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      Finished my first runthrough with Leon a few days ago, I'm gonna get to work on the other scenarios but I haven't had the time.

      The game is top notch, will probably be my main game for the first half of 2019.

      But man, the dialogue and writing in general in this game is ATROCIOUS. I get it, the series is known for it's B-action movie style characters and dialogue, but it feels so out-of-place when you consider the rest of the game screams SSS quality. Like the dialogue between Leon and other characters. Just so campy and so cheesy, it's so bad it's almost in "so bad it's good" territory.
      Like what?
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      Annette screaming "You'll never get the G-virus!" at Leon and Ada comes to mind.

      I don't really see how that's cheesy or atrocious. Over dramatic? Maybe, but it makes sense within the context to me.
    • Yeah if anything the dialogue was quite grounded compared to any other RE before. I really liked it, too, because it could go over the top cheesy just to please the fans but it would probably end up cringey. They did an excellent job in that regard. There's still some one liners but they are appropriate and fun.
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    • Anyone else extremely disappointed by how the scenarios were handled in this remake? The four scenarios are completely pointless here since it there is no zapping system. On top of that, the A/B scenarios do not even come together to create the full story. Instead, it's more like RE1 where both plots contradict each other, and there is no complete, canon story.

      The scenarios/zapping system seemed to be the most obvious area to improve on the original RE2, but the remake completely fails here. It's most apparent during the end of the game. The original Claire A/Leon B scenario of RE2 had both main characters working together and overlapping each other's stories. Claire tells Leon to grab Sherry and find a way out while she finds the anti-virus cure and defeats a unique form of Birkin. The remake's conclusion is nowhere near this involved, and comes off as incredibly anti-climatic to the point where the game seems self-aware about fucking this up ("That was easy"). It feels incomplete, like the developers just ran out of time.

      It's hard to narrow this next point down, but the remake feels so empty compared to the original. I think the botched A/B scenarios is definitely part of that, but also the environments don't capture the personality of the Classic RE2. I expected this being a remake in a more realistic style, but I didn't expect the soundtrack to be nearly completely removed. Worst of all, most of the changes to the environments, like the factory/sewer and the lab, made them feel so generic. They are thankfully well-designed in terms of layout and puzzles, but aesthetically, they suck compared to the original. Oddly enough, the orphanage, the one original area in the game, was full of personality. I'd say that's an improvement over the Sherry segment in the original (even though I hate stealth segments in horror games).

      I'm being harsh, but RE2 remake has to be judged against the original. As it's own RE game, it's the best one since RE4, and I really do love the game, but as a remake to RE2, it's fully of missed opportunities, and I don't think the team prioritized the right things, choosing "realism" over making things more interesting. I wish critics and fans were a bit more critical, especially when the remake of RE1 was handled so much better. I understand that the game is still in the middle of its honeymoon phase, and that had a big part of my initial reaction to the game being much more positive, but playing through all four scenarios, the flaws are very clear. I'm happy we got a RE game THIS FUCKING SOLID, but I'm sad that this is the remake of RE2 we ended up with.

      EDIT: Wow, I just realized I made this exact post a page back. I must be having a senior moment.

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    • @KeeSomething Yeah the first REmake was superior at being a remake, in the sense that there is literally no reason to play the original anymore since that exists. On the other hand, RE2make only uses RE2 for the baseline story but is otherwise fairly liberal in how it approaches things.

      Personally, I didn't mind the lack of zapping system. While it is an interesting mechanic, it does convolute the game a bit too much if it's used outside the story. For example leaving behind items for the other character. Now when it comes to the actual story, I think they mostly play out fine, except that both kill the same bosses that should already be dead if you take the first run for granted. There are other inconsistencies too, but it is not something that ruins the entire story. I didn't mind it too much. I think if they actually went ahead and fixed those we would be waiting for another year or two.
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    • I ended up getting the game. And I've been playing it a sh*t ton ever since I got it. I am most pleased with the game. Sure there a few things that don't make sense story wise; But I can forgive that, cause in my opinion, I think they did a great job with modernizing it, and everything.

      I have noticed that all enemies' movement speed is slowest on Assisted and fastest on Hardcore. Like Mr. X on Hardcore speedwalks like he means business. And he does! haha

      Anyone seen the speed run of Leon A done in 55 some minutes?
    • To me, removing the zapping system and making all 4 scenarios more or less the same thing with plots that completely retcon each other is a big hit to this remake. It was such a major feature in the original, and the most obvious place to improve upon. I'd compare it to remaking Ocarina of Time, and instead of improving on the time travel mechanic, just removing it.

      Maybe I'm overselling the zapping/4 scenarios system in the original RE2, but I'm curious what you guys think of the 4 scenarios being in RE2make. Do you think they serve any purpose this time? To me, they are really misleading and pointless. That's not rhetorical; I do want to know what you guys think about it. ALSO!

      What do you guys think of the puzzles in RE2make? Because, for me, that's a major highlight. Nothing was too hard to figure out, but they are satisfying to solve, even on repeated playthroughs. There is just something "snappy" about them, and for some reason, I just love opening up the inventory and inspecting puzzle items in this game. I guess that's good "game feel"?

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    • Just watched some Japanese guy, on youtube do a knives only no item box speed run of Leon A, on Standard difficulty of the game. They completed it without using the Infinite Knife and the time finished was about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Really good!

      EDIT: And no other sub weapons were used.

      Ty. wrote:

      I had the noise cancelling headphones on real loud last night. I lost my voice screaming when Mr X
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      exploded through a wall.

      Pro tip,
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      he has a less of a chance to bust through that wall if you take your time collecting the items and exiting the room. It's not garenteed that he won't, but sometimes if you do that, he won't bust through it. It may also have something to do with getting him off your ass and loosing him on the other wing.

      KeeSomething wrote:

      What do you guys think of the puzzles in RE2make?
      The puzzles are the best feature. Except the two completely randomized memory ones where you have to press 8 buttons in any correct order. Though, that can easily be combated with a spread sheet where you press a button, and mark it as which number it is. Takes about 15 second or less to do it that way, rather than guessing or memorizing the order.

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    • ^True.

      I just got the infinite minigun from Claire A, with a time of about 2 hours and 24 minutes. I really need to git gud. Still got to do either of Leon's stories on Hardcore in A 2:30, or B 2:00; for the infinite rocket launcher.



      I've got two more Achievements to get before I Platinum RE2 remake. I'm at 97%.

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    • KeeSomething wrote:

      I platinumed RE2make a couple days ago, but I still haven't completed Hardcore with an S+. I'm just about to enter the lab with 2 saves... Jesus. This mode has fucked me so hard so many times, but I need to get the minigun and rocket launcher.
      I literally just Platinumed RE2 remake, just a few hours ago. Feels good!
      I've also gotten the infinite minigun and rocket launcher. Claire A was the easiest to speed run, as long as you don't use any grenade launcher ammo until G stage 3 and G stage 4. G stage 4 was extremely close to running out of ammo. In fact I did run out of ammo, and had to use Hand Grenades.

      Leon A was torture(2 hours and 29 minutes was my time; that's is cutting close) Just a knife and about 8 rounds of shotgun shells left, with 3 hand grenades. And it took me a few tries too, since I died to a certain attack several times.
    • I normally don't buy games on release but the wife insisted that I buy it and play it for her. She refuses to play these types of 1 player horror games but loves watching them. She gets way too jumpy and panicked while playing them. So I have to play them for her, haha.

      I have pretty good nerves of steel when playing these so she's usually the one screaming during all the jump scares, haha.

      So far I'm enjoying this game. I think it does a pretty good job of modernizing the game while retaining that feeling of horror and dread the original had.