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    But, how old do you _feel_?
    • What's your "cultural age"? Not even talking about your actual age. Talking about what age you feel. This can be in relative terms or, hell, just throw a number out there.

      I had a moment, today. I was sitting there, surrounded by people that are pretty close to my own age. They were all reminiscing about the shows that they watched when they were kids or young adults. I had absolutely no idea what the fuck they were talking about. A coworker several decades older than me walked up and was also completely lost. We sort of sympathized with our own ignorance as I saw the unspoken question hovering in everyone's eyes. "No, really, how old are you?! Seriously? Really!?"

      See, you can't really ask anyone "how old are you" at my job, because (A) it's rude and (B) you risk getting into trouble with HR. Thus, people are always trying to use indirect methods to guess ages - cultural clues, the shows that people grew up with, and other things like that. I've found that my age is basically impossible for anyone to guess.

      I get along really well with two groups of people - people that are over 50 years old and people that are under 23. So, I guess this means that I feel like I'm either a senior citizen or a god damned kid.

      Funny enough, I get along pretty badly with people that are around my same age. They tend to take themselves super seriously and are laser focused on #adulting, while I think that those over 50 no longer give a fuck about that stuff and those under 23 tend to have not quite learned to give a fuck.

      Because of all of this, I think I'm forever doomed to reside in a really bizarre cultural space. :v:
    • That depends. When my chronic pain condition is acting up I feel older than I actually am because I'm more limited in what I can do till it gets better. When that isn't happening, I still feel like I'm in my late teens/very early 20's, just more knowledgable and experienced than I was back then. It really is scary how time flies as you get older. Honestly it really doesn't feel like it was that long ago that I was in high school. 10 years have come and gone in what feels like only 3 or 4 years.
    • I'm 25. In some ways, I feel like I'm older; I joke that I'm an old man because I can't stay up to ungodly hours anymore and usually go to bed around 10PM lol.

      And in other ways I feel like a child, namely the fact that I am completely dependent on my parents and am a worthless layabout without a job. It's honestly really depressing.
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    • i'll be 24 in a month. i've felt largely the same since about 18 or 19 despite the ever changing slew of responsibilities. even having just moved out, not a whole lot has changed. i'm still just doing whatever the family member running the place asks of me. i still don't have much drive for any personal growth or whatnot. i only really care about enjoying whatever is already right in front of me. i'm gonna need to change my outlook sooner than later if i want to maintain my current living conditions in some many years time or less. as is though, the thought of living my entire current lifespan at least twice more over is still a frightening and very tiring prospect to me.
    • Not meaning to get depressing or anything, but here we go. I have trouble interacting with people. I have a lot of social anxiety, and it consistently gets me to be weird and awkward around people, so even 16 year olds who work with me "baby" me, and this has been a consistent theme throughout my life of people "babying" me, which sucks doubly hard because that's the fear that my social anxiety causes the most, that people are underestimating me, and as such it effects how I feel about myself, so I tend to view most people I interact with as "older" then me, even if they're younger. Thus I guess you could say that I view myself as pretty young.
    • So... i don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 32! Harnessing my Taylor Swift singing voice. Generally I feel about 30ish because I have a job, pay bills, do adulting things like invest in retirement, go to bed at 10pm, and I have to stretch more than I used to after a workout or just regularly!

      But oftentimes I also feel like I’m 15 because how do I still celebrate birthdays and accomplishments? By eating sweets, getting myself a video game, and playing it for hours on end. I also spend my money on donuts and pop tarts. Granted they are GOURMET donuts and pop tarts because I am an adult and can thus get the fancy pastries. But still, buying sweets nonetheless..

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    • Compared to the main group of active users on here, I'm on the younger side in terms of my actual age. Physically, I feel pretty much the same.

      Scarly Crow wrote:

      Funny enough, I get along pretty badly with people that are around my same age.
      Sometimes I feel this way too but for different reasons. Not with my close friends of course, but just my general age group. I've noticed that we tend to pull a lot of stupid crap both on ourselves and others. So I guess I feel slightly older mentally.

