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    Dawn of my first day
    • Hello everyone, how are you all?

      My name is Lachlan Bruce, and I have just joined the news team here at Zelda Universe. That means you should start to see news articles from me on the site in the near future. I'll also try to post in the forums here from time to time, so hopefully I will get to chat with a bunch of you.

      A little about me, I'm a 30 year old from Australia, am a musician, and I also write reviews and features based around the Switch for another site. I have a love of retro games and consoles, particularly the Sega Saturn. My first Zelda was OoT as the N64 was my first Nintendo console, and I have loved the series ever since. My top 5 Zelda games would be Wind Waker, Majora's Mask, A Link to the Past, Breath of the Wild and Ocarina of Time.

      Anyway, that's enough of me waffling on in this introduction. I look forward to writing for Zelda Universe and will try to get involved on here, rather than just be a lurker on these forums.
    • Hullo, @SxcWaluigi! Welcome to the ZU staff, and (perhaps more importantly!), to the ZU forum! :)

      It's always lovely to see new faces around here, so I definitely hope that you decide to stick around on this corner of ZU - the forum community here is extremely welcoming and pleasant, and tends to discuss an exceedingly wide array of topics. It's honestly one of the best communities I've ran into thus far, and I've been around the internet for a fair while. ;)

      I'd recommend taking a look over here at this thread once you get settled a bit - joining one of the three clans on ZU is an excellent way to throw yourself more deeply into the community... think of them as private little sub-communities, each with their own members and flavor. ^^

      If you have any questions about how anything works, or need a hand with anything, definitely don't be shy about asking. ^^
    • Welcome to ZU @SxcWaluigi! Like Chel said, it's nice to see new people here and it's even better when they stay. :) I'd highly recommend joining a clan once you get used to this place. Clans are a great way to meet new people and make friends. I've met so many great people in Nayru and I'm sure you'd meet people you like too. The other two clans also have really nice people that would love to have you.

      I like your top 5 list. Three of those are in my top 5 too.

      My top 5 Zelda games would be:

      Majora's Mask
      Ocarina of Time
      Link to the Past
      Twilight Princess
      Skyward Sword
      The Oracle games are a very close 6th.

      Also if you ever need help, you can ask me too. I love helping people here and would glady tell you anything you need to know.

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    • Thank you all for the warm welcome. Definitely a great sign when the comments on your introduction post are so nice.

      @Chel thank you for the tips, I'll have to check up on that thread and look into the clans. Hopefully I won't ask anything too obvious and look like a dummy haha.

      @TruEdge67 that's a very solid top 5. I'm also a big fan of the Oracle games, especially Seasons. Embarrassingly, I have still yet to play Skyward Sword despite owning it. It will definitely be the next Zelda I play after losing many hours in Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition these next few weeks.
    • Glad we could make a good first impression. I hope you enjoy it here! This is the best online community I've been a part of!

      When considering which clan to join I'd suggest joining one that has the most people you like in it. That's one of the reasons I picked Nayru. Recently someone wanted to get info about the different clans and we told them what our clans were about here. If you have any questions about clans or anything else feel free to ask me or the others.

      I'll actually be getting Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition eventually too. I'm also glad to hear you're a big fan of the Oracle games. They are great games and don't get as much love as some of the other handheld Zelda's.
    • Hey there, welcome to ZU! It's a really friendly community where you'll meet some awesome people :)

      Honestly you NEED to play Skyward Sword, despite the mixed reviews it's a really awesome game in my opinion. It's my joint favourite along with Breath of the Wild, with Twilight Princess following close behind.

      Hope to see you around the site, and I look forward to reading your articles.
    • Hello @Skywing, the first impression is definitely positive. Makes me excited to get involved that's for sure.

      I've been itching to do a Zelda game bender soon, so I'll be starting with Skyward Sword. Two recommendations is more than enough to sway me, just gotta finish my review of Hyrule Warriors. I've had that review thrust upon me due to the reviewer who initially had it being overworked right now. Not going to complain though, I was playing it anyway haha.

      Been looking into the clans, seems very interesting, but boy do I have no idea which one to go with just yet.
    • Hyrule Warriors is a seriously awesome game. I played it a while back in co-op mode with my best friend and we both agreed it's one of the best games we've played. I especially love the soundtrack, Hard Linked is now one of my favourite songs of all time!

      As for which clan to choose, well obviously Nayru is the best! Jk of course it's entirely up to you. Like TruEdge67 said a good start would be if one clan has a lot of people you like. If you're struggling to decide you can always PM a mod and ask for the clan test.
    • I unfortunately didn't give Hyrule Warriors enough of a go when it was on Wii U. The 3ds version was pretty rough as well so I didn't enjoy that too much, but playing it on Switch I regret not putting in the time on Wii U. I'm having a blast!

      @Winnie thank you for the welcome. I feel OoT is such a great game to start on. I will definitely check out the general chit chat. Can't believe I didn't mention my unhealthy love of anime haha.

      Maybe the clan test would be a good idea to help me decide. There is no rush though I suppose.
    • Feel free to wait as long as you want before joining a clan. I waited like half a year before joining Nayru. Btw you don't have to join the clan the test says would be best if you don't want. Just letting you know since other people have asked before. Also you can switch clans if you decide you would rather be in one of the other two, so there is no need to worry about being stuck in a clan you don't like.

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    • SxcWaluigi wrote:

      @Chel thank you for the tips, I'll have to check up on that thread and look into the clans. Hopefully I won't ask anything too obvious and look like a dummy haha.
      No worries, no worries~

      We all start somewhere, really. No harm in asking a question or two to help you find your footing with things. :3nod

      SxcWaluigi wrote:

      Maybe the clan test would be a good idea to help me decide. There is no rush though I suppose.
      I can definitely suggest this! It's an amusing thing to do, and is administered by amusing people. :)
    • SxcWaluigi wrote:

      definitely different to my previous forum experiences that's for sure!
      Oh God, same. I had such a massive stream of bad luck when it came to forums an online communities that I was honestly on the cusp of writing them off entirely before I stumbled into this place... maybe it was just a 'me' issue, but I never could seem to find any half-ass decent communities that didn't turn out to be utterly messed up beyond belief beneath the surface. Which kinda sucked, since I'm not really a Reddit or chat sort of person. ^^;

      I've been here for about six months so far, and while it isn't 'perfect' here, I think it is generally a major step up from what you're likely to find elsewhere.

      Which is to say...

      Don't worry. You'll be fine here. :lol: