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    Stories of light and eyepatches

    • Hello there! What is this thread you ask? why it's a thread all about me! ...I'm kidding.

      I've told multiple stories on ZU an I thought "why not make a thread about them?" so that's what I'm doing, I have hundreds of stories either about my life experiences or legends passed down generations
      I have no idea how this'll go or if people will even care but either way I will always have stories to tell, when telling stories I'll try to give light on when why and who made the stories, that reminds me as well not all stories on here are true but that's not the point.... put yourself in the mind of a child say, give your mind the ability to believe in some of these unbelievable stories as if you're in that mindset these legend will be better to hear, that's really the point of these stories, I was told them as a kid and I can tell you I would have never felt the same amount of enjoyment and happiness if told those stories now, so I invite you to at least try to pretend that these are real, however some of these stories are true, stories about my life experiences like I said and maybe my families life experiences

      Now that I have that over with let's start with a short story shall we?

      ah here's a good one!
      Emerald the story

      This story has an interesting history behind it, it is one of our oldest stories and has been talked about around the campfire for generations
      I'm sure you're sick of my babble already so let's get to it!

      America, land of the free and whatnot, Great Britain, The United Kingdom, Russia and the Soviet Union, underneath all these global leaders lies little old Ireland, land and...booze
      ah yes all the way from Galway to Dublin the Emerald Isle stands, as the natives have fought for their country for over 800 years, but that's not what we're talking about today child not at all
      they say there's a man living at the top of Mount Brandon, but to understand him you must understand the rain "ash it's a great day for the crops" the natives say, Mothers staying inside the house cleaning things, their husbands off to work with umbrellas over their heads, brothers and sisters off to the pub, young lovers shifting under their hats and coats, there was a time when a young lad asked "why do we have rain?" if you're wondering that lad is you, so let me tell ya, rain is something we all need, it grows our crops, the forest animals drink it, and some even say it's a warning that someone will attack the Emerald isle, rain was a gift from the saints above, it grows our land far across the world, in the clouds that is, the water of the rain change the way of rocks and over years created Mount Brandon
      and on the top of that mountain lives a man, but to understand that man you must understand the clouds, every time I look at the clouds I think of Johnny Apple seed, why do you ask? let me tell ya, those clouds aren't clouds at all, they're apple trees, a young lad from the free lands of America, he swore that he would plant the whole planet in apple trees, including the Emerald Isle, the pink blossoms of the trees fall on to the land and are turned into water drops, so now ye understand, the clouds always appear on the top of Mount Brandon...they say a man lives there, a man who wears a red cloak and a cape out of iron, they say he has bright glowing eyes of green, and a sword as bright as the sun, do not be afraid young child, he watches over us, to protect us, he uses the power of the clouds and the rain to give us life, he watches over us from the lands of Galway and all the way to Dublin he watches over the land of Ireland, the land of green and booze, The Emerald Isle.

      And so that's the story, one of the oldest in our family so the point where I don't even know how this story was made, nor do my parents or grand parents, the popular theory is that someone in our family went to America and married someone there, he or she told her or his kids about the land of Ireland and their father who lived at the top of Mount Brandon...which by the way is a real mountain, you can climb it if you want, maybe you'll find my great great great great great grandfather, but anyways that's the first story of this thread, I hope you enjoyed it and if ya didn't I hope you enjoyed laughing at it, I have no idea if anyone will care about this but I'll have a fun time telling stories either way so thank you for wasting 2 hours of your life...I'm kidding have a pint.

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    • Surprise! It's another story! Seeming how it's Christmas day I might as well look through my history and find a good Christmas story to tell...oh yeah we don't have any! For some reason we don't have any Christmas stories or even holiday stories but I do have the next best thing, this story is the most beloved story in our family, my great grandfather was truly a good story teller, this story is a favorite to all of us and hopefully it will become a favorite of yours as well.

      With that out of the way...
      Thunder in the sky...

      Let me tell you a story my children, a story about the thunder in the sky, long ago in the hills of Dublin I was badly wounded, an arrow was in my heart, I went to the edge of a cliff to see the mountains of Ireland before I collapse
      but do not worry child, as I lay lifeless, I suddenly heard a sound, the sound of a steam whistle and thunder cracking in the sky, I wake up to a train in front of me, on a bridge across from the cliff, "this is the afterlife" I thought, I then hear a faint voice "all aboard!" The voice yelled, I regained my strength and got up, I limped over to see, "all aboard!" Continued the voice, it was the conductor, he told me to get on the train "we don't have much time!" He would say, I asked why, "do you just want to die here and now? No! You have a future and I won't let you lose it" he then gave me a gold and green ticket to Ride, still confused I get on board, many other passengers were on board, I asked a lad next to me where are we going, "to the sky temple of course!" Wondering what that was I looked outside, the train was flying across the seas creating tracks right ahead of it, the view was beautiful, the dark night sky and the clouds below us, I then noticed a bright light in the sky ahead of the train "the sky temple!" The conductor said, the city I saw was bright and beautiful, and right in the center was a castle made out of crystals, the conductor lead me in the castle and in there was a king, he saw the arrow wound in my heart, and then used magic to heal it, the pain that was once great died down till I couldn't feel it anymore, I asked "how did you do that?" He responded saying I was in a different world where magic was present, "maybe I will show you this world someday, there is great land below this city" he said, the train brought me back to the cliff in Dublin, before they left I asked the conductor if he will ever come back,
      "Someday, just keep that ticket" the train then left and slowly disappeared along with the tracks it was on, I still had the ticket, so don't worry when you hear thunder in the sky, it's just the train flying through the clouds, every day since then on thunder cracking mornings I went to the cliff in Dublin and waited, I still to this day wait for the train to return, but my life is almost over, so I want you to take my ticket and wait for the train for me, maybe it'll take you to see me.

