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    Battle Idol International (RP)
    • You stand on a train platform partially shrouded in mist. It’s just before dawn, and the cold nips at your hands and face, making them slightly pink. The platform is just outside of Ataraha, a city of silver skyscrapers that scratch the pale sky and a clear, icy river that winds like a crystal serpent down to the distant sea, just on the horizon. Outside of the city are rolling, grassy hills interspersed with small forests and farming villages. Wisps of smoke trail into the sky from these little hamlets, indicating the beginning of the day’s work. You aren’t here to admire nature, however. You’re here because today is initiation day at Koyosai Academy, the most prestigious Idol school in the world. You’re here because you were the best in your classes at your various schools in Atahara, and had been chosen to become Idols. You’re here to become the best in the world. Forty students stand around you, all buried deep in coats and scarves that obscure their features. They are the best in the country. Worthy opponents. Only twenty of you, however, will form Wave 6. In the coming weeks, twenty students will leave the Academy in disgrace. Twenty will go on to glory. Everyone on the platform thought about this, no one speaking. At last, the silence is broken. First someone points, and then another shouts, and eventually there is a buzz in the air. You crane your neck to see what it is over the sea of heads; then you see it. The Train to Koyosai Academy, flying across the plains and foothills. In no time, it arrives at the station, smoothly coming to a stop. It is a sleek machine, metal and glass flowing across it. One of the doors opens on its own accord, and we all board. There is a long, central aisle with small compartments on either side going down the entire length of the train. Everyone quickly fills the compartments, and you find yourself in one with three others. You can feel the train pulling away from the station, leaving with it your life before Koyosai academy.
      You may begin the rp.

      Display Spoiler

      Name: Connor Chadwick
      Stage Name: Voltaic

      Role: Using electricity to teleport through metal objects or send harmful amounts of electricity through them.

      Eye color: Blue
      Hair color: Light brown

      Height: 5' 11"

      Personality: Fun-loving and easily excited. For some reason, he's reluctant to use his powers.

      Name: Aki Hidaka
      "Stage" Name: Effervescent
      Role: The ability to make things spontaneously combust, somehow she uses this to make sparkles--constantly
      Eye Color: Black
      Hair Color: Pink, Orange and Red (dyed)
      Height: 4'7"
      Personality: Bubby and cheery. She never has a frown and can instantly cheer up the grumpiest of people

      Name: Aster Tellus

      "Stage" Name: Aphelion

      Role: Has enough control over gravity to make objects orbit each other. This applies to people too, but it’s harder for him to control living things. He can control the speed that objects move at, and the diameter of the orbit, as well as the center. He has to touch the thing in question to activate his power, and he has control over it until he lets it touch the ground. Extreme speeds can make him dizzy, however. There isn't really a limit to how many things he can control at once.

      Eye Color: Sky blue

      Hair Color: Platinum blond

      Height: 4’ 11

      Personality: Aster is excitable, maybe a bit too much. He’s curious about everything, but quick to lose interest. He makes most decisions on a whim, without caring how it inconveniences others. He’s seen as cute by some, which has gotten to his head. As expected, he seems to think the world revolves around him.

      Name: Hiryur Watanabe

      "Stage" Name: Tsundere

      Role: Hiryur is super strong and super agile. He can lift the weight of a small moving van and can jump as high as a particularly tall pine tree. As a side effect of his role he's also mode locked into a female form (pictured above), only being able to turn back for a week every other month. And even then he has to return to his female form to regain his powers.

      Eye Color: Pink

      Hair Color: Pink

      Height: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      Personality: Hiryur is generally a pretty chill dude. He's not easy to anger and generally likes everyone. However, he also has brief bursts of a tsundere personality (another side effect of his role). The change between chill and tsundere can often be jarring. He also acts Tsundere (on purpose) for "show".

      Name: Mari Tanaka

      "Stage" Name: Saccharine Shock

      Role: She can create and manipulate lightning. There is a limit to how much she can manage at a time, but it’s fairly large, so most of the time she doesn’t have to worry about hitting her limit.

      Eye Color: Hazel

      Hair Color: Chestnut Brown

      Height: 5”4 (162 cm)

      Personality: On stage, she’s the lovable underdog of sorts, often saying things such as “I couldn’t have done it without your support!” After winning a fight. She’s similar off stage, but has a little bit of a potty mouth. It often shocks fans at meet and greets to witness it for the first time. She doesn’t actually like people all that much though, which is why she developed the trait. (in order to scare people off.)

      Name: Hideo Yasumi

      "Stage" Name: Kristen Kyrlokker (you may shorten the name as you like to call me)

      Role: Neither a he nor she, Hideo can duplicate ownself as well as reunite all those duplicates again and again. Also can switch into one gender to another at will. Only thing is that... upon looking into an even mirror, all duplicates dissipate into thin air. However, distorted reflections of ownself (e. g.: on water surface, curvy shiny surfaces or uneven reflective surfaces) would have the duplicates remain separated and exist physically.

      Eye Color: purple for the left eye, lime green for the right eye

      Hair Color: Orange with short bob hairstyle

      Height: 5' 11"

      Personality: Sometimes hasty, Hideo couldn't stay too long onto something and prefers to quickly move on. Also humble and caring, up to the point that sometimes it causes problems when Hideo spent humbleness and care towards those who don't appreciate Hideo's help, let alone them acknowledging Hideo's abilities and efforts.

