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    Majora's Mask Inspired game using the Solarus engine in the ALttP style. Assistance of any kind appreciated
    • This is essentially a Majora's Mask sequel on the Adult side of the timeline where Link was not there to save the Termina and explores the lasting impact his absence left behind.

      ~The Legend of the Oathkeepers~
      This is a tale from long ago, each year, the season of harmony begin when the sun and moon are in alignment. Paying homage to the way both nature and time are tirelessly in the process of progressing. The Carnival of Time is when the peoples of the four worlds celebrate that harmony and request fruitfulness for the year. Thirty years ago everyone in Termina believed that it would be the last Carnival of Time. They believed that as midnight struck and the doors to the Clock Tower opened in celebration the moon which had ever looked on from the distance would crash into the earth below destroying every living soul.

      In the weeks leading up to that fateful moment it seemed that everything that could befall the denizens of Termina had. Poison spewed forth from the depths of Woodfall corrupting the fresh water and giving rise to monsters. Snowhead had burst open covering the fair weathered mountains in snow and ice, freezing the gorons where they stood. The waters of Great Bay churned in violent uproar leaving no vessel afloat and not a fish to be caught. In Ikana the fallen kingdom which had laid dormant for generations, the dead rose, poe and garo and gibdo and stal walked the land in torment, searching for the victory that had eluded them in life without rest. Through all of this it seemed that the Great Fairies who should have there to put everything right had disappeared.

      On that terrible day, with only hours before the great Clock Tower struck midnight a miracle occurred. The waters of Woodfall were cleansed and sanctified at the source. The raging of Snowhead calmed and summer returned to the mountains. The violence of the ocean left it to be replaced with relaxed waves. The dead of Ikana settled down again to rest. And from each of these regions a hero emerged. In Woodfall Teruk, a Deku Scrub of no noble birth or deeds, a simple butler's son whose name would be discovered later, emerged from the temple and trekked perilously to the foot of the Clock Tower. Joining him there was the Goron hero Darmani who all believed to have perished in the seemingly bottomless abyss of Snowhead before he reappeared to silence the gales. At their side too was Mikau, the famous Zora guitarist lesser known for his deadly martial arts skill. The last to join them was a mystery to all that saw him. A purple haired youth, wielding a crystal sword those who saw it described as "forged of pure light". He was known to no one and remains to this day nameless.

      These four banded together and climbed the Clock Tower. There with instruments of great magic, pipe and drum and guitar and flute they played the ancient melody of the gods, the Oath to Order. From the swamp and the mountain and the ocean and the canyon four hulking giants emerged, the protectors of Termina who had been kept at bay by a malevolent shadow. Furious at being foiled the shadow revealed itself. An entity of chaos known only as Majora that fed on the resentment and neglect of the downtrodden. It took possession of the moon intending to smash right through the gods if that meant the destruction it craved. With no other option the four champions of the people ascended into the Moon to face the horror that waited for them there.

      For hours the giants held the moon aloft. As the sun began to rise over the peaks, as it seemed the legs of the mighty giants would buckle, the moon dissolved in a shower of rainbow light as it vanished into the distance. Left behind on the Clock Tower platform were the four champions. Teruk, Darmani and Mikau already lay dead and the purple haired youth lived only long enough to see the Dawn of the New Day spill over the land, before he succumbed to his wounds.

      Because they freed the gods from imprisonment within the temples of the land and helped keep them to their promise of protection, these four were known forever more as The Oathkeepers. Each Carnival of Time from that year forth was extended one extra day. This day was known as The Oathkeeper's Dawn, in memory of those that gave their lives for Termina's survival.

      This is primarily just setting information. If you want to get to more meaningful stuff you can skip everything but the Ikana section.

      ~Clock Town~
      Clock Town has remained the bustling, cosmopolitan center of culture, commerce, and carnivals over the last three decades, and the standard of living has generally improved since the New Day. Aside from the four commercial districts known to most everyone, the seldom seen residential districts have seen expansion. The permanent citizens of Clock Town have grouped into three distinct neighbourhoods based primarily on social class.

      The wealthier families stick to the Dawn Heights, a well-kept and aesthetically pleasing gated community that borders the merchant district in West Clock Town. Aside from the lavish estates, the Heights are also home to Clock Town Preparatory, a private academy that only the wealthy elites of Clock Town can afford to attend.

      The majority of Clock Town lives in Noon Square, home to the middle class. Small houses, apartments, and inns line the cobblestone streets of this intricate plaza, which borders the entertainment district of East Clock Town. In the center of Noon Square lies the Oathkeeper's Shrine, a small chapel that houses statues of each of the four Oathkeepers. On the Oathkeeper’s Dawn, all of Clock Town gathers here to honour their respective champions.

      The lowest of the low inhabit Dusk Row, which is more or less a decrepit series of back alley slums festering on the edge of South Clock Town. Crowded, dirty, and dangerous, Dusk Row is made up mostly of shacks and tents all competing for space. During the day it is mostly empty, as the inhabitants are mingling with the rest of Clock Town, engaged in one disreputable service or another. At night, however, the Row becomes a very dangerous place to be. For their own safety, the Clock Soldiers elect not to patrol the Row after dark due to the violent gangs that call the place home. In order to keep these slums safe, a group of vigilante teens known as the Bombers Secret Society of Justice keep watch over Dusk Row, offering protection to all those who need it.

      As the Carnival of Time approaches every year Clock town's housing is overwhelmed with visitors. Merchants looking to capitolize on the increased foot traffic, performers searching for an audience, travelling circuses and of course guests pour into the city in droves. Despite expansion to the amenities of Clock Town since the new day the city just does not have the room for all these people. As a result something of a city of tents springs up every year surrounding the Clock Town walls. Though Clock Town has come to expect this and now has a city guard unit devoted to patrolling this area it is hardly the safest place to spend one's time.

      ~Milk Road~
      The safest route through Termina Field is the Milk Road, a long stretch of highway leading directly from Romani Ranch to Clock Town’s south gate. The ranch, once a popular vacation spot and the biggest supplier of milk in all of Termina, has seen better days. Frequent bandit raids and attempts to block the entrance to the ranch have made it difficult for the two sisters, Romani and Cremia, to get their stock to their investors. After many missed shipments and poor service, most of the ranch’s contracts went to the newly established Gorman Brothers Ranch nearby; strangely, the brothers never seemed to have much of a problem with bandits or roadblocks along the Milk Road.

      Over the years the Gorman Brothers have slowly begun to buy up more and more of Romani Ranch’s land to expand their own business, which is known for its popular horse track (at which a great deal of gambling takes place under the table) and its rather poor treatment of dairy cows. Despite their attempts to do so, the brothers have never managed to replicate the magical Chateau Romani milk their former competitors were known for.

      Although Romani Ranch is now just a fraction of its former size, it still scrapes by as the only exporter of this rare and coveted magic milk. Due to mysterious and unfortunate circumstances, however, most of the cows that the sisters had disappeared around the hundredth Carnival of Time, leaving them with only a handful of Chateau cows left.

      Cremia, the elder of the two sisters, still manages the ranch despite her advanced age, as her younger sister is considered by many to be somewhat mentally unhinged, after a certain incident thirty years ago. As a final act of greed by the covetous Gormans, several guard posts along the Milk Road have been set up to collect hefty tolls from passerby, allegedly in the interest of keeping travellers safe. A second branch was added to the Milk Road once the swamp town of Marshfall rose to prominence, leading directly into the town, this too is plagued by Gorman tolls.

      ~Woodfall and the Southern Swamp~
      The Southern Swamp is still steeped in pure, untainted water and abounds in lush plant life, but this prosperity does not extend to its inhabitants. The Princess of the Deku Royal Family never made it back to her people, and perished in her cell in Woodfall Temple before her father’s men could rescue her. The Deku King, in his rage and despair, blamed the only party he could; the forest monkeys. To this day a standing bounty of 200 rupees is offered to any scrub who can bring a monkey, alive or dead, before the court.

      The Deku Kingdom has become wary of outsiders, and although they maintain a peaceful and pleasant relationship with the rest of the swamp-dwellers and the other factions, no non-scrubs are allowed to set foot in the castle walls. The swamp as a whole remains relatively safe, and the tourist industry in the south has expanded considerably in the last thirty years, making it a popular vacation spot. A very quaint town built at the entrance to the swamp has sprung up, known to most as Marshfall. Mostly comprised of hotels, restaurants, and theatres, Marshfall is built almost entirely on a network of docks and floating houses, but offers little in the way of permanent housing. The Deku Kingdom provides soldiers to protect the waterfront settlement in exchange for hefty taxes, making it too expensive for most people to live in the vacation town permanently. The less populated areas of the swamp are rather quiet and safe, and some Deku who do not swear fealty to the Royal Family live in small settlements here and there throughout the swamp.

      Travellers are strongly advised to stay away from the Woods of Mystery. It is said that the Swamp Hag Kotake haunts those woods, forever looking for her missing twin sister Koume. In her despair she turns any lost traveller into a monstrous animal doomed to wander the labyrinthine forest without rest. Others claim that such tales are simply to keep young scrubs from wandering too far from the castle, but few who enter the woods these days return alive.

      Woodfall Temple has been repurposed into the tomb of the Royal Family in honour of the Swamp Oathkeeper, Teruk and the Deku Princess – the temple is arguably more tightly guarded than the castle itself, according to some, but few have reason to venture that way these days so most consider such details to be of little importance.

      The mountains have enjoyed thirty years of normal, mild weather since Darmani quelled the storm of Snowhead. The north is generally considered one of the quietest and most peaceful places to live in all of Termina, and the Gorons like to keep it that way. The current chieftain of the Gorons, Darunia, was only a bawling child when his father, The Goron Elder and his greatest hero, Darmani passed away, but he has since grown into a capable leader who is genuinely concerned with the well-being of his people and their home. Rumours say that Darunia has suffered from insomnia ever since his father died, and often goes days without sleeping a wink. Wary of another long winter, Darunia decided to have Snowhead Temple cleared of monsters and stocked with food and supplies. Snowhead would serve as the last bastion of the Gorons, but remains sealed until that desperate time comes upon them.

      The humans that make their home in the mountains live in the Mountain Village, the first stop on any traveller's journey to the north. Twenty years ago a blacksmith named Zubora and his business partner, Gabora, found great quantities of highly valuable Gold Dust in one of the many mountain caverns near the village, causing scores of ambitious families to flock to the mountains to capitalise on the gold trade. Thanks to this influx in residents and resources the small smithing village has expanded considerably. Though the greatest veins of gold were mined dry within a year, Zubora made himself a very rich man in the process, and expanded his one-hearth forge into an impressive smithing conglomerate that operates primarily within the mountain, where good steel can be mined alongside rare deposits of the coveted gold dust. This burgeoning franchise, called the Frozen Hearth Smithing Company, supplies much of Termina with refined steel as well as finely crafted weapons.

      Darunia, seeing a wise business opportunity, decided to partner with Zubora, supplying Goron warriors to protect the Mountain Village in exchange for his own supply of steel and access to Zubora’s shipping network to distribute some of the Goron’s main exports, such as bombs and powder kegs. Some tensions simmer beneath this arrangement, however, as Darunia considered the now almost depleted Gold Dust to be a sacred treasure of the Goron people, and also did not take kindly to Zubora’s miners destroying some of the natural beauty of the mountain. The two are currently and relatively successfully working together to ensure that future mining projects are conducted in a more environmentally conservative fashion.

      In honour of Darmani the Oathkeeper’s sacrifice, a fighting tournament, open to everyone who is willing to enter, takes place a week after the Carnival of Time each year. The cash prize is often hefty, but the victor also usually receives an ingot of a rare and precious metal for their efforts. In addition to the yearly tournament the Gorons also partake in several profitable and popular sports year round including gladiatorial fights, racing and sumo wrestling. Though anyone is welcome to participate not many other races are capable of taking a Goron in any kind of physical contest making it rare to see other races in these games.

      ~The Great Bay and Pirate's Fortress~
      The Zoras of Great Bay have preferred a more private existence since the dissolution of their famous rock band, the Indigo-Go’s, and have focused more on developing Great Bay into a nicer place to live. With Mikau the Oathkeeper dead and Lulu’s voice lost forever, the Indigo-Go’s split up despite massive fan outcry. Although the remaining members had brief solo careers, a Zora band hasn’t performed at the carnival for 28 years.

      Nonetheless, Great Bay has maintained its reputation as an excellent vacation spot and a bustling port; every day ships come and go, carrying valuable cargo from faraway lands. A port town by the name of Cape Floria has been established along the western coast of Great Bay, sporting a massive boardwalk, several fisheries, and an intricate web of docks run with a great deal of efficiency. The Frozen Hearth Smithing Company also maintains a branch here, specialising in business overseas. Mostly populated by Zoras and humans, Cape Floria is not without its dangers; with the large and daunting Pirate Fortress nearby, the town is subject to costly pirate raids from time to time, either at port or out at sea. A standing navy of Zoras and other fishermen has been established to protect the town and visiting ships, but as it is a volunteer force, it is not as effective as it could be.

      Closer to the fortress is a somewhat smaller coast town by the name of Pirate’s Landing. A safe haven for criminals all over Termina, lawmen seldom venture inside the Pirate's dock village, which is home to independent thieves and smaller gangs of pirates and smugglers. The construction of Pirate’s Landing was funded almost entirely by the master of the fortress, Aveil, who made a small fortune selling Lulu’s eggs on the black market after Mikau the Oathkeeper failed to recover them. Pirate’s Landing is an excellent place to go to escape the long arm of the law, but it is riff with its own dangers; the landing is considered one of the few places where it’s almost mandatory to sleep with one eye open and a dagger under your pillow. Evan, the former bandleader of the Indigo-Go’s and current mayor of Cape Floria, has made several attempts to initiate negotiations with Aveil but they have all come to nothing leading to increased tension between the two groups. Zora's who venture into Pirate's Landing rarely emerge alive.

      ~Ikana Canyon~
      The most mysterious of the four corners is undoubtedly Ikana Canyon, to the east. When the purple haired youth vanquished Twinmold and sealed the Stone Tower, the wandering poes, legions of stalfoes and stalchildren and the spirits of the Garo vanished leaving the kingdom lifeless. For a time, the once great kingdom to the east lay empty and silent, no one dared venture into it for fear that the ghosts might still remain. Even thieves like Sakon dared not venture closer than the opposing river bank. So Ikana remained for exactly one year. However on the anniversary of the Oathkeeper's Dawn, from the once dead kingdom fifty flesh and blood Ikana Knights rode to Clock Town to declare the revival of Ikana. The knights heralded the return of Igos Du Ikana and proclaimed that the King was recruiting soldiers to his army. Promises of land, training and education were offered to any who would relocate to Ikana and pledge themselves to its ruler. Humans flocked to the Canyon from all over to replace the lost population of the fallen kingdom. The once desolate Ikana Village underwent massive expansion into a bustling city more fitting for such an illustrious kingdom. Knights once again stood guard on the walls of Ikana Castle and the steps of the Stone Tower. King Igos benevolent as he was sent his armies out into the field to slay monsters and protect travellers.

      Four years later however without warning, the Kingdom of Ikana suddenly recalled its patrols and closed its borders, constructing a large stone wall to keep the rest of Termina out. All attempts to contact King Igos failed, and all those who attempted to sneak in were either slain approaching the gates or captured and never heard from again. This impenetrable gate became known as the Wall of Bones, named for the many arrow-riddled skeletons that litter its surroundings. The only signs that Ikana still lived were the ever present sentries posted to the wall who seemed to grow more numerous with ever passing day. Though no one could say for sure many seemed to think that the Stone Tower started to grow taller after the borders closed till it disappeared into the sky.

      This carnival is different. After twenty five years Ikana has broken its silence. Their prince Davos Du Ikana is coming to Clock Town to address Ikana's solitude and with luck open up formal relations with the rest of Termina. Davos says that the seal on the Stone Tower gave way twenty five years ago and the kingdom was again assaulted by the dead. They closed their borders to protect Termina from this onslaught. Igos took the Ikana military and battled his way to the top of the tower to reinstate the seal. At the top Davos claims that Igos faintly heard the voice of a woman claiming to be a Sky Goddess. She instructed him to build the tower higher. Now she says that Termina is in danger of collapse and Ikana must join with the rest of the regions to prevent it.

      ~The God of Termina~
      Hyrule and Termina were sister worlds. They began in an identical manner. Three golden goddesses descended on the chaos of the void and forged the land, the living and the law. Seeing their work done they exited the world leaving behind the Triforce, the embodiment of their power and a lesser deity tasked to guard the Triforce and the land. This is where the stories diverge and the worlds change. In Hyrule the female guardian Hylia was left behind. In Termina the golden goddesses left behind a male guardian named Terminus. Hylia claimed a mortal warrior named Link as her champion and though she never told him he was her first and truest love. Likewise Terminus chose a strong willed warrior girl as his champion to fight by his side.

      Hylia and Terminus were both tested. A demon lord calling itself Demise clawed its way out of the earth with an army of his kin searching for the power of the goddesses to which he believed himself entitled. Both Hylia and Terminus fought this demon to a standstill, till their powers were all but depleted and in mirrored fits of desperation created the White Stone with which they sealed away the demon temporarily. Here is where the impact of that first change alters the fate of the respective worlds. Hylia with her divine power all but gone and knowing the demon would one day return set in motion a cycle of reincarnation for herself as a human and for her champion intended to set the right pieces in play when the demon king’s seal began to weaken. She sent the people in her care into the sky to protect them from the demon army with a great barrier. Terminus chose a different approach.

      Terminus discounted the idea of weakening himself further for the greater good and knowing not what else to do he called on his champion. He used what remained of his power to imbue her with immortal life and tasked her with looking after the people in his care while he rested. He placed himself into deep hibernation to recover his strength for the battle that was to come. When the demon seal finally gave way Terminus awoke and began the battle anew. Once again he won and once again he was depleted. Again he gave some of his energies over to his champion that had waited for him all this time, imbuing her with power as well as life. Once again he slumbered to recover for the battle that was to come. This battle too was won but Terminus could feel at the core of his being that each victory cost him something that could never be returned and each battle rent the hole in the world where he'd imprisoned the demon deeper. With no other plan though he gave yet more of himself to his champion in the hopes that when he eventually failed she could take up his battle.

      In that third slumber he dreamed, and in that dream a vision came to him. A vision of gold and power and his protective wing without end shielding everyone he'd been assigned by the goddesses. When he awoke for the fourth time he knew what he must do. Terminus claimed the golden power that he had been left in his protection. However that power was not meant for him. It was a gift for left for humanity to be wielded only by humanity. Good or evil it did not matter, it was meant for them. It was never meant to be touched by a god. When Terminus laid his hands on the sacred triangles his essence merged with the almighty powers of the creators of the universe. Their power flowed through his veins and he knew just what to do with it. With one blow he destroyed the demon king’s army in its entirety when they rose to assist their newly freed master and with his new found strength he sunk the White Stone so deep into the demon lord's body that his spirit was vaporised. In the process however the battle ground between Terminus and Demise which had been degrading steadily with each battle was finally shattered with this last almighty attack. The veil between the land of the living and that of the dead was torn in that place and the denizens of the underworld spilled out to inhabit the world once again.

      Horrified at the destruction he caused Terminus decided to recluse himself from the mortal world. Using the White Stone as a base he created the Stone Tower to contain the tear in the veil and keep life and death separate. He his champion with watching over the people in his place and to aid her he created the Four Giants to tend to the new world that he'd accidentally created. Then in the heavens he created a moon with beautiful blue eyes where he would spent the rest of time looking down on the creation he could no longer be apart of.

