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    • After out discussion, I figured it would just be best if we finished Heresi really quick.

      Here are the remainder of Ruki's concerns:

      1. How big is the area of impact (probably in ft2
      2. Is there any type of magic that it can't absorb? Like, can it only absorb elemental magic or is it all magic.
      3. Does the absorbing occur automatically?
      4. How much magic can it hold at once? What's its limit?
    • 1.) The area of damage is just about a foot around impact.

      2.) Only a partial amount of fire, water, and lightning. If the spell is massive, the book tries to absorb the magic but does nothing, for its overwhelmed. After that, Heresi is left to his medicinal knowledge, or, if that fails him due to a lack of supplies, he is left to fate.

      3.) Yep, its automatic. Unless it's a powerful fire/water/lightning spell, or anything other than those elements.

      4.) It's limitless, and no matter how much magic is absorbed, the strikes are low levelled and only affect a range of less than a foot.
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