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    The Stand-Up Comedy Thread
    • This isn't something I tend to bring up in idle conversation, but I am a huge fan of stand-up comedy. So much so that I decided to make a thread here to have a place to discuss and share my thoughts on different stand-up specials and comedians.

      What drove me to actually want to make the thread was a piece by the late and great George Carlin. You'll find few lists of the best stand-up comedians through the ages that fail to mention him, and for good reason; even having seen so many different routines from so many different talents, I still consider him the best of the bunch. Particularly 90s Carlin - he has a sort of tempo through his routine that flawlessly flows from punchline to punchline, delivered with a sort of forceful energy behind it that just amplifies the humor further. Just listening to a George Carlin routine doesn't really do the man justice, you have to watch the man in action to truly get the full package.

      Dwelling on this made me think of other comedians I enjoy, and how they differ from Carlin in terms of material, delivery and the like. People like Christopher Titus, Dave Chappelle, Robin Williams, Bill Burr and so on. And I want to hear about others too, but as I said, it's not something I tend to bring up when making small talk.

      So what stand-up comedy do you enjoy watching, ZU?
    • I casually like stand-up...what that actually means I'm not sure. I have friend who are in stand-up and thus really really into stand-up and relative to them I know next-to-nothing.

      I mostly just try to catch up on specials when they pop up on Netflix or wherever else. Contemporary speaking, John Mulaney is my favourite stand-up right now. I've been wanting to get into Mike Birbiglia more, I really like his style. Dave Chapelle's more recent material is hit or miss but I still generally enjoy him. Hannah Gadsby rocked me quite a bit with her Nanette special this past year, one of the most innovative specials I've seen in terms of pushing the performance art into new territory. Bo Burnham's Make Happy is pretty much the only thing I've seen from him, but it's one of the most rewatchable specials I've come across in recent years.
    • I LOVE stand-up comedy, it’s one of my favorite things! Just saw Jeff Dunham a few weeks ago and his new skit is amazing, I highly recommend it. Comedy is great for relieving stress, and getting people to laugh in general but also laugh at themselves.

      The more I watch stand up the more I realize it’s important to be able to joke about yourself and take things lightheartedly. Especially Iliza’s specials on Netflix, they really let us women laugh at ourselves and our craziness. Her dragon lady is spot on, and I AM the dragon lady she describes, and men if you don’t think your woman is a dragon lady watch this special—we all have a dragon in us. We hide it well but just watch for the weird reptilian blink.

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    • This thread wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Jim Gaffigan. He’s the “clean” comedian so not much if any swearing, and he’s absolutely hilarious. Most known for his talk about food (hot pockets) he also has two books out, one is called Dad is Fat and the other is Food: A Love Affair. Both are on tape narrated by him, and that got me through a road trip. I’m going to see him in a few weeks, really looking forward to his new stuff!
    • Bill Hicks is usually in the same vein as George Carlin. Both have foul mouths ready to blow your mind with the simple truth that people are dumb and life shouldn't be so complicated.

      Also love quoting Mitch Hedberg. His deliveries are one of a kind.

      May they all rest in peace.
      Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the ability to overcome it.

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    • I'm actually a little bummed that I forgot to mention Bill Hicks in the opening post. He really is up there with Carlin as one of the great comics of the past, who has inspired his fair share of other comedians.

      Someone else I wanna highlight today is Bert Kreischer, who is most famously known for his story about how he got involved with the Russian mafia (warning - language):

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      @Abyss Master You are instantly on my Great Persons -List just because you managed to mention my top 3 comedians in one freaking post
      George Carlin
      Robin Williams
      Christopher Titus
      May the two foremost rest in piece and be remembered long after and Titus have a long and funny life.
      Already mentioned on this thread but I want to still give a shout out for
      Jeff Dunham
      In general I have listened to most of these mentioned this far, with few exceptions, from Spotify at my previous workplace during my divorce 4 years back. That was such a big help to be able to laugh and learn that I'm not alone going through that horrible experience of ugly divorce.
      Couple my own favs, who haven't been mentioned yet:
      Louis CK
      Lewis Black
      Esp Louis and Titus helped with the divorce, Mr. Williams and Mr. Carlin opened my eyes and other have just made me laugh out loud in places I shouldn't have.
      I will check the ones I have missed
    • Titus is just straight up epic. His stories are similar to my parents stories of their child hoods so it's a lot of fun watching him with my parents and having them chime in saying, "Yeah I had something similar like that happen to me/ a friend of mine." His show was pretty funny too.

      Any body have any preferred female comedians?
      Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the ability to overcome it.
    • If you're someone who likes comedy of the crude and offensive kind, you can't do wrong with Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle. He doesn't seem to have any official Youtube channel with clips to use, but he does have a website where you can listen to three different volumes of his stand-up.

      Here's a review of the first volume, from the Guardian.…review-edinburgh-festival