      And that's it! This is a beloved story, it's still a debate between us on if it's true or not, as my great grandfather did have a gold and green ticket and passed it to my grandfather who gave it to my father and so on, either way it's a story we tell every Christmas and is always the last we tell.
    • Ta da! it's a filler story! well kind of

      this is a more recent story that my brother came up with a few years ago, it's not the most original story but it's the most fun to right so here we are
      this story is based off of a song...and by that I mean it is the song, only with a few lyrics changed, this story does have some truth to it as it was all about when my brother got into a form of depression and decided to go on an adventure.

      if you want to read it with the melody here

      if you want to skip reading it all together here

      The Rocky Road to Dublin

      While in the merry month of june, from me home I started
      left Lights of Miguel, Nearly broken hearted
      Saluted father dear, kissed me darlin' mother
      Drank a pint of beer me grief and tears to smother
      Then off to reap the corn, leave where I was born
      Bow of stout blackthorn, to banish ghosts and goblins
      a brand new pair of brogues, rattling over the bogs
      frighenin' all the dogs on the rocky road to Dublin

      One two three four five, hunt the hare and turn her
      Down the rocky road all the way to Dublin
      Whack fol lolly rah!

      In Rica Cost that night
      I rested limbs so weary

      Started by daylight,
      Me spirits bright and airy

      Took a drop of the pure,
      Keep me heart from sinking

      that's the Wolfys cure
      whenever he's on for drinking

      to see the lassie smile,
      laughing all the while

      at me curious style
      t'would set yer heart a-bubblin'

      Asked if I was hired,
      Wages I required

      Till I was nearly tired
      of the rocky road to Dublin

      One two three four five
      Hunt the hare and turn her
      down the rocky road all the way to Dublin
      Whack fol lolly rah!

      In Limon next arrived,
      I thought it such a pity

      to be so soon deprived,
      a view of that fine city

      till then I took a stroll
      all among the quality

      bundle it was stole
      all in the neat locality

      something crossed me mind
      when I looked behind

      no bundle could I find
      upon me air a-wobblin'

      Enquirin' for the rouge
      Said me he was cold

      Still wasn't mush in vogue
      on the rocky road to Dublin

      One two three four five
      Hunt the hare and turn her
      down the rocky road all the way to Dublin
      Whack fol lolly rah!

      From there I got away
      Me Spirits never failing

      Landed on the bay just as the ship was sailing
      Dear brother Emerald roared

      Said that no room had he,
      When I jumped aboard a cabin found for Wolfy

      Down among the pigs
      played some funny rigs

      Danced some hearty jigs
      The water round me bubblin'

      When off Holyhead
      Wished me-self was dead

      or better far instead
      on the rocky road to Dublin

      One two three four five
      Hunt the hare and turn her
      down the rocky road all the way to Dublin
      Whack fol lolly rah!

      The boys of Liverpool
      when we safely landed

      call me-self a fool
      I could no longer stand it

      Blood began to boil
      Temper I was loosing

      poor ol' Emeralds Isle,
      They began abusing

      "Hurrah me soul" says I,
      My arrows I let fly

      Galway boys were dying
      Saw I was a-hobblin'

      With a loud Hurray'
      Joined in the affray

      Quickly cleared the way
      for the rocky road to Dublin

      One two three four five
      Hunt the hare and turn her
      down the rocky road all the way to Dublin
      Whack fol lolly rah!

      As crazy this story seems it is true to an extent, my brother wanted to reach the peak of Dublin which if you read the last story ye would know that that's where my great grandfather once stood, this event caused me a lot of trouble as well but that's another story, although I still look back on this as the best adventure I ever had.

      would you Believe me if I said this is the shortest version of this story?

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    • Hello again to the 0 people reading this!

      I have another story to tell, this one is very new, in fact it was only created last year, but it became a favorite of my family...mainly my wife quickly.
      this one is...I'm laughing just thinking about, I'm noticing a pattern in the new stories in our family usually opting for being funny other then epic, which is fine.
      this story is basically me and my wife shitposting at it's finest, except instead of posting it's speaking to people in person.

      so anyways here's Three Cats.

