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    Shadows of Hyrule [complete]
    • Chapter 78

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      Link quite literally slept through the next two days, only getting up when his stomach demanded that he eat. When his phone alerted him to a call or text, he lifted his head enough to check to see who it was from. Unless it was Mipha, he mostly ignored these alerts. He would have slept through the rest of the summer if he had the chance, but there was still one last thing he needed to; return the Master Sword. The Triforce on hand was a reminder of that. It was dim, but it had been pulsing softly ever since he and Zelda sealed Ganondorf away. He knew he couldn’t waste any more time, but a part of him was sad to part with the sword. It wouldn’t be there waiting for him, leaning against the wall in the corner of his room. As anxious as he was to get back to his normal life, normal life seemed rather dull.

      Still, Link finally pulled himself out of his bed, and without a word to his father or his friends, he left the house with the sword and made his way back to the forest where he had found it. If it were still there. The last time they tried to close the portal, the forest seemed to have mysteriously disappeared with no explanation at all. This time, however, the forest was there, just as he had remembered it, seemingly waiting for the return of the Master Sword.

      There was no voice to call to him, but he didn’t need it to guide him like he had the first time he wandered through. It was as if he had navigated his way through the bizarre forest time and time again; he knew the path like the back of his hand, picking his way over the brush, weaving in and out between the trees. He was unfazed when a fog crept in around him, but just as quickly as it appeared, it disappeared, and soon the forest opened up into the meadow. In the center, in the light of the sun, was the pedestal that homed the Master Sword.

      Link looked down at the ancient pedestal, covered in dirt and moss. There was a deep slit in the center where he had pulled the sword six months ago. And now, it was time to return it, though it felt as if he were saying goodbye forever to a very close friend. He turned his gaze to the sword in his hand and let his fingers run over the blade. He turned back to the pedestal and before he changed his mind, he placed the sword back into its hold, pushing it in until it would not go any further. He kept his hand on the hilt for a moment, then pulled upwards, but the sword did not budge. He let a light sigh escape his lips, then worked off the string of the charm his father had given him and slid it into his pocket.

      “Goodbye, Master... Thank you...”

      Link looked down at the sword and smiled. He saluted it casually before turning his back on it and making his way out of the forest. Once he was passed the treeline, he looked over his shoulder, expecting the forest to disappear. Though it remained, he was sure it would be gone soon enough, protecting the precious weapon that now slept within.


      When Link returned, Daruk, Revali, and Teba were waiting for him.

      “Where the hell have you been?” Daruk asked.

      “Yeah, way to ignore our texts,” Revali said. “Now that you got a girlfriend you’re too good to respond to us?”

      “Yeah,” Link said. “Because those group messages were so important.”

      “I don’t know how I got dragged into that,” Teba said. He sneered at Revali. “Why the hell did you add me to that?”

      “But if you weren’t in it,” Link started, “you would have missed all those gems like.” He paused and fished his phone out of his pocket, scrolling through the messages. He grinned and pointed at the screen, reading the text out loud. “When someone says ‘hold your horses’ they are telling you to be stable.”

      “It’s true!” Revali said. “I just realized that!”

      “Were you high?” Daruk asked.

      “Yeah, probably,” Revali said with a grin.

      “What do you want?”

      “We are here to discuss the official disbanding of Hyrule’s Champions,” Revali announced.

      “Excellent,” Link said. “Just in time. I just dumped the sword.”

      “Aw,” Revali said. “Now you’re not cool like the rest of us.”

      Link rolled his eyes.

      “Do you think you can handle the city this year while we’re off being awesome?”

      “Don’t be like that,” Teba said. “You know he’s gonna miss us terribly.”

      “We are the only friends he’s got,” Revali said with a frown. “Poor Link.”

      Link shrugged. “I’m sure I’ll survive.”

      “He’s got a girlfriend now,” Daruk said. “He’s already doing better than you.”

      “But does he get laid?” Revali said. “At least I got laid.”

      Teba snorted. “When was the last time that happened?”

      “Hey,” Revali snapped. “I’ve been a little busy saving the world.” He turned back to link. “Speaking of the Yiga Clan.”

      “No one was talking about the Yiga Clan,” Teba said.

      “Look,” Link started. “I talked to him, alright?”

      “And?” Daruk asked.

      “And,” he said slowly. “He told me not to worry about it.”

      “That’s exactly what they say when we should be worried about it.”

      “He has it under control,” Link said. “We don’t need to be involved.”

      “Maybe he’s the one with the Yiga Clan,” Revali said.

      “Shut it,” Link growled. “I’m staying out of it. I trust him.”

      Revali nodded. “Alright. Fine. If Mr. Hero says it’s fine, then it’s fine.” He wiped his hands together. “Won’t be our problem, anyway. Just remember, you’ll be missing half your crew. Don’t get into trouble. Or killed.”

      Link smiled. “You take the fun out of everything.”

      “I’m going to miss this,” Revali said, then shrugged. “I’m sure I’ll find someone in college to pick on.”

      Link frowned. “You’re replacing me? I thought we had something special.”

      Revali winked and threw him two finger guns. “Come on, men” he said, turning away. “I still got some partying to do before I gotta ditch this city.” He turned to Link over his shoulder. “Not you.”

      “It’s fine,” Link said. “I’m gonna go get laid.”

      Revali threw his hand up in the air, half of a high-five. “Nice!”

      Teba shook his head and lowered Revali’s hand for him. “Come on, Idiot,” he said. “Or I’m ditching you to get laid, too.”

      Daruk followed them out of the driveway. “I can’t believe everyone’s getting laid except me.”


      The rest of the summer went just as Hyrule’s Champions hoped it would go. They stayed out late and slept through the mornings, more often than not in each other’s company in one way or another, and usually with three extra tagalongs; Aryll, Riju, and Teba. They spent their days roaming the city or keeping the local restaurants open with their bottomless pits. And from time to time, they dropped by their favorite arcade, only to be chased out by the owner an hour later after an unruly game of laser tag.

