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      Queen Rutela

      The former wife of King Zora De Bon XVI, Rutela eventually split from the Dominion and more or less formally sanctified Lanayru Province as a distinct nation. Prior to her marriage she was a general in the Dominion’s army and had participated in the defense against Ganon’s first invasion. Perhaps because of her military background, Queen Rutela was not above educating her people in the means of self defense and combat. Despite this, she was incredibly kind and clearly a non-violent pacifist in her policies and goals.

      Prince Ralis

      The Son of King De Bon and Queen Rutela, Ralis was born shortly after the royal divorce. For most of his life he lacked a father figure and was raised entirely by his mother, perhaps stunting his maturity as a result. He was seen as a late bloomer, and somewhat immature for his age in the eyes of others outside of the royal court. Ralis took notice of outsider opinions, and after the death of his mother he began a quest to achieve what he hoped was the manhood that his father was never able to teach him. Perhaps foolishly he associated bravado and aggressiveness with masculinity, leading to him becoming a somewhat reckless warrior Prince.

      Aydia Dorephan

      Aydia was a long serving Marshal in Lanayru’s army. She was almost entirely responsible for the Province’s conscription program and without it the nation would have likely fell from a lack of military force. She has perhaps participated in more battles than any other Zora of the north, and bears scars from her numerous engagements. Aydia comes from a family with a long line of military tradition and firmly believed a strong standing army that could engage in prolonged warfare was necessary for Lanayru Province to survive. While not
      a warmonger by any means, she was never slow to suggest direct military action as a solution to any potential problem.

      Mipha Dorephan

      The only daughter of Aydia, Mipha was encouraged from a young age to follow her in her mother's footsteps and uphold her family's military lineage. Despite some talent with pole-arms, Mipha felt her place was not in taking life, but healing it. Under the tutelage of Zaleen the young Mipha learned a variety of healing arts, both magical and medicinal, and hopes to become a great doctor one day. Mipha is a very private and introverted person despite her desire to help so many people. Very few people know much of her personal life, other than her habit of fishing in Airu with her younger brother.


      Citizens of Lanayru Province that have dedicated and sworn their service to the throne, Handmaidens build and gather until their terms are up. With no family life to attend to, they have devoted their lives to constructing, rebuilding, and improving the civilian and military bases of the entire Province.

      Shore Sentry

      All along the rivers and coasts of Lanayru Province a network of Sentries stood watch and guard. These lightly armored units passed on armor in favor of speed and camouflage. If enemy invaders approached the Shore Sentry could easily escape to warn the Province’s main force, or in more desperate situations ambush their enemies and stall their forces.


      Little more than a citizen of Lanayru who had been handed a sword, Conscripts are willing volunteers who joined the army on mass in exchange for all their living expenses being covered by the Province. Most Conscripts lacked even basic training, and their survival rate was rather low on the frontlines of battle.

      Coral Lancer

      Coral Lancers were the Province’s baseline soldier; serving as both a police force and quick response unit to invasions. Armed with a spiky coralmold pole-arm, they were a cheap counter to cavalry and other larger units that their enemies often threw in their direction.

      Coral Archer

      Armed with infamous coralmold tipped arrows, Lanayru’s Coral Archers were a cheap counter to heavily armored units. In most cases they could level the playing field by softening up heavy armor for Lanayru’s lighter forces to deal with.


      Wearing durable but light and highly flexible Lanayru Armor, Aquamarines were the Province’s main assault force for bringing the fight to their enemies. Armed with wickedly sharp coralmold gauntlets, an Aquamarine could pry off all manner of armor with ease. The nature of their armor allowed them to move just as fast in water as on land.


      Marshals were soldiers of Lanayru who had actual academic and field experience in battle. With such a large and unprofessional army they were invaluable for guiding troops and directing them in engagements.

      Silverscale Slasher

      Carrying a ceremonial crescent and wearing a coat of Silver armor, the Silverscale Slashers were more for show than practical use. They often were used to guard the Throne of Airu or other important locations. Since the ceremonial crescent was originally intended for hunting and sacrificing small animals and was not practical against armored enemies, a spear tip was added to the other end of their elegant weapons to fight off invaders.

      Wave Warrior

      Outfitted with Silverscale mail and armed with a Silver Falcion, the Wave Warriors were Lanayru Province's chief battle unit. They could go toe to toe with their enemies and quickly retreat back to the waters if need be.


      The scorpion beasts native to the sands of Lanayru, Arurodas are considered an extremely dangerous pest by many civilizations in Hyrule. The Zora of Lanayru Province have found ways to adapt and avoid their aggressive seasons and rarely run into problems with the creatures. If caught at a young enough age, Arurodas could be domesticated and used as beasts of war.

