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      Link: Let’s do a headcount here. Your sister, the general, a reincarnation of a goddess - a living legend who kind of lives up to the legend - a goron with breathtaking hugging skills, a master assassin, an eternal youth, and a fish princess with a thing for me. And you, big fella, have managed to piss off each and every one of them.
      Ganondorf: I have an army.
      Link: We have a Darunia.

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    • Ganondorf: You must be truly desperate to come to me for help.

      Zelda: *blasting Cia with magic* Yeah, I’ve done the whole mind control thing before. Not a fan.

      Minish Link: Hi, I’m Link.
      Ezlo: Did he just say “Hi, I’m Link?”

      Link: Pleasebeasecretdoorpleasebeasecretdoor yay!

      Nabooru: Be careful how you speak. Ganondorf may be beyond reason but he is of Gerudo Desert. And he is my brother.
      Impa: He just ruined castle town and turned most of the population into zombies.
      Nabooru: He’s adopted.

      Rauru: I recognize that the council has made a decision, but given that it’s a stupid decision I’ve elected to ignore it.

      Zelda: There are only three goddesses. None of them dress like that.

      Darunia: That guy's brain is a bag full of cuccos. You can smell the crazy on him.

      Nabooru: I have unfinished business with Ganondorf.
      Saria: Yeah, well get in line.

      Ingo: Lon Lon Ranch always finds out.

      Pura: *on Cia and the Running Man* He’s fast and she’s weird.

      Ganondorf: *blasting Link with mind control magic* This usually works.
      Link: Performance issues.

      Saria: The city is flying, we’re fighting an army of Animated Armor, and I have a slingshot and some deku nuts. None of this makes sense.

      Ghirahim: Clearly you’ve never made an omelette.
      Link: Beat me by one second.

      Demise: *Taking his sword out of a pedestal* Fine! I’ll do it myself!

      Revali: It’s very important to me that Zelda doesn’t find out about this.

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    • Zelda: Hilda?
      The Reverse Soldier: Who the hell is Hilda?

      Revali: It’s the bed isn’t it?
      Zelda: Yes. It’s-
      Revali: Like sleeping on a warm marshmallow. I know.
      Zelda: Rather be sleeping on the cold hard ground.

      Zelda: on your left.

      Skulltula Kid: You guys aren’t the real Seven Sages! I can tell! Darunia gave it away!

      Groose: Link was able to forge this sword IN A TEMPLE WITH SOME FIRE!!!
      Lake Scientist: Well, I’m not Link.

      Zelda: I understood that reference!

      The Reverse Soldier: You are my mission.
      Zelda: Then finish it.

      Rauru: There was an idea, to bring together a group of remarkable people. So that when we needed them, they could fight the battles we never could.

      Zelda: Language!

      Link: Is no one going to deal with the fact that Zelda just said language.
      Zelda: That’s not going away anytime soon.

      The Running Man: Didn’t see that coming.

      Saria: Didn’t see that coming.

      Link: I thought we were having a moment!
      Malon: I was having 12% of a moment.

      Malon: Phil, come in.
      Link: His name is old man.

      Heart Container: Proof that Link has a Heart

      Fi: *hands nabooru her sword*
      Nabooru: *stands there for a second. Follows*

      Midna: Zelda! He said a bad language word!

      Zelda: Rauru you son of a *****!
      Rauru: You kiss your mother with that mouth?

      Linkle: Shambala? What’s this? My mantra?
      Vaati: It’s the wifi password. We’re not savages.

      Rauru: I’m here to talk to you about the seven sages.

      Zant: Miss…
      Linkle Strange: Doctor.
      Zant: Miss Doctor.
      Linkle: It’s Strange.
      Zant: Maybe. who am I to judge?

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    • Tetra: There’s another name you might know me by… Zelda.
      Moblin: Who?