      And everywhere they went, they were recognized. Children ran up to the for autographs. Teens asked for selfies. Even the older crowd seemed to regard them with a respectful nod, despite the varying degrees of gossip and arguments that had ensued following the first media outbreak. And when it got to be too much for them, they escaped the city to the countryside, returning to their favorite lake with a case of beer.

      But the summer quickly came to a close, and before they knew it, Urbosa, Daruk, Revali, and Teba parted ways with their friends to begin their first year in college. Urbosa moved south to the Gerudo region to study law at a prestigious college. Daruk went to Akkala to a school known for their boxing and wrestling teams, which he decided to get into, proudly stating to his friends that he would have to hold back, otherwise there would be no challenge for him.

      And despite his father’s refusal to help get into college, Revali managed to follow Teba to a school in Hebra, stating that he would have a babe on each arm and a suit made of ‘hundos’ when he graduated. As far as the group knew, he simply went in with the intent to get a degree in business, but whether he would actually graduate was an entirely different story, considering the college was known to be one of the biggest party schools in the kingdom. “Well, there’s nothing else to do up there,” was Revali’s defense.

      The city - and their lives - were much quieter once their friends left for college. But senior year was quickly approaching for Link, Mipha, and Zelda, with promise of heavy work loads and one final push for college applications. It would be enough to occupy their minds and give them a normal life once more, but still, they couldn’t help but to miss the way things were a year ago when the group was whole.

      But the night before their first day of senior year, they were all dragged into another group text message, courtesy of Urbosa.

      My little babies are seniors tomorrow. Pack a healthy lunch and study hard! I’m looking at you, Link!

      Revali didn’t hesitate to jump at the opportunity to tease Link. Let’s be real here. He’s not going to college. He’s gonna milk the hero thing for the rest of his life.

      Teba’s response was next. Why am I a part of this…

      Because youre our cheerleader, bitch, texted Revali.

      Revali we’re sitting next to each other. There was a lull in the chat for a moment until Teba texted again. Revali punched me.

      Urbosa responded with an emoji shaking its head.

      You bitches are coming to my first fight, Daruk texted.

      Link doesn’t condone violence, Revali said. Make love not war guys.

      Dude, Link replied. Youre like a 3 days drive away.

      Its a 4 hour drive, loser. Dont you miss me?

      Link replied with a heart emoji. So much.

      Why dont you stick it in his butt, came Revali’s mature reply.

      Don’t be jealous of our relationship, Link said.

      Does Mipha know? Teba asked.

      We have an open relationship, Mipha finally chimed in.

      Does that mean youre open for business? Revali said.

      Eat shit, Link quickly replied.

      Link and Mipha sitting in a tree, Revali texted.

      Oh shit, Link said.

      Revali finished the song with a series of kissing emojis and various other symbols that suggested more than kissing.

      Omg dont tell her that Link said.

      Link, we’re dating.

      He responded with two blushing emoji faces.

      Where the fuck is Zelda, Urbosa texted.

      After a moment, Zelda’s text came through. Hylia, why have you put me into this insufferable group of people.

      You love us, Revali said.

      Destiny, Daruk said. Isn’t that kinda her thing?

      We belong together, Revali texted.

      Revali is singing, now, Teba said. I cannot believe I’m stuck with him for the next four years.

      Welcome to my hell, Link said.

      I’m muting you all, Zelda said. Some of us have school in the morning.

      Suckas, Revali said.

      Revali, you do, too, Teba said.

      I didn’t come here to go to school.

      Good night idiots, Zelda said.

      Good night my precious lil babies, Urbosa texted. I love you all and i hope you have a good first day of school! Send mama pictures! And BEHAVE!!

      What happens if we don’t behave? Revali asked, following that with a series of winking faces. Are you going to spank me?

      Zelda left the chat.

      Mipha left the chat.

      Link left the chat.

      Urbosa left the chat.

      Ha. Revali texted.

      Daruk left the chat.

      FUCKERS! How dare they all ditch the conversation?

      Teba left the chat.

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      Shadows of Hyrule | Shadows of the Yiga

    • Chapter 79

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      Link jumped slightly in his seat. He had zoned out... again. But he was sure he heard Fi calling to him. He looked around for a moment before settling back into his seat. He had just fallen asleep for a moment. He turned his attention to the board and knit his brows together. What the hell were they talking about? Oh, right. Math. Link sighed lightly and let his chin rest in the palm of his hand. He turned his gaze over to Mipha. She was doodling absentmindedly in her notebook. She glanced at him and smiled.

      “You’re not sleeping again, are you?”

      “Never,” he said with a grin. The bell rang, signaling the end of the period, and he and Mipha made their way through the halls and out into the courtyard for their lunch period. Zelda was already out there, sitting at their usual table, her nose in her phone. She offered them a shorty ‘hey’ when they sat across from her. After another moment, she put her phone down and sighed.

      “I never thought I’d say this,” she said. “But I miss Revali. He made life exciting.” She regarded her friends for a moment and frowned. “You two are so boring.”

      “It’s called being mature,” Link said.

      Zelda laughed sharply. “Right, sure. Because you’re so mature.” She picked up her phone once more and proceeded to text, her fingers flying across the screen.

      “Who are you texting that’s more important than us?” he said.

      Zelda regarded him over her phone for a moment and smiled. “None of your business.”

      “Secret boyfriend you’re not telling us about?”

      Zelda shook her head.

      Zelda put her phone down once more and sighed. She turned to Mipha, ignoring Link. “Your boytoy is nosey.”

      “Yeah,” Mipha said with a tone of disappointment. “He’s a lot of things.”

      “That’s very nice, Mipha, thank you,” Link said. “I love you, too.”

