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    Hello! I'm new and looking for someone.
    • Hello Everyone!

      Finally on here after 3+ weeks of being busy and caught up in work.

      Allow me to introduce myself

      Covering what you can learn in my profile, im 25 years old, Dao is my handle I live in Pennsylvania. My daytime job is a Data Steward, I do freelance work on the side, and a past time as a Content Creator on Youtube. I have a fondness with video games as a whole, with my affinity towards fighting, adventure, and RPG genres.

      In terms my relationship with the Zelda franchise, overall positive. In spite of my preference of Sony, I always admired the Zelda Franchise from A far. The first being Links Awakening for the Game boy Color. From then on I did what i could to borrow the hand held titles and play at a friends place for the console titles. As a result, I have never really finished a Zelda game and as a result, my knowledge of the franchise is elementary at best.

      I learned of this site through a previous client of mine.
      I do freelance work with TaskRabbit on the side, to have some extra spending money. A few weeks ago, I was hired for a moving job down by the city by J (Initialed for his Privacy) it was a sunday morning job, he estimated 2-3 hours.
      I arrived that day, and with J, his mom, and I, the job was done in about 90 min. Idle conversation was made to make the job go by faster. It was hard to initiate till I found out J was into video games via some of the items I had helped him bring to his place. After I ask him "are you excited for Soul Caliber 6 Coming Out" I was immediately met with the intense, yet genuine response of "THERES A SOUL CALIBER 6 ?!". From that point, notes were exchanged, and when I told him I was interested in trying to get more involved in the Local Game Scene, J sent me here.

      Which leads me to my main question. I took a while to get on here due to my hectic lifestyle, but I was genuinely interested on learning more and trying to be involved. I just need help in finding J on here. If my memory didn't fail me, J is an active member here? I dont remember if he is moderator/Admin status, the time was too long ago for me to remember.

      The only instructions I was given was to join here, introduce myself and ask about J, he said eventually he should receive an email notifying him that I actually showed up.

      If anyone could help me/point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. I feel bad that i took this long and dont want J to think I wasnt serious, so any assistance would be highly appreciated.

      Thank you in advance to anyone who reads this and helps me out.

    • Hello and welcome to ZU! I hope you enjoy our lovely community! Do you know what this J person's username is here? The only mods I know who's real name starts with J are @Silver and myself and I'm not the person you're referring to. Maybe @Cody might have an idea who you're talking about. Sorry, I really wish I could do more to help you, but figuring who you're talking about based soley on one letter of someone's real name is extremely difficult especially since I only know a few people's real names here.

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    • Hmmm trying to think of active users who live in PA and those recently moving.... honestly I can’t think of any for either! And you’re sure it’s Zelda Universe and not Zelda Dungeon? Just throwing it out there!

      ALSO it could be one of our staff that does outreach, like out twitter folks, podcast people, or writers on the main ZU site. So maybe they aren’t mods but are on staff? Just a thought.

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