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    IC Thread: Random Role-Playing!
    • The In Character Thread

      The point of this thread is just for simple and silly interactions between characters. It's just supposed to be for when you want to be pointlessly in character.


      1 You can play any character that has been in an ToW RP or ToC rp granted you can find a link to their CS and you can play any other character provided you link a wiki page for them and no one else is already RPing them

      2 Don't spam, just don't

      3 Unlike the previous incarnation of the IC thread all of the characters actually are in the same space, just keep that in mind before you do anything drastic

      4 Put the name of your character at the top of your post or wherever their part of the narrative starts

      5 Do not have your characters reference their existence as RP characters. Referencing the fact they have been in books or shows is fine as long as you don't over do it.

      6 Don't be out of character please

      Okay that's the technical stuff. Now for our first setting all the characters are at the beach!
    • (There was a previous IC thread from like years ago, 7 or so actually)


      She had absolutely no idea how she had gotten to a beach which didn't even seem in Archenea. Elisar had just followed a black cat somewhere, she honestly had no idea why she did but she did. Esilar lookef around to try to see if there were any bandits around. She spied Jens and Simon.

      "Hiiii!" She yelled at Jens and Simon.
    • Brocc Temnotá

      Pushing his sunglasses up, a grin danced on the lips of a man garbed in blue swim trunks and an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt so all the ladies could swoon when they saw his totally chiseled figure that would make Adonis green with envy. He finally found a good beach with some hot babes, and An would be distracted hopefully with the beach ball he gave her for a good hour, so he was going to take that time to give a lucky girl the time of her life.

      Looking around, he noticed a lone girl talking to a couple of dudes. She was unusual looking, kind of gothish, and the white hair was different, but hey - Brocc didn’t judge.

      Swaggering over, he cleared his throat as he approached the trio, flipping his luscious locks for good measure, and gave his best charming smile.

      “Hey, these gentlemen aren’t bothering you are they?”

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    • Aleena Moteiran

      The engine of the black 1966 Mustang roared as it powered down the two-lane road along the coast. It was a bright, sunny day and so the top of the convertible was down as it bobbed and weaved down the shoreline road. Eventually, a sign pointing in the direction of the beach made itself known and so, the young woman behind the wheel turned into the parking lot and stopped; no shortage of parking spots as he vehicle was the only one to be seen. Save the presence of four others, she was alone; unexpected as she imagined more people would be at the beach considering the recent heatwave. Shrugging to herself, she climbed out of the car and grabbed a basket of things.

      "Can't say I expected this place to be deserted, but seriously? Jeeze." she said as she approached the random beach goers.

      (As it is a hot day, imagine her in sunglasses, jean shorts, a white tank top and sandals)
    • Jens had several questions. First, Why didn't he have a cool alias. Second, who were the two newcomers. Third, well, there was no third. This was honestly, the weirdest day of Jens' life. That's a pretty high bar. And this day passed with flying colors. Which kight not be a good thing. Jens decided to let his hand linger at his side, close to his blade. Not close enough to arouse suspicion, but close enough so that he could grab it if need be.
    • "Ah, um, well, no, I don't think we were bothering her." Simon was surprised by Brocc's interest in the three. He was much larger and stronger then Simon (not to mention much better looking), but he didn't seem to have any ill will towards them.

      Then, something popped into Simon's head. Maybe these two were dating, and the man was wondering if Jens and Simon were trying to flirt. Well, probably only Jens, since Simon was too young for that kind of thing.

      "I'm sorry if we're intruding on anything, mister. We're just wandering around." Simon said in the most childish voice he could make.

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    • It takes more than one person to sail a massive English ship-of-the-line, even in the best of circumstances. The ship being on fire does not count as the best of circumstances. Marie, if pressed, had to admit that mistakes had been made, and that maybe, just maybe, said mistakes had been made by her. Still, she was feeling very pleased with herself. Not every pirate could boast capturing a state-of-the-art warship, and by the looks of it, she might actually bring the HMS Duke of Lancaster to shore before everything of value had been burned.

