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    Breath of the Wild's Timeline Placement Theories v2 [READ OP BEFORE POSTING]
    • There is no Sheikah in AOL ....
      Never Impa aknowleged to be a Sheikah in any DT games. How to be sure she is one ? It is like saying there are Kokiris in ALBW because Gulley is here. (What he and mother are anyway ? Hybrids ? How !? Koroks can age, so maybe ...)

      Impa ins't A Link To the Past.
      Impa isn't in FSA because the Game doesn't need her (the story was going to be deeper but it was butchered).
    • In ALBW I believe there’s a reference is made to Impas family guarding the royal family for generations, or something along those lines.
      Edit: I was mistaken, instead it’s common knowledge that Impa is descended from one of the Seven Sages. But it should go without say which one.

      But hey Impaz and Fanadi are never called Shiekah.

      Not that any of the races being absent matters to begin with, just making conversation.

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    • Nonoctoro wrote:

      Forgetting Impar "Impaz" and Imparess "Fanadi"
      No. I'm not forgetting them. Impaz is the one who tells us all the Sheikah were wiped out and then they aren't in FSA. Which is why I said

      PimpUigi wrote:

      The only timeline that ends with Sheikah still in the game? ;p

      misisme33 wrote:

      Where would that get us aside from the fact that both are true.
      It gets us to the fact that both are true.

      And really, the LoZ/AoL art with Link having the Master Sword precluding the naming of his sword etc. is really something that leaves it to opinion. You can't say with 100% fact that Link isn't using the Master Sword in those games. I mean I get it if you didn't know that art existed, or thought it was fan art that came out after LTTP...but we know that it was that sword that Nintendo took, named, and put it into their games because of that art.

      You aren't hurting your BotW CT theories nor would any of that grant extra weight to the PT BotW theories.

      But then going and saying Impa might not be a Sheikah kind of concedes a biased mindset and why bother at that it's a Dragonbreak until Nintendo figures out their own lore-name for that.
    • PimpUigi wrote:

      they aren't in FSA.
      Aren't the Maidens, descendants of the Sages ? That's ALTTP Lore, but sages can be appointed to other things than the Master Sword or the Triforce, the Ancient Sages were watching over a mirror after all.

      So, one of them is related to Impa, and so, of Sheikah descent, so there is at least one sheikah in FSA.

      Fal Cie wrote:

      Not that any of the races being absent matters to begin with, just making conversation

      I agree, but for the Gerudo, however …

      It's not just like they are absent in all of the downfall Timeline (if we don't count Ganondorf and the Twinrovas) with only Irene being related to Nabooru, somehow too, since Gerudo Hybrids are impossible, a Gerudo female only produce Gerudo Females, no matter who is the Human male (with of course the 100 years male).

      There is this piece of Lore of ALTTP telling that Ganondorf killed his thiefs before obtaining the Triforce,

      "One day, quite by accident, a gate to the Golden Land of the Triforce was opened by a gang of thieves skilled in the black arts. This land was like no other. In the gathering twilight, the Triforce shone from its resting place high above the world. In a long running battle, the leader of the thieves fought his way past his followers in a lust for the Golden Power." - (A Link To The Past manual, pg. 5)

      So, there are no more Gerudo left in the Downfall.

      The Downfall Timeline version of the events of Ocarina of Time are far différents from those in the Adult Timeline, the Timeline where and when the Game really take place (and finishs in the Child Timeline).
      The Twinrovas are still alive but the sages were all awakened … That's not like OOT at all.

      Wait !

      Ocarina of Time ends in the beginning of the Child Timeline …

      And Aonuma did say that Breath of the take place after Ocarina of Time THE GAME

      So Breath of the Wild is in the Child Timeline, Confirmed by Aonuma ! :cookiemonster:

      (Why do I see that only just now :nonono: )
    • @Nonoctoro that is a huge stretch regarding the Gerudo. The DT only differs at the final battle, the circumstances of Ganondorf getting into the sacred realm and touching the Triforce would be the same.

      Besides even the idea of Ganondorf slaughtering every Gerudo in existence at that point in time rather than the ones with him is just silly. I mean that would imply he killed Twinrova at that point, no?

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    • Anyone else thinks DT has no purpose? We should create a timeline based just in in-game events and thus FS would go just before FSA and ALttP just after it, we could even move TMC to after TP. This makes much more sense than what HH says. Also, this wouldn't be against canon, since Nintendo said the timeline is up to players imagination. In my own head canon I even join everything in just one timeline (moving TWW to after TP and before TMC, and consider that TMC arch is located in New Hyrule, and after that people return to Old Hyrule for ALttP) but people seem to reject that timeline idea.

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    • The DT's purpose is more or less to house the games that don't play nice with the other timelines. Case and point, ALttP coming after FSA doesn't work- FSA ends with Ganon being sealed in the Four Sword, which is then itself locked behind a barrier to stop it being drawn. ALttP requires the Imprisoning War, which itself requires a Ganon who got locked in the Dark World. Even taking note of the Palace of the Four Sword in the remake, there is no clear indicator of how FSA's ending would lead to the events of the IW, and it's a dubious prospect.

      Likewise, the Hyrule of TMC is very, very small and unstructured, which fits with a young Hyrule (i.e. near the beginning of the timeline), but much less so after the expansive Hyrule of TP.

      And merging the three timelines together just creates a convoluted mess that needs a lot of things handwaved and glossed over. Having things separated helps to keep things tidier and better flowing.
    • Hi all! I'm new to the forum here; But, mainly posting due to the fact I am interested in thoughts on my latest youtube theory of the game 'Breath of the WIld'. I had to create this video for a college english class, so any feedback is welcomed.
      Sorry for the run on sentences & the stuttering. Please feel free to add in and provide constructive feedback. Knowledge is power! :dazed: :dazed: :dazed: :dazed:
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