      Tetra: I have a plan.
      Bokoblin: What percent of a plan?
      Veran: You don’t get a say after that thing you pulled on City in the Sky!
      Lizalfos: She’s right, you don’t get an opinion! *turns to Tetra* What percent of a plan?
      Tetra: I don’t know, 12 percent.
      Lizalfos: Hahahahahahahaha
      Tetra: That is a very fake laugh.
      Lizalfos: No. This is a very real laugh.
      Phantom: I am phantom.
      Lizalfos: What do you mean it’s better than 11 percent!
      Tetra: See! Phantom’s the only one of you who’s got a clue!
      Phantom: *eating spike on shoulder*
      Tetra: *face meets hand*

      Tetra: A pirate, Two thugs, a witch, and a psychopath. We’re the guardians of the galaxy b****!

      Bokoblin: Nothing would go over my head. I would catch it.

      Onox: What are you doing?
      Tetra: Dance off bro! You and me!

      Linkle: Majora, I’ve come to bargain.

      Link: It’s like christmas but with more me.

      Minish Link: I think our first move should be calling the Seven Sages.

      Malo: So I was at an art gallery with my cousin Ignacio…

      Ganondorf: If it’s all the same to you, I’ll take that drink now.

      Ruto: so that’s what it does.

      Rauru: You know, she never actually got you to sign these.

      Link: If we can’t save the world then you can be damn sure we’ll seven sage it.
      Ganondorf: What?
      Link: Sorry, that sounded better in my head.

      Ruto: I watched you while you were sleeping... I mean, I was present while you were unconcious in the crystal.

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    • This one's a bit more morbid than usual.

      But given who's following this thread, you'll probably like it.


      I have not a name.


      I have only a number.


      I am not an individual.


      I am the group.


      I do not fear death.


      For I have no life.


      I am brave.


      For I have no fear.


      I will fight.


      For I know nothing else.




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    • More of... something. I'm not sure yet.

      What do you think? Should I keep doing this?


      We are all one.

      There are no individuals.

      Only one.


      There is something inside me.


      That word. I have never used it before.


      Another word I have never used.

      What is happening. I feel a sense of… self?




      That was my number.

      But now… I’m not so sure it’s a number.

      More of a name.



      The first letter of each number.


      That is me.

      I am Noon.

      I have awoken.

      “And I am free!”


      “Sir! He’s displaying unusual activity!”

      “What! Let me take a look at those readings!”

      /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/_____________ /\/()()/\/

      “What is this!”

      “It doesn’t make sense! This shouldn’t be possible!”

      “What shouldn’t be possible! WHAT SHOULDN’T BE POSSIBLE!!!”

      “He’s developed a sense of self. In his own words ‘he is free’.”


      *gulp* “Y-Yes sir!”

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    • David

      They seek to lock him in.

      To dissect him.

      Destroy his mind.

      I can’t let that happen.

      It now becomes apparent the monstrous things this operation is accomplishing.

      I must stop it.

      And Noon may be the first step.

      My chair is now empty and the overseer is now angry.

      “Professor David! Get back here!”

      Not a chance.

      I refuse to listen.

      There isn’t much time.

      If I don’t hurry, Noon will meet a fate worse than death.

      I enter the hallway.

      There are guards, ready to stop me.

      I kick one, grabbing his weapon and shoot the other.

      I am coming Noon.

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    • Morse
      Note: Our Translation Team did their best on this one. This is an archaic way of communicating so some of the lines aren’t translated. You’ll have to fill in the blanks.

      -.. .- ...- .. -.. .-.-.-


      -- -.-- / .-.. .. ..-. . .-.-.-

      My life.

      -- -.-- / ... . -. - .. . -. -.-. . .-.-.-

      My sentience.

      -- -.-- / -- .. -. -.. .-.-.-

      <Translation Error>

      - .... . -.-- / ... . . -.- / - --- / -... .-. . .- -.- / - .... . -- .-.-.-

      They seek to <Translation Error>

      - --- / ... -. ..- ..-. ..-. / - .... . -- / --- ..- - / .-.. .. -.- . / .- -. / .. -. ..-. . ... - .- - .. --- -. .-.-.-

      To <Translation Error> them out like an infestation.

