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    What are your preferred surroundings like?
    • A conversation in the Nayru clan prompted me to create this thread - so forgive me if it is more fitting in another section of the forums, or not at all.

      What are your preferred surroundings like? At home, your room, or even your workplace. Are you the tidy and sterile type, or more laid back? Do you prefer a well-lit room, or dimly lit surroundings? Warm and toasty or chilly temperatures?

      One of the reasons I ask this is because after a bit of renovations, my room is pretty much ideal for me. Very dimly lit (can be outright dark with closed curtains), chilly, and with large windows that can be completely detached or swung outside, I'm enjoying the changes a lot. It is storming something fierce this evening, and with candles lit and windows open the atmosphere is incredible. More or less my ideal surroundings.
    • I didn't see this thread until now :)

      Like @Winnie, my initial thought was the forest. I'm also fond of being on the mountain. Nature in general, really.
      As for home, I'm an orderly person. I'm also very fond of earth colours like greens and browns, but I also like black. So my chosen interior usually represents those.
      However, I'm moving to a new apartment next week, so we'll see how that ends up.

      I'm certainly not a fan of seemingly sterile environments, though. White, glass and metal together does not make me feel comfortable :p
    • Winnie wrote:

      @Moriquendi we could be roommates and we wouldn’t fight about decor or location! And overly sterile looking environments are creepy. At the gym one of the few channels we get is HGTV where they have all the shows about buying and renovating homes, and after watching these shows I WILL have a sliding barn door in my future home one day. It needs to happen!
      Haha, go for it!

      But yeah, my parents have renovated a lot of their house after I moved out in 2007 and they've gone more or and more over to a more modern style. White, glass and metal. There was a time I hardly recognized the place :p
      (I think I'm partially traumatized from hospitals and such from when I was little, and that is one of the reasons for me really not liking that kind of style.)
    • I suppose my ideal home surroundings are neat and tidy. I hate grime and I'm particular about certain things being in their place, and I really hate it when someone messes up the order I've created. My place isn't spotless and there is some clutter, but I tend to follow a routine and like things being put back where they belong. I'm even almost overbearing about it, Andy (my boyfriend) tends to stay out of what I'm doing unless I specifically ask for his help or give him a task (because he knows jumping in can mess up my routine, which is aggravating for me).
      And while I enjoy natural light, I'm not too fussed about it as long as I can get airflow when I have windows open. Temperature wise, I like it a little bit cooler, or comfortably warm at the most. I can't stand it when it's hot though.
      Having said that, I don't mind the heat from when I have the oven on, and I have a lot of fun making a mess when I do my baking
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    • I like my place clean and minimalistic, in the sense of what I put out.
      Like my CD/entertainment room is just cds and posters everywhere.

      My whole flat is just choc a block full of my hobby number one, which is music and japan
      I just want it to be walkable and not so cluttered at the end of the day.

      The only real thing nowadays that gets messy is my kitchen.

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      I hope you agree!
    • I definitely like natural light, and for things to be pretty chill and relaxed. My bedroom has a big window with black out curtains on it, and my bed right next to it, with bookshelves and my dresser in there. I try and keep things pretty tidy and clean, but I value staying organized a lot more than I do minimalism. I don't know what my ideal surroundings would be. Maybe on top of a mountain, or the forest? I just want things to be nice and refreshing (my bedroom has a lot of blues, greens, and earth tones), but also kind of warm and cozy at times.

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    • Depends what my mood needs to be. Usually, my place is pretty clean overall except for an old recliner being my fresh laundry basket. Dishes are usually in the dishwasher or cabinets as I can't stand old food stinking up the house laying soaked in the sink. I try to take raw or quick rotting food straight outside to the trash bins instead of throwing it in indoor bin just to avoid the smell. Music, a tv show, or some type of white noise is usually going. If anything, just to drown out any outside noises that might distract me and to dance in the kitchen.

      Since my house is my workplace too, I have lights that I can change to warm or blue light. I'll have a couple of warms lights and switch others to blue lights in the morning to wake up and get a nice focus going on. Once I'm done, I change the lighting to all warm for a more relaxing atmosphere or turn them off altogether.

      My bedroom is blacked out like a void. I'll crack the door in the bathroom there just to let sunlight sneak in the weekday mornings and cue waking up, but weekends, my arrows blot out the sun until we're done fighting in the shade.

      I don't buy alot of decor though unless it has some kind of sentimental value to me. Also, I like it a decent 72-75F degrees inside.
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    • My preferred surroundings? A comfy house in the woods overlooking a small lake or a pond. I like privacy, and I absolutely love the tranquility nature has to offer.

      Bedroom would have to be carpeted, everywhere else would be hardwood floor. If the furniture is wooden I want to see the natural grain, not stained or painted over. Living space would need a wood burning fireplace somewhere.

      I would need a space to turn into a little metal and wood workshop, and then a deck overlooking the area where I can sit and drink my coffee.