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    • Oooooh, I'm super freaking hyped for this one! I love Chuggaaconroy's content, he's one of the reasons why I'm a Zelda fan. It definitely was a good listen. I totally would not mind helping out with things if any of you need it, though I'm almost totally useless unless you need someone to geek out over Zelda music lol.

      You'll be hearing my name someday, whenever people talk about heroes - Takua!
    • ^Hey lovely <3 :D :D :D

      Alright so, here, I'll give you guys feedback if only to avoid Cody having to fill in the segment with that terrible "feedback-feedback" song he was singing.

      Hosts: So right off the bat, prob wasn't the best idea to start with some sorta in-joke that kinda dragged a bit because it honestly almost lost my interest in the first minute lol, and if you consider me a "new" listener (first podcast I've listened to properly since the reboot) that'd be a pretty quick way to get someone to switch you guys off.

      That said - and I know Kelly asked not to be brought back lol but - Kelly is really damn good! Well paced, clear, funny, interacts very naturally with her co-host. Would love to hear her again. Her mic is also insanely clear and puts all the other mics on this 'cast in the shame corner.

      Cody - you've gotten good at sounding more relaxed on the mic. My issue with you mostly is you tend to drag your jokes out, dude. Like, the one about segwaying was funny the first and second time, but then got old after that. You also made a joke about someone's age at some point that made me laugh, but then you shat on it by carrying it on for too long. Drop your punchline and then GTFO of there. You are a very funny man, but you gotta know when to stop <3

      All in all, the vibe between you both was pretty good! I appreciated your topics of discussion leading into segments - relevant and interesting. The "spirit flute" point made me laugh. Would like to hear maybe a bit more varying opinions for a bit of conflict between segments. Could also aggravate listeners into sending outraged feedback lol ;3

      Link's Awakening Remake: Good pace! Kept my interest through the entire segment. Agreed with remake of the Oracle games. I am very excited for the LA remake, so was nice to hear another fan's excitement.
      Zelda news: To the point, as it should be. Also appreciated mentioning the interview for later int he 'cast - very good team cohesion <3
      ZELDA FASHION: Oh my god, okay, my fave segment. Great voice! Fun points. Agreed with Mario Odyssey having more options from other Ninty games. I just really loved this because I feel like fashion in Zelda is just not talked about often enough!
      Comm news: Whoa. I was mentioned. Was suddenly very self conscious xD. "Such foul-typing fingers and such heartfelt words!" Okay, alright, 100 points to you for making me laugh out loud. I also liked your very laid-back, straight-face tone because that really set your jokes off like "if you wanna discuss art like a boring person" lmao.
      Chugga interview: Interesting for the most part. A is for Albus. Fun, friendly vibe between Cody and Chugga.
      Feedback: lol
      Credits: Ezlo <3 <3 <3 So nice to hear you!

      Editing: Editing game is strong af all throughout the podcast, in particular loved the editing during the LA segment <3

      Overall: Was fun to listen to! I enjoyed it <3 Not even saying this as a nostalgia thing or the old producer or w/e - it's a well produced podcast and a great team effort, and you all should be proud of yourselves <3
      the Spirit Tracks one xD

      Sorry <3

      Right so, this one I found particularly interesting because real talk, I don't like ST lol. Too linear. But that's what made this very interesting to listen to - to hear the perspective from someone who loves it. I can say by the end I was tapping my chin and giving some of my opinions a second look, so.