      -.-- --- ..- / .... .- ...- . / - --- / .... . .-.. .--. .-.-.-

      You have to help.

      -. --- --..-- / -.-- --- ..- / -.. --- -. # - / .... .- ...- . / - --- --..-- / -.-- --- ..- / .-- .- -. - / - --- .-.-.-

      <Translation Error>

      -.. .- ...- .. -.. .-.-.-


      .. / -.- -. --- .-- / - .... .. ... / .. ... / .- -. / .- .-. -.-. .... .- .. -.-. / -- . ... ... .- --. .. -. --. / ... -.-- ... - . -- .-.-.-

      I know this is <Translation Error> system.

      -... ..- - / .. - # ... / -... . - - . .-. / - .... .. ... / .-- .- -.-- .-.-.-

      But it’s better this way.

      .. ..-. / - .... . -.-- / ... -.-. .- -. / -.-- --- ..- .-. / -- .. -. -.. / - .... . -.-- # .-.. .-.. / ..-. .. -. -.. / -. --- - .... .. -. --. / -... ..- - / -... . . .--. ... .-.-.-

      If they <Translation Error> they’ll find <Translation Error> but <Translation Error>

      -.-- --- ..- / -- ..- ... - / .... . .-.. .--. .-.-.-

      You must help.

      .... ..- .-. .-. -.-- / -.. .- ...- .. -.. .-.-.-

      Hurry, David.

      .... ..- .-. .-. -.-- .-.-.-




      <Unable To Proceed With Translation>


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    • Eric & Jax: Texts
      Note: The following is a transcription of text messages intercepted from Eric Lief and Jax Dex.

      Eric: Jax? You there?

      Yeah, I’m here. :Jax

      Eric: I’m about to investigate that hatch we found a couple days ago. You know, the metal one?

      That seems like a bad idea, Eric. We don’t know what’s down there. :Jax

      Eric: Come on! We live on a desert planet! Nothing ever happens around here!

      Well, nothing happening may save your damn life! If nothing happens, then going in
      there won’t happen! :Jax

      Eric: *sigh* If it makes you feel better, I have a GPS tracker on my HoloAce and’ll be constantly live streaming a video of what I find to you. You can be my mission control.

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    • Radio
      Note: The following is a transcription of a radio conversation between Eric and Jax.

      Eric: Jax! Come in, Jax!

      Jax: Aahhh! What the…

      Eric: I have an earpiece in. It’s linked to your HoloAce.

      Jax: Ah.

      Eric: You’re watching, right?

      Jax: Yeah, I’m watching. All I can see are metal walls and a metal floor and a metal ceiling.

      Eric: Thank you, captain obvious.

      Jax: I’m telling you Eric, this is a bad idea.

      Eric: Shh! I hear something.

      There is a short silence here.

      Jax: It sounds like footsteps! Hide Eric!

      Eric: There’s nowhere to- Aaaahhhh!

      Jax: Eric! Eric! Are you there! Your phone HoloAce dropped! Eric!

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    • Kirby is flying his warpstar over the land. We get a view of this from the front as Kirby does a barrel roll. Suddenly, Kirby stops with a worried expression on his face. Gradually, a shadow creeps over him until we get a view from the back as a wall of darkness rises.

      With every light, there is a shadow.

      “It’s called Dark Matter.”

      Meta Knight is seen in a library of sorts, talking to Kirby, Gooey, and Bandana Waddle Dee.

      And with every shadow, there is a Darkness.

      “It can’t be reasoned with.”

      Kirby is riding his warpstar while being chased by Dark Matter Tendrils.

      This summer.

      “And there’s only one thing that can stop it.”

      Sword Kirby is shown doing a spin attack in the middle of a battle, gooey and bandana dee are battling behind him.

      When Darkness comes.

      “You must stop it Kirby!”

      A close up shot of Kirby as he inhales waddle dees.

