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    • Name: Annym

      Age: Ageless

      Apparent Age: about 40 years old

      Sex: N/A (has no sex or gender; prefers a set of third-person pronouns picked up on a genderless civilization: "uyk" [subject/object] / "ym" [possessive])

      Race: Fabricwalker

      Display Spoiler
      Annym (“No-Name”) comes from a race of immortals known as the Fabricwalkers. We might see them as a tragic people, for each of them is doomed to Walk the Fabric of reality for eternity, alone, lest they turn to stardust.

      Height: 6'9"

      Weight: about 220 pounds

      Eye Color: silver

      Hair Color/Style: long, flowing, and white

      Skin Color/Complexion: icy pale

      Appearance: very tall humanoid of ambiguous gender; slender build; icy-white skin free of blemishes; long, black coat like an upscale trenchcoat; olive-green top; black pants

      Weapon(s): N/A

      Armor: N/A

      Carried Possessions: N/A

      Powers/Magic/Skills: Annym can move anywhere in spacetime with a single step (Walking).
      • Limits: Annym can only do so once every four Earth-days. Annym also must do so at least once every sixteen Earth-days.
      • Side-Effects: Failure to Walk within sixteen Earth-days of the previous occasion results in death.
      Battle Strengths: Sharp wit

      Battle Weaknesses: Sharp objects (and other weapons and powers)

      Personality: typically cold and calculating, except when in the company of others; empathizes easily with other lifeforms, though generally keeps them at arm's length due to Annym's transient stays; has a knack for mediating disputes

      • Likes: Life
      • Dislikes: Needless loss of life
      • Fears: Death; the Fabricweaver (more awe than fear)
      • Virtues: Profoundly empathetic; strong-willed
      • Vices: Profoundly empathetic; poor at forming relationships

      Display Spoiler
      As a result of ym “condition,” Annym is reluctant, and struggles, to form relationships with any lifeforms uyk encounters. Annym prefers instead to observe from the sidelines and intervene only when there is a risk of premature death to a lifeform.

      Annym’s most memorable stops in spacetime include: 1) a colony of Empathics in the outer reaches of the Universe, where uyk learned how to live more meaningfully; 2) the home of a wealthy family in thirteenth-century Bohemia, where uyk experienced first love and engaged in a turbulent affair with the house matriarch; 3) a comet shortly after the beginning of the Universe, where uyk observed the formation of the first strings of DNA; 4) a leisure center on Rdet, where uyk learned how to enjoy life; and 5) an encounter with the Fabricweaver, who Weaves reality together.

      Annym continues to Walk. If you see Annym, let uyk into your life. It would give uyk purpose during ym stop.

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    • Hey I’m glad to see you in the RPG! I’ll be helping you get your character approved for the Tales of Characters section; if you have any questions when we are doing it feel free to ask!

      I do approvals by sections. This makes things easier for both you and I.

      OK so first off you need to fill out the personality section. Also if you can put spaces between major sections so it’s not a huge text block, that would be awesome <3

      First off, race and appearance. Under race I’d suggest you write a brief of something people might need to know about them. I would suggest using the spoiler tags. This is optional, but it makes them easier to compare and contrast with other of their race.

      Next move the clothing to the appearance section. Armor is for anything which would provide protection in battle like breastplates, enchanted cloaks or natural abilities. Furthermore for appearance can you go into more detail? Like this is clearly a humanoid person, but do they have anything unique about them which would catch the eyes? For example horns, a tail, tattoos, wings, etc. Do their eyes not have pupils? Extra arms? Do they have a head of an animal? Also what’s their body type? Are they skinny? Athletic? Scragly? Any noticeable scars?

      If you want an example of a description of a non-human humanoid, this is one for my shifter cleric in Dragons of Sunder:

      Kit at first glance looks like a young human; she has bright orange hair with soft, warm brown eyes and an angular face. However, by taking a step back, it is clear to see more animalistic features; she has prominent canines - especially noticeable when she smiles - and if the white bandana is removed, it reveals a pair of fox ears hidden away. However, while most fox ears stick up straight, Kit's seem to flop down helplessly like a baby kit's might.

      Also, unlike other shifters, where the fur grows seems to be unusually limited with the thickest seeming to be around the elbows and ankles. Unlike her hair, however, it is a stark white fur which is soft to the touch instead of the course fur one might expect from an adult shifter. This is actually a sore spot for her, so kindly don't mention it. Otherwise she has a soft bronze skin (a gift from her wood elf mother), which stands out against her fur.

      She does have claw like hands - which become more prominent when she shifts. When she shifts, fur grows from her neck, framing her face to appear more "fox like" and her eyes take on a reflective glow commonly seen in animals in the dark. However, even at her most feral Kit doesn't look imposing at all, appearing more like a child - or a kit if you will.

      Kit prefers to wear simple, loose fitting clothes which she can "grow" into though she's stopped growing a couple years ago. Don't mention that to her either. She prefers to wear neutral colors which don't stand out or look suspicious, and around her neck is a gold coin minted in a far off land.

      She also has a small bag on her belt which is specially made for Lion - her pet mouse; the outer pockets are for his clothes and the larger pocket is where he sleeps. He can be found either in his little bed or chilling somewhere on Kit's person.

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    • OK for appearance what type of body structure do they have? Are the muscular? Skinny? Emancipated? If they have any noticeable marks like prominent scars or tattoos this is also the place to put it.

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    • Approved! It can deal with more fleshed out stuff but that's stuff you can do as you roleplay.

      Anyway you just make a post here and with each new character you just edit the post and add stuff in. This is our character edit policy, and this our rules and this is a good list of interesting threads in the section. These are links to the Dome, the Fissure and Intra-Dimensional Meet-Up which is how can travel around and meet people of different worlds. And finally this is the OoC which is our general chat area.

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      Rakshael: if I know one thing about Ruki, it's that she'll prove you wrong just for the sake of saying she did it
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