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    Dingeons and Dragons: The Thirteen Sisters
    • You stand in the middle of a busy market square. There are shouts from vendors and customers. Sights and sounds and smells batter you, battling for the attention of your senses. Half a mile to the west, you hear the bustle of the harbor. Fog horns blow and bells ring out across the waves. Seagulls cry out overhead. In a clearing in the square, there is a street performer, enacting minor feats of magic and acrobatics. You hear a train whistling as it leaves the station a few blocks over. An airship lazily drifts in the skies above. Welcome to Wyndrak. Welcome to--

      The Thirteen Sisters

      What is this?
      This is the fourth installment of Dingeons and Dragons, a Din Clan D&D game. The last one had trouble getting off the ground because Sol, our great overlord and previous DM, had too much on his plate to focus on crafting a cohesive D&D experience. Because of this, and because I told him I had this world brewing, he asked me to take over as DM. This will be my first time DMing, so I apologize if I’m not great, but I welcome all feedback, positive and negative.

      Yeah but like, what’s the Thirteen Sisters?
      The Thirteen Sisters is the name of the setting: a loosely confederated group of city-states on a medium-sized peninsula with a roughly Scandinavian climate. To the east, across the Sea of Durbindt, lies the vast Masked Dominion, a haughty and expansionist empire of mask-wearing High Elves. To the south, beyond the Wernar Mountains, lies Trægen, a Republic stuck in a perpetual cycle of Hot and Cold Wars with the Dominion. The Sisters are as follows:
      1. New Iceburgh. Predominantly Dwarven. In addition to mining of ores and occasionally gems, it also produces an abundance of gunpowder. Matron: Wilratta, Goddess of Metals and Ores, along with Dwarven pantheon.
      2. Dribatten. A nation of Gnomes long known for their pure metal and inventive technologies. More recently, with the advent of airships, they have become known for their air superiority. Matron: Pryntira, Goddess of Progress and Invention as well as the Gnomish pantheon.
      3. Atlara. The Wood Elves of the state produce a majority of the wood used in the Thirteen Sisters. They also produce a plurality of the medicinal herbs for the Sisters. Matron: Norgradta, Goddess of Woods and Woodsmen, along with Elvish pantheon.
      4. Korbrandt. A theocracy and the seat of power for the religion practiced on the peninsula. It has the largest Dragonborn population of the Thirteen Sisters. Matron: Korbrana, Goddess of Life and Song.
      5. Relgrun. The smallest Sister by land area. Nearly 90% of the Tieflings on the peninsula live within the borders of this city-state, but only comprise about 40% of its population. Matron: Relgra, Goddess of the Meek and Downtrodden.
      6. Bravt. A small agricultural city that produces a large amount of the wheat, rye, and vegetables eaten in the Sisters. Predominantly Halfling. Matron: Ashanta, Goddess of Farms and Food, along with Halfling pantheon.
      7. Porvral. A Magocracy populated primarily by elves and humans. Porvral University and its College of the Arcane is world-renowned, and most of the great mages of the past half-millennium have come from there. The major exports of Porvral are fish, wood, and, most of all, enchated items and magical paraphernalia. Matron: Tella, Goddess of Magic and Study.
      8. Wyndrak. Closely allied with its neighbor Porvral. A large Dwarven population works the mountains in mines for gems and ores, while the humans and elves in the city itself produce large amounts of honey, grapes, smokeleaf, and other crops. Additionally, Wyndrak is home to the Alchemists' Guild, which provides the majority of potions to the Sisters. Matron: Arbritte, Goddess of Gems and Alchemy.
      9. Nellstadt. A largely unremarkable city-state in terms of visitability, it is nonetheless a major player due to the volume of fish and shellfish it provides. Matron: Grelda, Goddess of Fish, Fishermen, and the Sea.
      10. Trællo. Despite being the second smallest of the Sisters by population, it boasts the largest standing army on the peninsula, as well as the largest military per capita in the entire world. It is a Militocracy. Matron: Brodrinda, Goddess of War and Strategy.
      11. Vallerlind. The smallest Sister in terms of population. Despite this, it is massively important to the economy of the whole peninsula due to its producing a large majority of whale products. Especially important is the industry surrounding psycetaceans. Matron: Ystarna, Goddess of Ice and Whales.
      12. Dareb Yndren. The largest of the Sisters, roughly equivalent to London. Founded by High Elves. There is a large minority of Dominion immigrants and expatriates there, as well as the largest Dominion embassy in the world. Some second generation Dominion immigrants have begun holding office in the state, much to the worry of those who are anti-Dominion. Matron: Elradra, Goddess of Family and Love, along with Elvish pantheon.
      13. Dernhavn. A kleptocracy that is home to both the Merchants' Guild and the Thieves' Guild in turn. The two vie for power within the city, and currently the Merchants sit on top and are cracking down on the thieves. Matron: Obrenna, Goddess of Wealth, Gambling, Abundance, and Frivolity.
      The term “Thirteen Sisters” is also used to refer to the group of matron deities worshipped on the peninsula.

