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    Stepping Down
    • So most of the time I’ve been part of the Role Play Guild I’ve acted in a leader capacity.

      I started as a member of the now dead BA Council, one of - if not the - last member to be added. I ran the RPG Newsletter for a few years, eventually stopping due to it being a lot for one person to handle every month and the RPG is a slow moving community. I was the second and last Virtual Character Reality - now known as the Tales of Worlds - moderator, the position ending when I was made section moderator and singling the inclusion of the VCR/ToW with the Battle Arena/Tales of Characters. It would take years though and a lot of pushing for the VCR/ToW to be accepted as part of the RPG and it’s culture. While it wasn’t my idea (that honor goes to @Malia) I did ask for the Dungeons and Dragons board to be made, and have been doing my best to make it active. Success has been mixed, but it’s been coming along pretty well.

      During my most active I was running 40+ RPs. I was DM of several ToW ones at the same time as juggling the ToC (and learned later knowing how to DM a forum RP does not translate into being able to DM a Dungeon and Dragons game #oops), helped push through a lot of changes (not all of them popular) and was always doing my absolute best to attract more people to the section, make it more inclusive - I just wanted people to see the love I saw for it. To see the possibilities I saw. The adventure lurking around every corner and new ways to learn and grow, to see others ideas and mimic their writing as your own style was shaped. Writing together I think is wonderful; it’s a way to learn about new things, ideas and concepts. To see writing styles you like and to bounce ideas off other people. Two heads are better than one. And when you find that person you click with shit just GOES.

      More than that, it allows for friendships to be made. After all writing is an extension of your soul and when you share something like that, bonds are made. And for someone who genuinely struggles with stuff like small talk and things like that, being able to talk about shared passions was like a dream come true. It was like an answer to a prayer I didn’t know I had. I enjoyed talking about ideas, hearing others, offering suggestions, receiving it in kind. Like the RPG helped shape my writing and view on things in more ways than one. Ways to structure sentences. Philosophical ideas. Even if I didn’t like a certain thing, it was still a learning experience. And as someone who always wants to grow and become better, I treasured it all.

      Things change though. Servers crash, progress is lost for #DaysNotWeeks and people grow up and leave. And there were times I was left with an empty section and not sure what to do. Hoping to God that this thing I loved and put so much time into wouldn’t die on my watch. I was tired myself than as well, but I couldn’t give up. Wouldn’t give up.

      Then life finally returned. It wasn’t the same type of activity I was used to nor interested in participating in. But the RPG, however small, is still alive. It didn’t die. And that’s more than enough for me.

      And with that, I feel finally comfortable enough to step down.

      I will still be around here helping. Approving characters, running the tournament (which has started by the way if people want to you know, make their threads) and offering advice. But I’m not going to be the face nor community leader anymore.

      That’s gonna be epicstar or as he is currently known, seobam.

      And I wish him luck and can’t wait to see where he goes and how the RPG grows from here.

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    • Wew, I did... Not really see this coming, in a weird way O.o

      Hey Ruki! For what weight my words could carry, I think you have more then earned some rest. The kind of work you've done, trying to keep a community alive, fighting against the odds in a time where it's easy to feel like things have nowhere to go but down for forums, stressing out whenever you feel what you're doing is not enough and that it could die on you at any time... And dealing with... Certain... Less than encouraging comments. That's the real community work, it's easy to throw infractions and bans, it's so *not* easy to breathe life into communities and stick until it's all clear. I kinda wish I had interacted here more with you and Sami ( <3 ) around... :V: Keep being great :3

      Credit to TruEdge for the banners :3
      And credit to @Oracle between Worlds for the avatar :33
    • Ruki, you were a far better Moderator than I ever was and probably could have ever hoped to be. (I'm pretty sure most people have even forgotten I was one in the first place). You gave this community so much of your time, attention, dedication, and even love that it BEYOND admirable. Not only that, you have grown so much from being the quiet, if quirky, newbie I first said Hi to nearly 10 years ago into a confidant and respectable author, role player, and person in your own right. Not just anyone could keep this small, insular place still alive after most of the old guard have grown up and moved on, especially after the DISASTER of #DaysNotWeeks causing this place to vanish for over a QUARTER OF A YEAR; never mind be the gentle, yet firm, hand needed to guide and change this community and usher it into a new era. Will we ever have the same activity of 2007 - 2013? That's for the future to decide.

      For today, let me just say that I admire your accomplishments and your attitude in addition to your sheer stubborn dedication. Your retirement from moderation duties is well-earned; you've done your duty (Hell, you've gone beyond it even), and now it's time to enjoy some deserved rest.

      Thank you, so much, for your time, effort, and hard work, Ruki. You're up there with the likes of Aiko on the 'Best BA/RPG Mods of All-Time' list in my books.

    • Ruki,

      I had the opportunity and pleasure to work with you for years. During that time you helped kill off the needless bureaucracy the section had, helped to rebuild the RPG into a vibrant community, cut down a lot of the elitism that was rampant in the section and champion projects or changes which were unpopular but were the necessary for the section. You've been a fixture of it for so long, it's almost hard for me to remember what you were and weren't present for.

      You were one of the best moderators this site and section has ever had. The gross mismanagement of this site has led to a catastrophic destruction of community, both within the RPG section and outside of it. You did your best despite that, despite the constant utterances of lies to the forum team that things are or would be fine. You persevered. You were relentless and shameless in trying to bring more life and new blood into the section. I never once saw you neglect to mention this section to someone new you interacted with.

      Your dedication, your hard-work, your sense of right and wrong, and your ability to engage with others will be sorely missed.

      Welcome to retirement.

      “Gandalf put his hand on Pippin's head. "There never was much hope," he answered. "Just a fool's hope, as I have been told.”
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    • So I’ve been reading all the replies here and in staff, and I just wanna say I’m truly touched by everything everyone has said. I’m not really good believe it or not at expressing my feelings over text. As anyone who has been in a call with me can tell you I make a lot of noises, and sometimes forget people can’t see me when I’m using my hands to describe things.

      But honestly and truly I didn’t really expect the responses I did. And like the Grinch my heart grew three sizes with each one.

      I know the RPG is notorious for long paragraphs upon paragraphs, but after working as a journalist and learning to say things succinctly: I love you all.

      :heart: Rinn “Arwyn” Nailo drawn by Liah :heart:
      Rakshael: if I know one thing about Ruki, it's that she'll prove you wrong just for the sake of saying she did it
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    • Popping in here from the land of obscurity and old age (and broken keyboards *shakes fist*) to say Ruki, I've never seen anyone as dedicated to the RPG section as you have been. From day one you've thrown yourself in headfirst with enthusiasm and energy and love for the place and I've marvelled at your spirit and passion for bringing people together to imagine and write. Even when older mods were tired and worn down, jaded by technical issues and other struggles, you stood strong, determined to lend a hand and whip up activity. I've only lurked in the past few years, looking back over some old threads and reading through for nostalgia, but you were still here, a constant presence reminding me of all the good memories this place carried. With you here, it still felt like home.

      This is a retirement that's incredibly well deserved, and you should be so very proud of all you've done here. Your growth has really been amazing. Best wishes for the future, and happy writing <3