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    Best Zelda game to be introduced to the series with
    • As the title says: What is the best Zelda game to get started with?

      Of course I realise that there is not one definitive answer to this, based on people's different ages, interests and needs in video games. Still, I think it's an interesting question to discuss, at least, based on what your experience was with the first Zelda game you played.

      My first Zelda game was A Link Between Worlds when I was 24, which for me was pretty much exactly what I needed to get hooked to the franchise. It's very accessible in terms of puzzles and the general setup, at the time I needed something that didn't take too much brain power, and I feel like the 2D and setup of the puzzles is closer to "classic Zelda" than e.g. BOTW but not so "old fashioned" that it'd feel outdated for people not into retro gaming? Even then I felt the world in which I was playing was huge, and honestly it's still the game I play for pure comfort because I've grown so familiar with it and its pacing means that it's still fun to play through even now.

      I'm also not quite sure if I'd recommend BOTW to someone specifically looking for the Zelda experience? Don't get me wrong, I DO love the game and it's given me a sense of wonder none of the other Zelda games I've played so far, but the gameplay is so different from the other games I've played? That might also have to do with a difference in consoles, though...

      So like, I'd rec BOTW as a game, but maybe not as much as a Zelda game if someone has a general interest in the franchise, not in the least because of both its lightness of plot and the insane amount of hours you are required to invest (not that I mind, lol, but I wouldn't want to assume someone else is in the same position). I think if I were to rec someone who hasn't done Zelda before any game, it'd be A Link Between Worlds...

      (EDIT: I have to add in that I haven't played all games, so the information i'm basing this off is incomplete ;) )
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    • If they prefer 2D-games, I would say A Link to the Past.
      If they prefer 3D-games and wants to "understand" the series better, I would say Ocarina of Time.
      If they prefer 3D-games and really like the open world-design, then Breath of the Wild (duh).

      Obviously the best is to listen what they like and prefer before making suggestions. It doesn't "hurt" to start with any game with few exceptions, like I don't think it is a good idea to start with Majora's Mask before Ocarina of Time for example. I don't think it is a good idea either to introduce them to Zelda 1 or 2 since I don't think they hold up to the other games... the risk is that they don't like it and gets a bad picture of the franchise.

      My first Zelda was Ocarina of Time, and that gave a very good impression on me for a very long time. That was the game that got me hooked up to this day. But I think that A Link to the Past also would have had big effect if I played it way before when I was smaller... but the Zelda franchise went under my radar for a long time. But the impact the three dimensional experience that OoT gave me was immense, and something that a 2D game never would have been able to match.

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    • goodmorninghyrule wrote:

      I agree with a 2D game always delivering a different experience than a 3D game. However, this does mean that playing A Link Between Worlds first meant I was amazed again playing OoT/MM. Wasn't the 2D experience underwhelming to you after first playing 3D?

      I would not say so. I knew full well what I went into when I started to play A Link to the Past the first time, so I can't say that I got disappointed, since I didn't expect to get my mind blown away to begin with. Oddly enough, my first 2D Zelda game was Four Swords Adventures on the GameCube, which is a game that sold poorly and isn't that popular among the fans, but oddly enough... it is my personal favorite of the 2D-Zelda titles I have played so far. But the same goes there, I had my expectations in check as I played it.

      After only have played 2D games on the SNES as a child... and then getting my mind blown away by the N64 with Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time, I was very aware why: the step into the 3D world. So I have never lived under any illusions on that front.

      May I ask what Zelda games you have played so far?
    • I finished A Link Between Worlds, Ocarina of Time 3D and Majora's Mask 3D and I'm playing through Breath of the Wild and Oracle of Seasons (as download on 3DS) atm. Bringing up the expectations you've going into the game is 100% something I didn't take into account although I absolutely should have, considering the leagues that OoS and BOTW are apart while I can't say I'm disappointed in either one so far--they ARE just very different games. I'm definitely planning to play more, but for that obviously money and time are key and my access to both isn't always sufficient haha.
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    • If you ever gets the chance, I definitely think that you should play the original Ocarina of Time and especially original Majora's Mask. I think that Ocarina of Time 3D was alright, albeit a bit too colorful for my taste compared to the original, but in that aspect it is pretty much a question of preference I think. But Majora's Mask 3D on the other hand was a huge disappointment for me as a fan of the original, I just got a bitter taste in my mouth and I sold it. And now you probably wonder why; well the controls are inferior to the original (and that is something that you must feel yourself pretty much, in your case the original to compare the difference). The biggest disappointment in that regard is Zora Link which requires you to use magic just to swim fast, wtf Nintendo? And jumping with deku Link is also a real pain when you are used to the original. Then they totally ruined the bosses for me as well. I am still salty about what they did, and that is my first true negative experience of a remaster/remake. And just to put it out there, you don't need to buy a N64 to play these games, they are pretty much on every Nintendo console platform post-N64, and it is only a question of time until they will show up on the Switch. But probably only on the online-service, which I don't strongly recommend since I am not happy with it; but hey... you could always try it out and play everything you want to play and then ditch it if you are unhappy with it.