      Long while ago I went to the Irish pub in Portland, mainly because I noticed it while buying toy trains from the shop across the street, I went inside to see and saw two of my best friends, I went to greet them and the one of the first things they said to me was... "so how's the three cats?" I responding saying, "three cats? I only have two" "what about your wife? isn't she a cat?" I didn't think he was serious, of course she's not a cat she's nothing like a cat, I drove back home thinking on how they could have compared her to the clearly superior pet from dogs, they have nothing in common, my wife will sometimes nuzzle or cling on to me or sleep on me, cats never do that, she'll usually ask me for food because I can cook even though we just had dinner, cat's are never that stubborn, she's very curious, always interested in new things she or anyone brings back home, imagine if cats were any curious, I'd bet they'd make a phrase out of it, she hates water, likes being pet on the head and can be very very annoying, there will never be a day when cat's are like any of those, the only thing cat's and her have in common is that just like cat's, I love her with all my heart.

      If you knew more about me and my wife's relationship and our history together (which everyone in my family does) you'd find this way more funny then you may or may not now, also don't call me sexist, Celia was the one who first came up with the idea, she trusted that I would write down a good and funny story about her, so I did, and she and many others in my family love it.
    • Hello there!

      It's been three days sense I last told a story and that's a problem that needs to be fixed, at first I wanted to tell ya'll a story known as "Father Shui" however I wanted for once tell a real life my life, I promised that I would tell stories about my life experiences and so I will, this story I have teased in the past so here it is in text form

      Loco Lucina

      No not the character from...Smash Emblem, but rather the name of the rattler I rode back in my engineer days.
      Back in my early 20's after I graduated a railroad school I accepted an application to work for the local railroad, I learned many things about the work place I was going to one of which was the locomotive, I was very into different locomotives at the time but I focused my research on the engine that I was going to drive, although to much to my surprise the day I got to the work place they told me "Oh that train was sent to the junkyard" I start to panic thinking "Oh god am I going to have to wait another week to work here?" something to note is that at the time I rented a place to stay that was nearby and I thought that this job would help me pay for it but then they tell me this! so because of this I might've been kicked out of my place and make real problems for me, then a miracle happened, I was allowed to go into the train yard and that's when I met the workers on the previous trains, they were all men in their 60's working on the train, there was one guy who was 23 but everyone else were veterans, I wont say their real names so lets call 'em Deco, Johnny, Donald, and Casey, I told then about my situation and Johnny goes "Hey kid, you know how to fix things right?" "Well yea-" he cuts me off saying "Great! you can fix up that eyesore over there!" He points to an old busted locomotive, I thought he was joking but I was desperate, so the next day I bring my tools and told them I was gonna fix that engine, which I did...well with help from them, after days and nights of nonstop work we finally made her look good as new, the company saw this and rewarded us with a check, which was just enough to pay my rent, so that was mind blowing to me, on that day Casey told me that I must be loco to be willing to fix that locy, I said that the train itself was loco for staying alive the whole time, Donald then say's "It's like a loco lucy" and...that's as far as I know how she got her name from what I remember, and she was a powerful machine, she could pull freight and passengers, and was the main train for the railroad, "Oh it'll be raining tomorrow? send Loco Lucina" sometimes when passengers were boarding we'd tell 'em that the name of this train was Loco Lucy, she was a very unique engine, you could tell just by looking at her that it was Loco Lucy, with her own whistle and everything, I was working on her for the next 10 years...but other things entered my life, I got married...not legally but I still lived with a loved one, and I had two kids to take care of, so I limited my work their to every few weeks to once every month and one day I went to work and found that Loco Lucina, I then ask the guys about it and they say, "ash she was sent to the junk yard" normally a train like her wouldn't last this short but let me remind you that she was fixed and built by a few guys banging their hammers on the metal of the locomotive, While they were mourning I noticed her being taking away, me being stupid ran over to try and stop it they told me that this train was old even when we first fixed it, I then let slip out saying "This train could beat any of your new locomotives any day!" I regretted those words right after I said them, but the guy then said he accepts my yeah I was basically fucked, but the guys were happy by my actions, I remember Deco telling me, "whether she wins or not she will have a great legend to tell" so that motivated me enough to try for the what was a race, at first the new loco was wining pretty easily so I Pushed Loco Lucy to her limit and barely took the lead, I can only assume the engineer of the other train was thinking "Is this kid crazy he's going to kill himself!" I could hear his whistle blowing but I kept going, doing this could've possibly lead to the train burning derailing or worse but I took the risk to let her live, and despite all this she won the race, but when I tried to roll her back she didn't move, She just stopped working, and while I was sad, I was happy that she died like this instead of in a junkyard, of course I was fired after this since I could've blown up the train by doing that, I thought that Loco Lucina was lost forever after that, but when I visited the railroad again before moving I saw Loco Lucy displayed in the middle of the train yard, "She may be gone but her legacy lives on"

      Headaches and heartaches and all kinds of pain, all are part of the railroad train, Sweat and toil, the good and the grand are apart of the life of a railroad man...

      so that's Loco Lucina, there are many small stories about this train that I want to tell someday but for now this is the main story
      I remember talking to my wife who was just my friend at the time and she asked me, "are you in love with anyone?" I answered saying a lady named Loco Lucy, I meant that as a joke at the time but she didn't know that and took it seriously, by responding with the most disappointed "Oh..." I have ever heard, she then realized later that it was a locomotive and was happy again but it still a funny moment to look back on for me.

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    • Hello there!

      Once again I am here to bless you with the power that is my ability to type a long message to bring entertainment to all people who read this and care, as well as the power of...really bad introductions...