      Zelda snorted. Their phones vibrated simultaneously, and they each groaned lightly as they checked the group message that came through. The image that Teba sent, however, brought smiles to their faces. Revali was passed out on a bed, wearing a skirt and a bra. The text below the image said “Link’s Revenge.”

      “Sweet, sweet, revenge,” Link said. “That’s what he gets.”

      “Remind me not to apply there,” Mipha said, rolling her eyes.

      “Where have you applied?” Zelda asked.

      Mipha listed off various colleges. Link frowned.

      “You’re applying already?”

      Both Mipha and Zelda turned their gazes to him.

      “Yes,” Mipha said. “Aren’t you?”

      Link blinked at her. “Uh. No.”

      Mipha sighed and shook her head.

      “You’re not seriously going to try to get anywhere in the world with the hero excuse, are you?”

      “Of course not,” Link said, then hesitated. “I can’t, right?”

      Mipha shook her head disapprovingly.

      “Well,” Link started. “I guess I’ll apply to that school Revali’s at. You know, make his life miserable.”

      “That’s a good use of your money,” Zelda said. “There’s nothing at all that you want to do with your life?”

      Link thought about this for a moment. “I like eating and sleeping. If there’s a job where I can do that, sign me the fuck up.”

      “You could do business,” Mipha suggested.

      “Business is what everyone goes into when they have nothing else.”

      “Ouch,” Link said. “There are some good business people out there.”

      “And I’m sure you’ll be one of them,” Zelda said dryly.

      Link shrugged. “I’ll ask Ary what I should do. She’ll pick something good.”

      Zelda ignored him. “What are you going for?” she asked Mipha.

      “I was thinking nursing or something,” she said.

      Link narrowed his gaze on her. “Why? So you can wiggle your fingers and make people magically better?”

      “Daruk’s fighting people,” Mipha whined.

      “He’s not using his power,” Link reminded her. “And you shouldn’t be, either.”

      “I have to agree with him there,” Zelda said. “With great power comes great responsibility.”

      “That’s good,” Link said, stuffing his face with his sandwich. “Did you make that up yourself?”

      Zelda sneered at him, then turned back to Mipha. “I’m just saying. People will get greedy, and next thing you know, they’re shoving sick little orphans in your face and dying old people and expect you to save the world and make them live forever. Even the Sheikah are careful in what they do in front of people, and you know how mixed the feelings are about them. Don’t put yourself in that situation.”

      Mipha frowned. “Well, it’s a waste of a power if I can’t do anything with it.”

      “I’m sure Link will keep you busy, the way he likes to get into trouble.”

      Link nodded. “I might get gutted again.”

      Mipha rolled her eyes. “Goddesses, I hope not.” She sighed. “Well, if I can be of some good, I want to do it, regardless if I can use my powers.”

      “Of course you do,” Zelda said. “Because you’re a good person who contributes to society.”

      “I contribute,” Link said with a mouthful of food.

      Zelda stood and gathered her books.

      “Leaving already?” Mipha asked.

      “I gotta meet with my advisor about my college applications.”

      “Is there a special college for princesses?” Link asked.

      Zelda narrowed her eyes at him. “No, Idiot.” She grinned and patted his head as she walked by, leaving them alone in the courtyard.

      “College for princesses,” Mipha muttered, rolling her eyes.

      “If I’m too dumb for you, you can leave,” Link said, sticking his tongue out at her.

      Mipha smiled and kissed his cheek. “I’ll stick it out a while longer.”


      At the end of the day, after walking Mipha home, Link opted not to go straight home himself. His mind was on the sword and the voice he had heard earlier that day. Though he was certain it was just a dream and meant nothing, he hadn’t been to the forest since the day he returned the sword.
      So, Link made his way back to where the forest was. He circled back to the power lines, but he did not see the trees he remembered seeing across the way. Instead, the forest seemed to be replaced by rolling hills that lead out into the countryside. He paused, searching around him. He was sure he had gone the right way, but the forest where he found the sword had simply vanished, just as it had the first time. Though this was a relief, he couldn’t help but to feel saddened that he would never see the sword again.


      He turned to see Mipha behind him. The breeze blew her sundress gently as she stood in the tall grass.

      “What are you doing here?”

      Mipha hesitated. “You texted me.” She showed him her phone. Just as she said, there was a text from him. It’s gone.

      He didn't remember texting her. Nor did he even have a clue how long he had been out here. The setting sun was a clear indicator that it had been quite a few hours searching for the forest
      Mipha walked to his side and looked out over the rolling hills where the forest once stood, but she did not question its disappearance.

      “I'm sure she's safe,” she said, offering him a smile. “She'll come around again when she's needed.”

      Link nodded as he stared out over the rolling hills. After a moment, he shrugged. “Hopefully not in our lifetime.”

      “That would be ideal,” Mipha said with a grin. She took his hand in hers and pulled him closer. She planted a kiss on his lips and smiled up at him.

      “So, college,” Link started. “I don’t have a damn clue.”

      Mipha laughed lightly. “You can do whatever you want to do.”

      “What a concept,” he said. “I thought I’d be stuck as the hero for the rest of my life. In fact, I was kind of banking on that.” He paused in thought. “Firemen are heroes. They save little kitties from trees.”

      “And run into burning buildings,” Mipha said with a frown.

      “That sounds reckless. I could get on board with that.”

      “How about something safer?”

      “Why you gotta crush my dreams?”

      Mipha smiled and pulled him across the field. “I’d like you to stick around for a little while. And I really don’t want to be chasing you around all day healing you.”

      “But I thought that was the plan,” Link said. “What good is dating a healer if I can’t use her as I please?”

      Mipha grinned at him over her shoulder and winked at him. “Guess you’ll just have to think of something else to do with me, huh?”

      Link smiled. He could think of lots of things to do with her. Someday, one of those things would be marrying her.

