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    Colors Of the Triforce
    • Earlier today I came upon an old discussion about this here, too old to resurrect. Hence the new topic. I've seen the debates before about what color each of the triforce pieces are or are represented by. :mob:
      By now, of course, we should all know that the canon colors are representations only and match the corresponding Goddesses.

      Usually there's a discussion about the difference between primary colors in art (as in paints) vs primary colors in light. I've seen it assumed that the reason some people expect the triforce pieces to be red, yellow, and blue is because we all learn those in school, while the light spectrum is sometimes left to children's science museums. But do people usually assume those colors anytime there's three of something? It often does not work out that way in cartoons with three team members. No, there's another reason, and I finally found a copy online (seeing as how I JUST read the rules here, I won't post a link to it, but I assure you it's there).

      Another thing people are likely to bring up is the cartoon, which was made before Zelda 2 and had no triforce of courage at all. Not so with Valiant's comics based on the cartoon however! I don't recall if it was in every issue or just appeared once, but there was a one page insert in the Valiant comics titled Secrets Of the Triforce which depicted and labeled the three pieces as Yellow for Wisdom, Red for Power, and Blue for Courage.

      It was then I remembered playing A Link To the Past for the first time, realizing they were using colors to identify the three forces, and realizing also that they differed from the comics. For me, that's when the cartoon and the comics became officially not canon. I was young, I had assumed they were. Why not?

      Oddly enough, I've noticed the colors of the pendants in that game were not the same as the final set. At any rate, if you've thought there must be a reason why you thought Courage was blue and Wisdom was yellow, you can blame Valiant comics.
    • Once the Goddesses were introduced, yes, that became the association. However, at the time when the Zelda cartoon and comics were made (late 80's early 90's), only the first couple of games had been made. At that point, the origin of Hylia/Hyrule, the civil war over the Triforce, the Sacred Realm/Golden Land, and the concept of the Goddesses had not yet been created. In fact, in the first game, Power and Wisdom both flash blue/yellow, and in the second game Courage flashes yellow and, well, brighter yellow / off-white.

      Color coding the triforce pieces at that early point was probably done just for colorful cartoon presentation and to help the audience know which one was which. The same reason anime characters first started having wacky colored hair.

      In the games, no such color coding had yet become consistent. Watching all this happen as a kid, I was resistant when the games actually DID introduce the Goddesses and the "new" color scheme, because it felt like a change from the cartoon/comics. That's why I say it forced me to realize: those fun but goofy cartoons are not canon. I believe the first time the colors were properly used in their final orientation was Ocarina of Time.
    • Zelda Cartoon:

      Triforce of Wisdom

      Kind of a greeny-bluish colour

      Triforce of Power


      Except for they being weird tetrahedron-thingies instead of actual flatish triangular prisms like in the games, not too much different from the colour schemes that would be used later on. The cartoons were made pre ALttP.

      ALttP pendants:






      A little hard to see, but Blue.

      ALttP got the colour scheme reversed for Power/Wisdom than what would be the standard for all future games, and what was even established in the cartoon.

      Weird that the 80s cartoon of all things would get canon right over ALttP. That's like praising the CDI games for something. It's just ... weird.

      Edit: My husband remarks that the next comment better be "well excuuuuuse me Princess".

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