      Okay lets try this again

      Have you ever wanted a story to be told to ya by a red headed, eyepatch wearing, Irish lad with a sword behind his back and a murderous look?
      well then you've come to the right place, a thread full of eyepatches and...what are we talking about again.

      so if ye couldn't already tell, I'm tired, overheated, I feel week, and I'm drunk.

      but it's new years so I wanted to tell ya landlubbers a story

      What story will it be you ask? well stay on your seats because this is a great story, one of my favorites
      and the name of the story is! let me just throw a dart here and...


      The leaders of our family have always been the same lad or lass. They say they are all reincarnations of ol' father Shui, that man always looking for adventure, you've heard of the legend haven't ya, but he ain't the lad we're talkin' about, let this legend shine light on the leaders and heroes of our family, Lady Olivia, a good lady, a bringer of peace to two armies at war, they say she fought with kindness and brought people together with her power of heart, Sir Leo, with his respect to authority and protective liking, willing to risk himself for anyone, even if t'were someone he just met, He created many enemies and many friends on his long venture across the land and sea, Shadwood with his powerful strength and skill, they say he could move mountains and straighten rivers with his hands, he brought our family a new home to live in, Terra living at the top of Mount Brandon who can control the rain and win across the lands of Ireland, giving us and the natives food and water to live, Angel Stacy who lived in the sky and flew to other lands to give us, Great Simon, who brought these legends to us and unraveled our history for us to learn and read,
      Collin, the lad who was sent to war and still came back alive and proud, Yen, Who is said to control the waters, and brought two large families together, Emerald, a silent knight, one who sailed across the world to reach the peak of Dublin, Emily, with her desire to learn the history went off to another land to learn new arts in the sword and magic, all these heroes who did great things for our family, don't worry, ya don't have to be as great as them, for the blood of father Shui runs in you child, you can do great things and you will, for if you wear the cape you are a son of father Shui.

      This is a bit of a short one but I made it that way just so I could go to sleep, to give you a basic look on this one it's about the many heroes and legends in our family of ya couldn't tell...

      It's an old one for sure but it is changed every so often to keep up with newer leaders such as myself or my daughter, anyways I'm out of here so Happy new year!

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    • Hello there!

      Welcome back to another...thing

      Another story another legend another event of Emerald drawing out his introduction for 20 minutes before talking about something actually interesting.

      Before today's story I must remind you of the post above me, that night I was dead so I wanted to finished it as quickly as possible, nothing too bad about it just a few minor spelling errors and such.

      I want to fully explain that story before we get into this one

      Basically every generation of our family had a leader, a hero, they we're all thought to be either ol' father Shui's children (a story for another day) or a reincarnation of him, as you may or may not have guessed I am the leader of my generation, I'm not the ahead now but I was, as well as my father and his father and so on, every single one of them had the same personality traits, Eyepatch, Red hair, Red cloak and cape, lover of the sea, and all had a great legend behind them which...with all logic out the window I like to believe, What do the leaders do you may ask, well if there is events for the family the leaders are the main planners, usually controls the education of the youth in the family, if it was 1914 we'd plan the wars, we're like kings or queens of a little kingdom, we also get our own nifty little nickname that does absolutely nothing but it makes us sound cool, Mine is Emerald...I think I have said my real name somewhere in the forums so good luck finding that, but yes you get the picture right? okay good because its a perfect way to start...

      Lady with no cape

      Sit down now child let me tell you a story, a story about the lady with no cape, as you know our kings led us to victory and happiness across our families generations, but one year the king of his generation was killed in a battle before he could pass on his blood, many thought this was the end of light, the final death of father Shui, his voyage seemed to be over and his family that he brought together slowly drifted apart, but far high in the clouds was an island, an island floating in the sky, and there lived a little girl, she was young and woke up on the island a day after the death of father Shui, She wasn't human, she had wings on her back and had the ability to fly she is an angel you could say, she spent the time she had there building a house and making it a home or her to stay, she had food water, she was happy, without a care in the world, that is until a night came where a terrible lighting storm hit, she was blown of the island and took a great fall down to the mainland, the next she was darkness, she then woke up on a high cliff with the land of Ireland in front of her, she marveled at it, she had never seen such a large landscape, all she knew was her little island, there was much exploring to do, however she noticed her wings were broken, she couldn't fly anymore, but that didn't stop her, she walked down the mountain to level ground and went to a nearby town, she'd never seen so many people in one place, then again she's never seen people at all till this moment, she walked inside one of the houses to see what was inside, it was a store with many Swords and shields, she asked the shopkeeper where she was, "Why you're in Ireland!" the shopkeeper responded, Stacy was confused she had never heard of a place called Ireland "How could ya not know what place you're in if you had to make an effort to get here" the shopkeeper asked, Stay explained that she fell down from a floating island into this new land, the shopkeeper laughed, "That's a good imagination you have kid!" Stacy tilted her head in confusion "Well whatever, I'm going exploring!" she said, the Shopkeeper stopped her "Woah kid, you can't just go out there on your own, it's dangerous out there, you don't seem to be the type to hold a sword but there is a lass out east who knows very much in the art of archery, she could teach ya a thing or two" she nodded and went outside to head east, she ran into a swordsman on the way who said he'd protect her on the way to the lady with the bow
      "Her name is Helena" the swordsman explained, he told Stacy about her and how she was very skilled in archery and how she lived in a tree out east in the middle of a village, on the way they heard sounds while in the woods, then a few bandits jumped up and pointed their knives at the swordsman, the swordsman with his blade in his hand landed a strike on one of the bandits, and dealing some hits here and there to the other bandits, wounding the bandits ran away, "we're safe now" he said, though hearing that Stacy didn't feel so safe, she felt like someone was watching them...following them "It's nothing" Stacy thought, and so the two continued their way on the rocky road to Helena.

