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    • Sorry I took so long, the Moblin units had an insane amount of animations that needed to be done, but they are all done now!
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      "Ahhh good old Ganon, the biggest and the best of the Blins! When we were down in the muck Ganon came round and made us strong again! He united the Moblins, he united the Bulblins, he united the Bokoblins, by great Ukblinro he even united the Dodoblins! Ganon was the smartest of us all, trickin' and besting the Hylians at every turn! He made us so close to conquering all of Hyrule, were it not for those stinking traitorous Sheikah! Hail Ganon the Great!"

      King Bulblin

      "Mighty scary King Bulblin is, we Blins have legends that say he fell off a bridge and lived... twice! Ridin' on the back of the big old awesome Lord Bullbo, he goes swinging into battle to lop some heads off of the stinking Hylians and anyone who gets in the Moblin way!"


      "The right hand proper lady of Ganon, Ogalon was a very smarty Blin that made all his great plans work and come true! Wearing nice armor and having a big pointy stick, Ogalon could kill ten whole Hylians all at once! Well maybe not that many, but she was a smart and strong fighter and lead Blins to winning!"


      "Ooooo spooky Ghirahim, the great weapon of our great god Demise! This scary spirit can make swords fly around all birdy like, choppin' off heads and making the Hylians run in fear! There's a good reason Ukblinro, our great god blessed be his awesome name, made Ghirahim his most trusted servant... he's that good at killing!"

      Bokoblin Rabble

      "Bokoblins may be pretty tiny, but they are really brave! Moblins like sending them into the fight, cause they listen and run right in! Sure they get beat up a lot because they are so small, but we can always find more of them to send in! Go Bokoblins!"
      - Extremely small and weak sword armed unit.
      - Gathers in limited groups for free around Blin Totems.
      - Can be hired as a Mercenary.

      Dodoblin Dummy

      "The dumb Dodoblins, they are the weakest and dumbest of all the Blinys! And look at how not scary they are! Pathetic! They may not be smart, but that makes them perfect to boss around and do all the jobs that'r not fun! We have them get the food, get the sticks, get the rocks, and get the shinies, it's so great!"
      - Worker unit, builds all buildings and gathers all resources
      - Has large Line of Sight for a worker unit

      Dodoblin Squaddie

      "Moblins we need to always find new people to fight! Sometimes new people are strong though! Sometimes instead of new people we find a dragon! We send the dumb Dodoblins to check out the new place before we go in an wreck it all up! Hahahah they will do any dumb job we tell them to do!"
      - Weak but cheap melee unit.
      - Has large Line of Sight.

      Durpyblin Defender

      "The only thing dumber than the Durpyblin is the Dodoblin! Actually these guys might be dumber, they cant even do all the nice work! Instead we give em a big pointy stick and tell em to stay put or run that way!"
      - Slow moving defensive unit armed with a spear.
      - Anti-Cavalry.
      - Boosts defense of garrisoned buildings.

      Bugblin Battler

      "Mmmmm the Bugblins they are a fun n funny little lot! Not that brave but they are crafty on their feet! Get a big enough rabble and they can go a bashing in the country side and get the nice loot!"
      - Cheap to produce.
      - Spawns with a random weapon (Club, Spear, or Bow).
      - Can improve weapons by scavenging dead corpses and scrap piles.

      Bugblin Baddy Ram

      "Crafty little Bugblins they made a pretty cool big stick to knock down the gates! Get one of these beauty sticks out and take down them walls and houses!"
      - Slow moving but cheap siege weapon.
      - Has a decent melee attack against buildings.

      Tallblin Tosser

      "So sometimes a Bugblin gets nice and tall and we call him a Tallblin! Clever name! These guys throw the little bugblins at the baddies, nice and far and over the walls! Get a few of these guys and we can get past any nasty gate!"
      - Large ranged unit that tosses Bugblins.
      - Can throw Bugblins over walls and obstacles.
      - There is a chance Bugblin will survive the throw and spawn as a Bugblin Battler.

