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    ZUvengers Alternative - MK Z
    • In another reality, the ZUvengers existed to protect Forum City from bots, demons, and other nasty bad stuff. They so far have ventured off to acquire the Zero Artifact, a mysterious and powerful device.
      Well, that is happening in a completely seperate universe. In this one, thing's are a little more... hmm... oh, heck, Forum City is in danger from a bot invasion too. The head of S.O.C.K.S. (savage overprotective criminal killing squad), John Danger, is putting together a team... a team of heroes who can protect Forum City. And he needs you.


      John Danger took the elevator down into the S.O.C.K.S. basement and approached the door to Guinea's workshop. He rapped on it three times before opening it, and wasn't surprised to find Guinea asleep at his desk. He was working on some type of... thing, for that blasted tank. Whenever Danger saw it he would get nervous. That was a lot of artillery for one man to possess. Danger shook Guinea's shoulder.

      "Huh?" asked Guinea, leaning back in his chair and stretching. "What's up?"

      "Today we begin the Initiative. Everyone is waiting on us."

      "Oh yeah," said Guinea, and took a gulp of water from his jug. "The ZUvengers thing."

      "Before we do that, though... I wanted to talk to you about Fin."

      "Fin's a good soldier," said Guinea, "those cybernetic enhancements really worked out. I was shocked, to tell the truth."

      "What about you?" John Danger asked.

      "What about me?"

      "Would you also get them? I'd imagine, with your skill, it would make you much more formidable."

      Guinea laughed, thought about it for a moment, and shook his head. "And what would I do, exactly? Shoot lasers out of my hands?"

      "It's gotta beat that rifle you carry," said Danger.

      "Nah, boss, I think I'm ok with being human."

      "As you wish. Now, I have their reports here if you would like to read them-" Danger began, but was cut off.

      "So do I," said Guinea, turning a laptop around so Danger could see it, "and I uncovered a lot more about them than you, boss."

      Danger read over Guinea's reports and was shocked. "How did you get this information?" he asked.

      Guinea shrugged. "Because I'm Batman."

      John Danger chuckled. "So what, you gonna call your tank the 'Guinea Mobile'?"

      "Hmm..." said Guinea, looking at the tank. "Nah, that name is horrible."

      Danger chuckled again and went to the door. "Ready when you are," he said.

      "I'm always ready," said Guinea, and followed Danger to the elevator. It came to a stop in the main lobby, and the pair stepped out to meet the new recruits.
    • GamerKitty was simply sitting in the lobby and one again re-reading FMA. Or at least it would be simple if there weren't so many cats. At 26 different cats exactly had walked into the lobby since GK had walked in, plus the one she had been holding when she walked in. Right now there was only about 7 cats, two sitting on Kitty and the rest sniffing around the other recruits. When she saw Guinea and John Danger come in she pushed off the to cats.

      "You guys should leave. Unless you're joining the ZUvengers of course," GamerKitty told the cats.

      Two of the cats left while the rest continued with their business. Maybe the five cats actually were planning on joining the ZUvengers. Regardless of the possibility GamerKitty threw her volume of FMA in the air, it landing in her phone disappear a blue vial appearing on the phone. The vial flew up into the air next to Kitty as she waved hi to the pair.

      "So the initiative is going to start huh? Nice!" Kitty said enthusiastically

      "Yes it will be and hopefully no trouble makers mess it up," Danger said obviously directing the comment at GK.

      "Yeah hopefully isn't really much of a guarantee is it? Don't worry about it I'm here to help." GamerKitty scoffed.

      "Oh except this." She said waving the blue vial. "I'm not going to use it till March, but hey it's March somewhere! I certainly hope you've made an antidote since the last time this was released."

      She laughed and put the vial away. Time to see what disasters were to come!
    • Linkara sat in the corner, dejected. Honestly, he couldn't believe he was being forced to help out with this. How embarresing. Him, the master thief The Sentinel, being forced to work woth these "heroes". He was above this. Though, it was more inviting than a life sentence behind bars.

      "Hey, if we're starting can I be unshackled?
    • Guinea popped his neck. He looked around the room at everyone. Capable looking recruits, he thought.

      The vial that GamerKitty had didn't worry him. He assumed it was the Miku virus. Good thing he had already prepared three different kinds of vaccines for it, in case it resurfaced.

