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    • I'm curious about what kind of skincare routines the rest of ZU has~

      I've been struggling with acne for like a decade now, and I'm only just now starting to find a routine that keeps it relatively under control. As a teenager, I used just about every acne control product on the market but I was never taught how important moisturizing was, so I basically made 0 progress no matter how effective the stuff I used was supposed to be. I went to a dermatologist in my second year of college, and he basically threw whatever medications my insurance covered at me and never helped me either. The first medicine he prescribed me basically prevented me from going outside for more than 5 minutes, the second one was an antibiotic that I eventually stopped taking because I didn't feel comfortable on it long term and it wasn't making much of a difference, then he put me on spironolactone without even checking my hormone levels and I stopped taking it because the side effects were awful, and finally he tried to get me to start taking accutane which I was /this/ close to trying but decided not to after researching it beyond what he told me about the drug.

      Now, I lurk /r/skincareaddiction all the time and have found a cleansing and moisturizing routine that works for me and doesn't require dealing with any medication side effects. Even though I never got my hormone levels checked (it's still on my to-do list) I'm 95% sure my acne is hormonal because it's cystic and pretty much only on my jawline. I've sort of accepted that I can't clear it completely but at least I can keep it off the rest of my face for the most part. Also, I don't mean to bash medication as a treatment for acne - I just had a poor experience with it. If it works for you that's great!

      Anyway, my routine/products:
      - Alba Botanica deep pore wash with a brush
      - Thayer's witch hazel
      - Cetaphil oil control moisturizer
      - apply makeup

      - NYX micellar water or Yes To miracle oil wipes if I'm lazy
      - PIXI lash nourishing pads
      - Thayer's witch hazel
      - Cetaphil oil control moisturizer

      1-2x weekly
      - Freeman's manuka honey and tea tree oil mask or a sulfur ointment for 10-15 minutes
      - tea tree oil or Clean & Clear persa gel 10 for spot treatment

      I need a better night time moisturizer and I'm currently in the process of replacing most of my products with cruelty-free products (which is frustratingly difficult without ordering online).

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    • I have verrrryyyyy dry skin. Dry everywhere, so so dry...

      My routine in the Canadian prairies:
      After showering put quarter-sized amount of home made cleanser* in palm and spread on face. Wet face cloth with steaming water, put that on face until it's cool, then use the cloth to scrub + wipe the oil-based cleanser off. Then moisturize with a small amount of almond oil.

      Thayer's witch hazel (rose), followed by more almond oil if necessary.

      * The recipe is 50 mL almond oil, 50 mL castor oil, 5-10 drops tea tree oil.

      My routine in Ireland:
      After showering
      - Simple Kind To Skin Soothing Facial Toner
      - A 50/50 mix of Simple Kind to Skin Rich Moisturiser and Jason Age Renewal Vitamin E 25,000 IU

      - Witch hazel
      - Jason Age Renewal Vitamin E 25,000 IU
      - Jason Vitamin E 32,000 IU Extra Strength Oil (for the dryer parts like my cheeks!)

      I don't wear makeup and I only wet my face in the shower (no soap).
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    • Oo great thread topic. Okay so in the morning I don't use any products on my face unless it's Noxzema clear skin pads after I workout. In the evening I use St. Ives apricot facial scrub, and afterward use a Noxzema face wipe again, and call it a day. In HS I freaked out over pimples, but found out as I got older that less is more (although that isn't the case for everyone). Also ever notice how going out in the sun really helps?
    • @Winnie I don't get as much sun as I should but I do take a vitamin D supplement on a sporadic basis and it does help when I actually take it regularly.

      My acne has also cleared up significantly when I stopped drinking dairy! I still eat it because I wanna enjoy my food lol but yeah diet is definitely a factor too

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    • I mainly use water in my face :p
      Morning and evening.

      I sometimes use argan oil on my face after showering and also put some in my beard and the tips of my hair.

      Diet and cleanliness really impacts skin health in regard to acne and such. I've also found that sunlight helps a lot, though it's not always an available option up here in the north.
      I also seem to have bettered my skin after cutting out (or reducing heavily) plain milk. We're among the most lactose tolerant up here, so I don't have any stomach issues associated with it, but it affects my skin. I mostly eat and live primal/paleo-ish and my skin seems happy with that.