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  • Hello, and welcome to Zelda Universe -- the internet's largest Zelda fansite with the highest concentration of awesomeness per capita!

    Whether you're new to ZU, forums in general, or even just need a refresher on some things, this guide is here to help you get along with the rest of the community. It is organized into an index style to make it an easier read and quicker to find what you need to know. Each section will be summarized in this post, so simply click the underlined link to the subject you're looking for or just scroll down. I hope all this information is useful to you. If you have any further questions or feedback as to how this could be improved, feel free to PM @TruEdge67 or @RealmWings. Enjoy your stay at Zelda Universe!


    The Basics and General Forum Info
    Rules and Guidelines
    Warnings and Infractions
    Forum Leaders/Staff
    Posting New Threads
    General Posting
    Private Messaging
    Visitor Messages
    Changing the Text of a URL
    BB Code
    Avatars, Custom User Titles, and Signatures
    Name Changes
    Watching and Unwatching Threads
    Disabling Notifications
    Default Ranks

    Newbie Central
    Purpose of this Board
    Introducing Yourself
    Newbie Chit Chat
    Adoption Lodge
    Clan Placement

    The Forums
    Clan Boards
    Role Play Guild

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  • Rules and Guidelines

    ● The forums have a set of rules and regulations that all members must follow. They can be found here, or under the information tab at the top of the forums. It is imperative that you are familiar with them.

    ● Rules are enforced by moderators, but this does not mean they are above them. If you have a problem with a moderator's action or behavior you can respectfully bring it up with them, another mod, or an admin in private.

    ● If you see another user breaking the rules, do not take it upon yourself to set them straight. Use the report function to alert the moderators and they will handle it.

    Warnings and Infractions

    ● The forums operate on a 10 point system. If you reach 10 points from infractions, you will be temporarily banned.

    ● Formal warnings from moderators do not count toward infraction points, however if you continue breaking rules you will be infracted.

    ● Different infractions are worth different amounts of points. For a detailed account of the rules and infraction levels, click here.

    ● Major offenses such as harrassment and posting explicit material can result in an insta-ban, which is worth 10 points and does not expire. These cases are zero tolerance and you will not receive a warning.

    Forum Leaders

    If you ever have questions or concerns regarding a specific section of the forums, feel free to contact one of the moderators for that area!

    Clicking this link will take you to the list of all the moderators for these forums

    Posting New Threads

    When making a new thread, be sure to keep the topic in mind so it ends up in the correct board. For example, a thread about an indie game belongs in General Gaming, but a thread about your indie game should be posted in Advertising. If you aren't sure where a thread should go, it doesn't hurt to ask!

    ● Be sure to search for any threads similar to yours before posting. This can be done by browsing the first few pages or using the search function, which is at the top of every page. If you see an existing thread about your topic, you can post there instead as long as it is not older than 6 months! If you do post in an old thread, this is called necro-posting and is against the rules.

    ● If you wish to include a poll in your thread, be sure it has a relevant purpose and give varied options for other users to choose. To add a poll, simply click on the "Poll" tab underneath the text box. From there you can create a poll and customize it to your liking, including limiting the number of votes and when the poll ends.

    General Posting

    Proper grammar is not essential, but is appreciated by everyone reading your post. Avoid using abbreviations for phrases and use complete words (“you” instead of “u.”) However, if English is not your first-language it is understandable if you make mistakes!

    Put thought into your posts! If your post is just a line long, you should probably add to it before hitting that submit button. Also, if you agree with something someone above you posted, use the like button rather than wasting a post to say so. Exceptions to this would be in places like Forum Games where shorter posts are fine. Clan boards also tend to be more lenient about shorter posts.

    ● Keep your posts relevant to the thread topic and try to read through a thread to get a feel of the direction of the discussion. Any post that does not contribute to a thread's discussion is considered spam. However, there are some threads in which "spammy" posts are allowed such as in community threads and threads marked [Fun].