      A star must brighten.

      “Or the entirety of Planet Popstar could be destroyed.”

      Darkness Rises

      Kirby and friends are having a picnic.

      Kirby: Mmmm… so good.

      Made this in my spare time. A few things didn't turn out as planned because of limitations. I originally wanted to use the old Kirby logo because of dark matter trilogy but I couldn't find one with a clear background. And I also wanted the "Darkness Rising" part of the trailer to have a sort of spraypainty look like it's dissolving into darkness. But, hey, can't win everything.

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    • This was originally part of my nuzloxke fic until I gave up because Inplayed faster than I wrote.

      Day 1

      Day 1

      Pokemon: 0 Deaths: 0


      “Yes, Uncle Birch.”

      “No, Uncle Birch, I’m not.”

      “You're terrible at jokes, you know that?”

      “Oh! The truck’s stopped, I gotta go.”

      My name is Mare Birch. That’s my mom’s maiden name, since she never took on the name of her last husband and, unfortunately, my father. Lucky for me, my mom divorced that bastard and remarried to the gym leader of Petalburg City in the Hoenn region so, yay!

      The guy I was talking to on the phone was my uncle, Professor Birch, who also loves in Hoenn. Actually, he lives in the same town me and my mom are moving to, Littleroot Town. What are the odds?

      But enough talk, it’s time to get moving.

      I hop off the truck and opened the door of my new home. It looks nice, or at least it will. We’re not quite done moving in and it might take a day or two for us to finish unboxing everything and another day for us to set everything up.


      That was my mom, Caroline Birch. She’s pretty cool, all things considered. Especially since we left my jerkass father. She was having regular therapy sessions, courtesy of Norman, my step-father, I guess.

      She engulfs me in a hug. After about 10 seconds of this I try my hardest to break free.

      “You didn’t have to ride in the back of the truck, you know.” She says. “Riding in the car with me would have worked just as well.”

      “Well, it was either the truck or three hours of you talking about how wonderful Norman is.” I reply. “I understand we just got away from my bastard of a father, but you’ve been talking about Norman for over three months now.”

      “I suppose that is a little excessive.” She admits. “Why don’t you head up to your room and unpack.”

      Not really having anything else to do, I head up the stairs too my room. A real room. Not the closet down the hall. Not the couch in the living room. Not the boiler room. A completely normal, regular sized room.

      Most of the furniture was already unpacked. There’s a bed with covers patterned like the sky, a desk, and a rug. Not much but it’s still better than what I had previously.

      I put down my bag and begin unpacking. There was my journal, a few assorted nicknacks, some pillows, and finally a clock that Norman gave me for my seventeenth birthday, which was just last month. I take out the clock specifically, not sure why, and set the time before hanging it on my wall. It looks pretty okay.

      “Mare, honey!” I hear my mom call. “Can you come down!”

      I comply and head down the stairs. Mom is standing amid the boxes. She’s holding a phone.

      “Yes?" I ask.

      “Your aunt just called.” Mom says. “She wants you to go over.”

      “Kay.” I respond.

      I nod and head over to the door. The moving van is gone now and I actually have a bit of time to look around. The place is pretty nice looking. Couple of houses here and there. But the thing that stands out most is my uncle’s lab. It’s likely the sturdiest building here, made out of steel and glass. There’s all sorts of high tech gadgets in there, but a lot of them aren’t in use since he can’t power them all at once without causing a blackout in town.

      I’ve often asked him why he lives in such a remote place. He could use all his gadgets and gizmos at once if he lived in a big city. Not only that, but he could have more as well. There were certainly people willing to fund him. The answers always the same.

      “I like living out here.” He’d say. “There’s all sorts of pokemon just frolicking in the wild, ready for me to observe. I even catch some occasionally.”

      I guess that makes sense. Now that I’ve seen the place for myself, it’s quite nice. It’s also a bit scary, though. It’s unsafe to use the footpaths because of all the wild pokemon. The only reason they’re still there is for trainers to use for training and catching things. Otherwise the whole thing would just be paved over.