      Well since this is getting a bit long and I was told this story in parts anyways I'm going to have to leave ya at a cliff hanger, and let me tell ya this is a long story, it could fit 50 pages of a book if told the full story, don't worry though I'll cut it a bit short to tell ya the full story as fast as I can, in the meantime, tell me your thoughts, what ya think, or don't that's cool too, make sure that you like, repost, retweet, comment, hit that bell icon, Smash subscribe, upvote...
    • Hello there!

      Alright I'm awake I'm bright I'm happy and I can tell a story, Now I'm sure you expect a followup to the story last time, well guess what? that's not the case! today I'll be telling another great story known as!... wait


      Okay looking at my notes the story today will be uhhh Father Shui!

      So this is the story of my great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great...great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great grand father

      a great man who was thought to be the first member of my family, a legendary hero,
      this is a story about the things he did and the name he gave us,
      if ya didn't know Shui is Chinese for water, so...already it seems suspect of a real story but it's fun to look at it that way so you should too.

      The longest living man in the world of course is ol' father Shui, He was said to live on the land of spirit, he was said to have a cape as red as blood and eyes as green as the grass, he was a powerful warrior with a warm heart, he swore that he would Help everyone in the world of their problems and bring peace to all who lived, even if it took him a million years, people believed that he was a god giving to the world, he could make enemies friends, and could rival any fighter, he was said to hold a blade made out of the strongest metal on earth, they say he could fly with wings of light and could shine across the land when in complete darkness, one day he meet a lady, who he soon fell in love with, she was quite the fighter herself as well, after many years he brought peace to the world of spirit but he wanted to reach out to other lands he built a ship to sail on but on his way he faced a terrible storm and vanished from the earth, the only thing found was his cloak and cape, don't worry lad he's still with us, he swore that he would bring peace to all the world, and he was going to do it even if he was banished from the living world, he'd be there for every generation even that of today, his quest still continues, and was birthed into this world countless times as a man and a woman, you don't have to have his blood to be as great as him child, you destine to do amazing things if you try hard enough, you can help him bring peace to this world with or without a blade in hand, for that is the goal for father Shui.

      You might be thinking, why is this one so short? well that's because some of them are short, there are many different stories about father Shui but this one is the most basic as far as I'm aware...

      I hope you liked this one, more is to come soon so be patient because I'm sure you're all dying to hear the followup of the previous story, I just need to remember what the followup actually was...
    • Well I've been putting this off but whatever I'm here ready to tell some great legend about some great person.

      And that person today is a woman that sailed across the seas and shaped her legend, she is a goddess in our's funny my family is like it's own religion.

      but anyways get your pirate outfits on because this story tells of a great pirate who stole from really.

      So here today we have

      Goddess Aris

      From the Caribbeans waters a tale was passed around,
      of a lassie who sailed the seven seas and stole from the pirate crowd

      from the bay of Tortuga the pirates had a search
      of the lassie who throw them right of their top sail perch.

      How can we find the Goddess Aris
      How can we find the Goddess Aris
      How can we find the Goddess Aris
      Through the seven seas

      Yar-har and up she rises, Yar-har and up she rises, Yar-har and up she rises, through the seven seas.

      Sailing from the Caribbean she had lost her way,
      Silver hair shining through the seas and far from any bay...

      In the crows nest saw a ship to steal her precious crown,
      her crew fired at the ship to make it sink until it drowns.

      How can we find the Goddess Aris
      How can we find the Goddess Aris
      How can we find the Goddess Aris
      Through the seven seas

      Yar-har and up she rises, Yar-har and up she rises, Yar-har and up she rises, Through the seven seas.

      Unforgivable waters that wasn't much to her,
      Then from the waters grew a giant sea monster.

      with her blade made from the shards of holy silver ore,
      she cut the creatures head clean off and it sank right to the core.

      How can we find the Goddess Aris
      How can we find the Goddess Aris
      How can we find the Goddess Aris
      Through the seven seas

      Yar-har and up she rises, Yar-har and up she rises, Yar-har and up she rises, through the seven seas

      Off to Liverpool she went were she was found again,
      Pirates cornered her with their ships so foe but little friend.

      They all fired their cannons they thought that she was caught,
      she toppled every ship there was an left without a thought.

      That's how we found the Goddess Aris
      That's how we found the Goddess Aris
      That's how we found the Goddess Aris
      Through the seven seas

      Yar-har and up she rises, Yar-har and up she rises, Yar-har and up she rises, through the seven seas.