      Student list
      Display Spoiler

      Novy Korol
      Stage Name: Tyche
      Gender: M
      Role: Can feel emotions of opponent in battle
      Height: 5’2
      Hair: Dark Red
      Eyes: Gray

      Nebe Lilie
      Can travel through time within five minutes of the present once per minute

      Ayca Yuce
      Can accelerate, slow, and though it is nearly impossible, reverse aging

      Rose Mer
      Can manipulate light
      Light Blue

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    • Connor looked around at the seats around him. These were his classmates, the students he would have to compete against. He wondered what they were all thinking. Maybe they were the same as him, worried and wondering what awaited them at the academy.

      "So, what are you guys excited about? Koyosai should be a step up from our old schools. I wonder what makes it so much different." Connor said, attempting to start a conversation. He wanted them to know that even though he was competing against them, he wasn't going to be unfriendly. He had moved to his old school from another region, so he knew what it felt like to be friendless. Connor didn't want to go through that again, so he'd start making friends early while everyone was feeling awkward.

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    • Mari bit her lip. She attempted to stare out the window, but felt so nervous she could barely breathe. Her stomach hurt.

      “Crap,” She whispered.

      Were it not for the fact that she was in public, she would have used something stronger.

      A quick glance to the side made her aware of how many people were in the train with her.

      Too aware, in fact.

      The horrible pit in her stomach felt like it expanded a thousand times.

      She doubled over in pain, and hurled.
    • Aster pressed his face against the window. Despite the fact that there wasn't anyone he recognized, he waved at the last students to board the train as the doors were closing. Only a couple actually noticed him, and less waved back. He still smiled at them, knowing that the first impressions he made here could determine the course of his life. Even as the train moved away from the station, Aster didn't turn his gaze away from the window until a voice from someone across from him caught his attention. "So, what are you guys excited about? Koyosai should be a step up from our old schools. I wonder what makes it so much different," asked a tall boy sitting across from him.
      Asters smile widened. "I get to use my powers here! People thought I was a bother when I used them in my old school. I didn't understand why!" he exclaimed. "My name's Aster, wha-" He was cut off when the girl next to him doubled over. Aster tilted his head. Could that be someone's role? Were they trying to eliminate their competition? He made no effort to help her however.
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    • A train to a fantastic school? Hiryur thought, somewhat amused. Since when did my life become harry potter? He looked down at himself. Oh right, ever since I hit puberty and had a rather annoying biological change.

      Hiryur did his best to avoid directly referring to his gender bend as, well, a gender bend. It was a bit of a touchy subject for him. Which is rather logical. He only got one week every 2-3 months to go back to being male and he both cherished it and disliked it. He cherished it because, hey, he got to go back to the gender he identified as. He disliked it because he lost his strength and agility. Typical.

      Some guy shouted out, asking people what they were looking forward too. While Hiryur wouldn't really have a problem answering that, there was a certain other condition of his powers that might pop up and screw the conversation over. So he just stood there looking out the window with a rather unhappy expression.
    • Aki, who had been sitting by herself looking out the window looking at the sunset. It was sooooooooooooo pretty and it reminded her why she had chosen to dye her hair those colors. But there was something else she was excited about. She. Was. Part. Of. Wave. Six! Her and everyone else here had a chance about becoming some of the best idols ever! And that was awesome! Sparkles would have been everywhere if they weren't a fire hazard. Aki was pulled out of her thoughts by the sound of someone throwing up and saw two other people go over to the girl who had thrown up.

      "You guys can come sit over here!" Aki said waving at the group.
    • "Thanks!" Connor said, waving Mari and Aster over to the seats by Aki. He sat down and started to look out the window. "Man, this side of the train has a really pretty view." he said. This was another new beginning for him. He couldn't screw up, no matter what. If he did, he would lose everything. Not just his friends, but his chances to become a part of Wave Six's Idols.

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    • "Hello students." A somewhat metallic voice rings out over some sort of intercom system. "Welcome aboard the Koyosai line. This trip should take just over five hours. You won't be just sitting around, though. There is much to do. First of all, you must change into your uniforms. A compartment under the window hissed open, revealing five or six clean uniforms. "Locker rooms can be found at the back of the train. Once you have changed, return to your seats."

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    • Oh, well that's great. Hiryur thought sarcastically. What a wonderfully awkward situation that could result from this.

      There was only one thing to do. He grabbed a uniform from the top shelf. He hid in the corner of a locker room close to the door and got changed. He then slipped out, hoping that in the commotion people would ignore him. They probably would. The train consisted of nintey present strange hair colors.
    • "Thank you!" Aki said to Aster unfased by the randomness of Aster's comment.

      After taking the uniform Connor was passing out and hearing what he said she shrugged.

      "Who knows! There could be tons of things on this train we don't know about!" Aki said before skipping away to the locker room.

      As luck would have it as she left the locker room after changing she spied Hiryur and for some reason (no one knows, herself included) she decided to go over to him.

      "Hi!" Aki said cheerfully to the pink haired girl.