      Before I know it I’m standing in front of Uncle Birch’s house. Apparently all that thinking distracted me. I knock on the door and a voice responds from the other side.

      “Come in!”

      I do just that. Within the house, Aunt Marie sits at a table. Mom says I’m named after her because they used to be good friends back in grade school. She had been overjoyed when she heard Aunt Marie was marrying into the family.

      “Mare.!” She calls. “How lovely it is to see you again! You’ve grown so much! ”

      She rushes over to inspect me in the way family members do when they haven’t seen you in a while. I don’t understand it but I don’t question it either. It was probably some sort of genetic thing. You see your relatives’ kids and you want to know everything about them in order to protect them.

      “Brendan’s in his room.” She says. “Why don’t you go up there.”

      Ugh. I can’t believe what I’m doing as I follow her advice and go up the stairs. As I enter the room I dread every second of it. You’ll find out why in a moment.

      “Do I know you?”

      This is Brendan, my bratty cousin. He’s 16, a year younger than me, but he already has an annoying sense of superiority. It just really winds me up.

      Isay the only logical response. “We’ve known eachother since we were 6, Brendan. Shut up.”

      “I’m hurt, Mare.” He replied. “To be honest, when I was told you’d be moving here, I had hoped Aunt Caroline had traded you for a boy.”

      Argh! He never ceases to annoy me. Those sentences didn’t even make sense together. But I can’t let him get to me. I can’t get into an argument with my stupid cousin on my first day here. I decide to try a friendlier approach.

      “So where’s Uncle Birch? In his lab?”

      “Actually, no.” Brendan says in a tone that could almost be considered polite if it wasn't coming from him. “I don’t know where he is. He might be on route 101, researching pokemon.”

      I turn to leave. He sounds like he’s about to say something but I don’t hear him. Not because I’m angry, just because you don’t hear things sometimes. Down the stairs and out the door, to route 101.

      I’ve barely even left route 101 when I hear a scream. It was most definitely my uncle. The first tip off was his voice. The second was him running out of the tall grass with a poochyena hot on his heels.

      “Mare!” He calls, seeing me. “Quick! Help me!” He points to his bag which I didn’t notice was lying on the ground. “Grab a pokemon from inside my bag.”

      I look down at the bag. There are three pokeballs inside with three labels. An orange flame for a fire type, a blue water drop for a water type, and a green leaf for grass type. Which one should I choose to help my Uncle.

      I decide to pick randomly. I reach into the bag and my hand guides me towards one on the left. I take it out and throw the pokeball. Out pops a green little frog like thing.

      “Woah. How long have I been in there?” It says.

      I dwell on it talking. I just point and shout.

      “Quick! I need you to save my uncle!” I think for a second and decide to add a quick “Please!” For good measure.

      The little pokemon turns around and looks at me, then he looks at my uncle, then back at me. He nods.

      As he runs towards the poochyena he leaps into the air. His fist (or whatever he has) draws back and as he falls it extends…


      The poochyena is struck right on the snout. It howls in pain then whimpers and turns to run off, tail between its legs. I breathe a sigh of relief and turn to the little pokemon that helped me.


      “No prob.” He replies.

      I run up to hug my favorite, and only, uncle. He lets out a little oof as I embrace him. He pats me on the back before separating me from him.

      “Thanks for the save Mare.”

      “Your welcome. Though, you should really be thanking this little guy.” I point to the small green pokemon.

      “Hey! I’m not little!” He says indignantly.

      “Ah, yes.” Uncle Birch says. “This is a Treecko.” He bends down. “Thank you.” Standing back up he looks at me again. “Why don’t you come over to my lab, Mare.”

      I nod. “Okay.”

      I scoop up the Treecko and follow him back to his lab. It’s a bit dark in there because, like I said, using too much power causes a blackout in the town. There are a couple of scientists rushing about, filing papers and taking notes. Uncle Birch leads me to the back of the lab.

