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    .。.:*☆ Winter Awards 2018 ☆.。.:*
    • It's that time of year again! Welcome to the....

      We are so excited to be up and running again with our bi-annual awards! :tingle:

      Before we get started though, we've made a couple major changes that we need to fill you in about so hang tight!

      First- awards have been less and less engaging, which is a bummer because awards are my FAVORITE community event (sorry Mafia), and we are really working to change that to make things feel more like awards! And less like a member participation event. So what the CC mods and the rest of the staff team have done is drastically cut down the awards this year. I know this might seem strange at first, but I think it makes the reward of winning that much more impressive!

      Second- we've changed the entire format of nominating and voting. We have decided to opt for a member-nomination period, and a staff-voting period.

      What this means is that we will leave the nominating open to all ZU forum members, but once the nominating is over, the staff are the ones who will vote on who wins the award. The reason we are experimenting with this format this round is both to eliminate bias from users, or the same user receiving the same award over many seasons, and to offer a more objective and diverse view from staff. This doesn't guarantee better results, but we do want to try out this new system and see how it goes. If it ends up being unsuccessful, we can always revert back to community voting.

      We are, however, leaving two sections as the old format - Zelda and RP.
      This is because these subsections are very intimate and we believe we need community voting to make the awards viable.

      As we are cutting down awards, we have also decided not to include suggestions before nominating.

      What we will do instead is after this season's awards are wrapped up, I'm going to create an Awards feedback thread. Here you can post likes and dislikes with the new format, as well as offer suggestions for awards to take out, or awards you cannot believe weren't in the queue.
      We neeeeed feedback to make sure this event is fun and engaging in the future, so please do post there when the season comes to an end - we really appreciate it!

      Lastly, all winners will be receiving a Sig Banner this season made by yours truly! So wear it with pride (or don't and be lame) and let the community know about your award~

      If you have ANY questions, feel free to PM myself or DLR (Big Daddy Biggles), or Ty/Pietro.

      With that said, we're going to start this off!

      Below I have included all of the categories for this season, and the awards being offered for each.
      Note: We have decided to remove the "sitey" category, but keep" creativity."

      Nominating will officially open January 9th and will close January 17th. There will be separate nomination threads for each category.
      Voting by staff will begin January 17th and finish by January 25th.
      Results will be posted within that next week!

      We are so excited to start! :heart:


      Best SD Post
      Best Debater
      Best Forum Game
      Fitness Guru
      Gaming Aficionado Award


      Creator of the Season
      Best Writer
      Best Artist
      Best Video/Audio Creator


      Best Mafia Game
      Best Mafia Player
      Funniest Mafia Moment
      Most Strategic Move by a Player
      Unluckiest Player


      Best Avatar and/or Signature
      Best Custom Rank
      Best Friends forever
      Best Thread
      Coolest Username
      Member of the Season
      Most Appreciated Mod / Admin
      Zelda Universe OTP


      Best Conversationalist
      Funniest / Punniest Member
      Kindest Member
      Member You'd Like to Meet in Real Life
      Most Established Member
      Newbie Who Seems Like an Oldie

      * Please note: Roleplaying has combined DnD & ToW/ToC this season. This means they will be competing with each other for awards! *

      Best Overall Story
      Best Character
      Best Backstory
      Best Storyteller
      Most Creative
      Best Character Interaction
      Most Memorable Moment


      Best Dressed / Sense of Style
      Best Facial Hair
      Most Attractive Member
      Nicest Smile
      Most Fabulous Hair


      Best Zelda Avatar and/or Signature
      Best Zelda Humor
      Best Zelda Screenshot Caption
      Best Zelda Theory
      Best Zelda Thread

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