      Through the seven seas!

      Looking at it on paper it looks familiar...

      but anyways that's the story for today that was meant for yesterday!

      Hope ye landlubbers enjoyed it, I'm sure ye can't wait for the next terrible introduction.

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    • You may be thinking "wow Emerald you're so cool and live in such a cool family I wish I was like you" don't.

      I'm lucky to be alive right now considering what I've been through.

      Imagine being in my leading bloodline, you get the terrible thought that one of theses days you're going to lose your eye.

      also say goodbye to fancy and character building outfits because no matter what you wear you will always be depicted as wearing a dark red cloak and cape, I guess you'd be raised in such a way that you wont mind and will be happy about it like me but I can see how others may not, you'll also be swordfighting every day...maybe you miss heard me, you'll be swordfighting everyday, it's like when you start working out to be strong then realize it's hard, Swordfighting is fun but dangerous, don't do it, I told ya before it's how I lost my bloody eye! Not to mention all the responsibility you'll have, being the leading bloodline means being the leader, you control everything...well not everything but a lot of things, but that's whole other topic that I already sorta got into so let's get to the main reason your reading this!


      Lady and her Swordsman

      okay so you may also be wondering "why do you hate this story Emerald?"

      I don't, in fact I like this story, it's sweet and nostalgic for me, basically tells the story of a young lady who fell in love with an idiot who couldn't take a hint.
      ...I mean...a young lady who fell in love with a sword fighting sailor,
      Why do I put it off you may ask, well that's because I find it uncomfortable to tell these kinds of stories but whatever here we go.

      I'll sing you a song about two true lovers from El Salvador they came
      the young mans name was Emerald Light
      the young lass's name was Felicitae.

      Follei-diddel-dom, dai-o-rai
      Follei-diddel-dom, domme-daerai dae

      Going to dock for to sail Waters, Emerald was dressed in crimson cloaks,
      Faye know that she loved him dearly, so she fled and went to sea.

      Follei-diddel-dom, dai-o-rai
      Follei-diddel-dom, domme-daerai dae

      Young Faye dressed in sailors clothing Sailors clothing she put on,
      She's gone to sail with her true lover for to find his love is gone.

      Follei-diddel-dom, dai-o-rai
      Follei-diddel-dom, domme-daerai dae

      On the ship there was a battle she was afraid and so that is
      She ran away into young Emerald sailor spied a sailor's kiss

      Follei-diddel-dom, dai-o-rai
      Follei-diddel-dom, domme-daerai dae

      Then Young Emerald was well pleased he was well pleased by what she'd done
      Soon the two became two true lovers in the land of Oregon

      Follei-diddel-dom, dai-o-rai
      Follei-diddel-dom, domme-daerai dae
      Follei-diddel-dom, dai-o-rai
      Follei-diddel-dom, domme-daerai dae.

      That gives me good memories, my wife and I used to sing that song to our two daughters as a lullaby.

      It's a short sweet version of a true love story I know.

      The song is similar to an Irish song known as William Taylor but wouldn't ya know my wife wanted it like that, Hope you enjoyed today's story and hopefully I'll return to "Lady with no cape" soon...

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    • Hey!

      It's been a while or something, Lets do things

      Okay a better introduction.


      Wrong language you say? well it looks perfect to me because today is a Chinese legend, about Father Shui... Yes this is filler to the fallow up to "Lady with no cape"

      This is a story about the Goddess of love and mercy, Kuan Yin, and how father Shui met her.

      I wish I knew how to play some Asian instrument to make this story seem more cool but this is a post with no sound.

      So here have some random music made by the same guy who made the soundtrack for Ori and the Blind really that's not a joke.

      So now that we have the mood set...

      A blade of the Goddess

      It was cold, I've been walking in the high lands for hours, I thought I was going to freeze and leave this planet, but it was then I heard a faint voice call my name, I saw a light in the path ahead of me, I walked in it's direction, Every step I took it became closer and louder, I reach for my blade as I drew closer, then it showed itself, "Hello there my child" I stepped back in fear, but never have I heard such an elegant and beautiful voice, "Do not be afraid young traveler, I am here to grant you mercy to your soon ending life" Well how are you going to do that I wondered "I shall grant you the power to head back down to the land of spirit alive" I couldn't go back there though, it's been taken over by bandits, the being in front of me looked straight into my eyes as if it were she was looking into my soul, "Fear not my child for I shall give you a blade that can break any shield, and a shield that can defend any sword, I was giving happiness, with this I can kill those bandits! "No" the being said to me "You shall not murder them" I was surprised to hear this... "You are no greater then any thief if you pay them with blood" "You must put your trust in me when fighting, you must give me your trust as I have giving mine to you" and with that she vanished, I walked down the snowy mountains I was on, it took hours, days, weeks to get to the bottom, I then saw smoke in the far land, I ran over as soon as I could and saw that my home was on fire, still being confused of what the being said, I drew my blade and shield and fought the many bandits, but they trapped me, into a view point above the ground in a high tower, a fall like that could kill me, I could've but knocked down the thieves easily with my sword but then I remembered what the being said... and with that I jumped off the tower, I let go of my weapons, closed my eyes and prayed, "Oh kind and merciful god, I put my life in your hands, I give my trust to you, I trust that you will give me another chance to live" I wake up and it was bright and holy, I was still alive, I didn't even feel pain, I looked and saw that the being I met was in front of me shining bright as ever, she scared the bandits, and cooled down the fires, she turned to me and smiled, "You've done well my child, but now that you have done the test, I must go to rest" I offered to give her back the sword and shield, "No you will need them later, my time with you is done but your voyage is far from over my child, we will met again one day but for now it is farewell" she vanished, everything seemed normal after that, the people came out of hiding and looked at me, I told them about the goddess and how it helped me, and I wait everyday to met her again, until then she has my trust and my life in her hands.

