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    • Hello ZUers! Whether you're old or new, I'm sure you've heard of a fun little institution called "clans" on our site. Well you might be wondering - what are they?

      The Clans

      The clans of ZU can be thought of as "clubs" of sorts. They're groups of people who get super secret board all to themselves; inside they're allowed to relax in a chilled out environment and talk among their peers. The clans of ZU generally provide an environment where members are allowed to grow closer, forming a more tight knit unit that often transcends your standard friend circles; ask any clan member how they'd describe their clan and 'family' is a word that will come up often.

      So what can you do in these clans? Well, every clan has various threads that cater to various topics (think of a super general General Chit-Chat). From gaming to food to even serious topics at times, you'll find all of this in the clans. You'll also find things like game nights or other events that are run by clan members or the clan moderators. Fun things that let you interact with each other whether that be a simple game or some sort of competition.

      The clans, though, without getting too lengthy are just fun places to hang out. You can make friends that become family, joke around, play games, and just chill. It's the internet version of a clubhouse and no matter which clan you join, you're bound to have fun.

      So which clans are there?

      There are three clans that each coincide with one of the three goddesses from the Legend of Zelda series: Farore, Din, and Nayru. They all have similarities, but each one is different in it's own way; the culture of each clan is unique to it, and each one has things that they offer that another clan might not offer. What are they these things? Well...

      About Farore
      The Farore clan celebrates energy, creativity, and being silly! Whether you're an extrovert or an introvert, a poet or a gamer (or both!), the Farore clan is for you. Our members come from a variety of age groups and backgrounds, with the majority of our currently active members being working professionals in their 20s and 30s. We do everything we can to give every member the attention they need, and we're especially welcoming to newcomers, too!

      You can join in on the discussions in our Farorian Utopia, or chat with friends in our active Discord group. Discussion topics range from music and games to food and drink to politics, professional life, and more. We love to see new threads, whether silly or serious, and we encourage members to use Farore as their own personal sandbox.

      When it comes to the end of the day though, Farore is family. Our members are loyal, caring, and are there for you during the good times AND the bad times. Our members give some of the best advice on ZU, and are always willing to lend a hand or cheer you on. Members of Farore get as much out of the clan as they put in, and often more! We can't wait to see you join our ragtag group of champions.

      Clan Moderator: Keith

      About Din
      The Din clan is the place to chill out. The Din Community Hall provides an excellent channel for you to let your mind wander and to tell us
      about your thrilling achievements in video games, diverse tastes in music, groundbreaking technological advances, and even about the secret lives of video game designers.

      In Din we're all about community, so we’ve got plenty of ways you can learn about your fellow clansmen and break the ice. Besides the Community Hall, we have a Din Discord where you can keep in touch with your fellow Dinnies, and many threads dedicated to learning things about your clanmates. We also have Din game nights, so bring your controllers and keyboards!

      Din is a hotbed of intellectual diversity, our mods included. Solsetur is a graphic design genius and is in a tough nursing program, and Winnie
      majored in International Relations and English. Among our ranks are a number of historians, computer scientists, creative writers, and designers. If you want to discuss any type of theory, learn something new, or even just have a question on a homework assignment, Din is the place for you!

      Dinnies also really care about each other, so any time someone has a life question or serious issue come up, the Din Family Dinner Table is the place to talk about things in a judgment-free zone, and get advice from fellow clan members.

      In Din we have a lot of fun, diversity, and camaraderie. Come join the conversation!

      Clan Moderators: Solsetur and Winnie

      About Nayru
      Nayru's strongest characteristic is the family-like atmosphere that it fosters. Nayru's Love isn't just a magic spell in Ocarina of Time; it can be seen throughout the clan between all of its members, new and old. Our chat thread is often the most active one out of the three clans, full of everything from small life updates to fun conversations about anime, video games, and virtually anything else you can think of. We take an interest in everything you do--nothing is too mundane, or too small. If you're part of our clan, then you're important to us no matter where you go.

      The clan is usually very silly and light-hearted, but we also know when to get serious when it comes to personal issues and are always willing to give advice/support. It doesn't matter if you've had the worst day, or just need a place to relax and get your mind off of issues--you'll always have a spot to vent while feeling loved in Nayru.

      Regarding new members, Nayru is said to be the most welcoming of the three clans, as seniority has never been an issue. It's an easy place for virtually anyone to fit in to!

      Of all three clans, we are known to be the most welcoming, the kindest, and the most helpful when someone is in trouble. We love to take care of our own, and if you join us, we promise we'll do that for you.

      Clan Moderator: Monika

      That's great and all.. but how do I join one?

      To join a clan, all you need to do is post in this thread*! Every single ZUer is allowed to pick their own clan - whether you're a newbie with three posts or a 12 year vet with 10,000. Just say "I would like to join x clan" or some variant and our lovely admins, Ty and Pietro, will place you in a clan whenever they are free!

      In the meantime, you're welcome to get to know your new clanmates while you wait on your placement~

      Clan Swaps
      *If you are already in a clan and you would like to swap, PM a clan moderator or an admin and let them know you'd like to switch to another clan. Keep in mind that clan swapping is not encouraged and you will be limited to one clan swap every six months.

      What if I don't know which clan I would like to join?

      That's fine! If you don't know which clan you would like to join then there are a couple options you can take. For one, you can spend some more time around the site. You should notice that next to people's names, or in their signatures, there are little colored banners representing the clans in them - this is how you pick out clan members! Poke around the site and talk to people, make friends, and see which clan you think you get along with most. If you have a lot of friends in a particular clan, or find yourself drifting towards a particular group, that's a good indicator of what clan you'll fit in well with.

      Alternatively, you're more than welcome to ask questions in this thread. Any clan moderator or clan member will be more than happy to answer you, so it's a good way for you to get some information before you go ahead and make the jump.

      Finally, if you're really having trouble deciding, we have a clan test that you're able to take. This test is given to gauge what clan you'd fit in best with; simply PM one of the moderators in the list I'm about to give you, and they'll send you questions. Answer them and based on the results they will let you know which clan that you fit in best. From there you can choose one of those clans and they'll be able to have an admin place you as soon as you give the OK.

      To take the test, PM one of the following moderators by clicking one of their names:


      Is that it?

      Yep! If you have any further questions, or are confused about anything at all, feel free to say something in this thread and someone will be around to help you. Clans are a great way to make friends, and I hope you have a great time in whichever one you end up in.

      Thread Rules

      • No clan propaganda - this thread is meant to be an unbiased haven for people to pick out their clans. Specific questions about a clan are acceptable, but actively pushing someone to join your clan or making your clan seem better than any of the others is a no-no. If you really need to do some clan banter then take it to the Newbie Chit Chat.
      • Welcoming your fellow clanmates is fun, but in the interest of preventing floods of posts from people every time someone joins, please quote their join post and respond in the Newbie Chit Chat thread!
      • Don't be mean to the newbs!

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