      Bulblin Thug

      "Oooooo those Bulblins they are a lot smarter then the other small blinny kind! Give em some shiny money and they can do the job pretty great! They're good with those clubs and attackin from sneaky places, we Moblins are braver than that!"
      - Small melee unit with strong melee attack for its size.
      - Has Camouflage.

      Bulblin Picket

      "Very sneaky arrow shooty Bulblin! Pickets are great, they can just get up places all sneaky like and fill enemies with arrows! Ahahahaha Pickets make us win!"
      - Small unit with ranged attack.
      - Has Camouflage.
      - Scout Unit (can detect camouflaged and sealthed units).

      Bullbo Rider

      "Those smarty little Bulblins they tamed then piggy Bullbos! Now we gots some nice four legs to go against the horses! Send these fast guys in to trample the baddies and load em up with an extra Thug to let them know Blins are the best!"
      - Hearty Cavalry unit with a blunt melee attack.
      - Can garrison a Bulblin Picket to gain a ranged attack.

      Moblin Mob

      "Ahhhh the good old Moblins we are the best! That's why we are the bosses! Get us angry and we make nice big angry army! Just give us a nice big stick and we go a bashing on the heads!"
      - Strong melee unit armed with a club.
      - Can improve weapons by scavenging dead corpses and scrap piles.

      Moblin Grunt

      "Moblins are good at fighting, but some Moblins better then the rest! Best Moblins get the nice sticks and armor and they go a stabbin away! Get good Grunts to make the army nice and good like the baddies! No, better than the baddies!"
      - Spearman unit with durable armor.
      - Anti Cavalry.
      - Can improve weapons by scavenging dead corpses and scrap piles.

      Moblin Warlord

      "Whooooaaaahhh big bad boss Moblin! You better listen to him, Warlord super smart and super bossy! He has nice awesome axe and can eat other Moblins for breakfast! Ok that last part was made up, but still listen to him or else!"
      - Commander unit with Melee attack.
      - Improves the performance of other Moblin units within his radius.


      "Biggy badass fun time Blin, cousin of the Moblins! The Bigblins are the biggest and the best! When a Bigblin comes out for the fun we all have fun! One Bigblin makes all the baddies go flying around all over, we get the biggest laugh outta that!"
      - Large Melee unit armed with a huge club.
      - Deals both knockback and splash damage.
      - Can improve weapons by scavenging dead corpses and scrap piles.


      "Good old Goody Gooma! He's like the strange cousin you have over at your half birthday! Swinging around his biggo ball on a chain! Pretty great at crushing the baddies with that! Just keep in mind he's nice and slow!"
      - Lumbering melee unit armed with a Ball and Chain.
      - Has very long attack range for a melee unit.
      - Attack stuns enemies.


      "Whoah boy we don't know where these big weirdos came from! Some stupid people lie and say they are part Moblin, part Hylian! That's just silly! Hylians are stupid and the Hinox are cool! They throw big boom bombs at the baddies and make everything go on fire! So fun! Hinox are the best!"
      - Large unit with an explosive ranged attack.
      - Excellent damage against buildings or groups of smaller units.
      - Decent walking speed for a large unit.


      "The best that the smart science makers of all blinkind could make! Behold the Dungflinger! Such a smart idea I don't know why I didn't think of it! So ya put the dung in the cart and you let it all go and man oh man it sure does make the baddies confused! They dance around all smelly while we go in an whack em all dead! Thanks smart science makers!"
      - Ranged unit with large aoe.
      - Attack deals minimal damage but dramatically slows down enemy movement speed.
      - Slows down enemies that engage it in melee, effect continues within radius after Dungflinger is destroyed.


      "Only cool boss Ganon can make these guys! So one day a dumb Hinox and a Dumb Bugblin decided to make a baby! So gross! But look at what they made! Big dummy Bokonox! They are slow yeah that's true, but they are pretty good at takin the big bad beating from the baddies! Send em in first to get hit and we all come in after to hit back!"
      - Large slow moving melee unit.
      - Can grab trees and turn them into makeshift clubs.
      - Can rest to regenerate health.

