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      GoldenChaos wrote:

      The exact blueprints for the thrashing machine are in Sans’ secret room in Undertale.
      Not exactly; sprite is off, but it's close enough I suppose. Can't imagine a use for the thrashing machine blueprints though.

      GoldenChaos wrote:

      Asgore has the flowers.
      Could you clarify why these flowers are so important? I mean, he's a florist by trade.

      GoldenChaos wrote:

      Everyone from the underground is living together in a monster-only town, even if their specific lives are a bit different.
      Racial tensions could have existed before a war.

      GoldenChaos wrote:

      Everyone is terrified of Kris, and Kris does some really creepy shit.
      So far that's been in the realm of spooky pranks though. Not on the level of suddenly being able to materialize a KNIFE out of nowhere.

      Seriously how'd he get that.

      GoldenChaos wrote:

      The classroom layout is not just a coincidence, it’s what was used as the basis for the game. Literally every element from the game is present in the classroom.
      For clarification, the abandoned classroom at the end with the stuffed toy and the scattered legos and playing cards and chess pieces.

      GoldenChaos wrote:

      The blueprints point to this being a real, physical phenomenon. Maybe gaster is connecting different AUs together to make the game happen? Or the blueprint wasn’t real and was a red herring the whole time, which means this could be a completely disconnected AU.
      There's a bunch of stuff you can do that shows it was more than a dream but probably less than real.

      The egg carries over. The spooky sword makes your pencil halloween themed.

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    • gamtos wrote:

      Anyone else feel this was even more Homestuck?
      Oh yes, this is so much more Homestuck. Like Susie is literally vriska. Not to mention that card suits and chessboards are prevalent themes of Sburb.

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      Also what the hell Kris! Put your freaking soul back in and don't go out and murder Ralsei or Susie in chapter 2!

      Oh and the chapters almost remind me of the acts in Homestuck. If we get intermissions that will be confirmed for reals.
    • Yeah scrap most of what I said. My new theory is that this is an AU where monsters are on the surface and humans are underground. So, Asgore was _definitely_ never an actual king, and turns out those special flowers are just from his wedding day with Toriel, which you find out if you check the photos on Asgore's fridge. Rudy "Rudolph" also mentions being college buddies with Asgore and Toriel, which also suggests that monsters have been on the surface all along and not humans.
    • I've only played part of this so far and I've heard various things about Delta Rune, including spoilers. I'm bad at avoiding those. What I've seen and heard so far is intriguing. I wonder how the things in this might develop in the actual game.
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