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  • The handler waited at the designated meeting spot, secreted away from the nightly hustle and bustle of the forum. The light in the lamppost he was leaning against flickered sporadically, and he checked his watch for the fifth time in the last minute. This time, he tapped the crystal, as though that actually does anything, and then held it up to his ear to check if it was still ticking. It was.

    "Shit, that's right, my clock is slow. It should already be end of night...where--ah, there you are!"

    In the shadows just outside the transient halo of light cast by the lamp, a figure appeared. Then another. And another.

    "Wait, what's going on?" the handler asked, voice getting panicky. "Sh--shit, I've been made!"

    He dropped his briefcase and turned to run, but ran right into Rambo. "Lights out," Rambo said, bringing his blackjack down heavily on the handler's skull. There was a bright flash of stars and then...


    Scribe of Spirit was:

    Kae the Handler
    the Vanilla Townie Doublevoter

    Final Vote Count [NIGHT 2]:

    SoS (10): DLR, Kae, Fluttershy, Sabs, TruEdge, Serenity, Don Saltine, Spoot, Rambo
    DLR (2): SoS
    Serenity (2): Napstablook, Sol
    Don Saltine (2): LS, GregTree

    No Lynch (0)

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  • The back-alley surgeon was busy at work in her back alley, providing preventative care for a patient, when suddenly there was a knocking at the door. "What's the password?" the doctor called out.

    "The password," a voice said, as the door suddenly burst open with a kick, "is put your damn hands in the air and show me a medical license." A figure stepped into the room, gun drawn.

    "Oh, it's just you," the surgeon said. "Very funny. Listen, if you're here for treatment, I'm sorry. Even with the Don threatening to break both my legs, I can only provide treatment for two people at the same time. If I have to divide my attention any further, someone's going to die."

    The figure flashed a badge. "No, I'm serious. Do you have a license to practice medicine? If not, I'm afraid you're coming with me."

    The surgeon looked at the badge with shock. "Fuck me," she said.

    Suddenly, another person came into the room through the busted door. "Noooo!" she cried. "If my love is going to prison, you have to take me too! I cannot be separated from my darling!"

    "Works for me," the cop said, putting her gun and badge away and arresting the lovers.

    Serenity and Kae were:

    Mordred the Sawbones
    the Mafia Lover Insane Doctor


    Spoot the Dirty Cop
    the Mafia Lover Insane Cop

    Meanwhile, a confidential informant was sitting at a table with a cup of steaming hot tea, poring over some secret documents. He took another swig from a dark glass bottle next to him. "Stupid doctor, thinks I'm on her side. Oh well, thanks for the free medicine I guess." After a bit, he began to feel woozy. "What's in this shit anyway?" he slurred. Grabbing the bottle, he looked closely at the label.

    panacea contents:
    elemental quicksilver, 50%
    prussic acid, 25%
    diamorphine, 25%

    "What the actual f--" was all he was able to say before the contents of his stomach, as well as a copious amount of blood, poured out over the table in front of him and he slumped forward, dead.

    Rambo was:

    Orion the Informant
    the Town Encryptor


    Game Over
    Town Wins

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  • Words:

    I had a lot of fun with this game! I hope that you all did too, even though it was very short. The shortness of this game can be explained in a lot of different ways and blamed on a lot of different people. Obviously, the main reason was the setup. When I built the game, I hadn't considered carefully enough the impact that vote manipulating roles and role modifiers would have on the Town's win condition. With the Handler's hidden doublevote and the ninja's hidden vote, as well as the Manipulator's hidden "hated" role modifier, the Town was already 3 votes closer to their wincon from the get-go. I'll definitely take that into much greater consideration in the future.

    There's also just the fact that the setup was intentionally chaotic and confusing. Hidden role modifiers caused people to play in ways which weren't necessarily beneficial to their faction, and also caused the Mafia to really focus on the wrong things. All the attention given to Kae's hidden doublevote ended up only playing into the hands of the Town. The Vigilante was ready to kill her over it and everything. A lot of focus was given to the character/flavor names too, which I'll get to in a bit.

    Of course, not everything is necessarily the fault of the setup. Sometimes the players just make bad calls and bad plays, it happens. A bunch of early-game roleclaiming hurt the Mafia irrecoverably--the Town was able to easily block the Vigilante's kills (not that he was targeting the right people anyway) and take out the Doctor (along with her lover) very early on.

    I will definitely be doing more games in the future, probably in this same setting and in a similar style if there's demand for it. These future games probably won't be vetted either, 'cuz that's just how I roll, but they will be built upon this experience.

    About the setup:

    The first rule was simple: every player has a role. Not just role madness, but role insanity. Almost every player had the ability to make a Day action; the only exceptions were the paired Handler and Informant, who were only able to take the Town kill action in the Day phase. Players were assigned to roles randomly, with the exception of Sol, for whom I returned a favor.

    The flavor text in the game was all designed to fit into the setting I had built, where I imagined the forum as a city in the vice-grip of organized crime, as in a crime drama noir film. I wanted people's role names to be simple and easily understood, but I also wanted them to fit the theme. "Vigilante" is a decidedly town-themed role; from an in-game perspective, the mafia doesn't need vigilantes because they can kill at night already and from an in-world perspective the mafia doesn't need vigilantes because they don't need to enforce crime. But I couldn't call the role "Assassin" without clarification because that would be confusing; the role worked like the Vigilante.

    To solve that problem, I included both actual role names, based on what roles and abilities the players had, and flavor names. This allowed me to built a Town setup that was fairly standard for mafia games: Cop, Doc, Vig. I also included things that made sense from an in-world perspective; a saboteur, an informant and his handler, etc.

    The character of "Don Saltine the Mob Boss" was so called for story reasons. Functionally, this role was a bulletproof motivator. You could even argue that the role should have been called Godfather, since they're usually either immune to investigations or, well, bullets. But Don couldn't be the Godfather because I already hinted at who the Godfather was in the intro story. I imagine the city as being controlled by multiple crime families, all under one Godfather, who we already know is named Mx. Lysis.

    And of course, "Don" is a synonym for "crime boss", so the character had to be named Don Saltine. The other character names were assigned by hand (not randomly or according to any algorithm) but without too much thought put into it. I decided it made sense for all the Town characters to be forum mods, especially since there was just enough of them, but otherwise people put way too much thought into their character names and flavor roles, most of which meant nothing (and some of which were identical to their actual role names, such as the Bodyguard and the Manipulator).

    Honestly, I'm surprised that nobody picked up on Rambo, who claimed he was an "Informant", being Town-aligned. He was literally intended to be a C.I., a confidential/criminal informant who works within a crime organization but is actually a double agent passing information to the police. Oh well.

    Anyway, if I do another mafia game in the same setting, you'll probably see some of these characters again. At least, the ones who aren't dead. A side-note: kills that were made by the Town were styled in the flavor text as being arrests, rather than actual deaths. After all, the police aren't supposed to just kill people. The exception would have been if the Strongman had to shoot through some kind of protection, like from a Doctor or the Bulletproof modifier. In that case, it would be styled as Mordred, the loose-cannon cop, taking justice into her own hands with a "Bang, bang."

    If you read the spreadsheet you'll notice a whole column where I gave each character a weapon. This was for a role I had been work-shopping a while back when I first came up with this setup. I ended up not using it, but since the column was already there I let it bleed into the flavor. In the case of a lynch, it was always the last person to join the bandwagon who got to "make the kill", as it were, with their weapon being prominently featured.

    Anyway, thanks again everyone for playing!

    ~ Lysis

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