      Bullbo War Ram

      "Whoah really biiiiig Bullbo! I mean reaaaallly big one! So big that only King Bulblin can make these guys! Big Bullbo hit his dummy head on the wall and the wall comes falling down nice and fast! Big Bullbo not scared of baddies either, he can take all the hits!"
      - Fast moving Siege Creature unit.
      - Can trample over any unit smaller than itself.
      - Excellent damage against Defenses such as walls and towers.


      "Only the Ogalon commander lady can make these guys! We guess the Lynel was not thinkin straight and babymade with a Moblin and had an oopsie! Preeeettyyyy gross! But Lynelblins are pretty great if you ask me! They can run nice and fast and beat those dead horses!"
      - Large and strong spearman Cavalry unit.
      - Anti-Cavalry.
      - Can improve weapons by scavenging dead corpses and scrap piles.


      "Only our Goddy Ukblinro's favorite servant Ghirahim can make these guys! Big dark scary magic makes big dark scary Moblin! Demonblight taller then all the Blins, stronger than all the Blins, scarier than all the blins in the whole world! One Demonblighty guy can take on fifty, no, one hundred shiny Hylian knights! That's right, one hundred!"
      - Huge melee unit with a giant sword.
      - Deals massive splash damage.
      - Corpse drains health from nearby units if it is slain in combat, restoring its HP and respawning when full.

      Ukblinro, the Bringer of Demise

      "Yeaaahhh or God Ukblinro! The Bestest Goddy that there is in all of Hyrule and other places! Long time ago he was hurt bad in a big fight with stupid Hylian God Hylia! But our God is best, so he survived and is back and better than ever! Goddy Ukblinro brings a biiiigggggg sword into the fight, and he goes and makes us win! All hail Ukblinro!"
      - Massive melee Titan unit armed with a sword.
      - Corpse drains health from nearby units if it is slain in combat, restoring its HP and respawning when full.
      - Can transform into an even more powerful Titan after cooldown.

    • We have Darknuts

      Display Spoiler

      Zalunbar, the God of Flesh

      A powerful Darknut warrior, Zalunbar was deified by his people and assumed control of the Legion nearly three thousand years prior. His unnaturally long life and apparent immortality ignited much fervor amongst his people and convinced many he was a true god. Zalunbar was utterly narcissistic and completely egocentric. Centuries of constant praise and worship has let his ego spiral completely out of control, and there are few who would dare question his godhood.

      Yaraxonal, the Glass Sage

      Yaraxonal was a former Sage of Hyrule, as well as leader and chief deity of the Darknut Legion prior to Zalunbar. Unknown to the Darknut populace, she was imprisoned in stone by Vaati and usurped by Zalunbar. For nearly three thousand years she faded from memory, using her powers as a Sage to reach out and send a message for help. As a Sage of Hyrule, Yaraxonal was an exception to the Legion’s no magic policy. She had command of the desert winds and would use them against enemies of the Legion. Despite her power and veneration as a god, Yaraxonal was rather humble and was responsible for expanding the Legion through diplomacy and assimilation rather than conquest.

      Senturon, the Black Knight

      Senturon served as one of Vaati’s enforcers during the ancient age of Hyrule. Seemingly unkillable, rumors began to build around Senturon that he had the power to raise himself from the dead. Regardless, he mercilessly carried out the orders of the Legion and completely drove the Wind Tribe from Hyrule. After nearly three thousand years, the name Senturon has been forgotten and the moniker of Black Knight has faded into legend. Still, there are some words spoken that this grim warrior still walks in the shadows of Hyrule and serves the Legion to this day.


      A former fanatic of Zalunbar, Alros fled into the Gerudo Desert after the fall of his former idol and abandoned the code of the Legion. After decades in sorrow, Alros regained his resolve and began amassing an army of mercenaries and fellow Darknut outcasts. For years he has ravaged the desert with his fellow reavers; his ultimate goal is nothing short of taking the Darknut throne and replacing Zalunbar as the living god of the Legion.


      Thralls were the lowest rung of Darknut society and were little more than slaves. Despite their low status they were well cared for, fed, and clothed, and at any time could challenge their master and escape their servitude. Those that did not remained lowly workers; gathering resources and building the impressive structures of the Legion.