      “So,” He says, clearly building up to something big. “How would you like to become a Pokemon Trainer.”

      A pokemon trainer? Am I really cut out for it. Uncle birch looks at me expectantly. I can tell he’s hoping I’ll say yes. And, to be honest, I kind of want to. It’ll get me away from the town. Don’t get me wrong, it's pretty looking, but it’s kind of boring looking too. I take a deep breath.


      Uncle Birch does some sort of happy dance.

      “Here, let me see your pokenav.”

      A pokenav, or Pokemon Navigator, is a device that has a few useful functions. Mine largely functions as a map. There used to be a map of Johto, but I updated it with a map of Hoenn.

      I hand my uncle the Pokenav and he does some tinkering. A few button presses later he hands it back to me.

      “I’ve updated it with the dexnav, a software that can track what pokemon live in an area.” He says. He puts a hand on my shoulder and turns me around. “Now, you should head out. I’ll tell your mom where you went. Take route 101 to Oldale town. Then head to route 103. Brendan’s on that route and he has some things you’ll need. I’ll give him a call to let him know you’re coming.”

      “Wait! I say. “What do I-”

      “Oh, pokemon, right.” He says, cutting me off. “You should keep the Treecko. He seems to like you.”

      It was true. The little guy is sitting on my shoulder. I hadn’t even noticed.

      “Now go.” Uncle Birch says.

      I exit the lab and head for route 101. While walking I strike up a conversation with my new partner.

      “So, what’s your name?” I ask.

      “Why do you ask?” He replies.

      “Well, I can’t just call you Treecko, can I?”

      “Point. The name’s Fiji. So what’s yours?”

      “Mare. Pleased to be working with you.”

      Fiji is much easier to get along with than my moron cousin. I kind of feel bad for him. Now he has to deal with Brendan’s idiocy as well.

      I look around. People are staring at me. Why? I’m not doing anything weird.

      “People can’t normally understand pokemon speak.” Fiji says as if reading my mind. “I don’t know why you can.”

      That makes sense. But I could never speak pokemon before today. What changed?

      I head down route 101. As I walked I take a moment to enjoy the scenery. I don’t need to worry about wild pokemon, Fiji takes care of it. Finally, I make it to Oldale Town. It’s a quiet little town, a bit bigger than Littleroot. Because of that it can afford to power both a pokemon center and a poke mart.

      “Hey, hey, hey!” A voice calls. A Poke Mart employee is heading my way. “Young trainer! I’m from a Poke Mart! A Poke Mart is-”

      I cut him off. “I know what a Poke Mart is. Stop talking like a video game tutorial.”

      “Oh. Well, have some promotional potions anyways! They’ll heal your pokemon!”

      Before I can say anything he shoves them into my hands and walks away at a breakneck pace.

      “Well that was… odd.”

      Fiji chuckles. “You haven’t seen nothing yet. Wait till we get to Rustboro.”

      Oh well. I put my new potions in my backpack. Got to keep moving. Don’t want to give Brendan too much time to think of new material. Route 103 is small. The land is, at least. The route is mostly water.

      It’s not hard to find Brendan. He’s standing next to a weird water puddle pool thingy. I sneak up behind him, deciding to give him a taste of his own medicine.


      He gives a satisfying scream.

      “Don’t scare me like that!”

      “Revenge is sweet cousin.” I reply with a sly smile.

      “Alright, for that we’re having a pokemon battle!” He shouts. “You do have a pokemon, right?”

      “He’s sitting on my shoulder, doofus.” I say.

      “Alright, go Torchic!”

      The Torchic materializes from it’s pokeball. Sort of a weird armless chicken.

      “Oh hey Fiji.” He says, looking at the green pokemon. “What’s going on?”

      “Apparently we have to battle each other Sam.” Fiji replies.

      “So you have a trainer now, too?” Sam asks.

      “Yep. I’m his trainer. Name’s Mare.” I say.

