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    Next 3D Zelda Will be a direct sequel to BotW set in the same world! Here's Why!
    • You heard right, Nintendo wasn't kidding this time that the next game will be a BotW sequel. But what if I told you it's gonna set in not only Hyrule again but the same Hyrule! Yep, here's why!

      Recently, there was Game Informer discussion talking about how the next 3D Zelda could be coming much sooner than we'd all expect. Perhaps as soon as either 2019 or no later than 2020. Here's the source:…ing-sooner-than-we-think/


      “I was just thinking what I should say about that. The next Zelda will probably be sooner than we think…I will talk to you guys off camera about stuff.” And when asked if it is a game by the Triforce Heroes team and involves co-op, he responds, “Um, not exactly.”
      This isn't really from Nintendo directly, but one could assume that the guy must've gotten this info from an official, reliable, or legitimate source.

      You could argue that this still could just be a 2D Zelda which is plausible, it's said that it's not from the Triforce Heroes Team.

      All that is known at this point is that now especially with this news, we're definitely getting a Zelda title next year. Whether that's a 2D one or 3D one is unknown right now. But we're definitely getting the 3D sooner than expected. So here what I think is gonna happen.

      2019 - New single player first 2D Zelda with optional co-op functionality with Joy-Cons
      2020 - New 3D Zelda direct sequel to BotW in the same world but with a whole new story line and improved gameplay experience and better graphical detail in the same artstyle with different tones to fit the new story

      I still feel like the 2D game will be OoT related/inspired in terms of story and artstyle design direction, but with gameplay experience similar to BotW with a sense of being able to go anywhere at any given time. The Co-Op function will most likely be like how it worked in Super Mario Odyssey with Cappy, but here, instead of Cappy, the second player would play as a fairy companion, which would fit with the setting of the game being somehow related to OoT, but maybe also related to BotW.

      The BotW sequel won't have Co-Op but it will most likely focus on rebuilding Hyrule and facing a new threat. Potentially, the fortune teller mentioned in the lore, who predicted the coming of Ganon. The fortune teller will most likely be another tall scrawny magic user villain like Vaati and Yuga. And he will most likely be more intimidating than Ganon, since after all, he'd most likely be one who was responsible for Ganon's return. Which would make him a more dangerous and powerful than Ganon. And he would also likely be the new leader of the Yiga since Kohga is dead. The sequel will also mostly likely set months later rather than years since technically by age, Link and Zelda would still be 17 even though they've around for over 100 years. And Nintendo for some reason likes to keep them under the age of 18, because they're weird.

      Anyways, that's all I have to say for now, hope you at least enjoyed the read.
      The True Zelda Timeline:
      SS>MC>FS>OoT|MM>TP>FSA>HW(original)>BotW(2014 version)
    • Interesting. Thanks for the link to the interview. It is really too soon to know what kind of game it will be, but I'd bet my left arm we're not getting anything directly related to Ocarina of Time and that the fortune teller from BotW won't appear.

      I personally think it might be related to BotW in the timeline though, in that vague "Tens of thousands of years in the future on some timeline" category.
    • Due to recent revelations, I thinking more that we might actually just get something totally new but with BotW's engine.

      It seems more likely at this point that Nintendo just mostly only cares about the timeline at all when it comes to 2D Zelda games. And that sadly with 3D Zelda games, they seem to be trying to reboot the series of sorts with experimental one-shot Alternate Universe games.
      The True Zelda Timeline:
      SS>MC>FS>OoT|MM>TP>FSA>HW(original)>BotW(2014 version)
    • Well, now we know that the new Zelda game "sooner than we think " is the remake of Link's Awakening this year. I also think we'll get a BotW sequel in 2020 and it could be the same Hyrule, but with tons of new additions. As in Link and Zelda have started rebuilding it so the castle is repaired, a bunch of new towns around where before there was nothing, etc. If they do use the same Hyrule I'd love to see them open up underwater exploration and maybe have some giant caverns in the mountains that before we could only climb.
      I'd be okay with the same Hyrule if it means we get the game in 2020 instead of 2022. The reason I say 2022 is that would be on par with the 5 year gaps between major console releases that has become the pattern. 4 years between WW and TP, but then 5 between TP and SS, and 5 between SS and BotW. So if they were making a new console game from scratch wed likely get it at earliest in 2022. But since they're using BotW engine and possibly same environment, I could definitely see it coming out in 2020. Which would be awesome.