      He never thought it could be a new strain.
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    • B-rod was currently meditating, his eyes close. He does this a lot to help control his aura.

      He was also looking at the aura of the others in the room. to see whom are the most trustworthy. Linkara seemed the less trustworthy, but that was to be expected since they are a thief. He was glad he kept his things in his hammerspace. GamerKitty he wasn't sure especially seeing her with the blue vial. He doesn't know what it is but he hoped it wasn't anything to bad. He was still checking the others when Danger approached him.

      "Glad you could make it, B-rod." Danger says

      B-rod, with his eyes still close, responds, "Not like I had anything better to do with the FG threads close so the mess the bots caused there can be cleaned up." B-rod is usually in the FG section of the city.
    • Tried loved to fight. Recently, he had smashed 18 bots and wrecked 4 boards. Who knew they were so flammable?

      He had sniffed out a large bot invasion, but the area was closed off and guards were watching the entrances. They told him "certified personnel only." So he walked around and saw a notice. It said: "Join the ZUvengers today! Save the city from Bot Invasions! Signups at headquarters."

      He followed the directions, and ended up in a place full of cats.

      "Sign me up, I want to Smash bots!"

      The room echoed with his shout.
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      My characters: Orthane Raker

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    • Guinea introduced himself to everyone after Tri walked in. He already knew about everyones abilities, so the only thing left to talk about was the mission at hand. He took out his phone and checked the cities map, finding a few areas with bots.

      "Save the welcome speech until after we get back, boss," said Guinea, making his way to the door. "there's an attack right outside the district. Everyone, follow me please."

      "An attack?" asked Danger, "then I'm coming too. This is my city as well. Let's go, people."
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    • "CHARGE!!!!"

      Tri raced through the doors, not waiting for them to open. Glass flew everywhere and the doors swing loosely on their hinges, twisted and bent.

      "Sorry!" He shouted as he reached down the page.

      "Uh oh, looks like we have a reckless enthusiast on our hands," status Danger as brushed some glass of his clothes. "We better catch him before he destroys the district."

      Tri smashed through the doors again, knocking them off their hinges. "Which direction are the Bots in?"
      BWAYHA! Don't take me seriously all the time. :derp:

      My characters: Orthane Raker

      <-------This spot is dedicated to Sydney, who brought me, Epic, and B-rod together. Epic then brought me and B-rod to all of you.-------->
    • Linkara facepalmed. This was going to be a long day. These people were crazy. He was a master thief. A criminal. Yet he was probably one of the sanest people in this room.

      He turned to Danger and Guinea. "Do you have some sort of mode of transportation I could borrow? Sega's been threatening to sue me if I turn into Sonic the Hedgehog again."
    • "Finally! An actual vehicle! Not like those other things with just wheels!"

      Tri charged into the tank, and immediately say at the gunner's seat. "Show me those Bots! I'll blast them to smithereens!"

      He looked around the controls. "How do you shoot this thing?" He poked around the buttons a bit more.

      "Sir, I would deeply appreciate it if you didn't blow up the city. So would you please climb out of the seat, and let someone experienced operate this machine," Danger called out.

      "Fine." Tri got off the seat and sat on the bench, grumbling.

      "Whew, that was close. We better keep an eye on that one," Danger whispered to Guinea.
      BWAYHA! Don't take me seriously all the time. :derp:

      My characters: Orthane Raker

      <-------This spot is dedicated to Sydney, who brought me, Epic, and B-rod together. Epic then brought me and B-rod to all of you.-------->
    • Guinea flipped the switch that reactivated the controls. He shut them off when Tri barged in. He took out his magical cards and shuffled them. Then he checked the radar.

      "Let's see..." said Guinea, locking onto a lone bot that broke away from the main group. It was three streets over. Guinea pressed a button and the tank fired a missle into the air. Two seconds later and the bot disappeared from the screen.

      "Sorry, I'm a little impatient. Haha."
    • "If you think that's cool check this out," said Guinea, and locked onto the main group. He zeroed in on the radar and pressed two buttons. Lightning rods and frost missles were fired, and the bots on radar suddenly stopped moving.

      "Fried 'em! Too bad most of them will become active again, once they thaw of course."
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