      And what about the game itself?
      I’m looking for 5-6 players. I’ll be accepting applications from everyone, but Dinnies will get preference. The game will be played on Fridays starting at 7pm Eastern Time and will generally last 2-5 hours, as needed. If you are interested, please do the following:
      --Post in this thread, declaring your interest
      --Also in that post (or in PM), give me a sentence or two detailing your character idea. It can be just a general statement, like “gnome pilot” or “half-elf private eye.”
      --I will take all applications into account, and will be accepting them for 1 week (meaning you have until June 8th)
      --Applications will primarily be first-come, first-served, though I reserve the right to decline if I feel the need

      This will be a roleplay heavy campaign. The first session will probably be short, and will probably have only one or two fights in it. Future adventures in the campaign will have more room for exploration and fighting. To this end, I will be actively encouraging weird and unique backstories. Be a librarian. Be a private detective, or a beat cop. Be a 50-year old human veteran. Get creative. If you would rather play something more orthodox, that’s absolutely fine, too, I’m just saying, don’t be afraid to get weird.

      I don’t really want a lot of homebrew content, but I will accept any official content and will allow UA content if you run it by me. If you have a really cool idea involving something homebrewed, then ask me, and we’ll work something out. I’ll be more likely to include homebrew races than classes, but again, just ask.

      What’s the story about?
      You are a novice group from the Adventurer’s Guild Wyndrak Branch, and are riding the coattails of your first successful adventure with some drink at the Bear and Faerie Public House when the owner approaches with a job offer. You have been together as a group for roughly a week now. Once I have the party, I will give you a few options to pick from to collectively decide what your first “adventure” was.

      I have more questions than what you answered here!
      Feel free to ask them in this thread, in PM, or by Discord DM if you have me on there. I will get back to you with answers as soon as I can.


      --Solsetur: High Elf Witcher (called a Venator in-universe)
      --Mordred: Orc Barbarian
      --Don Saltine: White Rabbitfolk Wild Magic Sorcerer
      --Orion: Ghostwise Halfling Monk
      --Lysis: Dragonborn Conquest Paladin

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    • Interested.

      Debt-ridden human cleric who has taken up dancing, drinking and gambling. Grew up in the streets of Dareb Yndren before being picked up by a wandering priest from Korbrandt.

      Yes, this is a pre-existing character concept that has been adapted to the setting.
    • I'm interested. I am looking for a job right now, so I'm not 100% sure if I'll be able to get the time off, but if I can get a day shift I should be fine.

      As for my idea if I can play, I'm thinking of playing a Halfling Monk who wants to prove that even though he may be small, he can still kick everyone's ass in a fight.
    • I will be subbing, I want to get in to some D&D although it appears that 7 folk have already signed up so I assume its full. Love the map too.
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      Mafia XX?V?: Reservoir Cats - SIGN UP

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    • Thanks for summoning me, Sol, I really appreciate it.

      As great as this sounds though I really don't and likely won't for many years have the kind of schedule that allows for me to do stuff like this on Fridays. Or any other day. I should've just said never because it's a text box and I can edit it but I'm not going to. Deal with it.

      if I WERE to play though, I've been wanting to play a half-elf noble Paladin, the brightest of the bright and the truest of the true because I LIKE BEING THE GOOD GUY DAMMIT and also I've never played a noble