      This one gives me so much nostalgia, I haven't heard this story fully until now for ages, I hope ya enjoyed, I also hope your telling this stories to your families as well...probably not and I doubt anyone will but that would be funny.
    • There are three things I'm afraid of

      1: Revealing outfits

      2: Kissing

      3: Love

      And my wife is all three of those

      Faye loves to do all of those things especially to me

      She is known to wear revealing outfits

      She tries to catch my lips everyday

      and she showers me with constant love and affection

      and half of the time it's to mess with me she knows my weakness.
      right now we have a story to tell, and in honer of our true anniversary not the legal one, this story is about us, kind of like the one a post above me, this is a short one so we'll likely have two stories today.

      Now where to start...what story can I tell where she wont get mad at me for...
      Well let's start at the beginning, How did we first meet?

      so about 50 billion years ago when I was 15 I heard that someone was coming to visit us, at the time Faye was friends with a cousin of mine so she wanted to introduce Faye to my family, while everyone was greeting her or whatever I was practicing being the little introvert I am, she noticed me taking hits at a training dummy and went over to greet me, her doing that almost made chop her head off out of surprise but she was completely unfazed and was happy to meet me, and just like that it was love at first sight...if this wasn't real life, we hit it off well but no sparks were happening, and it's not like we were two best friends that hang out alone with each other we were both in the same friend group so not a lot of personal time to start any sparks, it wasn't until years later that a fire was burning.

      which leads me to the next little story. so I graduated high school, what they taught there was worthless and not useful to my life at all but I made some friends which is probably the only to go to school at this point, after that anyway I noticed something strange about Faye, every once in a while I'd catch her staring at me, and sometimes she'd follow me when I was just taking a walk, so I narrowed it down to the only logical explanation.
      "Is she stalking me to murder me?"
      ahh...i was so stupid back then.
      so anyways another thing that happened was a time when we were sailing together, it was me her my brother and a few of my cousins, Faye told me that she was going to sleep in her bunk, so that was fine to me but then I went down to the bunks to grab some bottles of rum, then I could've sworn I heard my name, I looked behind me to see what it was, the only other person in the bunks was Faye, I thought I might be hearing things but she then spoke "Emerald" I walked over, she was sound asleep, and then it hit like a truck, she was sleep talking, I've seen sleep talking before but it was usually nothing more then a few mumbles no moaning of someones name, and that was creepy as fuck at the time, so I left the bunkers as quickly as possible, I brushed it as I thought it might just be my imagination but later she came out and told me she had a dream and I was in it so you can probably already guess how I felt then.

      there was another time when it was just the two of us in the freezing cold of winter snow, how we got there? well that's another story but for now we were walking in the freezing blizzard, all the way back home, we were getting cold so we went under this rock to rest, she was cold so being the absolute gentleman I am I give her my cape...I probably would've done the same with anyone else but let's just pretend that I was being smooth and romantic, her face got even more red then it already was being cold, she looked at me for a second, I looked away then she jumped on me, and then fell asleep on my chest, cold can make you sleepy yes but Jesus she basically went out *snap* like that, so again me being the "Gentleman" I am I pick her up and bring her back home before we both die, my mother was good in healing so she healed her freezing sickness pretty fast, so that was fun.

      now I've told you about her I but what about me and her?
      what are the stories the revolve around me being in love with her?
      so me actually falling in love with her is another story on it's own just read Lady and her Swordsman for a short version.

      so what do we have here,

      as you may or may not know one of my last names is light, we are the light family, that's why this thread is called stories of light and eyepatches, so there was a time when me and loved ones went to get passports, I filled in for everyone most of the time, so the guys asked me the full name of Faye so I tell him "Felicitae light" I stop myself and correct it but even still I heard the guys in the back room laughing their asses off hearing my mistake, so I went outside to wait and then she whispers in my ear "Interesting last name for me Emerald"

      and yes Faye is short for Felicitae.

      There was the time I called her my love by mistake

      The time I was caught staring at her for like 3 minutes unconsciously

      and the time I proposed to her was the most problematic night of my life but it all went out fine and for some reason, she liked it and said yes.
      and 26 years later we're still together which is insane, to all out there thou shall come a day when you fall in love with someone and stay with them for the rest of your life, you must be smart about choices like this, I'm sorry to all who've been hurt through love and to you I pray that you will recover and find a better future for yourself
      until then...

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    • You see that cool amazing new title we have at the top of the thread? yeah you like that don't you, really busting out the new photoshop fonts.