    Avoid double posting.
    This includes “bumping” your threads! The only exceptions to this are in sections such as the creativity corner, where an artist/writer can add new material to their thread.

    Private Messaging

    ● Private messages, or PMs, are used between members to have private conversations. The system is similar to email, except it exists within the forums. Your inbox can be found in the Conversations tab at the top of the page.

    ● When sending a mass PM to multiple participants, the conversation will act as a private thread or group message, with all members being able to view replies.

    ● If you receive a private message, you will be notified in your Conversations tab.

    ● The rules of the forums still apply to private messages. If you send someone a nasty message or break any other rule, your message can be reported and looked into. This will result in a moderator stepping in and could lead to warnings, infractions, or bans.

    Visitor Messages

    ● Visitor messages, or VMs, are a public communication feature of the forums similar to walls on Facebook. They are quicker than PMs, but keep in mind that they are public.

    ● Just like private messages, the forum rules also apply to VMs. Any inappropriate behavior in these messages will face the same consequences. If you feel someone is breaking rules or harassing you, please use the report feature and a mod will take care of it.

    ● However, unlike private messages, the sending/replying process is not so apparent, especially for newer members. To send a VM, you must be on a user's profile page. To reply to a VM, you must either be on the other user's profile page or click “reply” in the left-corner of a message. The latter option allows you to keep track of the conversation in it's own thread.

    Changing the Text of a URL

    To change the text of a URL to something specific, click the link button in the editor and select "Insert Link". Now copy and paste the URL you wish to link where it says "URL" and then where it says "Text" put what you'd like your link to say. Here's an example: Newbie Central

    BB Code

    ● BB code is the code used in posts to do things such as change font or create lists. The easiest way to use it is in the advanced reply page. The quick reply box does not include all of the options, so you should only use it if you know the code. Items that you wish to change must be in-between the code ( ] stuff [ )

    ● To quote someone, you can either use the quote button at the bottom of a post or copy text into a quote box as seen below. To do this, click the quote button in the editor, type the name of the person you're quoting where it says "author", put the post number where it says "source", and then hit submit.

    TruEdge67 wrote:

    This is a quote. Amazing right?

    This puts the text into a bracket and is much easier to read than long text in quotation marks.

    ● To hide spoilers you have two options.

    • Spoiler Tags - This will put everything between the spoiler brackets in a spoiler tag you can click to reveal the contents. These should be used if you want to post large amounts of images or videos. If you want your spoiler tag to have a name put an = after the word spoiler in the first tag. Like this: [spoiler=custom spoiler name]
    • Black Bar Spoilers - These will put a black bar over your text making it only visible if someone puts their mouse cursor over it.
    Here's an example of both spoilers:

    Display Spoiler
    Spoilers can be pretty useful!

    Black Bar Spoilers can be pretty useful too!

    ● To post images, just copy and paste them in the editor. You can also post them by inserting the image link between [img][/img] tags. The link must lead to an image and not the webpage it's on. It's recommended that you just copy and paste the images in the editor as it's much easier and more convenient.

    ● To post youtube videos, copy and paste the url of the video in the editor and the video will appear when you hit submit.

    Avatars, Custom User Titles, and Signatures

    Avatars, custom user titles, and signatures are a great way to express yourself outside of regular posting! However, there are some things you need to know and keep in mind when using them. Like anything else on the forums, they must follow the rules. No explicit images/text, and links must lead to something considered Safe For Work.


    To change your avatar go the the top of the page, click on your profile, and click avatar under user account. From the Avatar Management screen click upload and select an image from your pc to use as an avatar. The recommended size for avatars is 500x500 pixels, but you can use larger images too. They will be downscaled if possible. You can even use an animated gif as an avatar if it's 128x128 pixels big!

    Custom User Titles

    To make a custom user title, click on your profile and the top of the page, click edit profile, and right under where it says "Personal Details" type what you'd like to appear as your custom user title. Remember to follow the rules and don't put anything inappropriate or offensive.


