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    RPCC - TREASURE on the ISLAND [Ciro, Sturs]
    • TREASURE on the ISLAND

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      Across the seas, a legend echoes on the wind. A legend of a treasure greater than any other on earth. Riches beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, along with magical artefacts of awesome power - tales tell of an amulet that lets one command the very waves themselves; of a wand that controls the winds, from the slightest breeze to the mightiest storm; there’s even a rumour of a kazoo that can turn time inside-out, though most people take that particular rumour with a grain of salt, as it is mostly propagated by Captain Harry Crazy-Eyes, who once ate his parrot because he believed it to be a Spanish spy[1].

      Along with this legend, there came rumours of the Wolves of the Sea, a pirate crew who had found the island where this treasure lay hidden, and were now frantically searching for their prize while simultaneously trying very hard to keep anyone else off the island through a mixture of misinformation, gentle persuasion, and overwhelming firepower.

      “Mad” Marie Petit was intrigued by these rumours. Admittedly, she was intrigued by most rumours which contained the words “overwhelming firepower”, but this rumour was intriguing to her even without the firepower aspect. She was determined to get to the island and find out what was going on. The only problem was that she had no idea where the island was or how to get there, and that ever since that unfortunate accident with the colossal squid, she was without a crew or a ship[2].

      Still, she found herself on the island of Tortuga, and anyone who couldn’t find herself a decent crew, or steal herself a decent ship, on the island of Tortuga wasn’t much of a pirate.

      [1] This despite the fact that all evidence indicated the parrot was spying for the Dutch.

      [2] Well, strictly speaking, she did have a crew, but it was currently scattered across the Caribbean, and likewise she also had a ship, but it was in much the same state as her crew.
    • Though the sun shined brightly before the waning hours of twilight with its toe just a hair’s breadth from dipping into the horizon, a noticeable wind blew in from the east. In most parts of the Caribbean, these would be signals to begin slowing down and taking things easy after a hard and busy day. However, in the port of Tortuga, things rarely slowed or quieted to little more than a quiet din. In fact, the night often brought out the worst of this supposedly unassuming town; were it not overrun with pirates and other privateers.

      High above in the fading blues of the daylight sky, a ring of golden light shimmered and cast down a beam of light upon the Earth. Unseen by all in this town, a human figure flanked by three pairs of shimmering light rode down the pillar and touched upon the dirt streets of the new world with not even a speck of dirt disturbed. The angel surveyed her surroundings cautiously with an eye of purest silver and another made of solid gold while her bronze hair shimmered in the light behind her as the portal above sealed shut silently. Her robes of pure, silken, white wafted gently in the sea breeze; if any could see her, they would be smitten if only by her grace and beauty.

      Satisfied that she was alone, the angel motioned towards the ground with her finger. The halo above her head expanded in size to encircle her from above and descended with great haste. In its wake, the angel was bathed in golden light that quickly faded into tanned, lightly coloured skin. Her once gorgeous, flowing robes of white were replaced with dirtied and worn pants, shirt, and a jacket with far too many buckles on it for her liking. Mousey brown hair replaced flowing bronze and a pair of sea blue eyes replaced her mismatched set. If any other soul were around, to them this woman simply appeared out of thin air from the head down.

      Ariana took a deep breath; inhaling with it not only the smell of sea air, but the stench of alcohol, body odor and trace amounts of blood. From within the coat pocket, she withdrew a tin can that popped and fizzed in her hand. Tossing her head back, she downed the contents of the can and tossed the remains over her shoulder. “Feck’s sake!” she exclaimed. “Savin’ this woman had better be feckin’ worth this hassle.”

      Stuffing her hands into her pockets, the woman listened closely around her. Down the alley, and across a cobbled street, she could hear the trademark caterwauling of a rowdy tavern. Might as well look there first, Ariana thought. I could go for something to drink anyway. Making her way down the road, she soon found herself upon the threshold of a small establishment, indistinguishable from any other building in town; save faded white letters on the outside of the building that read ‘The Drowning Mermaid Bar’. “Classy. Let’s see what’cha got for me,” she said before stepping inside.
    • Any pirate worth their salt knew that if you were looking for a crew, you should head for a tavern. Marie had experience with searching for a crew, and knew what to look for - it had to be a rough kind of establishment, where simply looking at someone the wrong way might be enough to earn you a punch in the face - a place, in other words, where people who were too weak for a dangerous high seas adventure would not last long. Definitely not the sort of posh place that didn’t even allow fighting on the premises.

      Marie had entered the Drowning Mermaid, and picked a strategic place at the bar, where she had been talking loudly about her plans to challenge the Wolves of the Sea. Anyone who was interested could talk to the woman in the corner who would give them the standard physical exam. Said woman wasn’t actually affiliated with Marie, and may in fact have been a violent drunk punching anyone trying to interact with her in any way whatsoever, but as far as Marie was concerned, anyone who was still standing after trying to talk to the woman had very definitely passed the physical exam.

