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    Let’s talk about JRPGS
    • I've mostly been playing JRPGS on the DS/ 3DS. Some of my favourites- Radiant Historia (both versions), Tales of the Abyss, Fire Emblem Echoes- Shadows of Valentia, Rune Factory 3, Fire Emblem Awakening, Chrono Trigger, Rune Factory 4, The Alliance Alive, Bravely Default/ Second, Stella Glow, Fire Emblem Fates, Fantasy Life.

      Other favourites- Golden Sun, Golden Sun- The Lost Age, Fire Emblem 7, Fire Emblem- Sacred Stones (GBA), Ys series, Pokemon games.

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    • Been playing Jrpgs since final fantasy 1. Its simplistic, but In retrospect, the fact that there is a plot twist in that early of a jrpg is impressive. If it is story driven and has stat progression I feel it counts.

      Jrpgs are probably 80% of what I play. I’ve played hundreds in the last 30 years, let me see if I can list some that stand out to me. There’s the obvious ones, final fantasy and anything else squaresoft, dragon warrior/quest, Persona, SMT, Suikoden, tales, trails, fire emblem, xeno, wild arms, star ocean, ys, earthbound/mother, lunar, mana Khemia/atelier, breath of fire,

      Destiny of an Emperor, Crystalis, radiata stories, secret of evermore (its squaresoft but not many people played it), brave fencer musashi, the last story, dark cloud 2, rogue galaxy, shadow hearts covenant, ar tonelico 2, digital devil saga (part of smt but lesser known), bravely default/second, octopath traveler, etrian (the untold ones), faxanadu, battle of Olympus, star tropics, there’s so many more.

      Honorable mention: anachronox. It was a western rpg but was an homage to Jrpgs and was woefully under appreciated at the time.

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    • I love JRPG's a lot more than they love me. Out of all the many JRPG's I've played and loved, I've only been able to beat one, and that was Tales of Symphonia. I hold that game close to my heart because it's the first and only time I've ever actually been able to beat anything resembling an RPG game.

      Oftentimes RPG's have extra systems and whatnot that for some reason I just can't wrap my head around. Xenoblade Chronicles is a good example of this, I ended up just copying what Chuggaconroy did and I still couldn't beat the game. But, I did love it to pieces.

      Some day, I plan to actually complete another JRPG. I don't know which one yet, but I will.

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    • I, too, have played my fair share of JRPGs.

      RPG is probably my favorite genre overall, but the Japanese ones are a bit hit or miss with me.

      My first one was Final Fantasy 7, before that my English was simply not good enough for games with heavy dialogue, so I was avoiding them. And of course I do love that game very much. It's still one of my favorite games of all time.

      That said, since then I have played JRPGs that surpass it, others that don't and some that I wish I never spent time on.

      I have played most Final Fantasy games until 10, and none after that. I believe the only one I have never played (pre-X) is FF 5. My favorites are 6, 7 and 8. I have to admit 8 is mainly for nostalgia reasons because it has a lot of issues, and honestly it's the point in time where FF started going wrong for me, with the more realistic style.

      At the moment, despite the misstep of Xenoblade X, I consider the Xenoblade series the best "standard JRPG" series (as in, not tactical or some other weird subgenre). Both Xenoblade 1 and 2 (Inc Torna) are two of the very few modern JRPGs that can appeal to people they are not fans of the genre, and it is a series that will very clearly keep getting produced as it is quite successful and growing. Hence why I consider them a very worthy embassador of the genre, which Final Fantasy used to be until FF X, plus they are ever so slightly less "Japanese" in design than the vast majority of games in the genre, and try to move the genre forward.

      Xenoblade aside, the other big series that I consider better than FF now is the "Tales of" series. I think they can be a little formulaic at times, but I still enjoy them mainly for the story and combat (when it's good). My favorite in the series is Symphonia, and I think Abyss is good but overrated and its combat system quite cumbersome. I have Vesperia and Berseria on my backlog and I am hoping to play them sometime soon.

      Going back to classics, for me the only JRPG that can compare with the likes of FF 7 and Xenoblade is obviously Chrono Trigger. I have a very hard time choosing a favorite among those three. Obviously, Xenoblade is more up to date, but Chrono Trigger is still fun after all these years, a truly timeless classic, and must play for anyone, (J)RPG fan or not.

      Now that we got the elephants in the room out of the way, I have to mention Fire Emblem. I first dabbed in this series with Radiant Dawn, and unfortunately I never finished it, but since Awakening I have played and enjoyed all of them. My favorite so far is probably Radiant Dawn though, despite the faster gameplay of the newer ones I really liked playing Fire Emblem on a non handheld device. That said, Fates is the best one gameplay wise and the series keeps growing and improving overall. I am really excited for Fire Emblem on Switch.

      Okay it's getting late and there's more I haven't covered, but for a closing statement I want to go controversial (maybe?). So here's a couple JRPGs I played and honestly couldn't stand more than a few hours.

      First is Last Remnant, which was really one of the most formulaic games I've ever played, to the extent that it might as well be a spreadsheet with a story, and one of the worst combat systems if we can call it that. Second is Hyperdimension Neptunia, which is also super formulaic, grindy, boring, and the characters are irritating. I mean, I am not sure what I was expecting but it's just so pointless.

      Honorable mentions: Bravely Default/Second, Octopath Traveler, Shin Megami Tensei, EVO, Terranigma, Seiken Densetsu (Mana series), Rune Factory, Etrian Odyssey and probably many more that I forget.
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    • @Please Understand

      I’m with you on both Last Remnant and Hyperdimension. I’ll add Eternal Sonata (I just didn’t like the premise) and Lagoon & Paladins Quest for the SNES. The latter is just atrocious.

      Couple of good ones to add: a couple of the Arc the Lads (I don’t remember which of them I didn’t care for), and in the tactical vein most of the NIS ones esp Disgaea, and Tactics Ogre (as well as FFT)

      As far as final fantasy, VI will always be my favorite. IV, 7, 8, And 9 (which I felt was a return to form a bit) are up there in my opinion too. I loved 8 more than most people.

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    • FF8 is my second favorite Final Fantasy after FFX. I like it only a tiny bit more than 7 which is my third favorite. (6 is my forth) It is my favorite 2D FF though and I even named my cat Terra after the main character. I also have a cat named Shadow, but that's a coincidence lol.

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    • I don’t thibk it’s controversial to not like the last remnant

      O did though haha

      But I gotta be honest : I don’t know if I could consider xenoblade to be top tier . Maybe the first one but I’ve never played it and I loved number 2 .

      Now persona 5 ...that might the best jrpg I’ve ever played . Well that and chrono trigger . Abd final fantasy X .

      Maybe takes of vesperia ? I found little fault with it .