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    GotY and Smash Matchmaking! OH MY!
    • Big things are happening in General Gaming.

      Last week we unveiled the side categories for ZU's GotY festivities which include interesting categories like Please stop (industry trends that need to stop), Biggest communications fail and what I think is clearly the most important category "The Pietro Award for being Most Grim Fandango", come on down and give us your nominees for all 11 awards. The main GotY thread which will once again feature a 64 entrant tournament style voting system will be back this year and will commence in the coming days.

      ZU's GotY: the side categories nominations thread

      Also, as us Smash Ultimate owners know the Smash online matchmaking is a bit rough during this launch period. Come join other ZU Smash owners in playing Smash. Drop your friend code here Official Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Matchmaking Thread and start battling your ZU friends, who knows the next challenger to approach you may be your friendly neighborhood head admin!