      Marie ordered a tankard of grog, and waited. She wondered how long it would take for the first person to pass the physical exam.
    • The faint smell of gunpowder barely registered in Ariana’s brain next to the overwhelming scents of not only alcohol, but body odor and mildew. Although things were civil inside, she could feel the leer of dozens of eyes upon her, altogether far too clean to be legitimate, body. She ignored them though, as she sensed the presence of her quarry at the very end of the bar. Immediately, the angel moved to the target of salvation; all the while overhearing her plan to attack a group of pirates.
      She would use that to get an in with her target.

      “So, I hear you’re going after the Wolves of the Sea. I am interested in joining you on this quest,” Ariana started.

      The woman she knew to be Marie Petit simply grunted and pointed to a woman at the end of the bar. “"Go talk to the woman o'er there, lassie. She'll give ye a quick medical examination to see if ye're up for the task.”

      “Oh. Very well then,” the angel said simply. She ducked and weaved between patrons bellying up to the bar for more ale or food and came to the lonely woman at the end. “Pardon me, madam, but-” Suddenly, the woman growled and threw a punch so swift that even she could not avoid it. In fact, Ariana was so surprised by this action that she forgot to act like the hit even affected her, standing still as a stone.

      “OW! Motherflunker!” The drunken woman slurred in a curse (she did not actually say ‘flunker’) most foul. She grasped her hand and decided better than to take another swing. “Just... fecking leave me alone ya mangey curr.” She continued darkly.

      As tempted as Ariana was to try and help this poor, unfortunate, soul who obviously had been recently trodden on by life, she was quickly reminded of her purpose as her target spoke behind her back and nearly caught her off-guard once more.

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    • Marie watched as the drunk woman threw her punch. The prospective crewmate didn’t even flinch, while the drunk looked like she’d seriously injured her hand - Marie hoped the woman could throw punches with her left hand, because otherwise, Marie would have to find a new medical exam.

      The pirate stared for a moment, dumbfounded. “ARR, ye’re tough all right, lass!” she said, finally. “I haven’t seen many people take a punch like that. Welcome to the crew, matey!”

      She looked her new recruit up and down. “Ye’re awful scrawny-lookin’ for someone who just shrugged off a punch like that. So what be your secret? Secretly undead? Human form of a terrifyin’ creature from the abyss? Sold yer soul to an ancient unholy god?”

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    • "Oh, um. Nothing as unsavory as any of those options," was the scrawny sea rat's reply. "I just... did one hundred sit ups and one hundred pushups and then ran over a mile every single day."

      It was not a lie, per say, but rather a stretching of the truth; she did indeed do all those things and all within a day. However, a day in Argentum lasted however long she wished it to, by means of traveling to the outer rings where the light from the Holy Palace faded into a gentle night. She may be undercover as a ravenous dog of the sea and a thief by another name, but she would not be called a liar.

      "So... how many others have you managed to recruit for this endeavor... captain?" She asked. Perhaps she could still head this off at the pass, before what was destined to be could happen, and save this soul from eternal damnation.

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    • Marie raised an eyebrow. “Well, if ye want to keep your secrets, that be fine by me, lass.”

      She turned to look at the corner where the drunk woman was still cursing and clutching her hand in pain. Eight unconscious bodies surrounded her - those being the previous applicants. One of them had arguably passed the medical exam - if he hadn’t tried to hit back he very definitely would still be standing. And, Marie decided, anyone who could knock out most people with one hit was a good person to have on your crew. She’d definitely have to try and convince her to join up - but only after she’d sobered up.

      “Well, nothin’ be finalized yet, but right now I be lookin’ at two other prospective crewmen,” Marie said. “So, what can I call ye, matey? If we’re gonna be on a quest together, I’m gonna need a name to call ye.”

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    • “You may call me ‘Arirana’ since that is my name,” the undercover angel replied before taking a seat at the bar beside Marie. “I do have to ask what other criteria you have for recruitment. Being tough is one thing, but being capable is another.”

      Meanwhile, the bartender walked up to her. He was a large gentleman with a magnificent handlebar moustache the likes of which she had seldom seen on angel or mortal alike. “What’ll you have?” He asked her while keeping some distance; no doubt having born witness to her casual shrugging off of a knockout punch.

      “Oh. Um... what do you have?” she replied, hoping that clean water would be on the menu.

      “I got rye, whiskey, ale, rum, and beer,” he said curtly.

      “Um...” the angel muttered in indecision. She had never had any strong drink; not even wine. Maybe this body would have some resistance to it, given she had consumed the canned personality of a sailor, but she did not like he chances of getting out of this without consuming something, especially when they got underway. “S-surprise me,” she started off shakily, but hoped she sounded confidant.
    • “I don’t really have much other criteria, lassie,” Marie said. “Though I still need to find meself a surgeon and a few people who know how to sail a ship, and do it well. Ye wouldn’t happen to be able to help out, would ye?”

      Strictly speaking, she could’ve mentioned that she wanted someone who knew how to swing a sword and fire a gun, but then again, if you were going to ask for sword and gun skills on Tortuga, you might as well ask for breathing and eating skills while you’re at it.

      She took a swig of her grog, and idly wondered what the bartender was going to give Ariana. Probably his strongest rum. Anyone as tough as Ariana probably wouldn’t even taste anything but the strongest stuff.

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