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      Shadows of Hyrule | Shadows of the Yiga

    • Epilogue

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      Whether it was by pure dumb luck or the few occasional nights Link put in ‘studying’ with Mipha, Link made it to the end of the school year with not only passing grades, but an acceptance into the city’s community college. It seemed hardly an achievement in comparison to his girlfriend’s beyond stellar reviews and her choice of nursing schools, but Link took the victory as his own regardless.

      With the end of the year, however, came the unsettling feeling of collared shirts and awful ties pressed up against his neck. Link pulled at his tie and groaned. Around him, the room was filled with extravagant dresses of all colors and styles. Mipha had insisted on getting his opinion on dresses, especially colors, because apparently he had to match her. Still, he couldn’t deny how stunning she looked in her apparently mermaid cut green dress with the open back.

      Clearly prom was invited by a woman, because no man could have come up with such ridiculous nonsense.

      “I know this is a high school prom,” Link said, looking into his plastic cup and scrunching his nose. “But don't I get an exception being Hyrule's damn hero?”

      Mipha grinned and rolled her eyes behind her own cup. “How long are you going to milk that?”

      “For the rest of my life,” he stated, as if it were an obvious statement. “People should be giving me free shit and letting me drink.”
      “The paparazzi and fame weren't enough?”

      Link shrugged. “I could do without that.” He scanned the crowded dance floor until his eyes landed on Zelda. She was in the midst of a seemingly animated conversation with another girl.

      “You should dance with her.”

      Link scrunched his nose once more, absentmindedly. “Nah,” he said. “I don't dance.”

      Again, Mipha rolled her eyes. She placed her palms on his back and pushed him. “She came alone, the least you can do is dance with her.”

      Link groaned as he was pushed forward, but made his way to Zelda nonetheless. He bowed dramatically to her, offering his hand. “A dance, My Lady?”

      Zelda turned and blinked at him for a moment, cut off mid-sentence. She looked him up and down quickly, seemingly considering her options, then shrugged and offered him a smirk. “Alright.”

      Zelda took his hand and pulled him towards the edge of the dance floor. She hung her arms loosely on his shoulders and he placed his hands hesitantly on her waist.

      “I don't think I've ever seen you in a suit before.”

      “It sucks,” Link grunted. “I'm going to die in this.”

      “Well, I like it,” Zelda said, straightening his tie.

      A camera flashed practically in their faces and Link groaned. “I have no privacy now,” he said.

      Zelda grinned. “You get used to it.”

      “Yeah,” he said slowly. “I don’t think I will.”

      Zelda sighed. “So, this is it. The end of an era.”

      “Is it though?”

      “Do you think,” she started slowly, averting his gaze. “Do you think this is… the end of it all?”

      Link’s brows furrowed. “The end of what?”

      Zelda shrugged. “I dunno. The last year and a half has been, well, us. The whole group. And now it’s just me and you and Mipha. And after tonight… after this summer… we’ll all leave, too.” She hesitated and met his gaze. “Well, some of us.”

      “Hey, I’m going to college,” Link said. “Just not in the middle of nowhere like everyone else.”

      “Well, I guess I’ll be back, anyway. I’ll have a kingdom to run soon, after all.” She paused. “It was just… nice to be a part of something, you know?” She smiled lightly. “Even though we got our asses kicked multiple times. At least, you know, we did it together.”

      “It’s like you’ve never had friends before.”

      Zelda shrugged. “Not really. I mean, you know, a few here and there.” She rolled her eyes. “I was too focused on school to really hold many friendships.”

      “That’s surprising,” Link said sarcastically.

      Zelda punched him lightly in the shoulder. “Shut up,” she said. “I’m going to miss everyone. And it feels like our friendship is over, now. We’ll never see each other.”

      “I could be okay with not seeing Revali,” Link said.

      Zelda smiled. “Don’t lie. You guys are best friends now.”

      “That’s pushing it.” Link glanced over at Mipha, who was chatting with a few other girls. “I don’t think you have to worry,” he continued. “I think you’ll see you can’t get rid of us that easily.” He met her gaze and smiled.

      “Well,” she said softly. “I’ll hold you to that.” The song came to an end and she dropped her arms. “Anyway. We got our hero photo everyone was dying to get, but I got other appearances to make.”

      Link bowed dramatically to her and she rolled her eyes before turning away and disappearing into the crowd. Link made his way back to Mipha who greeted him happily with a kiss.

      “Did you have a nice time?” she said teasingly.

      “Wonderful,” Link said dryly. “Princess Knows-it-all is afraid no one is going to be friends with her anymore.”

      Mipha frowned. “That’s not true. Did you tell her that?”

      “Yes,” Link said with an exhausted tone. “Damn, why does prom make everyone depressed? I was banking on getting laid.”

      Mipha punched his arm, but Link caught her wrist and scooped her into him, planting a kiss on her lips.

      “It does feel weird,” she said. “To be done with high school. Done with war. We’re not a group anymore.” She hesitated. “We’ll probably never see anyone ever again.”

      “Oh, not you, too,” Link groaned. “I just heard this same thing from Zelda.”

      Mipha sighed. “Everything is changing.”

      “Not really,” he said. He offered her a smile. “I'll be here.”

      Mipha met his gaze. “Promise?”

      “Where am I gonna go?” He shrugged. “Besides. I’m not going anywhere without you.”

      Link moved his fingers to her soft cheeks, turning her face towards him. He leaned closer to her, jumping just slightly as he heard Zelda's voice. Mipha pulled away, and their eyes turned to Zelda as she hurried through the crowd towards them, grinning widely.

      “Urbosa's home,” she said, flashing her phone at them. She pulled at Mipha's hand. “Come on!”


      Link, Mipha, and Zelda quickly ditched their prom, and after a brief drive out of the city, they found themselves at the lake where, to their surprise, Urbosa, Daruk, and Revali waited. For the first time in almost a year, Hyrule’s Champions were together again.

