever seemed to come together and everybody was acting sort of "skulky." Tough to read, especially without any particularly useful voting records to read.
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