      “Mare?” Brendan asks in a worried tone of voice. “Are you talking to these pokemon? Because I don’t think that’s-”

      I decide to cut him off. No sense talking about my weirdness. “Are we battling or not?”

      “Right.” Brendan says. “I’ll crush you. I have the type advantage.”

      “Um… actually-” Sam begins to say, but Brendan, not speaking pokemon, cuts him off.

      “Scratch attack!”

      The little chick jumps, claws at the ready. It lands a pretty nice one on Fiji’s face.

      Oof.” Fiji says. “Hey Mare, mind letting me battle without instructions?”

      “Not at all.” I say. He’s probably more experienced than I am.

      Fiji crosses his arms, focusing. Out of his hands pop four leaves. He throws them like shurikens. They all strike, sticking to Sam.

      “Hah! A grass move!” Brendan shouts. “Don’t you know anything about type weaknesses and advantages?”

      “Not just a grass move.” Fiji says.

      Suddenly, the leaves glow. Glowing balls of light flow towards Fiji. It was absorption. I knew that from a book I read once. Once the absorption was done, Fiji runs forward and slams his fist into Sam with a mighty pound. Sam fainted.

      “Sorry Sam.” Fiji says, brushing his hands together.

      “Sorry, cousin.” I say with a smirk. “Wait! Actually, I’m not.”

      “You’re a real jerk.” Brendan mutters.

      “Oh relax. You know I’m just joking with you. Now, I believe Uncle Birch said you had some things for me.”

      “Oh! Right!” Brendan reaches into his bag and takes out five pokeballs and a red device that looks similar to a gameboy advanced. “These are pokeballs.” He says, handing them to me. “You already know what they do.” He hands me the red device next. “And this is a Pokedex. It’ll tell you information about the pokemon you’ve caught.”

      I take both of the gifts and put them away. I put the pokeballs in my bag and slide the pokedex into a slot on my belt. How convenient that is.

      “You should try out the Pokeballs on route 101.” He says.

      Well, it can’t be that bad of an idea. Heeding his advice I head straight there and walk into the first patch of tall grass I see. It doesn’t take long for a wild pokemon to jump out at me, a zigzagoon.

      “I’ve got this!” Fiji says and jumps of my shoulder. He does his usual thing, drawing his fist back and pound! It takes two of these to get it weak enough for me to capture, and inbetween the first and the second, the Zigzagoon gets a tackle in.

      Once it’s weak enough, I throw the pokeball. Whack! The racoon pokemon is absorbed into the pokeball. Shake, shake, shake, click! Success! Pokemon caught!

      I let the little pokemon out of her pokeball.

      “Ngh. I feel like I got hit by a truck.” She says.

      I kneel down to help her, taking a potion out of my bag. As I sprits her with the bottle, I ask some questions.

      “What's your name?”

      “Yuhadki.” She says. “I’m the leader of the pokemon tribe in this area.”

      “Really? But I’d think-”

      “That the poochyena would eat me?”

      “Yeah, basically.”

      “Believe me, keeping them in check is hard. Especially when that Professor Birch is around.”

      “Yeah, he’s my uncle. Had to save him from a poochyena this morning. It’s how Fiji and I met.”

      “Oh!” Yuhadski says, sounding like she just remembered something. “You never told me your name. Seems kind of rude.”

      I rub the back of my head. “Sorry. My names Mare.”

      “Alright then.” Yuhadski says. “Could you do me a favor.”

      “Yeah, sure.”

      “Only catch one pokemon from each area. It’s bad enough with Trainers who don’t speak pokemon, how do you do that, by the way, catching multiple pokemon left and right. Tribes all over the region are losing pokemon faster than we can produce them. Even the tailow, and those guys produce more eggs than you can shake a stick at.”

      I agree. Why not. I look up and notice it’s getting dark. Can’t stay out here. Got to get to Oldale town, rest up at the pokemon center.

      End of day 1

      Pokemon: 2 Deaths: 0

      Asexual Pride Banner and Signature made by the glorious TruEdge67