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    Angels V Demons: The Roleplay
    • Zelda Universe has an ancient history. In recent times it has given rise to heroes, the ZUvengers. Fighters for liberty and justice. However, before the ZUvengers there was war. Angels and Demons fought on the battleground that was ancient ZU. Holes in time and space were repeatedly ripped open. Dimensions broke, anachronism reigned.

      And all this was for one thing. The Zero Artifact. A powerful device that gives its user the power to control all of reality. Time, space, dimensions. All at their control. And the leaders of each side wanted it. In order to activate the Zero Artifact you needed a key. And the two sides each had a key. The 50 key and -50 key made by the Angels and Demons respectively. In order to use the keys, however, they had to be powered by deaths. And a war provided plenty of deaths. It was chaos.

      However, if the right person had it they could mend the universes. Everything that had broke could be fixed. Time could be restored to its proper flow. And there are a few people who aim to do just that. They call themselves the Neutrals. They each have their reasons for fighting to end this. But they fight together.
    • Guinea checked his phone. No new messages. Awesome. He accelerated in the Guinea Mobile, hit a button, and lifted off the ground. Jet mode was activated, and darn did he love to fly. Looks like Forum City was ok, no explosions, bots, or spam smugglers to cause trouble. Thinking he may swing by Teadville to see an old friend of his, Guinea veered left, and blasted off. He decided to jam out during the trip, so he played his favorite song: "Nice To Meet You" from FF Dissidia NT. Just when he began rocking out, the Guinea Mobile began picking up strange readings.


      A portal opened before him, fast, and he couldn't avoid it. He passed through, into what he assumed was a type of wormhole, emitting colors that he had never seen before. Before he could even hit the brakes, he was on the other side.

      "What the heck? What happened?" he asked, looking around. What he flew over wasn't Forum City, and nothing looked familiar. He paused the song and landed.

      Jumping out, he scanned.

      "Similar landscape. Huh. A space-time anomaly? Really now... it can't be... am I... in the past? Or the future?" he muttered. Suddenly, the sky overhead began to crack.

      "What the heck is going on?!" he shouted, ready for anything.
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    • Guinea scanned him. Just a normal human. Guinea looked around once more.

      "Uh... hi? How are you? My name's Guinea and I have no idea whats going on."

      Suddenly, his sensors picked up another anomaly, some type of portal. He turned in the direction it came from and saw the sky open up again.

      "Ok, seriously, what is this place?!"
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    • "I don't know honestly. This place is so full of chaos it's beyond the point of needing a proper name," A disembodied voice said

      Then a cat person holding a paint brush appeared

      "but since you just came through a wormhole I would say you can call this place the future, since you certainly couldn't be from the future of this place. I'm Kitty Calico! Who would you two be?" said the Kitty Girl

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    • Stanza looked around. If it was the future it was hella bleak. But it was giving off a different vibe from his world. His magic might not even work here.

      "I don't think this is my world." He said. "I think I've slipped into another universe. Again."

      He took out his lute and strummed a few chords on it. It made him feel better.

      "You know, this guy" he pointed to guinea. "Looks a lot like he's from the future. Anyway, my names Stanza. I'm a bard."
    • Stanza was about to speak when someone else spoke up.

      "I can tell you!" Said a menacing voice.

      "Ah!" Stanza cried. He turned around. It was a bug buff demon dude.

      "I am cragnog, the leader of the demons." The demon dude said with a weird irish accent. "And to get home you will need to get the Zero Artifact. An Item of great power. With it, you could repair the multiverse and get home. But that will never happen because me and my demon horde will get to it first. And remake the multiverse in our image!"

      "Not if we have anything to say about it!" Said another voice that sounded like something out of an old superhero cartoon. "We, the Angels, will get to it first. And then we shall rule the multiverse justly, stamping out all impurities! You, Cragnog, shall be the first to die! These were supposed to be peace talks! But now they are war talks!"
    • Kitty sighed looking at the two sides. She had been previously aligned with the demon side, before realizing that this was a senseless bloodbath that even she didn't like. So she left.

      "And this is the reason why I doubt he comes from the future. At this rate the universe will destroy itself before the his present ever happens," Kitty said. "All they ever do is talk and kill and I'm almost certain that they are just making the universe in even more disrepair."
    • "OK, EVERYONE SHUT UP!" yelled Guinea, scanning the three new people. Human, and demon. What the heck.

      The demon, Cragnog, placed his hand on Guinea's shoulder. It was immediately twisted, and Guinea slung him to the ground, with a swift kick to its elbow.

      "Look, I'm not FROM here, and I'm sure as hell not nice! Someone better explain all of this, because where I'm from, demons are a joke and bots are the only thing worth freaking out about!"

      Guinea charged up his laser. For real, this was insane, intense, and if anyone was going to get hurt, it wasn't him. He glared at the demon.

      "If this is your doing, then speak! Call your king! After what I just went through, I have half a mind to just drop all of you right now!" he said, his laser fully charged. Nevermind the scrolls.

      Whatever this was, it was real, and Guinea had no plans of dying. There was a city that needed him, and he would get back there no matter what.
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    • "It's absolutely positively fine! But you might want to go a different route, the Demon and Angel armies are facing off so this might not be the best time to be here, also time travelers and dimension hoppers have just fallen out of the sky!" she said to the girl.

      So there is a bard here, a robot guy and she wondered who else she would meet on such a wacky day. Who knows? She might even meet a dragon loli, Eh she doubted that.
    • Guinea knew that after going through the crap they the ZUvengers went through, he couldn't put up with this. Linkara would agree, he was sure.

      Letting go of Cragnog, Guinea also dropped a few small spheres, which blinded everyone in the area. He jumped back into the Guinea Mobile and lifted off.

      "I must be dead already, because life was never this bizarre," he said, and blasted off into an unknown sky. Nothing made sense, and really, he just needed time to think.

      Guinea flew over what was once the foundation for Forum City.

      If only he knew his destiny would change so drastically...

      "Whatever!" he said, turning up his sake jug, "this has nothing to do with me or Forum City! I need to get out of here!"
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    • Sky was currently flying in the air when something flew right pass him making him spin around. "WAAAHHHH," When he stopped he was to dizzy to tell which way was which and flew straight down into the ground kicking up a small dust cloud around him. His wings turned back into a cape.

      My character: Shadow

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    • "Two armies? Pssh. These guys are nothing," said Guinea, watching as the sky cracked even more. "I hope."

      He scanned again. Yeah, this was Forum City alright, the geography didn't lie. But... the readings coming off the stones... it wasn't his era.

      "I'm in the past. What the hell."

      More cracks. Guinea turned up the sake again.

      "I'll give this five more minutes before I go back and get some answers. I didn't sign up for this."