      “I can’t believe you ditched your prom,” Urbosa said. “We’re here all summer, you know.”

      “Yeah, but Mipha and Zelda were getting all emotional,” Link said. “You couldn’t have come back at a better time.”

      Urbosa frowned. “Emotional? Why?”

      “Because they were sad they’d never see Revali again,” Link said with a grin.

      “I do have that effect on people,” Revali said.

      Zelda crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. “I could do without you.”

      “Reunited and it feels so good,” Revali sang.

      “Yeah, let’s not,” Daruk said.

      “So?” Mipha started. “How was your first year?”

      “Busy,” Urbosa said.

      “Awesome,” Daruk followed.

      “I barely remember it,” Revali said.

      “Don’t worry,” Link said. “Teba sent us all the pictures.”

      “Do you know how much tail I got?” Revali said. “We’re freaking celebrities. Ladies love a hero. We’re gonna be in damn history books.”

      “I’ll wait until they make a movie out of it,” Daruk said.

      “Oh, hell yeah,” Revali said. “The War of Hyrule.”

      “That’s a lame movie,” Urbosa said. “It should be, like, The Legend of Hylia.”

      Zelda shook her head. “No way. The Legend of Zelda. Yeah, I like the sound of that.”

      “It should be The Legend of Link,” Link said, crossing his arms.

      “Ganondorf would be ruling Hyrule if it weren't for me,” she said. “I'm the one that held him back and sealed him away. You were too busy getting your ass kicked.”

      “Well, I’m the one with the sword,” Link said.

      “Now, now, children,” Urbosa said. “All that matters is they get someone hot to play me.”

      “Me, too,” Revali said with a nod. “And someone stupid to play Link.”

      Zelda smiled and shook her head. “I did miss this.”

      “Don’t worry, Princess,” Revali said, draping an arm over Link’s shoulders. “You get this all summer long.”

      Link rolled his eyes and groaned. “Great.”

      “Isn’t it?” Revali said with a grin. He reached into his car and passed the beer cans around the group. He cracked his own open and raised it in the air. “To my good looks and future success.”

      The group groaned in unison, and Revali’s grin widened.

      “To us,” Urbosa said. “For surviving hell.”

      “I can get on board with that one,” Daruk said.

      Their beer cans met in toast, and the night went on, Hyrule’s Champions together again.

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      Shadows of Hyrule | Shadows of the Yiga

    • Thank you! I'm excited to have another reader even after it's finished haha. Can't say I blame you, though. I hate waiting for episodes or chapters to come out (but I can never get myself to wait for something to finish, either, because of that same impatience... ironic. lol) I hope you enjoy the adventure!
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      I write stuff sometimes
      Shadows of Hyrule | Shadows of the Yiga

    • Notes:

      I decided for funsies to post some of the 'deleted scenes' and some short little flashbacks that I had written. Maybe even some just for giggles 'gag reels' cuz why not? So, the following chapters will be these little bits, as titled. Enjoy! :)

      Flashback: Family

      Believe it or not, Link's family was relatively normal before he realized he was Hyrule's Chosen Hero (and as he likes to tease Aryll, before she was born).
      Plus, I had a need to give his mother some screen time and show his parents together. (I like to think this add's more depth to Rusl's character, too, and probably some of Link as well.)

      Display Spoiler

      His tongue was sticking out the corner of his mouth just slightly as Link concentrated on his coloring. Crayons were scattered over the kitchen table along with various pieces of paper. Some already had doodles on them, while others remained blank and waiting for his imagination to make them come to life. His current drawing used a lot of purple and blue crayons with the exception of a stick figure done in green. The legs of the little man he created were brown, and he sported a green pointy hat of sorts.

      Link paused for a moment to admire the drawing so far. He drew a sword coming out of the man’s hand. At the top of the page was a purple ghost-like shape near a shakily drawn sun. It’s yellow rays stretched nearly half way across the page. He looked up as his mother moved about the kitchen, humming to herself.

      “Mum,” he said. “Are we havin’ lunch now?”

      His mother smiled at him over her shoulder. “Are you hungry, kiddo?”

      He nodded and craned his neck to see what she was making. “I want what you’re having.”

      “I dunno if you’ll like it,” she said. “Daddy thinks it’s weird.”

      “What is it?”

      “Peanut butter and banana sandwiches,” his father said as he rounded the corner into the kitchen. He grinned over at his wife. “Please don’t corrupt my son.”

      She rolled her eyes at him. Rusl wrapped his arms around her and kissed her cheek and she giggled. “He can eat whatever he wants,” she said.

      “I wanna try it!”

      Rusl groaned and pulled away from his wife. “I’ve lost him,” he said, shaking his head. “He’s gone. My son is gone.”

      “Stop being so melodramatic,” she said with a grin. She prepared a second sandwich and brought it over to Link. Rusl promptly sat across from him and put his chin in his hands, watching Link as he inspected the sandwich.

      Link turned his gaze to his father and smiled. “Do you want half?”

      Rusl made a look of disgust. “No, thanks,” he said. “I eat normal food.”

      Link grinned and took a bite of the sandwich. He chewed thoughtfully for a moment, swallowed, and smiled. “I like it!” he declared.

      Rusl turned to his wife as she sat between them. “I’d like another one,” he said. “And this time you can’t partake in the parenting. I’m raising it right.”

      She smiled at her husband as she took a bite of her lunch. “That kid would be so dysfunctional,” she said. “You can’t be trusted to raise a kid by yourself.”

      “Touche,” Rusl said. “I guess it’s a good thing I don’t have to.”

      “Thank the Goddesses.” She stuck her tongue out at him.

      Link finished his lunch, then quickly returned to his coloring, humming the same song his mother was humming earlier. Rusl’s brows furrowed as he watched his son.

      “What’s that?” he asked, pointing to Link’s drawing.

      “I dunno,” he said with a shrug. He pointed to the stick figure in green. “That’s the hero!”

