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    Breath of the wild and story : thoughts ?
    • So I’m actually just interested in people’s thoughts on it . I actually haven’t played much of breath (don’t worry about spoiling it for me though ) and I won’t lie : I had trouble getting engaged into it .

      But that’s besides the pint though . One of few things I’ve heard criticize about this game is how it’s syory is handled . And I was wondering how many felt like it was and why .
    • BotW's explores plot far differently than any Zelda title before it, and I think this was a major turn-off for some people. Since OoT, or even ALttP, Zelda plots were these epic adventures that unfolded as you advanced in the game, and your actions directly influenced the world around you; backstory generally consisted of a "legend" that's laid out in its entirety in the prologue. BotW has one of the richest backstories in the series...but there is no prologue; you wake up, and although a lot has already happened, you have no knowledge of those events, and you, as the player, had no hand in them.

      I often favorably compare how BotW deals with story with how the Metroid Prime titles do so. Both BotW and the Prime games have rich, fleshed-out worlds that the player only really experiences after a lot of consequential events have already taken place, and you have to go looking in order to discover the details of what happened before you got there. In BotW, it is more direct—in the Prime games, particularly in the first two, a lot of the exposition comes from scanning objects and obtaining pieces of lore, whereas in BotW, there are several important retrospective cutscenes (memories) that you automatically view over the course of the game, assuming you don't skip to the final boss. That said, you have to go looking for roughly half of those memories, and you can get additional details about the pre-Calamity world by talking to NPCs and finding journals.

      BotW's biggest plotlines are entirely retrospective; they've already happened prior to the beginning of your adventure. And that is a huge departure from previous titles. Essentially, your main quest is to pick up the pieces from what happened a century earlier—namely the crushing defeat of all of the heroes, including Link—almost like an afterthought. And given that the series has always been big on putting players in the role of an epic hero whose heroics are the centerpiece of the adventure, many fans were absolutely shaken by this treatment.

      I loved the story of BotW. Even despite its fantasy roots, I found it more realistic and three-dimensional than that of any previous Zelda title; it's not afraid to portray heroes as fallible. I think it was brave and ingenious of the writers to drop us into an adventure after an adventure. And I like how it forces you to go off the beaten path to get a full picture of how and why you are on such a quest, the impact that you once had and the effects of that. I don't know if I want this to become the new norm for plot in the series, although if the writing is as good as it was here, then I'm sure they could pull it off. But as an experiment, I think it paid off big. Quite literally, in fact!
    • Yeah, the main criticism is that the story is short and mostly happens in the past. There aren't many super important developments that happen as a result of your actions as a player. Personally, I loved it. It dealt with themes of loss and responsibility that aren't often touched on in Zelda. It's not as deep as MM, obviously, but it was a very touching and engaging story. I do wish there had been a bit more in the way of story, but I also love that the game is really about creating your own adventure. Dungeons, shrines, Master Sword, korok seeds, armor upgrades, side quests, you can do any of it or none of it entirely at your own discretion and at your own pace. The game is a joy to experience and truly feels like an adventure you embark on. I think the hands-off approach to storytelling helped that.

      And honestly, it's not as bad as some people make it out to be. There are definitely still some awesome iconic moments. The Zora and Gerudo questlines are particularly good.
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