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    Advice on gaming headset
    • Hey all, not sure if there is a thread for stuff like this and I'm too lazy to search so @JP the Neurotic if you know of a place this should go besides here by all means let me know.

      Anywhozzle - I'm looking for some help here and who better to turn to then fellow gamers.

      I want a wireless headset that works on both PS4 and Xbox One. I'm learning that this is a request that might not actually be possible.

      All the ones I find typically have a PS4 variant or Xbox variant, but not one that accommodates both.

      I want a decent headset that has solid sound quality and doesn't make me sound like I'm being muffled.

      I basically want it so that I don't have to have two headsets taking up my already limited gaming space if possible. I think there are wired ones that work on both, but would prefer wireless (for obvious reasons).

      Any help/advice would be most appreciated.

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    • I would like to have wireless of some kind as otherwise I'd have wires running along right where people walk and that just terrifies me (plus my cats tend to tear back and forth and I've already had a few close calls when I had my controller plugged in to charge while playing and they almost tore my PS4 to the floor).

      I'll have to look into that one Hoju. That sounds like a solid enough compromise for wireless.

      For the Xbox One you have - is it one of the controllers that need that special adapter to plug headsets into? Are those even still available to buy?

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    • if you have the first gen xbox one controllers you'll need the stereo headphone adapter. All new xbox one controller designs have the correct audio port just like the ps4 controller and should support most analog headset inputs.

      My cloud 2 supports both USB (ps4 and pc only) and analog inputs (ps4 and xbox).
      You can probably save a few bucks and get the cloud core which is analog only. I bought one to replace my wife's cloud 2 when the cable on her headset got a little warm and the audio started cutting out. No issues on my cloud 2 yet.

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