      I just wanted to put it out there. And with that said, I think I would recommend people to play the original-N64-games over the remasters/remakes... And one more thing that I can add: if the person in question like a more cinematical feel, I would recommend Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, where the former is more of the happy adventure side (but can get surprisingly dark) and the latter is more of the gloomy dark side. Wind Waker and Twilight Princess are very high up on my list, together with Breath of the Wild... so if their HD-versions gets ported over to the Switch I strongly recommend them.

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    • I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed for Wind Waker and Twilight Princess on the Switch, then! If they aren't released in, say, a year from now, I'd probably consider getting a Wii to play those though, because I AM that kind of person, lol. They do look great from what I've seen, and the titles do get my imagination going which is fantastic.

      I know about the online services :) I just don't own any of the platforms on which the original OoT or MM are available, since the 3DS shop here (not sure if it differs per country) only offers The Legend of Zelda, TLOZ: Link's Awakening, A Link To The Past and both Oracles of games as digitally downloadable versions of classic games. It would still make sense that they skip the originals for 3DS though, considering that's the platform they marketed the re-releases at.

      I honestly am a little sad that I didn't realize BOTW was also available on WII-U, because I might have gotten one of those instead so I could also play Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. Alas! As I said, I might look around for a 2nd hand or refurbished console and in the mean time keep my fingers crossed they'll come to the Switch :)
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    • In the absence of any other information, I recommend OoT. It doesn't depend much on the lore established in previous games (I think the only thing you're expected to know going in is the Master Sword), and a lot of other games in the series (MM, WW, TP, ALttP, BotW) make more sense once you know OoT. It introduces all the most important races, and it tells you how the Triforce works. It's fairly low-commitment but still has enough plot that you feel like you're getting a story out of it.
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    • I actually considered suggesting Minish Cap, as it's one of my favorites. But I think I would hold it off for third or fourth instead. There aren't many Zelda games that don't feature Ganon as the villain, and half of those are direct sequels to games that feature Ganon as a villain. So after you've defeated him a couple times, fighting Vaati in Minish Cap is a good way to keep things fresh.
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    • I'm not sure if there really is a "best" game. Certainly we have our favorites, but every game is self-contained enough that you're not really ahead or behind story-wise. Gameplay-wise, they all have their own gimmick. In that respect you either start with the earliest iteration of the gimmick to understand its basics or go with the most refined. In other words, between Far Cry 3 - 5, I would recommend starting with either those two rather than any in between. In Zelda...well they're just all different enough that it doesn't really matter which you start with. Well to me at least.
    • TP stands pretty well on its own, though the Triforce/Goddess imagery wouldn't mean as much without other games as reference. I wonder how Ganondorf comes across if you haven't played the other games. You wouldn't have the high expectations, so maybe you wouldn't be disappointed by his one-note characterization, but at the same time, you have no real reference for who he is and where he came from and why. He might seem rather lackluster.
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    • Tried to get a friend into Legend of Zelda franchise with Ocarina of Time, A Link to the Past, AND Link's Awakening DX for GBC, and failed all three times. He complains Legend of Zelda is too 'kiddy' and prefers western games like more first-person shooters (Half Life) and WRPGs (Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls, Deus Ex).

      Like he enjoys dark games too, and based on trailers he's seen, Twilight Princess appealed to him more, since it was the darker and more realistic in the series. Though he does not have a Wii or GCN to play TP, so I couldn't say if he would have liked that either.

      Though if the person trying out the game is like the typical western gamer who prefers realism, dark games, first-person shooters and that M rating on the box, then Twilight Princess seems to be the best game to warm people up to the series. This is just based on trailers though, so take it with a grain of salt, but if he likes the trailer, good chance he will like the game too. He did not like the Skyward Sword trailer because again that game was more colorful and less realistic and dark.

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