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    Newbie Chit Chat's Pawful Palace: Jigglypuff Edition

    • Hello newbies and oldbies, welcome to the Newbie Chit Chat thread - your one stop shop for talking about whatever you wanna talk about! In here you can relax and converse with members old and new alike, get to know some of our newbies, and show them around as needed.

      So tell us how you're doing, tell us about your day, or just stop in to tell us what brought you to ZU. The world - or at least this thread - is your oyster!

      For Newbies!

      Hey there! If your new to the site, welcome! This is a fun place, but it's a big one - and it can be daunting. So what are some steps you can take to get in on the fun? Well...

      As always, if you ever need any help around the forums any one of our moderators will be glad to help you. There are a ton of other members who are great too, so never hesitate to message someone randomly. If you haven't yet, read the rules and have a great time getting know others on ZU. =)

      For Oldbies!

      Been on ZU for a while? Not a problem! Your activity in this thread and this section in general is encouraged. What are some things you can do to help some newbies out?

      • Post in this thread!
      • Message them on their wall!
      • Welcome them in their welcome thread!
      • And most importantly - talk to them!

      Making friends is great for everyone - doubly so if you're new and don't know anyone. Be nice!

      *Thanks to @Sólsetur for creating this new chat thread for us.

      Questions of the Day we've done so far:
      Questions of the Day

      • What's your favorite kind of ice cream? - TruEdge67 - August 5th, 2018
      • What's your favorite fruit? -TruEdge67 - August 7th, 2018 (This was a question of the night.)
      • What do you like more, cats or dogs? - TruEdge67 - August 7th, 2018
      • What game systems do you own? - TruEdge67 - August 9th, 2018
      • What's your favorite anime? - TruEdge67 - August 12th, 2018
      • Will Tru win or DLR lose? (don't know why I'm including this lol) - TruEdge67 - August 13th, 2018
      • What's your favorite video game? - TruEdge67 - August 14th, 2018
      • Which is better, hot weather or cold weather? - TruEdge67 - August 16th, 2018
      • What's your favorite Zelda game and why? - TruEdge67 - August 18th, 2018
      • What is/was your favorite and least favorite subject in school? - TruEdge67 - August 20th, 2018
      • If you could switch bodies with one person for a day, who would it be? - BackSet-Chan - August 22nd, 2018
      • What is one thing about your life you hope never changes? Bonus question: What's your favorite candy or sweet snack? - Guinea - August 23rd, 2018
      • What's your favorite cereal? - TruEdge67 - August 24th, 2018
      • Do ya have any nicknames? - BackSet-Chan - August 27th, 2018
      • What's your favorite kind of muffin? - TruEdge67 - August 30th, 2018
      • What's your favorite kind of donut? - TruEdge67 - September 12th, 2018
      • What's your favorite kind of music? - TruEdge67 - September 16th, 2018
      • What's your dream job? - TruEdge67 - September 21st, 2018
      • If you could have one superpower what would it be? - TruEdge67 - September 23rd, 2018
      • If you were a piece of chocolate (like the fancy filled kind) what kind of chocolate would you be? - GamerKitty205 - September 24th, 2018
      • What are some of you're favorite smells? - TruEdge67 - September 27th, 2018
      • What came first? The chicken or the egg. - GamerKitty205 - September 28th, 2018
      • If you could visit any place in the world, where would you go? - TruEdge67 - October 3rd, 2018
      • If you could have any character you wanted added to Smash, who would they be? - TruEdge67 - October 5th, 2018
      • Who are some of your favorite fictional characters? - TruEdge67 - October 8th, 2018
      • What time of the day do you sleep? - Amber the Gay Fox - October 11th, 2018
      • If you watch youtube, who's your favorite youtuber? - Embalistico - October 11th, 2018
      • What's your favorite holiday? - TruEdge67 - October 15th, 2018
      • What's your favorite color? - TruEdge67 - October 16th, 2018
      • What's the worst game you've ever played? - TruEdge67 - October 17th, 2018
