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    • A lot of care goes into people's faces and hair, which is understandable because they're at the forefront of our looks! But I'm curious about your feet!

      How do you look after your feet?
      Do you wash them separately or just thrown in with everything else?
      Do you get pedicures? If you do, do you pay to have it done or do it yourself? And how often is it done?
      Moisturize, nail polish, socks, no-socks, massage, high pressure points, different shoes for different things, one pair of shoes for everything, different inserts/orthotics for your shoes, slippers, barefoot, pumice, on and on and on and on. Point is, there's a lot to discuss when it comes to feet! I'm not about to ask a thousand and one questions, so instead I've given a thousand and one discussion prompts! :P

      Anyway, what's gotten me so interested in feet? Well, I've got some things going on with my feet lately! Long story short, I might need to make a doctor's appointment to see what's going on. It's prompted me to change some things about my foot hygiene routines. I've always kepy my feet clean and I get some fancyshmancy insoles for my shoes, but that's it. And, as it turns out, that's just not enough (for me).
      I have exceptionally high pressure on my heels, which is why I buy different insoles to begin with. The pressure is so high, that lately it feels like I have rail spikes being pushed up into the bottom of my heels. It's been going on for longer than it should, but I totally didn't even realise because I'm just so used to it. I got over my temporary stupidity though and now acknowledge the fact that I might have something more going on and should see a doctor (I'm getting to it, just been a bit way too busy this last little bit).
      So, now that I'm suddenly more aware of the condition of my feet (not just the heel spikes)....I'm just like, "what the hell have I been doing to these feet of mine?" They're dry, and calloused, and did I mention suuuuuper dry and really calloused?? Like omg, things need to change. And thus, things are changing! I got myself this nifty little thing that has a soft scrub brush, a pumice stone, and an emory foot file, with a little loopy thing to hang it up in the shower. I always wash my feet anyway, but I decided to start using the scrub brush because it feels nice on my toes. It almost hard to use though because holy crap my feet are ticklish as all hell, but I persevere because it also feels nice even if it tickles! Then I use the pumice stone for any particularly rough areas. I finish off with the fine emory file to give that little extra bit of smooth. Rinse/wash the nifty little thing, and rinse my feet. It's kind of amazing, my feet felt human after the first time I used it! I'm very gentle with it because I don't want to totally remove any callouses (they're there to protect my feet, it's a defense mechanism, courtesy of our bodies!), I just want them smoothed and not jagged!
      Once I'm done showering (and drying), I slather my feet in moisturizer (I even got some stuff deliberately aimed at feet, I want that heavy duty moisture, ya know) and put on a pair of comfy socks (I find they help keep the moisturizer where it needs to be and it stops me from leaving footprints on the floor haha).

      My feet feel amazing! And another bonus from the love and care to my feet, they're actually in less pain now! I take my time with the moisturizer and massage it in, so I imagine that's having some nice effects on my overall foot health.

      Also, not foot related but still kinda hygiene-ish related: I recently got myself some cuticle moisturizer for my fingers. I never realized how dry they are until recently haha. It's also prompted me to use my hand moisturizer more regularly, which is good because hands get the brunt of basically everything because of how much we use them. Of course, this is now making me think that maybe I should be taking better care of my face too! After all, we may not use our faces like our hands (that's a bizarre image), but they are out there and exposed to all the world and what it has to offer! I should probably get a nice moisturizer with some sort of sun protection for it. My lipshit (chap stick?) has sun protection in it, so I don't see why facial moistuizer can't.

      Wow, that's a lot of text up there, huh? I guess I just like talking about myself and being nosy :P
    • Because my hair is getting longer, I’ve started using mousse after my showers again. Usually, when I clean my hair, the next day it’s fricken wild because it’s so clean with no control. The other day I was curious what would happen if i blow-dried after putting mousse in. I like it a lot! Sure, it means my hair is straighter, but it’s still in control the next day and all I have to do is brush it. It even adds a bit of volume to my hair so that it doesn’t look as thin.
    • How do you look after your feet?

      I soap them when I'm in the shower, and moisturize them afterwards. I wear socks pretty much all the time except maybe at the beach? I have comfortable shoes for walking and leather ones for work (they are easy to clean). I never wear heels for more than a couple hours, and definitely not for walking/errands. (Heels are decorative, not functional in my opinion.) I trim my nails regularly. That's about it!

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    • You're doing better than me

      Until recently my foot routine was "Let the hot water and soup run down them in the shower" lol. I hardly ever wear socks (99% of the time I'm rocking boat shoes or sandals), though luckily my feet get plenty of time to breathe and spread out because of that. I've finally started to actually scrub them with a wash rag in the shower which is nice. I guess for 19 years I was just too lazy to crouch or lean over in the shower ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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