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    • Also assuming these were all at one point surface temples a good chunk of them could have sunk partially or completely in the cataclysm. It wouldn’t be unusual for creatures to transform a ruined structure into their den.
      "The Oathkeeper's Dawn"

      Game In Progress - It has been thirty years since the Dawn of the New Day when without a hero to rescue them champions of the people were forced to rise up and save themselves. Now, on the eve of the 130th Carnival of Time strange rumours circulate the land. Will your wits be enough to discover what has taken hold of the land?

      Any help on this project would be appreciated. I want to make it in Solarus which means a 2D ALttP style. However if you don't want to provide technical help there are a range of pieces to work on. Sprites and artwork, music, level design or if you like simply brainstorming and suggesting alterations to the ideas I have currently compiled would be more than welcome.
    • The purpose of the first dungeon or temple is to introduce players to the mechanics of the game and set up the types of puzzles and monsters that they will encounter throughout the rest of the world. We don't have to say it's a temple at all. Or even that it would involve the sentinels in someway. Story wise we could say Link was sent there to investigate an unrelated matter no different to him than a typical errand in his daily life and upon returning to the city is when the story truly kicks off.
      Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the ability to overcome it.
    • Alright, I've had a chance to cool off a bit and it's apparently been about a week, so in the interest of drumming up some discussion, here's a proposal for the first dungeon we cooked up in the story board.

      Basically, our termite enemies have been making such frequent incursions into the rest of the underground of late, that Link (and possibly Zelda as well- I'd recommend it if she's going to be playable elsewhere) is finally driven to storm their mound and stop the attacks. The queen's chamber would be on the main floor, but firmly sealed off, with the key being in the upper floors. At some point, Link would come across an exit and make his way outside, at which point we get a cutscene of Link seeing the Surface for the first time and being thunderstruck by it. (If present, Zelda would be less outright shocked than him, but still floored by the openness of the place.) We could also have a winged variant of these enemies and show them flying off here, to explain how they'd be found and fought elsewhere.

      Upon finding the key, Link makes his way back down and opens the queen's chamber, at which point he fights her. The ensuing battle collapses the underground entrance, but also frees a lesser Sentinel, who guides Link out through the upper floors and tells him about the greater Sentinels and where they can be found. There's then a brief Surface segment to get people acquainted with how things work up there, until eventually a way back underground (probably near one of the other temples) is found.

      From there, @Violothesheikahboy suggested a sort of segmented progression system, i.e. freeing the first greater Sentinel will allow said Sentinel to unlock a path to, say, another three temples. The moon, in a panic, seals off the rest, and each batch of temples requires the cooperation of more Sentinels to access. This would result in an ALttP/ALBW-style approach where progression is overall linear, but each section can be tackled in a desired order.