      There was a cacophony of splintering wood. Marie chanced a look behind her, and noticed that the ship's stern was no longer attached. Well, those things happened. She lowered a dinghy, got into it, and rowed to shore. She made a mental not to return later and see if there was anything of value she could salvage. Then the fire reached the ship's gunpowder storage, and the HMS Duke of Lancaster was scattered over a wide area.

      Some ten minutes later, she reached the shore. It was a beautiful beach, with a handful of people. She walked up to the nearest person.

      "Ahoy," she said. "The name be Marie. I be a perfectly legitimate sailor who was the only survivor of a shipwreck that wasn't my fault."
    • Jens was kind of overwhelmed and definitely on edge. So when yet another stranger showed up he jumped.

      "Holy Hylia!" He shouted. "What the heck is going on!"

      He took a moment to breathe and calmed down. Things were getting absolutely keese**** insane. He needed to take inventory. There was him and Simon. The Wizard, Esilar. The two people who looked a bit like something out of a Science-Fiction book (look, just because he's from a fantasy world doesn't mean there aren't writers who come up with weird ideas about the future). And now there was the sailor. That accounted for everybody, hopefully. He was calm now. He knew who was here and who he might have to fight if things got ugly.

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    • "Yes, I'm sure the shipwreck was COMPLETELY not your fault," she said sarcastically. Was this strange woman completely unaware of the fact that the still-sinking ship was right behind her and still on fire. She then noticed one of the men on the beach keeping his hand close to the hilt of a sword. "And since when have weapons been allowed on public beaches?"
    • Esilar had assessed all the people around her. You don't get very far as a dark mage without having some semblance of caution. The first Jens and Garrison seemed awfully suspicious and so did the sailor lady, who she was pretty certain was a pirate of some sort. The lady in the weird futuristic looking vehicle was questioning the fact that Jens had a weapon. That part wasn't odd, the fact that he looked ready to draw it was.

      "They always have been, at least in Orclae." Esilar said to the strange woman before turning to Jens and Garrison, "But you look like your about to draw your sword. You aren't bandits or something are you?"
    • Seriously? That was what she was surprised by? Not the robotic arm? Eh. Oh well. It's not exactly like he had an explanation for either of those things. He drew his sword for show and spun it around a few times in the same fashion as you would rotate your body.

      "Well, I didn't run into anybody trying to take my swords away from me so I think it's pretty safe to say it's allowed." He said with a shrug.
    • Brocc’s eyes lit up upon seeing the dashing Marie. There was also a new woman too - also with white hair - and he hoped they wouldn’t get too jealous over needing to share him.

      “Ma cherie!” he greeted Marie warmly before winking at the white haired non-goth. “And don’t forget I didn’t notice you beautiful.”

      Turning to his competition, he flashed a smile at them. Just because they were vying for the ladies attention didn’t mean they had to be uncouth.

      “Regardless if it’s allowed, I don’t think weapons are necessary on a beach like this. We should all have fun.” As he said this he put an arm around the white-haired goth.

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    • "Uh-huh," Aleena replied to the girl in a nonchalant way. "Well, wherever you're from, I'd say you're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy." She sighed and sat upon the hood of her mustang. "This isn't the weirdest sh** I've ever run across, so I don't question things like robot arms, being visibly armed on a beach or sudden flaming ships," she continued in reply to the man who waved his sword around. "Whatever. I'm not gonna let this bullf***ery mess with my fu**ing vacation." She reached down to the hem of her tank top and pulled it off, exposing the white bikini top underneath.
    • If Karae had sent him here to "make friends", it was probably for his own good. After all, he had a grand total of three right now, and he only interacted with one of them on a regular basis. These people didn't look all that dangerous, and he had some free time.

      "Ah, okay. Fun. What do you suggest we do first?" Simon asked Brocc. He seemed to be the most fun-loving out of the group, so Simon thought he'd probably have some good ideas.