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    • B-rod was about to strike another bot when he saw Guinea's beam coming. He quickly teleported out of the way to of the beam. "Grrr, A warning would of been appreciated!" B-rod yells at Guinea.

      A bot gets a cheap shot at B-rod hitting his back but he recovers and grabs it with his aura and tosses it into a couple other bots before charging into another group of them.
    • "I'll track where they're coming from!" Fin shouted, kept firing his B.U.T.T. and picked his smart phone. Pluging his phone to his wrist-adapter, he was suddenly in two worlds parallel, real world sniping bots next to Danger and simultaneously Virtual world, augmented layer on his vision.
      Targeting a bot, hacking access through it's defences Fin realised that Tri Force had made the correct observation, they all had the same IP, thus becoming from the same source.
      "I confirm what Tri Force just said! They are duplicat... what the...?!"
      Guardian sensed new network entity around the corner. Driving a scan of the nearby area, he found out that all the bots that were destroyed this far, had re-appeared a block or so to the west of the fight and approaching fast.
      "Guinea, how much fire power do you have in this machine? We are getting a revisit of those already destroyed bots, within 5 minutes they start swarming from that street, second on the left side of the tank. Can we move the tank, there would be straight line of fire, before they arrive? There's also the Mega Bot and kamikaze in that group. It feels odd, I need to do more research what just happened. As if they were just... reseted?"
      Fin started to follow the path where the IP was coming, he knew he'd need some time.
      Watching this new team, a plan started to form in his mind.
      In a melee like this, Tri Force would make a perfect spearhead if they needed to move through the crowd to break free.
    • "I may be a tad bit off, but I think there's enough weaponry to destroy the moon. Haven't tested that theory yet, though," said Guinea, and climbed back into the tank. He drove it to the center of the street, highlighted every nearby bot on radar, and hit the spike button. Spikes shot out everywhere, and hundreds of bots were destroyed.

      Weird. The oncoming bots were the ones they had already beaten. How the heck were they reset?

      And Fin was just as impressive on the field as always. Maybe there really is something to the cybernetics.

      "Anyway," said Guinea, locking onto the approaching army and the Mega Bot as well, "I'm about to make this so much easier."

      Guinea fired damn near everything. Frost missles hit the swarm, followed by lightning rods and pencil rockets. Inferno bombs hit the Mega Bot, and so had a robotic swarm of bees, and they shredded the Mega Bot. Hell, the army was nearly all destroyed right there. Guinea did some more computer junk, setting the tank to attack anything that wasn't a teammate, civilian, or pet, then jumped back into the street, threw a handful of cards and then picked up his water jug. One gulp left. Guinea threw the jug and it hit one final bot that tried to scurry away.

      "Easy-peasy," said Guinea, and realized the damage to the surrounding area was pretty bad. "Uh... we do have a repair budget. So yeah."

      John Danger had shot countless bots with unreal accuracy. He looked around at the ZUvengers and nodded, while also clutching the pendant around his neck.

      "This was a good idea," he said to the pendant, "soon you will be avenged."
      :ghirahim: :cucco: :look: :tingle: :moon:

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    • Tri was teasing apart a bit with his bare hands when he heard the news of the incoming rebots. (Hah hah).

      "Ah! More enemies!" He started charging toward the group, zigzagging from bot to bot, when the tank rolled by, and shot everything it had.

      Explosions shook the Earth, rocks sprayed everywhere, and structures collapsed. Dust hung heavy in the air, so Tri sent a blast of wood to clear everything. When he could see, most of the bots were in pieces, except for a few that were stumbling around, damaged by the dust and shrapnel.

      "Darn it! You killed them all!" He shouted to Guinea as he sulked over to a group of bots that were bumping into each other.

      He started chopping them up, one by one.
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      My characters: Orthane Raker

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    • Out of the many bots that had once surrounded Timameti, there was now only one left.

      He jabbed his index finger into its chest and then swiftly pulled it out.

      The bot's chest exploded and its head was split vertically through the middle as it fell to the ground and moved no more.

      He looked back towards the tank, smiled a twisted smile, and walked towards it. They're exactly what I've been looking for.

      With them I'll find you and end this nightmare once and for all.

      Danger turned around at the sound of footsteps behind him.

      “Greetings, John Danger.” Timameti said as he stared him down, never breaking eye contact and still walking towards him. “I'm joining your team.”

      Danger was about to reply when Timameti simply walked past him.

      “Hey, just wait a second!” He grabbed Timameti's arm.

      Timameti stopped and looked back at Danger with clear disinterest. “You've got any problems with me joining this team?”

      Danger sighed; this man, however rude, was clearly very formidable and the team could use more members. “…No, I don't suppose I do.

      “Welcome to the team.” He let go of Timameti's arm.

      Timameti gave him a quick nod and sat down on some nearby rubble.

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    • B-rod had tossed several bots in random directions before teleporting to each of them smashing them to pieces and used his aura to gather a lot of them and roll them up into a ball and tossed at a group of bots trying to run from him "Strike."

      He teleported to where Danger and the others were at "Was that all of them?" he then noticed the newcomer. "Who are you

      My character: Shadow

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    • The bot horde was vanquished, but it wasn't over. A nearby bot projected a messege into the air before exploding, calling in designation 'TRON FOX'.

      The street shook and dust flew into the air. A strange hum pierced the silence.

      Suddenly, a fox-like bot appeared as if from nowhere, and it slung it's disk at Guinea, almost taking off his arm

      "Damn it! It's an abnormal bot! Everyone get ready!" Guinea roared, throwing two cards at the Tron Fox. They were deflected with ease.

      "Grr... this bot is going down!" Guinea yelled, rushing the Tron Fox with his water jug.
    • (OoC: how big is the bot? Fox sized or giant?)

      "AH HAH! TIME TO HUNT SOME GAME!!" Tri shouted as he rushed toward the Bottom.

      He jumped and blasted himself with wind and launched at the bot.

      The bot dodged to the side as Tri smashed down, and kicked him through the third story window of a nearby building.

      "Ow. I'm okay! Just give me a second!" He shouted from under a pile of rubble.
      BWAYHA! Don't take me seriously all the time. :derp:

      My characters: Orthane Raker

      <-------This spot is dedicated to Sydney, who brought me, Epic, and B-rod together. Epic then brought me and B-rod to all of you.-------->