      Rusl frowned. “The hero?”

      “Yeah, he was in my dream.” He stood up and thrust a fist in the air. “He’s so awesome!”

      “I see,” Rusl said slowly. “What’s that?” He pointed to the purple figure in the sky.

      “That’s his sword!”

      “Isn’t that his sword?” Rusl pointed to the stick in the hero’s hand.

      “Well, yeah,” Link said as if it were obvious. “But, that’s the sword for real. Her name is Fi.”

      Rusl stood abruptly, now looking angry. Link frowned.

      “What’s wrong, Daddy?”

      “Can’t you draw something else?”

      “Rusl,” his wife warned.

      “He’s a damn kid,” Rusl hissed. “He doesn’t understand.”

      “Exactly,” she reminded him casually. “He doesn’t understand. Let him be.”

      Rusl’s face softened, but he still looked sad.

      “I’m sorry, Daddy,” Link said softly. He dropped his crayon and looked down at his drawing, unsure of what had made his father so upset.

      Rusl sat down once more, moving closer to his son. He put his chin in his hand as he regarded the drawing once more. “It’s cool,” he said, dismissing his son’s apology. He sighed. “So, the hero. He wins, right?”

      “Yeah,” Link said in an obvious tone. “The hero always wins.”

      “Well, that’s good,” his father said with a nod. He brushed his hand through Link’s hair, messing it up. But Link wasn’t bothered by this. He smiled up at his father.

      “Sometimes,” Link started, “the hero is you. And I want to be just like that. Do you think I could be?”

      Rusl blinked down at his son. “I dunno,” he said slowly. “I am pretty freaking awesome.”

      Link giggled. “Daddy, you’re weird.”

      “And you take after me.”

      “Does that mean I’m weird, too?”

      Rusl nodded. “Definitely. But also awesome. Probably.”

      “Yeah,” Link said with a nod. “Probably, huh?”

      His mother laughed and stood, shaking her head. “You’re definitely not raising number two by yourself.”

      Rusl’s brows furrowed. “Is that a thing?” he asked carefully. “A definite thing?”

      “Maybe someday,” she said cryptically.

      “Ah,” Rusl said. “I guess I’ll need to start trying harder.”

      “Don’t get any ideas,” she said over her shoulder as she cleaned the kitchen counter.

      “Link needs a friend.”

      “He has friends.”

      “If we have another boy,” he started. “We could call him Rusl Junior, obviously.”

      “What if we had a girl?” she asked, cutting him off from his fantasy.

      Rusl frowned. “What if she got knocked up?” He turned to his son. “If you have a sister, you’ll beat up all the guys she dates, right?”

      Link looked up from his coloring. “What about the girls?”

      “Well, you can’t beat up a girl.”

      “Then I’ll tell her she can date girls,” Link said.

      “No, wait,” Rusl said. “She can’t date anyone. You gotta protect her forever.”

      Link frowned. “I dunno,” he said warily. “That sounds like a lot of ‘sponsabilities.”

      “He is totally your son,” his mother said with a grin.

      “Was there any doubt?” Rusl said, narrowing his gaze on his wife.

      “Well, there was that one other guy,” she said teasingly, turning her back on him. She paid him no mind when he got up but giggled as he wrapped his arms around her and spun her briefly around the room. When her feet were back on the ground, she turned to him and kissed him lovingly.

      “You’re a terrible liar,” Rusl said.

      “I know,” she said with a grin. “So, number two, then?”

      Rusl raised a brow. “Number two?”

      She shrugged a shoulder. “Think you could handle that?”

      “I dunno,” he said with a smile. “Sounds like a lot of responsibility. Are you sure you wanna take that chance?”

      “I think I did pretty good with the two guys I’ve got now. Why not add another to this crazy mix?”

      “Don’t worry, Daddy,” Link said from the table. “I’ll help you with all the stuff you gotta do for little kids.”

      “You are a little kid,” Rusl said to his son.

      “Yeah, but I’ll be older, so I know all the stuff that kids should know.”

      “That makes complete sense,” Rusl said with a nod. “I have faith you’ll do a better job than me.”

      Link smiled at his father. “We can do it together.”

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    • Flashback: Chapter 48 (cont.)

      As seen in chapter 48. I had this written out before I even got half way through the fic and decided to use part of it in it. This is the flashback in its entirety.

      Display Spoiler

      Link watched his legs as his legs disappeared under the chair, then swung out before him, then back under the chair. He moved them simultaneously for few moments, then switched to move one leg out and one leg under. He busied himself with this pattern, swinging his legs back and forth, as he waited for his father to return through the large double doors he disappeared through. It had only been a few minutes since then, but to the young boy, it felt like hours. And the hours they spent in the hospital waiting room felt like days. All the while his father came back and forth, moving out of the waiting room and through the doors, disappearing into the bright, white world on the other side.

      Link was curious about what was on the other side of the doors. He had been spending a lot of time in that hospital waiting room, and every time different people came in from those doors and left through those doors. Some were nurses dressed in scrubs, or doctors with white lab coats. Sometimes he would see a policeman or two. Most of the time, they were regular people like him and his father. Most of them were adults, but from time to time, he would see kids his age, too. What was even more confusing was the range of emotions of all the people. Sometimes they were smiling and laughing, and other times they were crying.

      Link couldn't make heads or tails of it. All he knew was that he was spending a lot of time in that hospital waiting room. Almost every day after school, his father picked him up and brought him there. And every time, his father could not sit still, even though time and time again he instructed Link not to move. His father paced, rocked the baby, and moved between the double doors, back and forth, making him dizzy. If he had to sit still, why didn't his father have to sit still, too?

      Sometimes an adult would talk to him. They were always smiling. Sometimes they asked if he was hungry or thirsty. Sometimes they told him everything would be okay. He didn't quite understand it when they told him this. Perhaps it had to do with his mother? But whenever he asked, his father simply told him she was sick and that they were trying to make her feel better.