      Termina developed without its god from that point onward. Without the "royal bloodline" created from Hylia's reincarnation no monarchy developed among the humans of Termina. Each race moved to the new environments that best suited them and it seemed for a time that everything was at peace. Half the humans remained in what would become Ikana to guard the Stone Tower while the rest moved to a more hospitable land where they founded what would become Clock Town.

      Hundreds of years after his self imposed exile however Terminus made a reappearance. This was not the same god that had retreated into solitude for the sake of his people. No this Terminus was destructive and dictatorial, crushing anything and anyone that didn't fall in line. No one knew what had happened to him, perhaps the isolation had driven him mad but now he was violent. He imposed new laws on the land with harsh penalties, had temples built in his own honour. Behind his back he was referred to as "The Fierce Deity". The giants tried to oppose him but they were imprisoned. It seemed Termina would live in this madness forever. That was till Terminus' champion reappeared.

      For all the centuries since Terminus has left she had used the divine powers he'd given her to help the land grow. She'd worked behind the scenes to end wars, ease tensions, save lives. Now her own god was the biggest threat she had yet to face. She freed the four giants and together as one they confronted Terminus. The giants were able to do sufficiently weaken him before being subdued that his champion was able to fight her god on even footing. She was able to best him but not knowing the consequences of killing a god and though she could not admit it to herself she having fallen in love with her patron, she instead sealed Terminus away inside a mask. She hid this mask in his resting place, the moon where no mortal could ever find it.

      Several hundred years later a sad little imp possessed by the evils of Majora's Mask terrorised the land. After taking control of the moon in an attempt to obliterate Termina Majora discovered Fierce Deity's Mask. Knowing what it was and being a creature of chaos and lover of destruction she gave the mask to the Oathkeepers that had come to stop her. Majora subtly warned them about the mask saying they could be "the bad guy" as she handed it over. She didn't care what happened. Either they used it and Terminus destroyed the land or they didn't and she would. The Oathkeepers battle without using the mask but when their enemy took on its purest form as Majora's Wrath it seem too much for the four to handle. The purple haired youth Kafei put on Fierce Deity's Mask and unleashed the god on Majora. When the battle was over in a display of shear willpower that no one thought Kafei capable of he managed to remove the mask. Without the powers of Terminus he soon succumbed to his wounds but he had succeeded in buying the land of Termina a little time. The seal containing Terminus inside the mask was weakened but it was not yet broken. Though it remained only a matter of time before he freed himself Kafei had saved Termina and given it the time it needed to prepare in hope that they might survive.

      I'm not 100% happy with the conclusion to the Terminus story. Up until he absorbs the goddesses golden power looks really good but I feel the details following could use some work. If anyone has any suggestions let me know.

      The sky goddess atop the Stone Tower is Terminus' Champion, still fighting to protect the land. The Stone Tower itself was created from the White Stone (the file name given to the Sealing Spike in Skyward Sword) which contained a portion of Terminus' energy. By building it higher she hopes to, using herself as a conductor, connect the energies of the tower, and herself to the moon at the moment that Terminus becomes free from the mask. This would create a chain reaction that would in effect cancel out the divine energy present in the tower, the champion and the god destroying all three. The only problem is that the tower in the only thing keeping the undead from spilling into the living world and potentially destroying Terminus could have unforeseen consequences for the land.

      Your character whoever it happens to be, is at first on the side of the champion, discovers her plan, has to stop her from executing it then has to find another way to combat Terminus.

      That's about all I have so far, I'd welcome criticism, advice, and suggestions. My skills are primarily geared towards story telling. As such I have a more solid grasp of this story as a novel than I do as a game. So suggests on where and how more game play based mechanics could be inserted would be welcome. Perhaps certain materials have to be gathered to further the development of the Stone Tower before you realise the champion's plan. Or maybe after you stop her there's some artefacts that need to be gathered to be able to combat Terminus on a equal playing field. I'm not really sure. Suggestions would be helpful. To be clear I want to create this game at some point, presumably using the Solarus Quest Editor engine once I get a hang of using it. This is a 2D ALttP style game maker. If anyone is interested in making sprites, music or concept art that would be immensely appreciated.

