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    • That is insanely cool, and I love it a lot. Of course it's a little warped so it's not totally accurate, but it's still certainly recognizable. Though I don't know why you made a second Zora's Domain next to the one from LttP when the theories indicate they're probably the same location.

      This map is really quite cool though, do you have other maps you've made? You're quite good, haha.
    • Thank you! I see what you mean, and I do normally regard that eastern half of Death Mountain in LttP to be part of Zora’s Fountain, but I wanted to make it took more like BoTW’s map so I kept them separate for the sake of aesthetic. As a matter of fact, I do like using the LttP tile sets because they’re fun to work with

      I recreated Zelda II and Twilight Princess with them as well. It’s something I do sometimes when I get bored and don’t feel like doing my actual art.

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    • Again man, for real, insanely cool.

      Oh, and about the idea of a WW/BotW map, I've certainly run into some issues. I've been under the framework of "WW's world is meant to resemble OoT's. I will take that into consideration while I compare it to BotW's." That would mean the desert isn't really as far North as it looks in WW, it's right where the Gerudo Desert is supposed to be. This even puts Spectacle Rock in roughly the same place as it is relative to BotW. In WW Spectacle Island is near the Forsaken Fortress which is presumably Gerudo Desert. Therefore Spectacle Island is in the Gerudo Desert.

      However I've realized WW and TP have locations referred to as "Mother and Child _____". In WW and in TP this location is very far up North. In TP it's around Snowpeak/Zora's Domain and in WW it's next to Spectacle Isle. Using my logic from before Mother and Child Island should really be down South by the Gerudo Desert, but that doesn't make any sense. It should be up North.

      I see a couple solutions. I could greatly tone down my geography warping and assume the Forsaken Fortress/Spectacle Isle/Mother and Child Isle is actually way up North, and that all these areas in WW are actually built over BotW's Hebra region. This feels like it wasn't at all intended and doesn't work well with the lore.

      Another idea I've had is that I could warp geography even further but that feels lazy.

      My last idea is that WW isn't so cleanly lined up with BotW as I thought, and a different map may be in order. I've seen it theorized that Korok Forest is Forest Haven, and that Hebra is actually Dragonroost.

      Or I could be overvaluing the importance of Mother and Child _____ to an absurd degree.

      If anything is unclear do let me know, I'm usually writing these on my phone.

    • @SamCringe Hey, I'd love to get your reasoning for the old Lost Woods to be heind the Duelling Peaks by the way! The idea is certainly appealing, but I'm really having trouble accepting it based on the grounds it doesnt seem to match very well with how Kokiri Forest is usually depicted, it being that the Great Deku Tree or some Great Tree is in the middle of Faron Woods near the Sealed Grounds/Temple of Time and Floria Lake.

      I'm a believer that Ordon is the old Kokiri Forest settled by Ordonians, and the only link I can find to Ordon being by the Peaks is that there are pumpkins in Kakariko Village... that's about it I'm afraid!

      Really, I'm just very curious!
    • There wasn't much reasoning to it besides the fact that Kokiri Forest and the Lost woods in OoT seemed fairly level and flat, while the area around Lake Floria is very steep, and while Necluda and the Lost Woods are temperate, Faron is semitropical. Honestly I don't get too concrete with my theories, I'm pretty open to new ones simply because there is no one right answer in Zelda theorizing (which is why I love it!) Looking back on it, the area between Lake Hylia and Floria is fairly flat and could just as well be the same location as the old Kokiri Forest, which I think is what you're getting at.
    • It's absolutely what I'm getting at, and when it comes to geography especially you can't afford to be too concrete haha.

      I think Kokiri Forest would've lied around the Damel Forest or even in the Fural Plain. I took maps of BotW, SS, TP, and even OoT and did so many rotations. I simply circled locations like the Temple of Time/Sealed Grounds, Great Deku Tree/Faron Tree/Forest Temple, etc. etc. Then I compared these spots to their relative locations in BotW and just stuck where Kokiri Forest should be somewhere in that space,

      A lot of my process was just being very generalized. I didn't save that speculative map, sadly, but I did make a mockup of where Kokiri Forest could be. Still, part of me would like to place it in Necluda so the Faron region would be a little less cluttered, but I don't think it's quite as geographically sound. Then again if Lake Hylia can move in between locations in some games, or even Zora's Domain...
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