      Molgera Grub

      Molgera were creatures of near legend status; many to the east doubted they even existed. With luck the Legion could tame a Molgera while it was still a grub, and used them in much the same way others tamed guard dogs. When these worms grew too old the Darknuts would have to release them back into the desert: an adult Molgera was impossibly large for even they to control. Molgera had an uncanny ability to sense the vibrations of anything around them, making it almost impossible to sneak up on one of these creatures.
      - Creature Scout unit
      - Decent Line of Sight
      - Can detect Camouflaged and Stealthed units


      These young and eager warriors had yet to become trained by the Legion, and therefore attempted to prove themselves as volunteer soldiers. Those that survived combat or showed exceptional skill would be adopted into the Legion without question.
      - Citizen and Soldier unit
      - Very fast for a Darknut unit


      Darknut Hoplites were low level soldiers that only underwent minimal training as oppossed to becoming a lifelong member of the Legion. Rather they served as city guards, national patrols, and emergency reinforcements to back up armies during wartime.
      - Citizen and Soldier unit
      - Anti Cavalry


      Ranged combat was expressly forbidden to any warrior who joined the Legion. Luckily, the civilian run garrisons and armies had no such taboo against attacking enemies from a distance. Peltast men and women were trained in lobbing javelins from incredible distances, serving as a powerful skirmisher.
      - Citizen and Soldier unit
      - Strong but short ranged attacking
      - Deals knockback on successful hit


      Small but very durable rams built by the Legion to tear down enemy walls. The metal plating of these engines made them extremely resistant to most ranged attacks, often forcing the enemy to halt them in a melee or bombard them with magics.
      - Citizen and Soldier unit
      - Very high armor stats for a siege engine

      Fokka Hypaspist

      These longtime Legion members that were assimilated into Darknut culture have lended their own breed of soldiers to the fray. The Fokka Hypaspist were extremely fast and could leap staggering distances. They were just as swift in a melee as well, swiping and countering enemy blows almost effortlessly.
      - Classified as a Mercenary unit
      - Extremely fast, can keep pace with most cavalry
      - Can leap over obstacles with impressive jump

      Mazura Hippikon

      The angry and stubborn Mazura, much like the Fokka, were highly valued soldiers in the legion because of their speed. While not as fast as the swift Fokka or most other cavalry, a Mazura Hippikon could nonetheless plow into enemy forces and cause havoc with their maces.
      - Classified as a Mercenary unit
      - Has all the traits of a Cavalry unit despite being an Infantry unit
      - Anti-Cavalry units cannot counter them

      Lynel Pride

      The notoriously violent and bloodthirsty Lynels have long been tied to the Darknut people. In more modern ages, they were the Legion’s favorite mercenaries. So often were Lynels hired and deployed with Legion forces that many of the Darknut’s enemies assumed they were members of the same empire.
      - Classified as a Mercenary unit
      - Fast moving Cavalry unit


      Developed by their Fokka allies, the Fokkalista was originally intended to launch supplies across the canyons and cliffs of their homeland. It was later converted into a mobile siege weapon, lobbing rocks and boulders great distances to shatter enemy fortifications and defenses.
      - Classified as a Mercenary unit
      - High damage and accurate Siege engine.
      - Long reload time and short range for a siege unit.


      The face of the Darknut armies, Legionaries tirelessly enforced the will of the Darknut people by defending against and conquering all enemies. Despite their size and power, Legionaries were actually the lowest rank of soldier in the Legion’s Code and had only undergone a year of formal training.
      - Deals knockback damage
      - Can gain experience and level up like a Hero


      Doomkockers were large and powerful Darknut warriors, with many years of experience to their name. Wielding a giant mace and durable shield, Doomknockers would slowly and relentlessly march at their targets, shrugging off arrow fire without missing a beat. When in a melee they could pulverize and pummel just about any foe, even those with durable armor.
      - Extremely slow movement speed
      - Deals massive knockback damage
      - Can gain experience and level up like a Hero