      The other day you may remember a story known as "A blade of the Goddess" which by the way, hands down one of my favorite Father Shui stories.
      today however we have a different story to tell, and it's not even really a story but I found it just as interesting

      Let's go deeper into that story and see what lies in its origins

      so first off let's talk about Kuan Yin or Kwan Yin or Guanyin whatever you want to call her, Goddess of mercy and compassion, Kuan Yin is a real god in mythology and is portrayed in many different ways, but ours is much more interesting, for we don't call her Kuan Yin, in our family and in many stories and scrolls she is known as Chen X
      Basically combine Sen and X and that's how you pronounce it, I called her by her cultured name to clear confusion, she is also more a Goddess of love then mercy to us, which is untrue to most cultures in Asia, she is more mercy then compassion, and sometimes it is a he not a she, Chen X is just one of many Gods and Goddess we pray to, just to name a few... Arkhalis the god of light, Floralyn the goddess of music, Yoraza the goddess of space and time, Aris the goddess of the seas, Leo the god of heroes, and this tin can.

      all of these Gods and Goddess have their own legends and stories to tell some of which you've already heard.

      I told ya this family is like it's own religion, we even have our own little cipher which I don't understand or do I think I will but it's pretty interesting.

      We also have scrolls, I remember my grandfather would have this whole area of his bookshelf dedicated to scrolls, those were fun times, he'd send me and my brothers and sisters to go on a treasure hunt of somewhat, he'd show us the image on the scroll and we'd have to find hints and clues to decipher the writing
      I can't find the whole code but here's a picture of one of the letters poorly drawn by me just now

      Maybe someday I'll give ya'll a treasure hunt of sorts were I would give secret hints through my posts that would be fun, that is if people wanted to.
    • What better way to have the last post of this page to be the follow up to a story I told weeks ago.

      Lady with no cape let's continue that story shall we? if ya haven't read the first part of this story I recommend you do for this to make sense.

      with that out of the way...

      Lady with no cape chapter 2

      And so we continued our way on the rocky road to Helena, on the way to the village Stacy noticed something, "Sir I never learned your name"
      "Names Gavin" the swordsman said in response, "Nice to meet you uhh" Gavin here never learned her name "Stacy" she said,
      "nice to meet you Stacy"
      the two were close to the village, they saw ahead of them a large tree right in the center with houses on the branches and windows in the tree itself, as well as many houses below it was a beautiful sight to see, the two went inside the tree to see Helena, "don't be afraid, she can be cold with new people" Gavin said to Stacy, he lead her to a large room where a lady was standing looking outside a window, she turned around, "Gavin?" she said in surprise, "What are you doing here?"
      "I'm here to bring you someone who wants to learn from you" The lady looked confused, she looked down at Stacy and tilted her head "Who are you?" she said.
      "My name is Stacy" She looked at her knowingly "hmm" she took a glance to something at the other side of the room "she wants to learn archery from you" Gavin said
      She was thinking, "No I can't" Gavin responded "What?! why not?!" She looked at him with dead eyes "she isn't meant for archery, her path lies elsewhere" Gavin said to her
      "Oh don't tell me you think that she can use that old magic" Stacy was confused "that old magic?" she thought, "that type of magic hasn't been used since the light died"
      "since the light died?" Stacy didn't understand what they were talking about, The lady walked over and grabbed a staff, "Here take this" She handed the staff to Stacy
      "I can feel it you hold the power to use this" The lady said, She spoke "now try to focus your energy" Stacy tried that, the staff then glowed, then created a large shock wave across the land, other then that nothing seemed to have happened, everything was fine, then two beings bashed through the windows "It's more of those bastard bandits" Gavin yelled, though then they showed a bit more then what Gavin or anyone has ever seen, they had wings but not like the wings Stacy had, they looked burnt, dark and devil-like, "Those are no Bandits" the lady said, Gavin tried to take a swing at them with his sword but in one strike the creatures snapped the sword in two, Gavin then pulled out this strange machine and then tried to use it at the creatures "..." nothing happened...
      The lady took a bow off of a rack and shot arrows at the creatures, she hit both of them with perfect accuracy, they then faded away leaving nothing but ash and dust,
      "I'm telling you Gavin, your whole Gun concept is never going to work!" Gavin got back up on his feet, "It'll work when I get enough explosive powder!" The lady shook her head, it was about then a few guards came into the room, "Lady Helena we heard sounds coming from up here is everything alright?" the guards said to her,
      she told them no and they left, "What was that?" Stacy said, Helena had no words, the creature they saw was not like anything she'd seen, it had horns on it's head and claws on it's hands and feet, "I don't know...Maybe it'd be best if you were to stay the night here" Stacy nodded, off in the farlands someone was watching them, someone with the mask of a raven,
      Meanwhile in a castle there was a man pacing back and forth, "that shock wave, I haven't felt this kind of power since..."

      And there ends that, yes there's even more, before that I might take a break on stories, I already got enough going on right now in my personal life that is taking up my time I want to conserve my energy for when I can tell stories better, I'm not done telling stories I'm just taking a break so until then farewell.

      I hope you enjoyed this one, finally found it after not remembering what it was I more remember the later parts of the story strangely...

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