      But she wasn't getting better. He didn't need an adult to tell him that. He didn't understand it, but he knew if she were getting better, his father wouldn't be pacing so much. He wouldn't look so tired all the time. He would be at home helping him with homework, or playing soccer with him. He would be smiling and laughing like he used to do.

      He wasn't like that in a long time.

      Link sighed. His eyes moved to the doors as they opened and another family came through. They were sad. The little boy that was with them was sad. He met the boy's gaze and smiled, but the gesture was not returned. The little boy watched Link as they walked by, across the waiting room, and eventually until they disappeared outside through the revolving door. Link's lips twisted to the side in displeasure and he returned to watching his feet swing out from under him.

      It was a few minutes before the doors opened again, and to his relief, his father came through. He was still holding Aryll in his arms. She was sleeping soundly, her head resting against his shoulder. His father's eyes were on his feet as he walked across the room, sitting in the empty chair beside Link. Link regarded the baby on his father's shoulder, and she opened her eyes slowly. Link smiled, and the baby's eyes opened wider. She laughed at the sight of her brother and reached a tiny hand out towards him. Link moved a finger to poke at her nose, and she laughed, delighted. She grabbed onto his finger as tight as she could and closed her eyes. Her grip loosened as she drifted back to sleep and Link pulled his hand away from her.

      He moved his gaze to his father, but he was still staring at his feet. His eyes were red and he appeared very, very tired. He looked as sad as the adults that walked through the waiting room just a few minutes before him. What was possibly on the other side of those doors that would cause such a mixture of emotions?

      He turned to inspect the next person that came through the doors. This time, it was a doctor. He looked around the room for a moment until his gaze landed on Link. His father looked up at that moment, then got to his feet as the doctor made his way towards them. He spoke softly to Link's father for a moment, and his father nodded. Link tried to listen to their conversation, but he could not understand some of the words they said. After a moment of them talking, their eyes turned to him. His father held a hand out, and Link instinctively took it, allowing his father to guide him wherever he wanted.

      As fate would have it, he was guided across the waiting room and to the large, double doors. Link felt a sense of panic as they neared the doors. He was afraid of what was on the other side. He did not understand why people went in and out, what they saw, and why they all reacted in such varying ways. It was confusing, and terrifying, yet his curiosity kept him from pulling back. All those days – weeks, even – spent sitting in that waiting room, doing nothing but wondering. Now, he would finally see for himself.

      The doors opened automatically and the doctor stepped through first. His father led him through the doors and into the brightly lit hallway. More doctors walked through these halls, some running quickly, some taking their time, talking and smiling with the other adults. More brightly lit hallways stretched off from the one they walked, but they continued to walk forward until they came through another set of doors.

      It was quieter in this hall way, and they took their first immediate left down another hall. Most of the doors that lined either side of the hall were closed. Some had windows, but most of the blinds were drawn, so Link could not see inside. The select few that were open, however, Link either saw an empty bed, or a bed with someone in it. They had visitors, and they were smiling and laughing.

      The doctor finally stopped in front of a closed door. The window to this room had its blinds drawn so Link could not see inside. From what he understood of the other rooms, it was a bad sign that the room was blocked from allowing people to see inside. The doctor nodded to his father, then walked away, leaving them alone in front of the closed door. Link watched as the doctor disappeared around the corner, then turned his gaze back to his father. His father was looking at the closed door, but made no attempt to enter. On his shoulder, Aryll stirred, but remained fast asleep.

      “Daddy?” he finally spoke. “Are we going inside?”

      His father turned his gaze slowly to him. He nodded, then crouched down so he was eye level with his son, balancing on the balls of his feet.

      Link smiled at his dad. “Is this Mum’s room?”

      “Yes.” His father's voice was soft.

      “Can we say hi to her?”

      His father hesitated, his eyes closed for a moment. When they opened again, they were wet. He spoke slowly to his son, carefully stringing his words together in hopes of making him understand.
      “Yes, we can go in and say hi. She would like that very much. But we need to be quiet and calm; she is very tired.”


      “There's something else I need to tell you.”


      He hesitated, searching his son's eyes, desperately wishing he did not have to have this conversation with him. “This will be the last time you see her.”

      Link frowned at his father. “Why?”

      He looked up at the ceiling, averting his son's questioning gaze, and pinched his lips together. “Because she's not going to get better. We need to say goodbye to her.”

      His eyes started to well and his lip quivered. “But why, Daddy? Why isn't she better? Why do we have to say goodbye?”

      His father wiped at his eyes with the back of his free hand. He sighed. “I don't know, kid. That's how life is sometimes.”

      “But I don't want to say goodbye!”

      His father's voice softened further. “Me neither. But we need to be brave, okay? For Mom and for Aryll. Do you think you can do that?”

      The tears rolled down Link's cheeks. “But I'm not brave, Daddy. I don't know how to be brave.”

      “It's okay,” he said. “I'll be brave for both of us.”

      Link sniffed and nodded. “I can do it, Dad.” When his father stood, he reached up for his hand. His father held on tightly and after a hesitant pause, he opened the door and let them into the room.

      Link saw his mother first, laying in the same white bed he had seen in other rooms. There was a blanket over her and wires that were attached to various places on her body. The wires moved away from her, attached to various machines and computer screens. Some of them beeped rhythmically. His mother's breathing sounded shallow, but otherwise, the room was eerily still and quiet. Link was unsure of what to make of it all, but a part of him felt afraid of what he was seeing, and he wasn't quite sure why.

      He looked up when his father released his hand, then turned his gaze back to his mother. He moved toward the side of the bed and put a hand on his mother's. She turned her head slowly to face her son, a pained smile on her face.

      “Hey, Baby,” she cooed to him.