      ~Stray Thoughts~
      For this game I'm thinking that you get to choose your birth place, depending on where you choose it determines which race you play as, Woodfall = Deku Scrub, Pirate's landing = Human (Gerudo?), Mountains = Goron etc. You're in Clock Town for the Oathkeeper's carnival, yours reasons change slightly depending on where you come from. (Ikana isn't an option) Each race has different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to combat and how you are received by different NPCs. For the most part this is mostly cosmetic but at certain story junctures your chosen race has an effect on how easily you can do one of the tasks. For instance playing as a Pirate makes the story area where you have to deal with the Zoras much more difficult, any race other than Deku has more problems in Woodfall. You get the idea. It's not so much choose your own adventure as it is changing the way you accomplish your task depending on who you are.

      There was also an idea that bodies have been appearing in Dusk Row and the city of tents outside Clock Town's gates which the town guard has been trying to keep quite so as not to cause a panic. These bodies have been surfacing with there faces removed. Not cut off either, but simply gone, with featureless smooth flesh left in there place. As well someone whose physical description is eerily similar to the happy mask salesman has been spotted in the city of tents surrounding the city though it has been so long that no one remembers the significance of this person.

      ~The Carnival of Time~
      Each year, the season of harmony begin when the sun and moon are in alignment. Paying homage to the way both nature and time are tirelessly in the process of progressing... The Carnival of Time is when the peoples of the four worlds celebrate that harmony and request fruitfulness for the year. For ages, people have worn masks resembling the giants who are the gods of the four worlds. Now it has become a custom for each person to bring a handmade mask to the Carnival of Time. It is said that if a couple united on the day of the festival and dedicated a mask as a sign of their union, it would bring luck. The centerpiece of the carnival is the clock tower, and on the eve of all the festivities, the doors to its roof are opened. From atop the the clock tower roof, a ceremony to call the gods is held and an ancient song is sung. All of these festivities for the Carnival of Time are held so that we may ask the gods for a rich harvest in the year to come!

      ~The Four Giants~
      This tale's from long ago when all the people weren't separated into four worlds like they are now. In those times all the people lived together, and the four giants lived among them. On the day of the festival that celebrates the harvest, the giants spoke to the people... "We have chose to guard the people while we sleep..." 100 steps north, 100 steps south, 100 steps east, 100 steps west, If you have need, call us in a loud voice by declaring something such as: 'The mountain blizzard has trapped us.' or 'The ocean is about to swallow us.' Your cries shall carry to us..." Now then... There was one who was shocked and saddened by all of this. A little imp. The imp was a friend of the giants since before they had created the four worlds. "Why must you leave? Why do you not stay?" The childhood friend felt neglected, so he spread his anger across the four worlds. Repeatedly, he wronged all people. Overwhelmed with misfortune, the people sang the song of prayer to the giants who lived in each of the four compass directions. The giants heard their cry and responded with a roar. "Oh, imp. Oh, imp. We are the protectors of the people. You have caused the people pain. Oh, imp, leave these four worlds? Otherwise, we shall tear you apart!" The imp was frightened and saddened. He had lost his old friends. The imp returned to the heavens, and harmony was restored to the four worlds. And the people rejoiced and they worshipped the giants of the four worlds like gods. And they lived happily... ever... after...
      "The Oathkeeper's Dawn"

      Game In Progress - It has been thirty years since the Dawn of the New Day when without a hero to rescue them champions of the people were forced to rise up and save themselves. Now, on the eve of the 130th Carnival of Time strange rumours circulate the land. Will your wits be enough to discover what has taken hold of the land?

      Any help on this project would be appreciated. I want to make it in Solarus which means a 2D ALttP style. However if you don't want to provide technical help there are a range of pieces to work on. Sprites and artwork, music, level design or if you like simply brainstorming and suggesting alterations to the ideas I have currently compiled would be more than welcome.

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