      I have an immature sense of humor though, which I strongly dislike. -_-;;
    • I for one feel much older than I actually am. Which kind of physically makes sense because I look older than I am. I have a stronger sense of responsibility and like philosophy a lot more than most people my age, despite the fact I kind of fluctuate between seeming like the most childish one out of my friends to one of the more mature and grounded.

      So I feel like [REDACTED] while I am actually [REDACTED]

    • (Man that would have worked a lot better if I was actually sixteen).

      I am currently twenty-three. I don't know if I really feel like my age. Most of the time I feel like a dumb kid who is somehow allowed to live on her own and pay bills. :P I look baby-faced enough to get carded at casinos and bars and junk (which is fair since I am barely past the age marker).

      The part of me that really makes me feel old is when I discuss my music tastes. When I was in middle and high school I'd listen to 70's/80's rock/pop almost exclusively (the likes of Billy Joel, David Bowie, ya' know), and barely to anything my peers listened to. That is until the magical day I heard the beautiful voice of Robert Goulet for the first time. ...Then my tastes in music shifted back about ten to twenty-ish more years. At least Dschinghis Khan put me back forward into the 70's/80's. :3 Turns out not many people in my real life around my age listen to 1980's eurodisco or 1960's/70's ...pop? showtunes? I'm bad with genres.
    • For awhile now, I've said that I feel 100+ on the inside...I'm just a wise, old Witcher at heart, sick of the world's bullshit and trying my best to help others put up with it too. I've gone through my own share of shit in life, but on top of that, there's been the painful stories and experiences I've heard from all sorts of other good people I've come across in my time, and in a lot of instances, I've even helped some of those people make it through other tough times that eventually came up while I was in their life. It's all weathered me down and helped shape me as a person, allowing me to mature and become quite wise at a much younger age than most, which then in turn lead to me just becoming someone that a lot of my friends have come to for advice and moral support, as I implied previously. Granted, I am very much capable of joking around and such, as many are no doubt aware, but typically, my overall personality has resulted in people guessing me to me quite a few years older than I actually am due to how "eloquent" I can be. Honestly made a bit of a habit out of having people guess my age at first due to this, since it's fun to see the impressions each person may get from me.

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    • i am 28 and i hate this question

      see i am a community organiser and youth worker, and the activists i work with are all young women between the ages of 16 and 25. in the office i think that most people see me as like, 'the youth worker guy' because i also dress with a lot of flair and fashion, something that isn't really "old". you can still be well dressed and "old" but that usually means you are 'classy' and wear 'classic' looks. you get what i mean?

      likewise my sense of humour and manner of being in spanish with my people can be very very loud, very silly. but in english and at work, i am a very reserved, serious, well educated and well spoken person. so i'd imagine a lot of people saying that i am 'an old soul' in that regard.

      old and young have these socially constructed ideas to them that i really worry carry negative social connotations in some aspects. not to say one is better than the other, but there are assumptions made about your maturity when you are young.

      i think people would say that i am definitely very mature, and adult, but i am also very silly and reckless. so where does that leave me? am i old, am i young? am i an adult or a child? i really don't like the 'old or young' dichotomy. kinda just wish people would see people as people, but eh

    • At 28, in the context of Zelda Universe I am very old, as someone who's been here for 15 years. I'm basically a ZU grandpa. I can wave my walking stick and talk about the good old days.

      In my local community area though most of the people involved tend to be older or even retirees, so there I am identified as a "youth", a category which covers everyone from about 13 to 35.
    • Scarly Crow wrote:

      I get along really well with two groups of people - people that are over 50 years old and people that are under 23. So, I guess this means that I feel like I'm either a senior citizen or a god damned kid.
      : (

      I dunno, I'm not sure how old I feel because I don't really know what 25 is supposed to be. I will say this though... I don't recover from injury like I used to! I bruised my tailbone months ago and I still struggle to sit comfortably. Haha.

      I think I'm a mixed bag, and it depends on the situation. Like at work everyone is 55+ so I feel like a baby. Haha.

      At home? I feel very old. Probably largely to do with the roommates, how different we are and how often they look at stuff I do and say "wow you're an old man". We have very different daily routines. Haha.