      Link smiled at the sound of his mother's voice, almost completely forgetting what his father had told him. “Are you coming home now?” As soon as he said it, however, he frowned. He turned his gaze to their hands, still together. “I want you to come home.”

      “I know, Baby.” Her voice shook as she spoke. When Link met her gaze again, they were wet. “I want to come home, too.”

      “I'm going to miss you,” he sniffed. He wiped his free hand across his eyes as the tears spilled through.

      “Me too, Baby.” She put her palm against his cheek. “I need to tell you something, okay?”

      Link nodded.

      “Sometimes life is going to get really hard. You're going to be scared, and angry, and sad. Things might seem impossible. But you need to be brave in those times, okay? And remember that I will always be there with you. I will never let you fight alone. I love you, Link. Always and forever. Never forget that, okay?”

      Link nodded again. “I won't, Mum.” He let his mother pull him into a weak hug and he wrapped his arms around her. “I love you.” He didn’t want to ever let her go, fearing that once he did, he would never see her again. But eventually, his mother pulled away, and Link stepped back, watching as she took her infant daughter in her arms one last time. He watched as his father sat on the edge of the bed. Their foreheads touched, and his parents kissed over the sleeping baby. His father was the saddest he had ever seen, and though he tried to hide it from his son, Link could tell he was crying. He didn’t quite understand it, but it made him even more sad.

      It felt like they were in that room for a very long time, but finally his father brought him outside. He cradled Aryll in his arms, leaving Link without a hand to hold. But he walked next to his father, not daring leave his side for even a moment. His father was silent as they walked back to the car and on the drive home. He was sad and quiet for a very long time after that, and Link never saw his mother again.

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    • Deleted Scene:

      A random deleted/changed scene. This would have been a part of Chapter 45 when the Champs encountered Phantom Ganon. In a much, much earlier version (when I was still planning to ship ZeLink in this) Zelda ended up pretty badly wounded, which brought some more feelings between Link and Zelda to light (similarly as it did between Mipha and Link).

      Display Spoiler

      The possessed Zelda walked toward him ominously. In one hand, she carried a rapier, and with the other, she gripped Mipha's hair, pushing her forward. Mipha's shouts were muffled behind the tape that covered her mouth. She tried to run forward, but Zelda pulled her back by her hair and pressed the rapier against her neck.

      Link froze, his gaze moving between Zelda, Mipha, and Ganondorf. He lowered his sword slowly as he held his gaze on Ganondorf.

      “That's a good boy,” Ganondorf taunted. “Give yourself to me, and the girl lives.”

      Link's heart raced at threatening speeds as his gaze moved to Mipha. Her eyes pleaded with him, her shouts only indistinguishable nonsense, but he was certain she was telling him not to be so stupid. His gaze fell to the floor as he lowered the sword further, then got to his knees and placed it carefully on the floor. His hand hovered over the hilt as he desperately tried to come up with some plan. But before he could think to grab the sword again, it slid across the floor and into Ganondorf's hands.

      Link's gaze darted up and he watched in silent horror as in one swift movement, Zelda's rapier came across Mipha's throat and her body dropped to the ground. Link stumbled forward as he tried to sprint towards her, falling to his knees once more as he scooped her into his arms. He sobbed out her name and buried his face in her hair, begging her to wake up.

      And then she moved. He was sure of it; a slight twitch in her hand. Her fingers against his skin. It was subtle, but it was there. He couldn't have been imagining it. He pulled his face away, his heart stopping suddenly in his chest when his gaze met hers. Mipha smiled and moved her fingers to dry his cheeks.

      “You might want to get that sword back before he gets his hands on it again,” she whispered to him.

      Link looked up just as Daruk came crashing through the wall, knocking Ganondorf off his feet and sending the Master Sword spinning across the floor towards Link. Link pulled Mipha against him as he lunged towards the sword, pulling Mipha and himself onto their feet, sword in hand.

      Just as Daruk got to his feet, the ground began to tremble and lightning crackled through the air. Link pulled Mipha tighter, shielding her as Urbosa's fury came raining down upon them. There was a loud grunt, and Link looked up as Zelda's golden arrow flew through the air, piercing Ganondorf's chest and seemingly holding him where he stood.

      “You!” Ganondorf struggled against the power of the arrow, his arms moving stiffly to grab at his sword.


      Link pushed Mipha behind him as he ran forward, but just as he neared Ganondorf, Ganondorf broke through the hold of Zelda's arrow, his arm moving quickly to pull his sword, but it was too late. Link lunged forward, plunging his sword into Ganondorf, and Ganondorf's sword dropped from his hands, clanging loudly against the ground in the suddenly silent room. He clutched at the Master Sword in his gut with one hand, his other twisting in Link's shirt as he pulled him forward.

      “You're no hero, boy,” he snarled with labored breaths. “You will never win.”

      “I don't have to win,” Link hissed. “I just need to kick your ass.”

      “With each passing era, I grow stronger. You are failing, Hero. You cannot keep this up forever.”

      Link pulled himself out of Ganondorf's grip. He planted his foot against his sturdy body, pulled the sword out swiftly, then let it come down once more, slashing through Ganondorf's body. Ganondorf's shouts echoed off the walls and the room brightened. A strong, golden beam of light shot forward from behind Link, and the room brightened further until Link could no longer keep his eyes open. He shielded his eyes with his arm, looking up again only when the light began to dim.

      Ganondorf's body was gone, replaced by a bright, angelic figure, who disappeared just as quickly as she appeared, leaving a glowing image of the Triforce in her wake. The Triforce promptly disappeared as well and the room suddenly returned to it's dark, grey appearance. In the far window, the golden rays of the rising sun stretched through, casting long streaks of light against the ground.

      A sudden wave of exhaustion overcame Link, then, and the Master Sword dropped from his hands, clanging loudly against the floor. The darkness flooded in from the corners of his vision, and he dropped to the floor, falling into unconsciousness.

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