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    ZUvengers MK III: Raiders of the Lost Clan.
    • Ages ago there was a great battle between Angels and Demons for an item called the Zero Artifact. These battles are enacted out in modern day by users in the AvD thread. What these users don’t know is that the Artifact was claimed by neither the Angels or Demons. Instead it was claimed by a group known as the Neutrals. They used the Zero Artifact to fix the multiverse and then sealed it away in the Hylia Clan to stop it’s terrible power from ever being unleashed and used for evil. After that the Hylia Clan was lost to the mists of time.

      Since then three new clans cropped up. Din, Nayru, and Farore. Named after the three daughters of the Goddess Hylia. These goddesses have shown displeasure with a certain group of heroes who have destroyed modern day forum city. Now, these heroes, the ZUvengers, must go on a quest to find the Lost Hylia clan and regain the favor of the Goddesses and the people. Can they do it? Only time will tell.


      Linkara slowly opened his eyes and looked around. Where the hell was he? And why did he have a splitting headache? He put his hand to his head. He couldn't see much. He rubbed his eyes and looked around. He was in a jungle and all the other ZUvengers were strewn about, unconscious. There were some ruins too. And right in front of them was a huge old stone gate with a shield at the top emblazoned with the letters ZU.
    • epicstar woke up next. He recognized some of his former comrades on the ground, and realized that he was back. This wasn't the way he thought it would happen, but he would have to make it work. Linkara was already up and was investigating the area. epic walked over to him. "What happened here?" he asked, hoping that increasing his looks gave him a sufficient disguise.

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    • GamerKitty had conveniently woken up in the shade. She looked around, it seemed like they were in a a jungle, they being her and a couple of the other ZUvengers. Some of them were clearly absent like X-Metal. GamerKitty stood up and walked out..... Right into a patch of sunlight.

      "Hisssshssssshshshsptssssssksksskskshdgssstttt," At contact with sunlight she let out a eldritch sounding hiss.

      GamerKitty jumped back into the shadows. Had the sun always been that bright? Or well less of had it been that bright and more of had it ever been so annoying and hurt as much. Yeah, she had been weak to light before, but now, yikes. Had they gotten weaker? She quickly took inventory of all her items..... Which was nothing except her phone (the data was working surprisingly) her 3ds (full battery), a few pens and her notebook, devoid of spells.
    • "Extra... jalapenos... please..." Guinea said, dreaming of a tasty lunch. Oh man, it was great: a ham and turkey sub, salt and vinegar chips, a slice of peach cobbler. And a big jug of sake. Hell yeah! But wait... he was a cyborg. He didn't need to eat. Sake was still good, though.

      Guinea woke up and immediately stood. He looked around and tried to scan. He couldn't do it.

      "What the hell?" he said, looking at his hands and then touching his face. "I'm... uh... back to normal? What is going-"

      He saw Linkara, Epic, and GamerKitty on their feet. They looked... different? Kinda? Guinea checked his robes, finding only three scrolls. The weakest ones he had. Crap.

      No Guinea Mobile. Sake jug full, thank Hylia.

      Also concealed on his person were three masks. The Stone Mask, granting invisibility, the Keaton Mask, which summons that Pikachu looking thing, and the Mask of Truth, which gets the facts. Nice.

      "Hey guys, are we dead?" asked Guinea.
    • epic flicked his arm. Pain.

      "I think we're still alive. Where we are exactly, we can only guess." he said. These might be the ruins of ZU, but there wasn't really a way to prove that. epic didn't have time for speculation. It was time to solidify the facade.

      "I'm Cynik, by the way. I've heard of you guys. The ZUvengers, right?" epic said. Hopefully this would work.
    • "Haha, very funny Epic" GamerKitty said sarcastically. "Don't play the amnesia and or body switching on us. You're obviously faking."

      GamerKitty pulled up her hoodie over her head and walked into the sunlight. It still was annoying, but not as much as before. This would take some getting used to. She guessed they weren't dead, but hey, in some afterlives you can probably feel pain. GamerKitty looked around for B-rod.

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    • Ouch. "What? I don't look anything like him! I'm twice as tall as him, I have brown hair, and I'm not wearing a strange yet oddly fashionable hat! What would leave you to believe that I'm a superhero?" epic said. "Besides, didn't he turn evil or something? And he had wings, right! I don't have those! Just some dice and a smartphone."
    • Guinea felt sick. How was he turned back into a human? Everyone seemed nerfed in a way. He didn't understand, but whatever. They were ok. Except maybe Epic. He was probably in shock.

      "Everyone, get your bearings. Where is B-rod? The other's aren't here."

      Guinea looked around some more.

      "This jungle is dense, and probably dangerous. We shouldn't split up," he said, then turned to face the gate, and the ruins beyond.

      "What's up with that place, I wonder?"
      :ghirahim: :cucco: :look: :tingle: :moon:

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    • "And you just stated several facts about him that no random person would really know seeming as anyone who wasn't there in the ZUvengers meeting wouldn't know any of this. You also have the same voice as Epic, which is suspicious. Lastly you don't act like someone who woke up around a bunch of strangers in a jungle. Oh and your altered looks could be a effect of us getting teleported here or magic." GamerKitty stated these like they were obvious facts.