      • What’s your favorite thing about TruEdge67 - Serenade of a Star! - October 19th, 2018
      • Who is your waifu/husbando? - TruEdge67 - October 20th, 2018
      • What are some of your favorite horror movies? - TruEdge67 - October 21st, 2018
      • What is your favorite thing about Serenade of a Star!? - TruEdge67 - October 22nd, 2018
      • What's your biggest fear? - TruEdge67 - October 28th, 2018
      • What's your favorite kind of dessert? - TruEdge67 - November 5th, 2018
      • IN TEA/OTHER HOT BEVERAGES, DO YOU PREFER WHITE OR BROWN SUGAR? - Violothesheikahboy - November 9th, 2018
      • Can you speak any foreign languages and if so what? - TruEdge67 - November 13th, 2018
      • If you could time travel to any one point in time, where would you go? - TruEdge67 - November 14th, 2018
      • Are you going to get something from Cyber Monday or Black Friday madness? - GuardianFin - November 17th, 2018
        Is there something special you're looking forward being a top bargain?
      • Do you like mudkips? - TruEdge67 - November 20th, 2018
      • If you could be any animal, what would it be? - TruEdge67 - November 21st, 2018
      • What are you thankful for? - TruEdge67 - November 22nd, 2018.
      • If you had a million dollars what would you do with it? - TruEdge67 - November 23rd, 2018
      • If you found out one of your ZU friends here was a bot the whole time, how would you react? - TruEdge67 - November 24th, 2018
      • What are your hobbies? - TruEdge67 - November 25th, 2018
      • What's your favorite kind of egg dish? - TruEdge67 - November 26th, 2018
      • What are some of your favorite video game franchises? - TruEdge67 - November 28th, 2018
      • What's your favourite ride at the amusement park, or do you prefer the games and festivities? - Colu - December 1st, 2018
      • What's your favorite kind of cake? - TruEdge67 - December 3rd, 2018
      • Who are your favorite characters to play as in Smash so far? - TruEdge67 - December 11th, 2018
      • What's your favorite pokemon? - TruEdge67 - December 15th, 2018
      • What are your favorite drinks? - TruEdge67 - December 18th, 2018
      • Do you have traditions for New Years Eve? - GuardianFIN - December 28th, 2018
      • What are your plans and goals for 2019? - Skywing - December 30th, 2018
      • Make an acronym of your name! - RealmWings - January 4th, 2019
      • What's your favorite kind of pizza? - TruEdge67 - January 5th, 2019
      • What's Your Favorite Sport? If you aren't that interested in sports, which one looks most interesting? - Realmwings - January 15th, 2019
      • What is the stupidest thing you've ever named any character, be they one you written or one in a video game? - BackSet-Chan - January 22nd, 2019
      • Do you have a game or games you find yourself returning to? - GuardianFIN - January 30th, 2019
      • What's your favorite and least favorite thing about Winter? - TruEdge67 - January 31st, 2019
      • What's your favorite season? - TruEdge67 - February 8th, 2019
      • If you could only choose to be tiny or giant what would you rather be? - TruEdge67 - February 11th, 2019
      • If you could teleport what would you do with that power? - BackSet-Chan - February 13th, 2019
      • What's everyones favorite anime movie? - Guinea - February 24th, 2019
      • How would you conquer the world? What's your plan? - RealmWings - March 8th, 2019
      • What are your favorite snacks? - TruEdge67 - March 14th, 2019
      • What's your favorite thing about summer? - RealmWings - March 18th, 2019
      • Which do you prefer. Guitar or flute music? - Emerald Isle - April 23rd, 2019

      New to the site and curious what a question of the day is? Come chat with us and find out!

      A big, heartfelt, thank you to everyone that has helped me and this thread by asking your own questions of the day!

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    • I moved some posts here from clan placement. Please try to keep your conversations in this thread instead of the clan placement thread. It not only makes the clan placement thread less cluttered, but it also helps breath life into this thread. The old Newbie Chit Chat thread was barely used and I'd love if that could be different for this new one. Thanks for understanding guys! I hope you all have a great day! :DD

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