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    The Soldier's Duty
    • I can’t… I can’t rest, not until I… not until I warn them. That witch, I should have known she was going to… no, focus, I have to make it back. I shouldn’t have trusted them. Was this the plan of that traitor and his underlings all along? We were fools, all of us.

      Breathing… I have to keep breathing… but it’s getting harder. She must have wanted it to be slow. Wait, which road is it? Am I going the right way? This isn’t good. Now is not the time to get lost. I have to find him. I have to tell him. If I can get back to the gate… he should come my way.

      These alleys always look the same to me… should have volunteered for patrol more. Gate duty keeps you in the…uh… the dark. I’ll have to ask for it, next time. Or maybe I should ask to be reassigned. Maybe watch the gate in that village instead.

      Ergh! Ow, that was a close one. I have to move more carefully. I can’t tell what’s… what’s in front of… never mind, I’m not going to let slipping on a random bottle be the end of me.

      I can hear everyone in the town square. I must, must be close… so… close…

      Wait, no. No, don’t fall. Not now, not again. Get up. I have to get up. I’m almost there. Her majesty, is she alright? Did they get away? He was c-chasing them. This alley is getting longer. No. Yes. No, it’s not. I’m almost there…

      Ahh… huh? What is that? Who’s talking? Me? Wait, is that just buzzing? Just igno—hurrgh—just ignore it.

      … I hear footsteps. In front of me… or behind me? I’m getting dizzy. Wait, am I still going the right way? Yes, just keep walking. Towards the noise, towards the sunlight. Everyone must know what happ—

      I… I need to… I have to get up. Wound, getting bigger… Please… So tired. I… I guess I can just rest a minute.

      What am I thinking? My duty… to protect the… I can’t stop… not… yet…

      They won’t move… I’m stuck…

      Haah… haaah… This can’t be what… what happens to me. Alone in an alley? Just these rats to see me off?

      Wait…wait, what is that? Who? I see someone, approaching. Some kid. What help is that? Wait… a boy? And his clothes…it must be him… this is my chance.


      "Unnngh… are you the boy from the forest...? I-I-I have something to t-t-tell you... Ganondorf, the Gerudo King of Thieves, betrayed our King... Zelda's nanny, Impa, sensed danger and escaped from the castle with our Princess... The Princess was... waiting for a boy from the forest... that's you... She wanted to give something to the boy... If you received it from the Princess, hurry... to the Temple of Time...."
    • This is my take on what might have been the final thoughts of the dying soldier found in Ocarina of Time. Listening to his last words has always been one of the more intense and somber moments in any Zelda game(for me at least), and giving the character and his death a little more depth and impact only seemed appropriate.