    To change your signature go to the top of the page, click on your profile, and click signature under user account. From here you can add images and text to your signature. Some images need to be copy and pasted from places like imgur because the bb code exceeds 1000 words. Videos are not allowed in signatures.

    ● Many users use text with different colors and fonts to make their personal links and quotes pop. Doing so is similar to making font bold or italicized, simply use the code options to add font and color tags. You may also use colors that are not automatically included in ZU's options by putting the hex code of the color you want to use between quotation marks. This site can help you choose a color!


    Ever wanted to see this site a different way? Change the style! Styles let you change the appearance of ZU. The current style you are using now is called "Temple". There are a total of four styles: Temple, Throwback, Blue Temptation, and Woltlab Basic. To change the style of the site, go to the top of the site and click on your profile. Then click on "General" under "Settings". Now at the very top of the page click on "Default Value" under "Styles". From here you can select one of the four styles. Try them all out and see which one is for you!

    Here's what the other three styles look like!

    Name Changes

    You are allowed to change your username every 6 months. To do so, go to your settings and click on Account Management. Changes between upper or lower case are allowed at any time.
    If you want to make other very minor changes to your name before 6 months, ask an administrator and they might let you change it.

    ● Name changes must not be inappropriate and should not impersonate another member. Users that do not follow the username guidelines will be reverted to their previous name and will be given a 4-point infraction.

    ● If you change your name, it is best to announce it in the stickied Community thread in Community Central so people will know who you are!

    Watching and Unwatching Threads

    ● By default, posting in a thread makes you automatically watch it. You can also watch a thread by going to the top-right of the page, click on manage subscription, and then click watch this thread. If you want to stop receiving notifications for a thread, follow the same steps as before, but click unwatch this thread instead.

    ● If you want to turn off auto-subscriptions, click on your profile and click general under settings. From here uncheck "Automatically watch threads when I have replied to them" and it will disable auto-subscriptions.

    Disabling Notifications

    To disable notifications click on your profle and then click notifications under settings. From here you can turn off notifications for anything you want. Just uncheck the box next to what you want to turn off. If you don't like receiveing many notifications from the same thread each day, it is recommended to uncheck "Notify me of new replies in watched threads". This will stop you from receiving notifications every time someone posts in a thread.

    Default Ranks

    Beneath every username is a title that either corresponds to their post count or is customized. These are the default user ranks you will receive based on your post count if you have no custom user title.

    Default Ranks
    » Deku Scrub – 0
    » Anouki – 30
    » Kokiri – 60
    » Gerudo Thief – 100
    » Mogma – 150
    » Goron – 200
    » Zora Warrior – 300
    » Twili – 400
    » Sheikah – 500
    » Hylian – 600
    » Cucco – 666
    » Skyloftian – 667
    » Knight of Skyloft – 800
    » Royal Hylian – 900
    » Sage of Wisdom – 1000
    » Spirit of Seasons – 1500
    » Guardian Dragon – 2000
    » Light Spirit – 3000
    » Hero of Time – 10000

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  • Purpose of this board

    Hello and welcome to Newbie Central! This is a place to learn how the site works, meet new people, join clans, seek help, and introduce yourself to the community.

    Introducing Yourself

    One of the best ways to introduce yourself to the community is to make an introduction thread. Tell people a little about yourself and feel free to ask any questions you want. Our community is full of friendly people that will love to talk with you and lend a helping hand if you need it.

    Newbie Chit Chat

    The main chat thread of Newbie Central. This is a great place to get to know the other members of the community. Go ahead and talk about anything your heart desires! Our community has many people that love to talk about all kinds of things.

