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    An age old promiss
    • Hello everyone, it has been a long time.. hasn't it?

      First, a little bit of a backstory:

      10 years ago - when I was active here sharing my little doodles - me and my (occasionally still) partner in crime @Super Fergus started an idea, what if we did a little comic based on ganondorf's youth growing up in the desert? at the time ZU was looking for an original webcomic to host on the website and that got the ball rolling.

      We did a couple of collaborations as a try out, but alas it never got off the ground. Creating a comic is a whole lot more work once you actually start to work out the ideas and I wasn't up to the task.. Not for what I had in mind in terms of scope, not for the time I could invest in it as a first year art student, not for the skills necessary as an artist. It never got past a few concept pieces I did over the span of a couple of years, but the idea itself never left me.

      Meanwhile, I dropped out of artschool twice, started working a fulltime job managing a warehouse for a couple of years, tried to start a little one-man business as an illustrator (didn't get very far however since it was too low a revenue stream to continue..) got back into college again, this time studying commercial economics and lost my illustrator's soul in the process, there wasn't anything I felt like drawing anymore (though I tried). All so I could find a 'real job in the real world'... and then got real sick and very very dangerously depressed.

      And there I was.. 10 years later, now 30 years old (JESUS).. too sick to continue my study or nighttime job, my mind spinning out of control. What was I to do? Go on wellfare? Get better and continue selling my soul to a study I have nothing but contempt for?

      I'd rather not! There are stories and ideas in my head, growing and evolving for years because they were just fun to think about, to get lost in and obsess over... and I could still draw. One idea was bigger and older than all of 'm, here was something I could work on instead sitting on my ass while trying to get better. In my mind, this is the last opportunity I'll take to prove to myself that I have what it takes to be an artist/illustrator. So I did, and I went back to this decade old idea I promised people all those years ago and started drawing again, but this time I'm going in with true intention to make it happen.

      My mind is obsessed with it, always has been, I can't live with myself if I don't get it out of my mind. I want to create this Ganondorf comic, going beyond what it was even supposed to be.

      So now I'm here - the place where this all began - to share the first few babysteps as I figure out how to make this happen. (thinking of starting a patreon perhaps)

      I have been thinking about creating Ganondorf's origin story in comic form for ages, recent events in my life have pushed me to try and do this for real this time. I'm here to share my progress as I figure things out.

      Now that that's out of the way, let me show you what I've got so far!
      Right now, I've got the story itself almost completely mapped out. Next logical step seems to be designing the characters and creatures. I'm planning to do a little test run of a couple of pages for the comic as a preview of what can be expected. The characters I'll show below will be from this preview chapter, some concepts may be altered and I can't say yet if this'll be representative of the final quality of the comic.

      First off, various forms of ganondorf (more to come):

      Bokoblin characters:

      Large Dodongo:

      And that's it for now, will keep this thread updated as much as I can :)
    • oh best of luck!!! These designs look wonderful, I'm really excited to see where this goes!

      And, I've been making comics for a few years now so here's some advice I have to share for the actual process of making them -

      Display Spoiler
      My general planning process is:

      • Overall story plan - which you've already done!
      • Breaking this down into general story beats. These are like, the big moments in your story - for example in my nuzlocke run these beats are each individual gym. The big story arcs, rather than individual scenes :o
        if you imagine this as like a timeline, it'd look like this

      • Planning first chapter/arc. What I do for this is I pick one or two big beats, and I break it down into smaller beats. the stuff that happens in between!

      • Page goals. I tell myself, "I want to reach bianca in 10 pages. I want the chapter to end in 30-40 pages." And I focus on things 5-10 pages at a time! Essentially what you're doing is focusing in smaller and smaller so you don't make your workload too large

      • Different comic here but it's what I'm working on at the moment - Next thing that I do is I go through and thumbnail up to the first 10 pages...!

        this part is where all the real planning happens I feel. The thumbnailing process consists of:

        - placing your dialogue onto the page.
        this is the most important step, as if you leave the dialogue until last you won't be able to fit it into the panels!! You need to arrange it onto the page so the reading order is clear and understandable, and doesn't interfere with your art - so plan it first & keep it in mind as you go!! I wrote [some advice about comic lettering that you can find here] a couple months ago.

        - figuring out how many panels you need and how to pace your pages

        - having a solid idea of what you want to happen in each panel!

        The intent is not to create pretty art here, but to put down the information you need to draw the page. So, one of my thumbnails looks like this because i dont know how to draw boats and needed to spend a fair amount of time thinking about that:

        while one of the other pages looks like this because I don't need nearly as much information to be able to draw it out later

        on that note literally the other day I went over how I use csp's panelling tools to make planning pages easier [in this post]! CSP is a program designed specifically for making comics but if you can't access it, there is still some advice in the post that's program agnostic :o
      • Finally once you've finished your thumbnails, it's time to actually work on the pages. I recommend also doing this in batches - I'm currently working on sketching out my pages although on the first page the panels are at various different degrees of completion as I wanted to figure out how I want the pages to look so I finished 3 of the panels LMAO

        but generally I recommend working in stages like: sketch all pages > ink all pages > flat all pages > render all pages. Reason being is a. it improves consistency if you do multiple pages at once, and b. you get into a flow when you work on one phase & you can carry that across all the pages to make your work easier as you don't have to keep switching gears all the time :^)
      TLDR..... keep your distant plans a little vague and as just goals to reach with the story, since you're going to get better at comics as you go so best leave that planning for the wiser you! And instead focus on things in smaller blocks - one chapter at a time, 10 pages at a time.

      Making comics is a LOT of fun, but it's really easy to get overwhelmed so try to keep your scope smaller to prevent that!!

      speaking of actually if this is your first comic, starting with your big magnum opus is generally a Pretty Rough Way To Start.
      I'd suggest making a short little comic of about 8 pages (classic zine length if you ever wanted to print it) so you can get a feel for making comics - and most importantly, finish a comic start to end! Maybe pick one of your side characters to do a little character study of? :o
      There's [a nice post here] that explains how to make a comic with limited pages if you're interested :^)

      & I would just like to add though since you will be focusing on the gerudo in your comic, [to be aware of the racist stereotypes common in their portrayal] & to hopefully take this as an opportunity to write them better!

      anyway, again best of luck with this! The first step to learning how to make comics is to just make them ^w^

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      this post was brought you by a 100% authentic human being and definitely NOT a bear

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    • WOW @Captain Harrie That's a massive help!! Thanks, I really appreciate the support! I have a feeling I'll be massively unorthodox when creating this comic, but I'll learn as much of this as I can :)

      @RealmWings As first sub, you'll hold a special place in my heart

      Now a small update:

      The last of the important regular bokoblin (up next, the Bokoblin King):

      And a more or less accurate size comparison:

      More soon!

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    • @RealmWings Well thank you very much kind sir!

      @TingleMakesMeTingle Welcome, I like your username

      Here's the Bokoblin king as promised.. I think I might be making this too hard for myself. We'll see.

      Next update might take a while longer, a lot even. Going to try my hand at drawing a few pages soon! Besides that, have a small childrensbook thing I have to draw. Hope I can deliver!

      edit: ohh by the way, should I be hiding these in spoiler tags? Because this is starting to get a bit image heavy.

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    • We don't have a specific guideline for it, but I'd say put images in spoiler tags if you're posting more than three in a post, if only to assist with loading times. Thanks for asking!

      And let me say: your artwork is gorgeous!