      Jermafensers were some of the tallest and largest Darknuts in service of the Legion. Standing at nearly ten feet tall, these hulking behemoths slowly mustered their way into combat, effortlessly slicing apart anything smaller than themselves.
      - Small chance that a killing blow will deal no damage to the Jermafenser
      - Deals both knockback and splash damage
      - Can gain experience and level up like a Hero


      Short of Deities, the Rebonack were the most experienced soldiers in the entire Legion and perhaps some of their most terrifying warriors. Rebonacks rode on top of giant black horses that had for centuries been specially bred for size. Armed with a lance in one hand and a sword in the other, Rebonacks could knock down enemy soldiers with ease and lob the heads off of those that survived.
      - Slow moving but extremely powerful Cavalry unit
      - Attack has very long reach and deals knockback
      - Can gain experience and level up like a Hero


      Expert warriors and even better teachers, Dux were commanders that lead by example and raised generations of Darknut warriors. A lone Dux was often attached to scores of soldiers to not only to command them, but to show them how to become even better fighters.
      - Increases the rate of experience gain for units within its aura
      - Can gain experience and level up like a Hero

      Idol Throne

      A seat of power for the most idolized heroes of the Legion, these giant thrones are carried around the warzone by a horde of zealous Fanatics. Like living gods on earth, soldiers of the Legion are inspired into bravery and a frenzy by their presense.
      - Dramatically improves the performance of Darknut units within a large radius
      - Temporarily gives huge penalties to Darknut units within its aura if it is slain in battle


      Once loved and prized figures of the Legion, these magic users were imprisoned and slain during Zalunbars takeover and ban on the use of sorcery. Many were sealed to their doom in Darknut tombs, while a few fled into the depths of the Gerudo Desert. On rare occasions they show up in the Legion army, perhaps to earn a pardon by those in charge.
      - Large Mage unit
      - Deals Fire damage with ranged attack
      - Can hover over any terrain


      A Unique unit that can only be trained by Zalunbar. The spawn and servants of the demon Vaati, Patra serve as the eyes of those in power of the Legion. Despite their size, Patra are infamous for their ability to hide and strike at enemies from the shadows.
      - Large flying creature unit
      - Has Camouflage
      - Can detect Camouflaged and Stealthed unit

      Glass Witch

      A Unique unit that can only be trained by Yaraxonal. A fringe convent of lady Darknuts known for their unmatched crafting of all manner of jewelry and stained glass. In a battle the Glass Witches toss razor sharp bolts of crystal at their enemies, shredding their armor and knocking them off their feet.
      - Ranged unit that deals extrmely high pierce damage
      - Can target multiple units in one attack
      - Stuns enemy units


      A Unique unit that can only be trained by Senturon. Once high ranking generals in the Legion's army, the training of Legatus vanished from the ranks of their forces after Zalunbar's takeover. A fair number of these powerful warriors can still be found hidden in retirement or isolation of ruins across the desert, waiting only for the Legion to request their services once again.
      - Death blows so not kill Legatus, only break off a portion of their armor.
      - All armor must be removed by killing blows to slay the Legatus
      - Armor can be replaced at cost of Ore and Currency


      A Unique unit that can only be trained by Alros. Outcast Darknut warriors that have survived through raiding and theft in the Gerudo Desert. Reavers have abandoned the bulky armor of their brothers and instead rely on their incredible muscles and speed to survive. The Legion is willing to hire these warriors when the need arrises.
      - Classified as a Mercenary unit
      - Fast movement speed for such a large unit
      - Can climb cliffs

      Vaati, the Wind Demon

      Once a member of the Minish race, Vaati encountered one of the ancient demons that ravaged primordial Hyrule and formed a pact with the beast. Granting him incredible power, Vaati eventually lost himself to the beast’s possession. Although no longer himself, the demon retained Vaati’s image, name, and personality as it set out to accomplish its goals in Hyrule. When exposed and under threat, the demon abandons his Vaati disguise and reveals his horrific bat-like form.
      - Huge flying Titan unit
      - Powerful ranged tornado attack that deals knockback in random directions
      - Can only by hit by ranged attacks