    The Adoption Lodge

    The adoption lodge is where you can be paired up with a veteran member of ZU to show you the ropes and get you acclimated to the site. Just say that you want to be adopted and one of our adopters will gladly help you with anything you need. For more info go here: The Adoption Lodge

    Clan Placement

    This thread is for joining clans. Clans are a smaller, more personal community, and are a great way to make new friends! There are three clans: Nayru, Din, and Farore. To find out which clan is best for you, check out the descriptions in the clan placement thread. Another great way to pick a clan is to go meet members of each clan and see which ones you get along with the most. If you're still not sure which clan you'd like to join, you can take the clan test by pming one of the mods and they will tell you which clan the test thinks fits you best. Head on over to the Clan Placement thread and join a clan today!

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  • There are many different things to do on ZU. Below is a list of all the boards and what each of them is for.


    Zelda Wiki
    If you've got something you want verified, got things to share to contribute to the wiki, problem reports, feedback, questions and/or suggestions, or even just general discussion. Anything related to the wiki can be talked here.

    Help and Feedback
    Need help, have a suggestion, or want to report a problem with the site? Well this is the section for you! Just ask for help in our "How do I?" General Help Thread and someone will gladly help you with anything you need. If you have a bug you'd like to report or have suggestions for the site, by all means make a thread here and tell us!


    General Zelda
    This section is for all things Zelda. Anything from the games, characters, story, gameplay, music, ect. go here.

    Modern Zelda
    This section covers everything from the Wii/DS era to Breath of the Wild. All discussions about the more recent Zelda games belong here.

    Classic Zelda
    This section covers everything from everything from the NES games that started it all to the GCN/GBA era. All discussions about the classic games belong here.

    Future Zelda
    Want to discuss the future of the series or share some ideas for future games? This is the section for that.

    This is where all of our theorist gather to discuss the lore of the series and come up with various theories.


    Community Awards
    This is where the Summer and Winter awards are held. Twice a year we give out all kinds of awards to the members of our community. Anyone can participate by nominating and voting for other members during the awards.

    Community Central
    This board is for various community events like Mafia, ZUer of the Month, Question of the Week, Karaoke, and many other things! Aside from events, there is our Scrapbook and Pet Gallery thread where users share all kinds of pictures with the community.

    General Chit-Chat
    This is our main chat board. Hang out with the rest of the community over in Chit Chat HD Remix or browse many of the interesting topics that are posted here.

    Serious Discussion
    As the name implies, this board is for more serious discussions involving things like politics and religion.

    General Gaming

    This board is for discussing all things video games. Check out General Gaming Arcadia and talk with others about various games or visit one of the many threads dedicated to specific franchises.

    Love movies, tv shows, and music? This board is the place to be! Talk about all your favorite pieces of media here.

    Creative Corner
    Everything from your artwork, photographs, stories, lets play's and more! We also hold contests once a month.

    Forum Games
    A fun place to hang out with other members and play various games. Forum games are great if you just want to kill time or joke around with other members.

    This board is for advertising things like your website, stuff you have for sale, your youtube channel, and anything else you'd like to plug.

    -Clan Boards-

    Clans are a smaller, more personal community. Each clan board has a main chat thread where most of the clan gathers to hang out and chat. There are also tons of other various topics to check out.

    -Role Play Guild-

    Role Play Discussion
    This is the board for all discussions about RPing on ZU, as well as the home to the bulk of the rules.

    Tales of Characters
    This is where you'll find half of the RPing on ZU. In this section, players make a character and then pair them up with other players' characters to make an RP.

    Tales of Worlds
    This is home to the other half of ZU's RPs live. In this section, Dungeon Masters make game threads for a particular setting (which can include unoriginal worlds from video games, movies, etc) and players design a character specifically to use in that RP.

    Dungeons and Dragons
    What it says on the tin. This is where Dungeons and Dragons and related board games reside. If you have a campaign you're looking to set up, roleplays to flesh out the story or just discussion in general, this is where to do it.

    The Archives
    Old RPs live here for when we feel nostalgic and want to blow the dust off.

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