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    So...that was Calamity Ganon, eh?
    • Violetlight wrote:

      I have to agree with @'Max N' 's point back from Page 2 about how Calamity Ganon probably would have worked better as a Force of Nature, kind of like what World of Warcraft did with Deathwing in Cataclysm, before that expansion's final patch, how he'd just show up randomly and nuke a zone, and there was absolutely nothing you, as a player, could do about it (except earn the Stood in the Fire achievement).

      Have the Ganon Storm show up every so often instead of the Blood Moon -- have it rez monsters, maybe cause wild temperature swings, maybe fierce winds that make gliding/climbing impossible for a time. Instead of physically fighting this version of the Calamity, maybe Link's quest would be to find a way to calm the storm, maybe finding elements of nature that would progressively make the storm better until balance was finally restored.

      I was very disappointed that we didn't get to fight Ganon as his swirly evil cloud-pig form. Not sure how we could have, but that's the Ganon the game had been building up to. The ... thing under Hyrule Castle was a huge disappointment, and the flashy malice pig even more so. After beating it, the first thing I said was "that's it?! Seriously?"
      I like the idea of "Ganon's storm" rather than "blood moons" (the former should still however revive defeated enemies/bosses), and the concept of calming a storm. And of course it could have been possible to face Calamity Ganon in his "floaty boar form". Just ride around on a horse, or gliding around (kinda how you fought Naydra) but with perhaps stronger winds and more of them. But having a Zelda game without a final boss would be pretty refreshing honestly... but if so the game'd better have A LOT of normal bosses that makes up for the lack of a final boss. Like at least 10 unique bosses in the overworld (BotW had 3. 5 if you count in Guardian Stalkers and Lynels), and very good bosses in dungeons.

      Like I remember how cool it felt with the "cursed ocean" in TWW. It felt threatening (mainly because of the music and it was all dark lol). That kind of atmosphere would have been great in BotW for brief periods of time, like 5-10 minutes events. The "final boss" could be an extremely violent storm across all over Hyrule where you have to place "three pearls" (like in TWW) in three areas that stretches large chunks of the map. And this storm would be so violent that even villages gets destroyed, tsunami-like waves, trees go like crazy/falls... yeah you get the idea. So the challenge is just to place the three objects and survive doing so. After it everything can get restored/whatever if Nintendo think it would be too dark to leave a destroyed Hyrule right at the end.

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    • Aku wrote:

      Simply put, some people will complain that Ganon(dorf) is a stale Zelda villain, while at the same time complaining mightily if the devs decide to retcon or reveal something startlingly new. That is why I think it's a damned if you do, damned if you don't-type situation, because people want him to feel 'fresh' while not allowing him to change.
      man, you missed the point SO HARD.

      I value TWW Ganondorf as the gold standard not because I want that to be Ganondorf forever, but because it was actually an attempt to make him into a 3-dimensional character with motivations (he covets Hyrule's propserity because his people didn't have it and wants to bring it back), flaws (he can't let go of the past), and a personality (he's arrogant and eloquent and angry at the goddesses for destroying Hyrule). He even had an interesting character counterpart in Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, who had the same character flaw and some of the same motivation, but handled it all differently.

      Calamity Ganon isn't even a character. And Demise is the laziest of all 1-dimensional character tropes: a demon that's evil simply for the sake of being evil. Skyward Sword and BOTW didn't evolve Ganondorf's character into new directions. The didn't attempt to do anything with the character. They certainly weren't "startlingly new", that's hilarious.
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    • @Max N. Even though Demise as a "character" was a joke/lazy, that curse that SS established could potentially lead to an interesting situation with Ganondorf, like a game where he has an inner struggle between his human-side and his curse-side. I still don't like this "curse-thing", but Nintendo could still do interesting things with it, if they wanted or had the ability to do so. But I don't have high hopes. :v:

      But at the same time, Ganondorf as a character feels finished by now. We know the very reason he exist (the curse + a Gerudo king), we have seen how he went from "a stranger from the desert" to "the evil king" (OoT) and we have seen him "die" several times. There is not so much more they can do with him (except the curse-thing that I mentioned I guess), Nintendo has pretty much covered it up. I don't want Ganondorf to be Zelda's counterpart to Bowser. I want to see a new villain's rise to power without a past record of doing "bad things", unless it is like Vaati or some other villain that we haven't seen much from.

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