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    Zelda II Appreciation Thread
    • So with the new LA remake just announced I feel bummed.

      Nintendo had a opportunity to completely remake Zelda II.

      Not only will a Zelda II remake please the hardcore Zelda fans but it will also please the fans that never experienced it and even new fans.

      I honestly believe this game would be very popular with the difficulty and with improved graphics and NPCs.

      Oh well
    • You are not alone, haha. I would love a remake of AoL. I mean, I'm pretty psyched for LA, and I wasn't expecting a Zelda II announcement, but in my heart of hearts there was that hope.

      However, with LA out of the way, what else is there to remake but Zelda II now? Maybe in like 5 years we'll see it. Someday...
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    • I always found the concept of this game, both gameplay-wise and storywise, to be very interesting. LoZ is one of my favourite games and that's why I love that AoL tried something completely different and became its own thing as a sequel and as a game in general.

      And now that I'm getting into it (just finished the third palace) I'm really enjoying playing it. I can feel myself getting better as I go and that's really nice. The music is great and I love how everything looks. The inclusion of different towns and their NPC's is neat. The Link-dolls strewn around in the world in random locations are hilarious (and useful!) The premise and the death- and game over-screens are terrifying. I loved briefly revisiting the area we covered in LoZ, and seeing its small scale on this map and thus realizing how massive the ground Link covers this time around was practically mindblowing.
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    • Seriously @Guinea there's absolutely no shame in using a guide here. If you want to experience the game, it's probably even better to use a guide than not, haha. There's not really any puzzle solving it's mostly just some confusing dungeon/overworld layout, do you want be spoiling anything for yourself on that front.
      A dark chase requires a silent hound, and deep roots are not reached by the frost.
    • Having finished it just a few days ago (thank goodness for Virtual Console's savepoint function and walkthroughs, let's just say that) I've come to really love this. I mentioned story in terms of premise and stuff last time I gushed over it but thinking back on it I really enjoy the story the course of the game itself is.
      Now that "Legend of Zelda" turned out to be the name of the whole series part of me is annoyed that this one doesn't have it in the title like the rest of the games, but this really is Link's story. It's so cool to see him grow and grow with him as he becomes stronger and more resistant and gains more knowledge with spells and sword techniques.
      And that what happens in this game is directly influenced by his actions in the last game (I assume the reason he was deemed worthy of the entire tri-force was due to everything he did then, and obviously him being chased by Ganon's minions as he was the one who killed him).
      And, even though it's almost silly, that this is the first and one of very few (or even the only, along with the notes from Link's perspective in the Japanese BotW?) that he directly expresses his thoughts ("I found a mirror under the table", "Looks like I can get into the fireplace", "Strange... it is deserted").
      If the first game was a big, free adventure to roam around and explore in, this plays out more like a structured journey, almost like an epic. Even the repetitiveness (go to palace, get item, defeat boss, place crystal, get to new location, visit town, do sidequest, get spell, go to palace etc.) helps in that regard, along with all the little feats he does along the way: rescuing a kidnapped child in a maze, scaring away the river devil, walking on water... The final part with the dangerous journey through a lava-filled "death valley" before the descent to the great palace and facing off against his own shadow feels properly mythological too.
      How did we get roped into running all over creation returning library books?
    • Omg thank you for creating this. I have a phrase for Zelda II haters. It's I actually like Zelda II. They go crazy with all sort of things. When I first played it I struggled really badly, but that didn't stop me. My motivation was the music. I was excited about listening to the music in the game. It doesn't feel the same listening to it for the first time on YouTube than in game. So I would play just to listen to the music. I found myself enjoying Zelda II. Even if I was (still am) terrible at it.
    • I recently beat the game for the second time on the Switch (the first time was on 3DS). I really enjoy the gameplay, even if it is extremely hard, and even unfair at times. I do wish that the upward and downward stab were available from the start, they are crucial parts of the gameplay.

      I had to use a walkthrough, and restore points, but I used less than my first playthrough.
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    • Heh... Some of you sad that LA is getting remade instead of AoL. Here's a bit of hope: Am I the only who believes Monolith Soft's upcoming Zelda project is a remake of AoL? (Which is also my pick for the next remake) Here's what I said about it in another thread:

      NoSkinnedKoopa wrote:

      A little out there but I'm thinking Nintendo is currently working the Breath of the Wild follow up, and Monolith Soft are working on another Zelda, specifically a remake. The remake being Zelda II: Adventure of Link. But, as a full all out 3D adventure, remade from the ground up. It will be another "open-air" Zelda similar to Breath of the Wild, since the games are actually similar. Some features will be unique, such as the RPG system and storytelling. And some things like the jump button of course will be similar to the original and BotW. I believe this because Xenoblade Chronicles, made by Monolith Soft, is an RPG-Adventure game, and Nintendo hired them to mix a bit of those elements into a Zelda game. Combining some aspects of their IP and with what they learned from helping Nintendo with Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild. The perfect candidate for such elements is Zelda II: Adventure of Link. Either a remake or a sequel. And if sold successful, this can create a new "style" for the Zelda series. :waggle:

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    • I dunno. At least two indie devs have expressed interest in remaking Zelda II, one of them being the devs behind Wonder Boy and the Dragon's Trap. I originally doubted Nintendo would loan their IP to a small indie dev team but it appears Cadence of Hyrule has now thrown that doubt out the window. Except that doubt of mine is attached to some finishing line and dangling out the window. It could happen but I still doubt it. If Zelda II were to be remade, the difficulty would need adjusting, as would the RPG elements. For me Zelda II has been the most difficult, partially due to constantly losing your EXP every time you get hit or die or boot the game back up, which is absolute GARBAGE. I also found the platforming very difficult to do and the combat just as much.

      As I said earlier in the thread though, I used to HATE Zelda II. Granted, it's still at the bottom of my tier list for Zelda games because of its issues, but I DO appreciate what it attempted to do- experiment! And also fortunately, its above problems were rectified, not in a remake or port though, but in (insert obligatory plug for Panoply of Calatia here). And that made it so much more enjoyable; particularly so that said Zelda Classic Quest utilizes AND balances the two gameplay styles of The Hyrule Fantasy and Adventure of Link. Like in AoL, there are sections of the Overworld maps (which, for the land of Calatia anyway is in Hyrule Fantasy style as opposed to AoL's tiny baby man overworld maps, Hyrule looks mostly as it does in AoL and still has overworld encounters when you go off the path) where you enter the side scrolling perspective, such as to get to a certain part of the map, you need to go through, say, an area where you have to fight AoL enemies, or one of the AoL villages- (PoC has two overworlds to explore- North Hyrule and Calatia- South Hyrule was planned to be explorable in full but can only be explored in certain sections). Overall, fantastic adventure, and I feel like this is the kind of game Zelda II should have been to begin with. But if it were, then we might not have this quest that rectifies its issues.