      Arach Dervish

      Older Arachs are rare, as they can only be domesticated if caught at an early age. Even those that have been domesticated cannot be given verbal orders, and must be controlled by a rider. Because of how aggressive and difficult Arachs are to manage, its rider cannot attack and must focus entirely on directing its mount. The Arach itself has two powerful claws and a venomous stinger on its tail, making them one of the most deadly creatures in Lanayru's army.

      Prawn Bowman

      The slow moving Praddle Prawns can be found in the shallow waters of the Great Sea, though they migrate across the land every year in large trails. The Zora of Lanayru would capture and domesticate these slow creatures and use them as beasts of burden. While they are quite slow and not ideal for direct combat, their ability to climb rocky inclines and cliffs make them excellent platforms for archers.


      A very large creature possibly related to the Praddle Prawns, the Hermitid is a slow moving monster with a very durable and giant shell. All but the most powerful of blunt weaponry and magic can break through the creature's thick armor. The slow moving speed of the Hermitid makes it a poor combatant, but a group of soldiers can ride inside its shell protected from enemy attacks.

      Shore Serpent

      Aquatic snakes that live off the coasts of Airu, the Shore Serpent in the wild is a very aggressive and hostile creature with a powerful bite. Domesticated variations of the beast are used by the Zora of Lanayru as pets and circus attractions, though they also make a frightening opponent when spread into their army.


      Offspring of the legendary Gleeok Dragon, these semi-aquatic creatures are some of the only dragons left in Hyrule. Lanayru Province has gone through great efforts to tame these beasts and use their power to aid their military. A Gleeokling has multiple heads on its body which will continually regenerate if one is lost. A Gleeokling can survive and heal any injury so long as one of its heads remains attached to its body; thus the only way to slay this creature is to decapitate all of its heads.

      Coralmold Ballista

      Serving as the Province’s main siege weapon, the Coralmold Ballista could fire a powerful bolt at a high velocity. The coralmold tip was strong enough to puncture almost anything, be it a stone wall or a column of heavily armored enemy soldiers. If aimed properly, a single shot from the Ballista could impale nearly a dozen enemy soldiers at a time.

      Shrapnel Flinger

      Shrapnel Flingers were perhaps the Province’s most infamous weapon, even amongst their own ranks. The catapult would indiscriminately unleash countless jagged shards of razor sharp coralmold, potentially slicing up a dozen soldiers in one volley. Even if the attack completely missed, soldiers could still accidentally step on the resting shards and slice their feet in half.

      Guardian Maiden

      A Unique Unit only available to Queen Rutela. Guardian Maidens were Zora woman who dedicated their lives to protecting the Province, in particular the royal bloodline. Forgoing all material possessions, relationships, and any form of personal lives, they did nothing but their job until the day they died; hopefully in battle. So long as a Guardian Maiden was in formation with a Commander or Hero, the Guardian Maiden would receive all damage instead of that Commander or Hero until she was slain.

      Silver Archer

      A Unique Unit only available to Prince Ralis. Hunters of massive and titanic beasts across Hyrule, the secret of the Silver Archer lies in their arrows. A single Silver Arrow could wound many of the giant monsters across Hyrule, usually the larger they were the harder they would fall. As such, the Silver Archer's attack scaled in power with the size of its target. Regardless of size, a Silver Arrow could puncture through all but Magic armor.


      A Unique Unit only available to Aydia Dorephan. Hostile beasts found across the entire coast of Lanayru in the summer, Battlecrabs were best left alone. General Aydia saw great use in turning the creatures into makeshift defenders and successfully domesticated the crustaceans. A Battlecrab is followed by a small host of its children, who seek out and attack anything near their mother.

      Lightscale Tridenteer

      A Unique Unit only available to Mipha Dorephan. Hunters of all manner of sea beast, from the Gyorgs of the Great Sea to the Bigoctos of the west, Lightscale Tridenteers were powerful warriors when in the waters. They were exceptionally adept at killing creature units with their tridents, and when not in combat they could slowly heal their injuries.

      Vrylonacia, Spirit of Lanayru

      An primordial Spirit from which Lanayru Province is named after, Vrylonacia was likely worshiped as a pagan deity by ancient Zora before the Akkalans arrived in the area and introduced worship of the Goddesses. Legend says that Vrylonacia fled the coast and into the south and slumbers somewhere beneath Hyrule's waters. While no longer active in the world, Vrylonacia's influence and symbols can be found throughout all of the Province's architecture and culture.