      She took out her note book and wrote down a quick spell. It seemed like she couldn't cast spells, which was wonderful. Her umbrakinesis was still there thankfully, seems like she wasn't stripped of all her abilities.

      "Well it seems like an Indiana Jones movie, that for sure."

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    • "I have an ability that allows me to gather information from my surroundings. That's how I knew you were ZUvengers." epic lied. He got out his smartphone and started spending dice on Guinea's character sheet. "For example, Guinea's ability to summon the Guinea Mobile was removed and most of his scrolls are missing." He moved on to GamerKitty's. "You've been limited to basic spells and most of your weapons are gone." He tried to unlock Linkara's nerf, but he only had three dice points left." epicstar wouldn't be able to know that. Besides, if I was actually epicstar, I would probably be trying to kill you right now. None of your bodies were altered by the teleportation, so it's safe to assume that mine wasn't, either. As for the voice, well, coincidences happen." epic beat himself up inside. He hadn't thought about his voice!

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    • "Yet you mentioned wings, which, incase I'm incorrect have never seen epic with. Plus why would a random person be transported along with the ZUvengers. And due to all the chaos the fact that Epic was acting suspicious would only be known by a ZUvenger or himself. Also I don't think he was ever evil, he never showed any signs of it. And there is no guarantee that the teleporting didn't effect our bodies. Also you just showed obvious signs of a magic ability, which makes my claim of magic alterations more plausible."

      Would he just stop already? Like what were the chances that a random, unrelated person who had the same voice as epic would get teleported into the jungle next to them. But concerning their surroundings, well she had no idea. It looked like ruins, but of what?
    • epic sighed. He hadn't wanted to play this card, but if GamerKitty wasn't going to let up then he had no other option.

      "epicstar brother. I didn't want you to figure that out because of how he was acting towards you guys." epic took out his phone. "This ability allows me to get certain pieces of information about people. When I looked at his history, it said he was possessed by a spirit of balance. When I compared that with his behavior, it looked like he was trying to start an eternal war. I had debated going to help you guys, but I was just too much of a coward. Maybe that's why I teleported here with you guys. As for the looks, you'd be correct. This isn't my original form. I tried to make myself look as different from my brother as possible. I happen to like this form, though. People actually take me somewhat seriously now."
    • epic had played Majora's Mask, so he knew how this would go down. Guinea would know if epic was lying or not. If this was the real Mask of Truth, epic was screwed.


      The exact wording of the question was "Are you epic, or not". This could be refering to the person epicstar, but it could also be referring to being epic as in being amazing. epic, or rather Cynik, had lost all of his "epic" powers in the nerfing and now had to feed off of dice, thus making him "not epic".

      epic looked the mask straight in the eye and said "no".
    • Cynik scowled. "What, didn't like your answer? I'm sorry that I'm not the twin that tried to start an eternal war, but..." he stopped his phone vibrated in his pocket. One of his quests had been completed.

      -(1) Wait for B-rod to wake up without leaving the ruins
      -(4) Trick the Mask of Truth
      -(?) ...

      When the phone was tuned on, the second slot simply said "Wait until tomorrow." The last quest hadn't been decided yet and the first one wouldn't be complete until B-rod woke up. For now, Cynik had four more dice to do whatever he wanted with.

      The dice teleported into his hand. Cynik held them in his hand for a minute before dropping them on the ground.

      6, 5 2, 3 - a total of 8 more points. Not a bad roll. The blue dice turned red, which meant they were synchronized.
    • Well it was definitely Epic. Why was he pretending to be someone else anyway? She looked around. Guinea had asked what they should do. Well they couldn't leave yet so.....

      "We wait for B-rod I guess. And try to figure out what powers we have left."

      She picked up that mask. Or well, she picked up the pieces of the mask. They melded themselves back together. That was convenient..... She concluded it was just the magicalness of the masks and plot convenience. She thought it was a bit dark around, not that it bothered her. She just thought that it might help if there was more light. Suddenly a small ball of light formed in her hand. She crushed it within a second of it fully forming. So she could cast weak light spells. That would be so helpful. She sighed, the world was cruel sometimes.

      "They seem like magical dice. Don't be so suspicious of everything." GamerKitty said to Guinea still holding the dice.

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    • Guinea looked away.

      "Sorry Epic... I mean, Cynik. I don't know what's going on here. Maybe before you were a ZUvenger, you were someone called Cynik. I mean, I was a cyborg about an hour ago."

      Guinea took the mask from GamerKitty. "Thanks. Maybe I overreacted. I could've worded the question better."

      Guinea took a gulp of sake. Man, it tasted so much better now that he was human again.

      "We need a plan."
      :ghirahim: :cucco: :look: :tingle: :moon:

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    • epic wasn't really worried about them handling the dice. As long as they were synchronized, he had nothing to worry about. Well, he actually had a lot to worry about, but not the dice. He pulled out his phone and pressed the "Enhance" button. A new skill was exactly what he needed right now.

      Enhancing is particularly risky business, but epic had spent some dice on a success rate bump earlier. That was why he didn't have dice in any other catagory. A message popped up asking if he was really sure. He tapped yes. The results would be out in a few minutes, and there was no point in waiting.

      "A plan would definitely help, but we need B-rod awake if we're going to put it in action." epic said, not really focusing on what he was saying.

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